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For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

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Okay, yes hello, I saw one of your other asks and I'm curious now, WHAT THE HELL IS BAGGED MILK??? I'm a US resident and I have never heard of such a thing please explain to this confused person?


An introduction by a certified™ Canadian

Milk is sold in these plastic bags…

… which you slide into these special jugs…

… then you cut off the corner to make a spout…

… and voilà! Enjoy your bagged milk!

1 | Save Me

word count: 

series warnings: violence, gore, probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, this chapter has mention of non-con

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Another gloomy day, another substitute teacher. You looked up at the elderly man who stood at the front of the classroom, he was wearing brown slacks and a messily ironed green plaid shirt, no wedding ring, no signs of any life beyond being a substitute teacher at the university. Pity dawned on you when you noticed his face burning with embarrassment when the wave of realisation that he had no idea what he was doing washed over him. Not being able to watch the old man struggle any longer you raised your hand, to the surprise of everybody in the room, 

“Yes Y/N?" 

"Sir would you like me to help? I still have some of Mr Lee’s lesson plans in my bag I could-" 

"That won’t be necessary Y/N. I’m perfectly capable of doing things myself.” The man scolded before he turned around to write some equations on the board, he was much harsher than you anticipated. 

Exhaling deeply you slouched back into your chair, you missed your old professor, Mr Lee. He was a much nicer man. Though he was younger than most professors, he was always very friendly, smart and helpful, everything a professor should be. And being a high achiever in his class didn’t go unnoticed, once a week he would let you teach your group, and with you being president of the student union it meant that nobody could argue with his decision either. Other students had their theories, that you and he were secretly hooking up on late night study sessions, either that or the only reason he was so nice to you was because his younger brother was your flat mate. However none of the rumours were true, except from you living with his brother who was also a student. But that all changed two weeks ago, nobody knows exactly what happened but Mr Lee just vanished out of nowhere, completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. Of course there were varying theories, but nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything, nobody knew anything. And so your fate of having to face substitute teacher after substitute teacher day after day was sealed. 

“She’s feisty today.” The orange haired boy sat next to you muttered, loud enough for you to hear, 

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2. Jensen

2. Don’t call me that.

“Jen?” You poked your head around the corner, looking for your boyfriend.

“W- what did you just call me?” He raised his eyebrows in disbelief. Why, of all days, did you choose today to call him a new nickname?

“I - I called you Jen…” You stammered, unsure of why he was on the defensive about you simply shortening his name. 

“Don’t call me that. Please, don’t call me that.” He shook his head, voice breaking. You scrambled to quickly get to him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. Pulling him into your chest, you cradled his head and ran your fingers through his hair as he cried quietly.

“Shh, it’s alright, Jensen. Whenever you’re ready, I’m right here. We can talk.” You whispered against the side of his head. “I’ve got you.” He looked up at you, eyes red and puffy, nodding slowly. 

“She - she was the first person to call me that. She was the first person to call me anything.” He shook his head, his voice cracking and giving out as a sob shook him back into hysterics. As you held Jensen tight to your chest and did your best to soothe him, you realized you may never be able to.

Jensen had just lost his mother, the woman he loved more than anything in the world, and the woman who loved him unconditionally. No matter what you did or how hard you tried to help him cope, Jensen would never be the same. 

That night, as he peeled himself out of his black suit, the one he’d bought specifically for this horrid occasion, he threw it into the waste bin in the corner of your bedroom. You opened your mouth to ask what he was doing, but quickly realized he was doing whatever he could to rid himself of this day. He walked to the shower, and when he emerged ten minutes later, he was covered in red scrape marks from his loofa. He had literally tried to scrub the day from his skin. 

He crawled into bed beside you and curled himself into the fetal position. You pulled his head onto your chest and wrapped your arm around his shoulders.

“It’s okay, Jensen. I’ve got you. Tonight and always.” You pressed a kiss to the top of his head and ran your fingers over his scalp. “I’ll never leave you.” 

Jensen’s heart clenched as you said the words his mother had told him when he was young. How had you done it again, said exactly the words she used to say? It dawned on him right then why he had fallen for you so quickly and so deeply. You were so much like her. In that moment, he vowed that one day, if it was the last thing he did, he would marry you. If anyone deserved the Ackles name, it was you.

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What He Sees

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: angst, self doubt and self loathing, fan hate, fluff, mild smut

Word Count: 2.3k

A/N: This is the SECOND fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “You should be able to see that I’m 90% crap..” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for Steph, @torn-and-frayed Hope you like it, dear. Thanks for celebrating with me.

Tags at the end

Feedback welcome and appreciated

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Hi, I'm looking for some Serpent Jughead stories. I see you've shared other recs in the past so I thought I'd ask you. Do you have any recs?

DUDE YES! I am a SUCKER for Serpent Juggie. Whether it’s fairly canon compliant and Juggie only becomes a Serpent following Season 1 - or it’s completely AU and he grew up on the Southside as a Serpent all along - I am HERE for Juggie the Serpent.

I’ll posts just a few of some of the WIPs I’ve been reading and a couple finished fics too. There have been SO MANY good Serpent fics since the finale - this is just a couple.

the winged beast by onceuponamirror 

Into The Black by @camelotskingz

The Serpent and His Prom Queen by @serenecalamity

Friends With Benefits by @juggieheadcoopers- prepare for angst

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell 

A Dangerous Game by @bughead4days(Betts is a Serpent too!)

Night Rider by @bughead4days- just got posted today!

Finding a home by @bughead4days 

Turf Wars by @bughead4days (only it’s Betty who is a serpent)

Where The Wild Roses Grow by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend​ 

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend*

Another Prompt by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend*

And okay so there are a bajillion more. 

Can my fellow Buggies share their favourites too please?

*Added after original posting

Astro High School AU


  • Senior
  • Class clown
  • Pranks students and teachers alike
  • Knows everyone
  • First name basis with all faculty
  • Teachers love him until he is their student
  • Class would be boring without him
  • Drama club
  • Friends with drama teacher
  • Sneaks out of class to go hang out in the drama room
  • In the school choir
  • Always gets the goofy second lead in the school musical
  • Flirts with everyone
  • Especially the captain of the soccer and baseball teams
  • In charge of senior prank
  • Set loose 3 pigs on the school campus labelled “Pig 1″, “Pig 2″, and “Pig 4″
  • Administrators were running around for hours looking for Pig 3
  • Best senior prank ever


  • Senior
  • Senioritis victim
  • Sleeps in class
  • Only getting by with eunwoo’s help
  • Somehow ended up in the student government but unsure how
  • Sports
  • Captain of both the soccer and baseball team (he doesn’t know how that happened either)
  • Constantly distracted by mj
  • “What do you mean we have a test today”
  • Brings extra food to lunch every day for underclassmen (mainly sanha)
  • Brings soccer ball to class but not a pencil
  • Hasn’t touched actual school supplies since his freshmen year
  • Once completed a test in crayon
  • Makes faces at the teachers when they aren’t looking just to make mj laugh


  • Junior
  • Class president
  • Top grades of the whole school
  • Pretend he is really cool without trying but actually tries very hard
  • Studies a LOT
  • Everyone has a crush on him
  • But he only has eyes for bin
  • Not that he will ever admit it
  • Super polite until you get to know him
  • Then becomes SAVAGE AF
  • In every single club known to man
  • Does he ever sleep? 
  • Probably not
  • First chair in orchestra (violin)
  • Organized school festival
  • Says he did it to encourage students
  • Actually did it just so dance club could perform


  • Junior
  • Pretends to be school bad boy
  • Is not so secretly shy bean
  • Becomes hell soft and shy around eunwoo
  • Has the biggest crush on eunwoo
  • Basically eunwoo’s #1 fan
  • Eats in class
  • Skips class to go get food
  • Once showed up to class with a large pizza
  • Ate the whole thing by himself before the class ended
  • Refuses to wear uniform
  • Would have that one teacher whose room he would always be in even when their was class going on
  • Would actually help that teacher clean and grade
  • Pretends to hate school but secretly loves his literature class
  • Unorganized af
  • Backpack/locker is cluttered with papers dating back to 6th grade?????


  • Sophomore
  • Very quiet in class
  • Barely pays attention and never studies
  • Somehow still gets all A’s
  • Gets reputation as mysterious loner kid
  • Really he is just shy and doesn’t know how to make friends
  • Was upset school didn’t have dance club
  • Decided to start his own
  • Totally oblivious to the tol freshman that has taken to following him around
  • Once snuck a puppy into class after finding it on the side of the road on his way to school
  • Got caught when puppy barked
  • When asked why his bag was barking he answered “that’s not my bag”
  • Took the puppy home and named it swag
  • Watches music videos and dance practices on his phone during class


  • Tol freshmen that often hangs out with upperclassmen
  • Sweet child beloved by teachers
  • Until paired with mj
  • Then becomes devil child
  • Teachers fear having them in the same class
  • Tries very hard to befriend rocky
  • Succeeds
  • Steals everyone else’s lunch instead of buying/bringing his own
  • Joined dance club after he found out rocky was in it
  • Brings guitar to class
  • Gets detention from being too loud and disturbing the class
  • Gets out of detention by acting cute
  • Upperclassmen girls think he is adorable and dote on him
  • Uses this to his advantage
  • Always has bruises on his knees because his legs are too long and hit the underside of the school desks all the time
  • Super sassy to teachers and upperclassmen but somehow gets away with it

thank you @incorrect7teen for helping me write this

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Okay so ideas for a sachet to help me at an art meeting? I'll be discussing a piece I worked for months on but I'm really bad at vocalizing ideas so any ideas on what may be good?

Charm bag for Expressing creativity

  • an orange bag
  • a golden or silver ribbon
  • bay leaf
  • chamomile
  • basil
  • rose petals
  • cloves
  • labradorite or calcite crystal

Light a candle, ground, meditate (or not), just as you would do for any ritual. Then take all your ingredients one by one, focus on the intent you want to put in them and add them into the bag. While closing it, charge it with your positive energy.

Carry that bag with you the day of the meeting and take the time to smell it and focus on the creativity energy it contains before starting your speech.

Good luck!

The Witch Is In - Ask me anything

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14 and Jared?😊

14. Mornin’, Sunshine.

Jared’s eyelids were clamped shut as he snored so loudly it bounced through the halls and into the kitchen where you were. Shaking your head, you continued singing and cutting the fruit, placing it into its respective places on the tray beside you. The snoring ceased and you poured a fresh mug of coffee, added hazelnut creamer and a spoonful of sugar. When you turned around, you were face to face with a messy-haired giant.

“Mornin’, Sunshine.” You teased, pushing the cup of coffee into his hands. 

“God, you’re the best.” He groaned, leaning down and kissing your cheek. “What’s all this?” His eyes scanned the crowded countertop. 

“Uh, do you not remember what today is?” You turned around and rubbed your hand over the basketball-sized lump under your shirt. 

“Oh, shit. I was supposed to do all of this. I’m so sorry, baby.” He scurried you out of the kitchen and into the living room. 

“You needed sleep. It’s okay, promise.” You smiled and then winced as you sat on the couch. “But I mean it is almost noon.” You stuck your tongue out at him. 

“Lookin’ like this don’t come easy.” Jared mocked, running a hand through his hair dramatically. “I need my beauty rest, darling.” He faked a high class British accent. You fell into a fit of laughter and wrapped your arms around your stomach, cackling until your sides hurt.

“Oh, fuck. Jared!” You grabbed his hand and he looked down, immediately seeing why you’d stopped laughing. The ever-growing wet spot on the front of your yoga pants told him all he needed to know. Your water broke. “Call my mom, she’ll take care of the rest.” He pulled out his phone and quickly found your mom’s name and number, calling her and blurting out the words before he even said hello.

“Baby shower is off. We’re about to have a baby!” Jared scooped you into his arms and carried you to the car, setting you in the front seat and scrambling to the driver’s side. “I’m about to have a baby!” He yelled, throwing his fist into the air. You laughed and then shot him a fake glare. “Right. We’re about to have a baby.” He corrected himself and then threw the car in drive, heading for the hospital, quietly singing, “I’m having a baby,” to himself the whole way.

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Stereotypical (3)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), angst, mentions of sex.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Okay, so. Shit is gonna hit the fan on this one. Enter: Steve, Tony and Pepper. It might feel like I’m skipping over some crucial stuff, but don’t worry! I’ll get to that. Enjoy! 

Business went on as usual for the next few days, the only thing different was that James wouldn’t let you go to meetings alone anymore with anyone he didn’t know. You’d jumped up and down, pleaded left and right, but he wouldn’t have any of it. After finally giving in, James took you to lunch and had to physically pull a folder out of your hands to get you to eat.

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