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do we share a common ancestor with plants because we're both eukaryotes or have i misunderstood something?

We do share a common ancestor with plants! Everything shares an ancestor with everything else. We call it LUCA, for Last Universal Common Ancestor (sometimes called just LUA). At least, that’s what the most widely-supported theories say.

That LUCA would have resembled a very basic modern bacterium, with a circular genome (as opposed to ours, which is in 46 linear pieces) and would have lived on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago.

Eventually, some single-celled organisms gulped up small bacteria and used them as internal energy factories. Eventually, those enslaved power plants became mitochondria, which retain their bacterial-type circular genomes today. The parent cells walled off their own DNA inside a nucleus at about the same time, transforming into eukaryotes. Some of those eukaryotes then swallowed up photosynthetic cyanobacteria to go along with their mitochondria, and that was the origin of plants.

Here’s a nice little diagram of how we think it all went down, via Wikipedia:


As for the transformation from single cells to multicellular splendor? That’s a (mostly mysterious) story for a different day.

sippngwaterfalls said: do you have tips for under eye concealer and creasing? I’ve tried multiple primers, using a setting powder, etc but it still seems to crease :(

Creasing is one of (in my opinion) the worst traits in makeup, and there’s nothing more annoying than perfectly applying eyeshadow only to find that it’s a hot mess within a few hours or covering your dark circles so they’re nowhere to be seen, only to end up with what looks like intense wrinkles underneath your eyes. Creasing is a pain, but some of these products & techniques could be your saving grace.

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pyranova  asked:

Could you direct me to some blogs about human anatomy? I'm curious about the purpose of the cupid's bow in lips, but my searches are only coming up with cosmetics discussions or people critiquing if they love or hate them.

Hey followers, help out pyranova and leave your favorite human anatomy blogs (not the NSFW kind, the science kind) in the reblogs/notes! The hive mind is always much smarter than me when it comes to matters like these :)

I’d rather talk about “Cupid’s bow”:

Named for its resemblance of a particular winged cherub’s amorous armament,  the pinched curve of the upper lip is sometimes referred to as “Cupid’s bow.” It’s formed by the meeting of the upper lip with that little dimple that nearly all of us have beneath our nose, known as the philtrum.

So what does the philtrum do, besides look cute?

Nothing. Not for humans anyway.

The philtrum, our lip dimple (limple?), is just a byproduct of how your face formed. Early in your development, just a few weeks after you were put in the uterine oven to cook, your face began to take shape. Cells and tissues from the outer and middle layers of your still-formless body migrated and folded like sheets of embryonic origami. Two of those early tissues, called the nasomedial prominence and maxillary prominence, respectively, folded up like a cellular cinch-sack, with the tiny dimple beneath your nose being the seam where all that dermal dough was pinched together to make your face pastry. Follow me? It happened like so: 

When this seam fails to fuse, it results in malformations like cleft lip.

The philtrum has a function in other animals, though. Let’s use my dog Oliver as an example, captured here in a particularly derpy moment this evening while we were playing fetch:

See that groove in the center of his nose? That’s his philtrum. Every time he licks his lips, a bit of saliva hangs there, drawn upwards from his mouth thanks to capillary action, keeping his big, dumb, adorable nose nice and wet. Animals like Oliver, who apparently depends highly on his sense of smell to navigate the world despite his uncanny ability not to be disgusted by his incredibly potent, but thankfully occasional, flatulence, rely on a wet nose to capture scent particles from the air. Dry nose? Less sniffs to sniff.

Since humans and higher primates rely mainly on eyesight to do our primate stuff, we are no longer under evolutionary selection to have a functioning, deeply grooved philtrum, so it’s faded over time into the dimple we know and (most of us) love today. Stephen Jay Gould might even have called it a spandrel.

Come to think of it, it may have an evolutionary function after all: It’s where you rest your finger when you say “Shh, Joe… be quiet. You’ve written enough.”

What if Oikawa decides to go overseas for college, and he likes the place so much that he ends up staying there for about five years. When he comes back to Japan, the first thing he does is get in contact with Iwaizumi to see if they can catch up since they haven’t spoken in years. He says sure, and gives Oikawa his address so that he can come pick him up.

Oikawa does, and he’s shell-shocked when Hanamaki answers the door, bags under his eyes, a two year old in his arms. Iwaizumi quickly comes over, kissing Hanamaki and the little girl before saying goodbye and facing Oikawa.

Oikawa has a lot to catch up with.

What’s the deal with this Bersih thing?

So I’ve reblogged a bunch of Bersih 4 rally stuff, and I thought you guys might like to know what’s up with that. I’m not particularly well-versed in this, but here are the basics:

Earlier this year, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib (I refuse to use honorifics), was reported by Wall Street Journal to have transferred RM2.6 billion (that’s about $700 million) out of a government-run development company, 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, into his own personal accounts. Yes, under his own name

One month later, he claimed that this RM2.6 billion was, in fact, donations, primarily from Saudi Arabia as thanks for fighting ISIS. A different government official claims to have seen the cheque with his very own eyes. (Dude, who writes cheques for $700 million? Also, why would donation money go into the prime minister’s personal accounts, and not that of the government or the political party?)

The worst part is that the government is shutting down everyone who dares speak out about this. The Sarawak Report, the website that had been primarily involved with exposing all this, was blocked. The Edge, a newspaper that had been reporting about this 1MDB scandal, has been suspended. Government ministers critical of the scandal have been removed from their positions. Even the attorney general heading the investigation into the scandal was, without warning, forced to resign. (Literally, he walked into the office and was told he wasn’t supposed to be there.)

Bersih means clean in Malay; the Bersih 4 rally is a huge protest by the Malaysian people who are infuriated by the actions (or lack thereof) being taken to punish the prime minister for his crimes. Bersih 4′s five demands are:

1. Free and fair elections
2. A transparent government
3. The right to demonstrate
4. A stronger parliamentary democracy system
5. The rescue of the national economy

There’s still so much more that’s happened. This is Bersih 4, this is the fourth time Malaysians have felt the need to protest against a corrupt government. Even now, we are being oppressed, forced into silence. The newspapers and radio stations cannot report anything that casts the government in a bad light for fear of having their publishing license revoked. Just wearing a Bersih 4 T-shirt is now illegal.

Bersih protesters hate Malaysia, Najib says. I am Malaysia is what he means. How dare you oppose me? How dare you say I am at fault? How dare you use your brains and think for yourselves? How dare you protest for your rights? How dare you make the news? How dare you show the world that Malaysians hate their leader?

How dare you try to strip my power away?

There is little hope that things will change. Honestly, we can protest all we like; it doesn’t matter. The government doesn’t care about us. They will not change. But we cannot roll over and let this happen. We cannot stand by and watch as our country crumbles. We have to do something, we have to fight for change, because if we don’t, then who will?

We love our country, even if our country does not love us.

Please spread the word.

Uggghhhh. I was planning to spend this afternoon watching TV and sorting out my uni supplies, but my flatmate has managed to lock me out. She’s put the latch on the door, meaning my key doesn’t work from the outside, and is either sleeping or watching TV in her room (either way, I’m assuming she’s taken her hearing aid out which is why my insistent use of the doorbell didn’t work) and has also left her phone in another room so that didn’t work either. So now I’m stuck in the library, unable to watch or listen to anything because my laptop headphone jack is dead. At least I swung past the bookshop earlier, so I’ve got something to read…

Dammit, I’m tired and I just want to watch TV.

anonymous asked:

LUUUU I'm so excited I've literally wanted that Givenchy sweater since last year when I saw it in stores and now I'm crying because Louis has it and I want it even MORE if that's somehow possible. I just don't have that kind of money 😭

that sweatshirt was one of my top picks for him to wear, I swear I linked it here a gazillion times. HE DID GOOD. 


“Another me? From a different universe?? That’s awesome!! Can we meet them?? I’d be glad to help set up a date in any way I can–!!”



becausefuckthat  asked:

Is it even _theoretically_ possible for time travel to exist, without resorting to overly artificial and theatrical rules governing it? If yes, how does one resolve things such as the Grandfather Paradox?

Need a refresher on the Grandfather Paradox? Watch this:

The thing about a paradox is that it’s not easily resolvable. That’s why it’s a paradox. In my opinion, you have to do some pretty theatrical backflips in logic to make sense of something like this. Say you go back in time and (try to) kill your grandfather, there either must be a parallel universe where that didn’t happen or you will fail in your attempt in order to preserve the current timeline. The idea the paradox is based upon is pretty artificial. It’s not impossible, just artificial.

Really wanna bend your mind in half? A classical, but imperfect principle of physics states that matter can not be created or destroyed. Then aren’t there more atoms in that universe if you travel back in time and meet yourself, defying the laws of physics? Hmm? I’m not certain, because my understanding of relativity and mass is not that high level.

This is why many scientists think that traveling back in time is impossible. The paradoxes would be infinite and unresolvable. Of course, traveling forward is still fine, in theory (even though we’re doing it all the time, at 1 second/second). Bring me back a sports almanac.

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Any good setting powder for under eye concealer? I have dry under eyes so I don't want it to look cakey or wrinkly

A little concealer is great for brightening up the under eye area and concealing dark circles but setting it into place can be a nightmare. 

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I got tagged by @themythicalgarden Thank you!!!! C:

Name: Angelina
Nickname: My friends call me Chuzi
Gender: female
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: Actually I don’t know it was really a long time ago that I know my true height xD but it was 5′4.
Sexual Orientation: I’m an ace!
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor! and I just bought today a Gryffindor shirt!!!.
Favorite Color: Burgundy and Yellow.
Favorite animal: I’m lame because it’s cats, dogs and bunnies just the usual fav animals.
Time right now: 1:40 am
Cat or Dog person: Both? D:
Favorite Fictional Character: I really like James T. Kirk and his fatshirt
Favorite Singer/Band: First of all The Beatles also I like their solos too, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Peter & Goron, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbinson, Led Zeppelin, The Fratellis, Anna and the Barbies, Traweling wilburys, The Rolling Stones and a lot more but I’m pretty lazy to countinue this list that seems never ending DDD:
Dream Job: Barista sounds pretty cool and nice
When was this blog created: duh I think 4 or 5 years ago I don’t know it was a long time ago.
Current number of followers: 570!!! thank you all for following me!!! UvU)
What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: first I didn’t wanted to made one but one summer night I was bored and did one and here I’m blogging all day, all night.
Why did you pick your URL: long story short I have a black sweater that’s somehow remembers me to I1m the walrus song and when I wore it I usually just say GOO GOO GOO G’JOOB and so my ick name is Chuzi I put it together and boom I got my second url.

I’ll tag no one because actually I should be sleeping right now but if somebody want’s to do then please free to do it!!!!