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Mcu stony for 16 ? :3 if you're still doing the face challenge that is!

My hand slipped (many times). While I’m at it, happy birthday to me, got a string of dissection vids to watch while sipping a cup of tea, shout out to my wife for being the best! Have a nice day! 

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Do you have the pic of Alex brushing Kelleys teeth? I went through Kelleys Twitter but the pic is deleted or idk why but it's the only one not loading lol

Here’s the full photo. 

@ the anon that said the change in troyler’s relationship made her sad, that it hurt they no longer acknowledge each other, that she finds it hard to ship them without motivation, and that she needed auguest collabs (sorry I accidentally deleted your ask);

It is hard, I’m totally with you, fan girl life is a weird torture I didn’t sign up to. There are so so many things that have changed or that I didn’t expect that have made me sad or made me doubtful. But despite it all I still truly believe in the strength of their friendship, let alone any possible romance. It was built on such strong foundations and they clicked so well I can’t see them not gravitating back together again.
Right now, I think they are at different points in their lives, and have been for the past months. Troyes been working intensely on his music and has surrounded himself with art, and that’s a lifestyle and mindset that doesn’t coincide well with his old style vlogs or perhaps his humorous friendship with Tyler. Not to say he won’t make those videos again or that he doesn’t still love Tyler, but perhaps their time together isn’t so relevant anymore to Troyes current desires and interests.
His relationship with Connor I think has become more present a lot down to the fact they connect and work well together creatively. But I still believe Troye and Tyler work too well as humans to not always be friends and come closer again. Their dynamic bought the best out of each other, something I don’t think will change, whereas Troyes current state of mind and interests most likely will, as he is young and experimenting and in that lifestyle.
I personally strongly believe that all 3 of Tyler, Troye, and Connor have purposefully privated their relationships more from us as protection for themselves. I won’t publically speculate as to my opinions on what might have happened between them, because at the end of the day it’s their happiness that is key, not mine, and I will always support Troye and Tyler no matter their love life or friendships. But I definitely think they do more together than we know, and they certainly have been acknowledging each other more recently.
When you think about it, as you said, so much changed so quickly between last year and now that we never expected, so who knows what will happen in the next few months. As for shipping, people ship fictional characters, like I will always ship the past few years of Troyler; I will always ship those memories. I don’t think it would be wise to get your hopes up for an auguest collab, considering this years Trevor livestreams, but they might surprise us!
Keep faith and don’t get too bogged down in it all - there’s plenty other amazing positive things each of them are doing individually to focus on! And if you’re like me, then your OTP heart is physically unbreakable, and for that just remind yourself of the countless amazing moments we’ve had before. Not many ships I know have so much history to look back on.

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I just want to say thank you. I'm a fairly young INTJ and this blog is an amazing resource for me and my family who I shared it with during a rocky time. These words helped my family finally understand who I am and allowed me to embrace and understand my type. After 11 tests, they all came back INTJ which was a hard result ad I'm living with an ESFP mom...which can be hard. So, thank you again. It's helped us both!

Well I’m really happy to hear that! Thank you for sharing this with me and the community!




- Chrollo kisses are soft, and sweet. They will leave you feeling better about the day, but also yourself.

- he’s not usually rough, but when he is , he’s still careful not to hurt his s/o.

- his lips, I think, would be naturally very soft, so kissing them is very nice I think -v-


- Hisoka’s kisses are more of a one of the other kind of option, full out making out, or pecks.

- even though he loves is s/o, giving them kisses that actually show them he loves them are a rarity I feel. Like… His kisses aren’t usually soft and meaningful??

- HISOKA WEARS FLAVORED CHAPSTICK AND NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. So yeah, kisses from him will usually leave behind a strawberry or bubblegum taste omg.


- he’s not really a fan of kissing tbh. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like kissing his s/o, he just doesn’t see the point in doing it often. But if you ask for a kiss, he will give you one!

- his kisses are surprisingly soft, most of the time. Other times he is rough without meaning to be. He doesn’t really think while kissing, he just kinda does it.

- Illumi has pretty rough and chapped lips, since he doesn’t see the point in wearing chap stick or anything. But this doesn’t seem to get in the way of him giving knee buckling kisses.

~ Admin Cookie

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Okay, so I know you draw like..."what if .D secretly was a dancer and all that?" But I was wondering: how would Izm react if and when he found out???

First there’d be the usual shock and surprise but that would quickly morph into one of Izm’s “i find that positively intriguing why did i not know this” reaction smiles

and then he would bug .D to show him all the cool dance moves.

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This isn't a surgery war story with me but my sister: she had brain surgery that lasted 9 hours. So she's been face down on a table for 9 hours and when she's starting to come out of the anesthesia this nurse leans over and says "Now, I just want to warn you, your face is a little bruised, but that's completely normal." And my sister just said, "This is nothing, you should see the other guy."it was iconic haha

Your sister is awesome!! LOL

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Can you tell me why you put Tazer in Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff? I think he's incredibly hard-working, loyal, dedicated and "un afraid of toil" just like the puffs but I definitely can see some Gryffindor traits too, so I'm just wondering if it's something you considered? I love these sortings and the thought you put into each one is amazing so I'm kinda curious. Thanks!!

thanks you anon :) i’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to this, i hope you see it!

i absolutely considered putting tazer in hufflepuff. people have a lot of different characteristics, and it can be really to pick one house to put them in. he even has some slytheriny traits. and while he is certainly hardworking, loyal and dedicated, i decided on gryffindor because he has many traits that aren’t really synonymous with hufflepuff. 

he’s fiery and impulsive. he plays hockey with such incredible passion and courage that a lot of players lack. your eyes are always drawn to him on the ice cause he’s always making moves. he gets fired up so easily while playing, whether he’s yelling at another player, dropping the gloves to defend one of his teammates, or talking with the ref. he is the first one to jump head first in to a situation, and often does so without thinking. i think off the ice he’s a bit more reasonable, but when he’s playing he’s absolutely a do first, think later kind of guy. he is completely instinctual and relies on his skill and talent to carry him through. he can also be completely reckless. in 2012 when he knew he had a concussion, he played through it and made it worst. and he did that cause he is a bit of a stubborn asshole who puts himself on the line if it means achieving his goals and helping his team. if he was a true hufflepuff, he’d stop playing the second he suspected it, recuperate and work tirelessly to get back to the game, and never pull such reckless shit like driving with a concussion. 

he is also on the search for glory. and by god is he achieving it. he’s going to go down as one of the best and most decorated players to ever play, and he carries his team along with him in his single minded determination to win. and while that determination can def be a hufflepuff trait, it’s his end goals that are more gryffindor in nature.  he wants to win the cup every year. he wants to win the gold medal every olympics. and he wants to achieve a certain personal success that many other players won’t even get close to touching. while gryff’s are more individualistic than say the hufflepuffs, they will also do anything for the things they love, including their families and in tazer’s case, his team. he has his own strong beliefs, morals, ideals and goals and nothing will ever change his mind or his actions if he believes he’s right. and it’s a good thing that he is usually right. 

gryffindor’s are defined more than any other houses by their actions. and tazer absolutely lets his actions speak for him, and is one of the most goal-oriented and stubborn people in the entire world. 
hope that answers your questions anon :) 

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