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Hey, will you post Gravity Falls new episode when it comes out? Thanks in advance, tho'.

I’ve been getting this asked a lot. So here’s the thing: I will be able to get the episode a bit after it airs, and if I upload it to Dailymotion, it will get removed really quickly since Disney have been fast with removing in the past. Re-uploading it would be pointless since it will get removed again. Once the video is taken down, the download link (which I’ll provide) would still be in the description, so you could still use that if the video has been taken down. We’ll see what happens after I upload it, I guess.

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i have to ask, since sock is a demon that is supposed to make people kill themselves, are there a demon that makes people want to kill other people like murder. and if so did one of those demons affect sock when he was still alive.

I’ve actually heard a couple theories like this before, and I haven’t thought that far into it, but I suppose it’s possible!  That would put Sock through some pretty emotional turmoil, wouldn’t it?

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Could you write about Ryouma catching seafood (including his lobster brethren) to showoff to Kamui?

“There’s no way you can do that.” You shake your head in disbelief, looking up at the rather determined Ryoma standing in front of you. His hands on his hips, he looked like nothing short of a god in that fundoshi.

However, you felt he lacked the wisdom of one when he told you he could catch fish with his bare hands.

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I know it's typical for INTJs to suppress their emotions often, but does that lead them to forgive easier? I associate with INTJ the most, and I've found that I cannot stay angry at someone for more than a minute or two.

I think if I’m really pissed at someone, I might be angry for a longer time but I won’t show it. That’s for sure. I don’t know how common it is for INTJs in general to forgive easily. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own experience!



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Could you please do a drabble where Caroline and Klaus discuss the significance of Silas appearing to each of them as the other?

“I have a question.”

“What’s that, love?” Klaus asked, his voice tired.

He was used to this by now. She always seemed to save her most personal and emotion-evoking questions until three in the morning after sex. He suspected it was because it was easier for her to ask in the dark. They both knew that it didn’t matter, that his night vision was excellent and he could see the vulnerability in her eyes, but they always just ignored it.

Caroline turned over in bed to look at him, and he rested a hand on her hip, his thumb rubbing her skin lightly through the fabric of her cotton sleep shorts.

“Why did Silas appear to you as me?”

“I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, love.”

“You were injured. Or, well, you thought you were. You thought you were dying, right?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice short.

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Your nb punk Grantaire talking to middle aged moms is my actual favorite thing on the world.

Just IMAGINE though.

Grantaire comes to a PTA meeting with drag queen heels and a smokey eye.

Grantaire has the most on point dark red lipstick and his hair is ALWAYS a mess, but it works because it’s Grantaire.

Grantaire who wears skinny leather pants and high waisted skirts and rocks all black with a statement shoe.

Grantaire who has no time for your misgendering of them.

~~~Grantaire ~~~

“Oh, Grantaire? I don’t think those shoes are appropriate for a Christmas concert.”

“Well, there wasn’t a lobster present when Jesus was born but that didn’t stop you from dressing up your son as one for the Nativity Scene.”

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I will always remember and cherish with the biggest smile Lea's glow when she was with Cory. Her eyes, her smile, you could see how really happy she felt. It's probably one of the best memories about those two, to me.

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nb grantaire and trans boy enj who get mistaken for a straight couple all the time and they're like. so offended. "excuse you helen i'll have you know i'm a boy and my partner is nb" "what does nb mean" "shut up helen you ignorant soccer mom" (also ur so gay)

NB Grantaire just perfecting his suburban mom shade because of transphobic/cissexist assholes.

“Wait, you’re what?”

“I’ll tell you what I am if you tell me why you brought store bought whole grain cookies to the PTA meeting, Diane.”

“No, honestly, what are you?”

“Umm, what is that outfit you’re wearing is the true question, Judy. It’s very…bright.”

“M. Grantaire, your gender is going to confuse the children.”

“That fun pizza is confusing the children, Carol. My gender is much easier to understand than the fact that you brought a pizza made of fruits and vegetables to a children’s birthday party.”

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This has probably been asked and answered but perhaps you could take pity on a mobile blogger (who can't coordinate tumblr pages properly) and tell me what the ship name for Meph/Prov is?Mephidence? Provistopheles? Pain and suffering that reaches beyond the boundaries of space and time? Thank you so much in advance!

“Pain and Suffering That Reaches Beyond the Boundaries of Space and Time” was MY suggestion AS WELL, but most of the fandom goes with “Proveles”.  

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Not really urgent. (INTJ) I have been called slow before many times, usually by people who do not know me well or feeler types; this would include one of my sisters (INFJ.) I find her very emotional and embracive so I tend to hide a lot of my facial expressions and such from her, this in turn has usually frustrated her into calling me slow (like I just said), or unemotional. Do you think this is normal at all for other types to lash out at INTJ's for hiding themselves?

Hm. Hard to say because it really depends on the situation and the definition of the word “slow”. I’d say my dad (who is an INTJ) is slow and he gets called that a lot by others too. Even though when thinking about it, he’s not really that slow… I myself can’t remember a situation right now when I got called slow. Any other inputs? Feel free to leave a comment!



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your first thoughts about currents?

Answering about songs I haven’t heard (stream of consciousness)

Nangs: Put a giant smile on my face when it started. Short and sweet.

The Moment: VERY Michael Jackson! Kevin, I know what you’ve been listening to. “I fell in love at the sound of my heels on the wooden floor”. Psychedelic music’s love child with 80′s pop, streamed through a synth. Dance music.

Yes I’m Changing: Somewhat dramatic change from the previous song, very mellow and slow. “They say people never change but that’s bullshit, they do.. Another version of myself I think I found at last” Super interesting way to end a song. Kevin is changing and he’s OK with it! I love it. He’s coming into his own. 

Gossip: Beginning sounds like Washed Out. Was it really that short?? It was cute. 

The Less I Know The Better: OK WHAT? Started dancing the second it started. Sounds like we’re in a smokey dancehall grooving to disco and way across the room, Kevin is singing into a mic and dancing like Michael Jackson. Slow grooves. Oh it just got introspective. “Oh my love, can’t you see that you’re on mind? Don’t supposed you could convince your lover to change his mind?” The song has turned into one of those dance-able songs that make you reflect on the state of your life. 

Past Life: Doesn’t sound like Tame Impala. Rearview mirror? Feels Like I Only Go Backwards reference? HOLY SHIT? Kevin did you really just slap bass on like that? WHAT IS THIS SONG? I LOVE IT! I’m floating. I’m smiling. K not really liking this weird voice. Floating again. Put this part on repeat (“from a past life, in a long time, I tried to say it but it never came out right”) and LOOK! At the end, her actually calls. This is a different Kevin for sure.

Reality in Motion: Yes, starts like an inner speaker song I can’t place (sorry). Sounds a little happy-go-lucky to me. Positive, not introspective. Good amounts of rock, sounds like the Lonerism Kevin we know. “It made my heart run circles in overdrive, and i was closer than ever to feeling alive”

Love Paranoia: I love that Kevin’s voice is so prominent on this album. He’s really been struggling with love. He swore! Does it really fucking matter?… Are you sure it was nothing, cause it made me feel like dying inside?” Really beautiful, tight production. This is an amazingly put together song. 

New Person, Same Old Mistakes: Oh, FUNK. This is kind of sexy. “Feel like a brand new person”  Fuck yeah! “I know that you think it’s fake.. maybe fake’s what I like… thinking it’s worth the fight”

This whole album is about rebirth, love, and self-confidence. I really love it. Favourite song: The Less I Know The Better.

I’m pretty sure he wrote this album for Sophie, even if he tries to deny it.