So… Today is “Sant Jordi” (George) and in Catalonia (Spain) It’s a very special day, a day that talks about a legend of a knight that has to save a princess killing a dragon, but that legend says, that the blood of the dragon transformed into pretty flowers, a flower called rose.

Since that, every 23th of April, boys give Roses to girls as a sign of love and girls give books to boys (this is less frequent).

So, since the girl I love the most it’s a bit far away (wich actually its a lot) and I can’t posibiliy send her a rose, I made this fanart about Karkat (as the knight) Nepeta (as the princess) and Terezi’s Lusus as the dragon. since she hates Terezi and KarNep is her OTP, i hope she liked it (I think she did)

So…yes, Feliç Sant Jordi a tots!

Trans Ham Tho

Ok, so I know I am not the first one to propose this idea, but what if Trans!Hamilton?* I am v interested in this and not just because “trans ham” is so fun to say (although it really is, I strongly encourage you to say it out loud, it is delightful).

I am imagining Laurens finding out and it at first being like that super frustrating scene in Yentl when Avigdor finds out about Anshel and is all “ohhh, great, you’re a woman, so I’m not gay after all!” but then Hamilton is like “UM NO, I have some bad news for you friend, I am very much a man and you are super hella gay, d e a l w i t h i t”, and then Laurens has to figure out how to make amends, and whoops I think I have just mapped out this fic in my head? Ok. *tosses it on the pile of things to maybe write someday*

*hums “In New York you can be a new man”*

*Yes I know he had plenty of bio kids and that this is not particularly plausible irl, so there is no need for you to explain this to me while I’m enjoying headcanon times.