I’m working on a new page in my grimoire tonight. This page is about (wait for it!) my ancestry. Since my family has been quietly ‪pagan‬ for centuries, I think it’s important to record what I know about my lineage for future generations. A lot of it died with my grandmother ten months ago and I feel a bit of urgency to record everything I know. Connection to ancestors is very important in my practice. I’m not sure if other ‪‎witch‬ folk put ancestry into their grimoires but I’m doing what I think is right. Below the red and gold divider, I’m going to list specific ancestors with known extrasensory abilities. Making grimoire pages artistic is important to me too. I used forget-me-nots at the top of the page because that flower is about remembrance to us. So there you go. A look at my sacred book. (Also, it really does say Ancestry at the top. My handwriting makes it look wrong like Ansestry.)