When We’re Married Chapter 12

Rowaelin Arranged Marriage AU - Fanfic Masterlist

Finally done! There will only be three chapters more of this fic so they will be packed with stuff. This one is just fun though lol. Enjoy!

Rowan’s lips are on fire. Whether from the passion of the kiss or a sign of Aelin’s magic, he’s not sure. But he is happy—so outstandingly, unequivocally happy—and he smiles against her mouth. His hands cup the side of her face, tilting her up to him. His fingers are half-buried in her hair. The wavy strands glide through his fingers like silk and Rowan makes a mental note to braid it one day. He also realizes why she’s always twisting and playing with her hair. The scent alone is driving him insane.

Aelin’s hands bunch into the fabric of his shirt, knuckles bracing against his stomach and grappling for a something steady. He wonders if her knees are just as weak as his. The kiss is soft, caressing, and unstoppable. Rowan knows for a fact that no first kiss has ever or will ever be this… magical. He pushes her lips open with a swipe of his tongue. He both hears and feels Aelin sigh against him, persuaded to agree with her sentiment. She tastes like lavender and smoky bacon, a combination that shouldn’t go together but is making his head dizzy.

His neck is starting to strain with the awkward way he’s bending over but Rowan can barely feel the pain. All he registers is her tongue in his mouth and her skin both mottled with scars and smooth under his fingers and her hands maneuvering around his waist to clutch at the small of his back, making him take an almost involuntary step towards her. Rowan briefly indulges himself in fantasizing what it would be like to move his hands down, to lift her up and for her to wrap her legs around his waist. To carry her to the shade of an apple tree and lay there forever with his mate.

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