ansel & co

I get that Shailene Woodley’s comment “I’m not a feminist, I love men” etc was totally harmful and ignorant of what feminism actually is, but part of me is really uncomfortable with talented (and Shailene Woodley is supremely talented) female celebrities being written off by huge numbers of feminists for one ignorant remark. Shailene’s on a trajectory similar to her co-star Ansel Elgort at the moment. I highly doubt TIME is taking him aside to ask him if he’s a feminist, if he believes in equal rights for all genders. In this way a young woman (who has played two strong female leads in the last 6 months) is having her career dented by her own ignorance whereas hypothetically her co-stars could have 10x more harmful thoughts on the same issues and they’re not being addressed because men just don’t get asked these questions. 

I’m not trying to excuse Shailene’s ignorance. I just think we need to reconsider completely writing-off women for their misinformed opinions when men aren’t being asked the same things and manage to continuously slip under the radar