My illustration and knight self-portrait for the 1001 Knights zine successfully funded through Kickstarter and run by Kevin Stanton and Annie Stoll! My work will be in the Wisdom volume alongside some of my close friends and favorite artists. Thanks @onethousandandoneknights, @kevinjaystanton, and @anniestoll for the amazing opportunity!

things you are not

You are not

The bitter words of an old friend
The scars that mark the inside of your skin
A test that you have failed to comprehend
A number on a scale that taints you with chagrin
A shadow that you spend your entire life trying to transcend
The shade of your pigmentation that has likened your existence to a sin

You are made of

the mistakes you make
The risks you take
The stereotypes you break
The existences you shake
The smiles you have pasted on for a lonely stranger’s sake
The comfort you have left in a hurricane of sadness’ wake
The wonder that lights you up when you see a first snowflake

And God, I could spend the rest of my life reminding you that you are nothing you do not want to be.