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Let’s talk about your favourite character and why he/she/it is! <3

I have a lot of favorite characters, and it tends to change depending on who’s being awesome in the manga at the moment haha. Um, for simplicity I’m just going to pick Lucy, since she’s one of the people tied for first.

love Lucy, I really really do. I think the main reason I love her is because she’s fairly normal when compared to most people in Fairy Tail. She doesn’t have ridiculous magic power, but you can really see the steady improvement over the couse of the manga. I loved the moment on Galuna Island when she fought Sherry, and when she forced Taurus’ gate closed. You could see how happy she was at her improvement, how much it meant to her to grow. That may have been the most obvious incident, but I do think she tries very hard to get stronger, and is really happy when she can (A later time you can see this is when she’s trying to increase her magic power on the beach with Capricorn). She’s just a very honest person, and all I want is to see effort come to fruition, which is probably why seeing her lose against Flare was just so heart-breaking. But it’s also really awesome how she was okay later that day. She’s just a really strong person, and I want everyone to see that (although Fairy Tail sees that already obviously, nothing made me happier than when Gajeel doubted her fighting ability and Natsu and Levy stood up for her)

Long story short, I love Lucy