Katanya, puncak kerinduan seseorang adalah ketika tidak saling sapa di dunia nyata maupun maya, tapi saling mendoakan di setiap sujud yang panjang.
—  Sungguhkah?
Kalau begitu, aku akan perpanjang sujudku, berdoa pada-Nya. Semoga doa bisa mempertemukan kita di waktu yang tepat.

I have a mild obsession with Urban Decay makeup but if you are also obsessed you probably feel the pain of ending up with a million bulky makeup palettes hanging around.  After watching a video by grav3yardgirl I decided to try de-potting some of my bulky palettes and putting them in a magnetic palette.  I was a little worried after watching all the de-potting videos online for Urban Decay because they made it seem like a nightmare.  I prepared myself with my Swiss Army knife and flat iron (to heat up the glue)…  Then just popped them all out without any casualties with my Swiss Army knife in about 10 minutes.   Maybe it was a fluke but try that before you go to all the hassle with candles and flat irons.   

In case anyone is wondering:

Top row - the full Pulp Fiction palette.  I was so torn about whether or not to de-pot this one but the goal is to get rid of palettes so… I’m sorry Pulp Fiction, I love you still.  

Left row (from top down) -   Solstice moondust eyeshadow (it’s not broken, it just looks it because of the lighting), ABC Gum and Freelove

Right row - Most of the original Naked palette minus 4 colors I never use (I gave them to my sister, don’t worry! No eyeshadow left behind!) 

I have the Naked 3 palette as well but I will probably not de-pot that one because I use just about everything in it.  

The magnetic palette came from anothersoul on Etsy.  It was very reasonably priced, shipped unbelievably fast and is very well crafted.  I’m considering purchasing one of her travel sized ones as well since I hate carting a ton of makeup on vacation. 

Now that I have successfully trimmed down the bulk of my makeup collection I’m off to go buy more eyeshadow singles ~_^*  

These gorgeous empty pans just came to me for my kit. If you have not tried #anothersoul #bookofshadows palettes on etsy. You are missing out. Super functional and works of art. I also have all of my eyeshadow in these. These are the pro size btw.

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Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow Experiment!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow Experiment!

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Last year, I made my first pressed indie shadow palette using Mai’s tutorial. Since then, I discovered and fell head over heels in love with Femme Fatale cosmetics. I love their duochromes! But being a loose shadow formula, I tend to reach for them less than I would a pressed formula. I’m just too messy and impatient to open lots of little jars full of powders that WANT to spill all over my lap.…

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