I got tagged!

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1. Favourite movie?

I divide this in two parts

Disney movies: the Lion King, Pocahontas.

other movies: I think on Thor…just because Loki. 

2. Last text you sent, and to who?

“Y cuando entrenaremos juntos?” (when will we train together?.) to a friend who train martial arts…

3. Which show or movie would you give up your current life to live in?

mmm…Sherlock BBC 

4. What was your first fandom?

Here on tumblr? Avengers  and food

5. If you could create one perfect painting, what would it be of?

amm…arr…well, i think on some kind of landscape with stars or something

6. Dog or Cat?

caaaats! or bunnies.

7. What are your talents?

i don’t have any talents, but i know how to bake, and knit, and…i don’t know, write… 

8. Favourite quote?

 Examinadlo todo; retened lo bueno.  1 tesalonicenses 5:21

 but test them all; hold on to what is good.  1 thessalonians 5:21

9. Your most vivid dream?

once I dream my brother kill it self…it was pretty sad…i still remember every Detail of that dream. 

10. Something you love?

my blog. My 10 questions: 1.- What’s your favorite colour? 2.- Do you have any pets? 3.- What’s your favorite food?   4.- What’s your favorite music video? 5.- If you could go to any  concert of any artist which one will be? 6.- and with who? 7.- If you could talk to anyone who would be? and why? 8.- Favorite book? 9.- How do you see yourself in ten years? 10.- do you have a crush. tell me about it?  

anothersadsoong asked:

I really love your work, when i finish my examns, i'm goin to read the police au one, and i want to ask you if you're going to continue the roommater fic ;A; it was so preshus >.< Lot of love <3

I am! I’m going to finish all my Hiddlesworth fics, I just had to put Roommates and Skylark on hold whilst I took part in NaNoWriMo. <3