Aya Lozi ~ Host.

by now,
you’d have traced
all the repulsive
corners of my brain
time and time again,
with fingers
I’ve rendered
with my parasitic tendencies

that I spoke
through short,
sharp movements,
that I spoke
through unforgiving limbs,
just so you won’t have to

now that you’ve wasted
everything but breath,
I’d whisper
into unwilling ears -
and despite your fatigue,
you shrink away -
“come closer,”

you were very particular;
the way you would
decorate my skin
with flowers you’d pluck
from gardens
unbeknown to winter,
and though I wouldn’t get a glimpse
of how your lips
would have an upward curve,
you’d smile
just in time,
before they shrivel;
before you shrivel
at the sincerity
of my skin.

would you excuse
my parasitic tendencies, dear;
my tides
only rise at night;
so would you forgive my inability
to cease the flow
of saline water
down your lungs; -
is a difficult force
to counter.

By Aya Lozi.

"In the end you start to think about the beginning..." [Mr & Mrs Smith Quote]:

We came to a curtain of leaves and flowers held up by
the trees’ overhanging branches. 
It shifted when stirred by
the breeze, a wall of entwined and interwoven
vine-like green and violet stems beneath the fabric of
It was a gateway to another realm.  I, who had
never crossed this path before, knew this.  Could feel