orangutanne replied to your post: My baby is siiiiick :(

Sit with her in the bathroom while the shower is running to help open up her lungs.

Thanks!  We did that last night before bed and I think it helped her stay asleep for a few hours.  She actually wasn’t as hard to get back to sleep last night as she’s been, she just woke up ever hour/hour and a half from the coughing.

anothermommyblog replied to your post: My baby is siiiiick :(

I’m sorry….i hope you get some rest tonight and get some good news tomorrow

Thank you.  We got to the doctor at 1:45.  I’m crossing my fingers that they listen to us and test her instead of the typical “here’s antibiotics, come back if it’s not better in a week” that you hear so many stories about.

anothermommyblog replied to your post: I am uninsured and it is terrifying.

Little and I have been insuranceless since March. You’ll be fine!

But what if I’m not? What if I get kidney stones? What if I break my foot? What if I get hit by someone driving without insurance? 

I shouldn’t have to worry about getting healthcare I can’t afford if I should get in an accident. I live in America. I’m a human being. It’s not right.