“I initially fell for David harder than he fell for me. I was in love with him before he was comfortable saying it, and I think that speaks to our past experiences. I remember saying, “I think I love you,” and he was like, “That’s really nice,” which is not necessarily what you want to hear. But I appreciated his honesty in not jumping the gun and saying something because he felt obliged to.” - Neil Patrick Harris

I know you must be confused as to why this letter suddenly appeared at your side. I’ve charmed my first and final letter to you so that the moment I am gone, it will find its way to you. So now that you are reading this it means that I’m dead. The threat that has been hanging over my head ever since the war broke loose, took its toll at last.
I know this won’t make a Knut’s worth of sense to you but I ask of you to hear me out because there are things that must be told; I owe you the truth. There is so much I wish for you to know, things I wish I could tell you in person but I dare not, it is not safe for you to see me. Now more than ever.
You won’t remember any of this, which - by all means - is my fault and entirely my own; you can’t remember how much of an impact you’ve made on my life, how much you’ve changed me and most importantly, how much I love you.
The odds have never been in our favor, the past proved me that much but I thoroughly wish it would be different. I wish I would be at your side right now, able to call you mine and have a life which is entirely our own. But this was never an option so I gave you only thing I could: A life where you don’t have to know the pain of being without the person you love the most.
You have every right to hate me but you have loved me once and I hope you will keep that in mind before you decide upon how much you truely despise me.
I loved you too much to risk your life and did the only reasonable thing, because I am wise enough to know what is and is not possible in this world. Years ago, I took your memory away. All the time we’ve spent together is now only alive in my memory; that and the knowledge that you had loved me was the one constant in my life that kept me going when everything else seemed to crash down and fall apart around me. I owe you everything for that.
All those years ago, I made a promise to you. I vowed to never forget the love we shared and I think it is only righteous now that you too remember the love we shared. You will understand everything once you view the memory, I promise.
It might be foolish of me but I want to ask for a promise in return. Promise me that you will survive. Don’t give up. You clearly are the brightest witch of our age and I always admired your intelligence and bravery; I have faith in you that you will be able to end the Dark Lord. Promise me now that, no matter what happens, you will survive and have the life I always wanted to share with you. Please find happiness and be safe.
Forgive me for stalling like this but you deserve to know what happened. You cared for me once and I sincerely hope that you will not continue hating me. I could not bear the thought of meeting my death knowing you hate me. But if you do, I only ask that you remember how much you mean to me, now more than you did when we first met.
I know that the only thing on your mind right now is to view my memories, and I won’t make you wait any longer.
I love you, Hermione Granger. Always.

-Love, Draco A. Malfoy.