My lovely blog has made it another full year! A giant thank you to everyone who made my second year here even better than the first. 

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To many more toe loops, platonics platonicking, twizzle sequences, and sketchy IceNetwork streaming.

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Stranger Things Appreciation Week - Day 7: Favorite Place
» The Wheeler’s Home

“My parents can get you an actual bed for the basement. Or you can take my room if you want, since I’m down there all the time anyways. My point is, they’ll take care of you.”

                  APH FRANCE APPRECIATION WEEK 2k16

                                        ↳ 11th - 17th JULY

          Francis Bonnefoy is for many one of the main sources of inspiration, positivity and love. He is a character that deserves justice and appreciation, so as a way to show our love for him once again, I invite all of you to contribute to the #APHFRWEEK2016.

           This year all contributions will appear on the specially made blog @aphfranceweek2016 , created by @francis-bonnefoys-mum who is this year’s aphfrweek organiser.          

          You are free to contribute with fanart, fanfictions, videos, music, cosplay, crafts, anything that comes into your mind! You don’t have to submit them to me or to the official blog, unless you want to of course! I will happily reblog each of your contributions. Joyeux Anniversaire, France!

                          OFFICIAL POST. || ABOUT. || RULES.

          If you have any questions, you should direct them to @francis-bonnefoys-mum. Have fun and happy Bastille day!!