Seriously whats wrong with people?
They make tattoo appoinments with me and then they cancel last moment for some weak ass reason?! Not even feeling emberassed about it or guilty just like “yeah its not a good time might come another day”.
Do you think this is like some hobby for me? I dont earn much with these tattoos but its all i earn and its such a fucking let down if you decide not to show up last moment. I had 6 cancelations in two weeks?! Thats like half of the appoinments? I get super stoked for every tattoo i need to do, and i draw for you. Its a whole emotional preperation. Not just a dentist appointment. But also dentist charge you if you dont show up!?
Its not even the point but how would you like it if youre at work the entire day and don’t get paid? Do i seriously need to take deposits over a 30 euro tattoo?
Urgh what a rant. Just annoys me so much cause its so dissapointing

Squiveaway Two Point Oh Approaches!

So I’ll be running another giveaway starting April 8th, and I’ll be collaborating with my sister and fellow sea creature pillow enthusiast bevaudricreations to bring you some fabulous prizes!

Prizes will include:

• One of her fabulous seahorses!

• One of my giant squids. This squid will be a one-of-a-kind promotional item that I will not make ever again!

• A choice of either a half-priced seahorse or a half-priced squid!

The rules for the giveaway will be similar to last giveaway, but there may be a “one reblog a day” limit imposed to make things a little more fair. We’ll see.

The giveaway will begin Wednesday, April 8 and will run until May 23.

Keep an eye out for updates, and remember you’ll have to be following both vambrace and bevaudricreations to win! (Why not go ahead and follow us now so you don’t forget?)

Hope everyone is getting excited! I know we are!

Beyond Worth It || Harry & Cara

He could do it.

Harry had about an hour and a half to leave the recording studio, drive over to Cara’s, see the girl, then make his way back. Minus travel time and depending solely on traffic, the two would have forty-five minutes to an hour together. Normally, Harry would have just rescheduled the meeting for another day, but he had been texting the blondie since the early hours of the morning and quite frankly just wanted to see her pretty face.

Not that he’d ever admit it.

He said goodbye to the three boys before hopping in the backseat of the SUV and pulling out his phone. He was hoping she’d have food so he wouldn’t have to stop by somewhere and pick something up, resulting in ten more minutes wasted when he could’ve had her in his arms. Harry was a sap, a secret sap. And Cara managed to find that out somewhat back when they had dated a few years prior, but he kept it under the rug for the most part. Times had changed, but that attitude certainly hadn’t.

To: Squishy xx
I’m on my way. Can you prep me a sandwich or a wrap? Haven’t eaten xx

He mainly gazed out the window like some overly-emotional, pre-pubescent child on the drive there. Traffic wasn’t bad so the trip didn’t take too long, resulting in the SUV pulling into the driveway exactly fifteen minutes later. He told his driver to pick him up in promptly an hour and then allowed his long legs to carry himself up the driveway then to the door where he knocked once, twice, and stepped back a bit.




I need to make a hella amount of money in order to pay off a school bill in order to get a transcript and transfer to another art school. And I don’t work enough to make even two hundred dollars a month. So I need to seriously raise money like crazy. 

I have to raise over a thousand dollars in twenty days, and if that means a ton of commissions, then so be it. $1,204.79 to be exact.

If you’ve got a character, I can draw it!! Don’t be shy!!

**PRICES: **

Full/half body sketch: $10
Full/half body lined: $15
Full/half body flat colors: $20
Full/half body fully rendered: $30

Character bust (shoulders up) lined: $10
Character bust flat colored: $15
Character bust fully rendered: $20

Message me for additional details if interested!



I’ve had one of these mini custard pots after dinner for 3 days in a row, as per madre’s instructions. They are having a wonderful time in Seville so that makes me happy! Forgot how much I actually like custard 😌 it’s nice to actually rediscover tastes!
So another day of meal plan completed, and emotions are mixed.
On the one hand I have heartburn and a very bloated stomach, had to force down evening snack. The sheer amount of food compared to what I’ve been having for pretty much half a year now is overwhelming. I have also increased my carbs successfully, the afters to dinner has been a good way of upping carbs there as I give the insulin in two separate doses (perks of an insulin pump!) I haven’t looked at my insulin daily total for today and I don’t plan to.
Yet at the same time I still feel I am screwing up recovery. I am still avoiding the “higher” carb options, I am avoiding fats - I know I am despite silly head saying “well it’s fine cos you have nuts and you had whole milk today” etc… I am also being quite repetitive. Nakd bar for AS nearly all days, a danio/fruyo as evening snack, banana soreen in the morning with a bit of cashew butter.
So I’m sticking to the plan, which is good. But is anorexia still getting in the way? Yes. A lot.
I feel the war between rational mind and ED mind is very much at a peak! Am I expecting too much of myself? Or not enough? What even IS recovery? I’m not really sure there is such a thing, but if one thing I’ve been reminded of today recovery won’t, for me, be only “challenging chocolate” on a Monday, or saving up for pint parties, or posting whole intakes on a blog and panicking if they don’t “look pretty” or “fit a theme”. Food isn’t an art gallery; it is there to nourish me and fight back against a life-threatening illness.
I need to keep going with each bite. The only way out is through.


I’ve decided to share by beautiful avicularia versicolor with the world as I got a rare chance to take some good pictures of it today. It usually hides away when I open the door, so they had to be taken through the glass to make sure I didn’t waste my chance. ( the first picture is from another day though)

Sanne is two years old this month and I’ve had it for one and a half years. It just got its first red hairs after its last moulting and has a leg span of about 5 centimeters. I still don’t know its sex but I’m hoping it’s a female. 

It’s my first and so far only spider, and I love it to bits c:

have another extra. Meh im tired and going to bed now though. My boss royally pissed me off last night…one more day. Im having a drink for real this weekend though.

Goodnight for me. Have a good day for you guys :)

I literally have like 1.75 pages left to reach the minimum page count for this stupid paper. I’ve drank an entire pot of coffee and I’m making another one to get through the day. Fuck my life. I want to sleep but I have a meeting in like two and a half hours.

Also, dangcommaannie got me Cuban coffee and she says that my poor little white body will not be able to handle the caffeine overload (okay, that was just my take on it but it’s basically what was implied).

Don’t know why I’m posting the update every other day of working on it. Weird even for me, haha. Oh well, that’s how it’s going. So I have the other half of the skirt outlined and filling in. I know it may look a bit odd that one straight line, but just haven’t wanted to try doing the scattered blue stitches below it until I do the brown that will fill there some. Another day or two, maybe I can finally make myself switch from the blue!


I found the pictures of the two first days working with molds and I love them

The upper group was the first day and I actually didn’t worked because a classmate asked me to let him make a mold of my feet. The problem was that it took 5 hours more then the 2 hours of class, and after that one of them wouldn’t open and my foot was trapped for another hour…

The down ones were a groupal proyect and it was really funny, but at the beginning we couldn’t open half of the bottles because of the children’s safety lock… we felt really ashamed.

Yesterday I went for a run and managed to run around 1km without stopping which made me super happy as I just kept pushing myself.
Today I went for a run again and less than half way through I told myself I was going to stop at my next ‘checkpoint’. But then just before then I told myself to keep pushing and managed to make it to the end of the road, turn around and keep running.

Three things ticked off my goals list in two days is pretty amazing :)

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I also decided to travel a few hours to go complete the colour run. Was so much fun, and another thing ticked off!

The Worst Teacher Ever

I had one that was awful. She was so mean and talked down to people and on top of all that she was really racist to all the black kids. Keep in mind this is culinary class in which we spend half to day at another campus. I was in my second year ( there are only two) and I was really good and the teachers put me in charge of everything. I was working an optional after school event and my job was to clean the plates after the food was put on it and make sure everything was perfect before it went out.

I needed a second person to help me so I picked someone I trusted and we had small periods where we didn’t do anything between courses. I guess she ended up doing some dishes because  the dish people were slow and she saw some people “standing around doing nothing” so she thought it her place to come over and give us an ear full. She told us that we were lazy and disrespectful to her for making her do dishes while we didn’t do anything and asked us why we were even there.

She didn’t respect me, but she definitely had no love for my friend… who was black and she directed most of the comments at him. I had put up with her for a year and a half and watched her hurt so many of my friends I kinda snapped. I yelled in her face about knowing her place and said how we are doing our job and it wasn’t us that were doing anything wrong. I also threw in that if she taught us that no one is too good to do dishes (they always went on and on about that so everyone had to take turns doing them) but then thinks she is too good to do dishes that she is a hypocrite and she needs to rethink being a teacher.

She walked away and I calmed down. After that I realized A.) The kitchen was silent and B.) I might get expelled for that even though I was the top of my class.   (only at the culinary tech campus I only had average grades at my normal school) People have been expelled for less actually

So about ten minutes later I find her in dry storage and I am going to apologize and try to save my ass. Then something beautiful happened. She apologized to me. I felt so powerful it was amazing. I then also apologized and we stayed out of her way until she moved to Texas a month later and that is the insanely long story of my terrible teacher.

weedsmokeandbongtokes replied to your post “[[MOR] So I’m pretty sure it’s my birth control that’s been making…”

Did you just start taking it or have you been on it for a while?If you just started taking it, I’d stick it out for another month, but if you’ve been on it for a while and it’s still affecting you like that you might want to change it, it helped me:)

I’ve been on it for a month and a half. I’ve had other BCs in the past, and they didn’t affect me like this. I haven’t taken it for two days and I already am starting to feel more like me. :)

Another day, another nickel.

Home again! Today was meh.
Started out fine. I got there basically right on time, so there was no need to wait around before clocking in. As soon as I get clocked in, we get an order. It was a small order, so it was fine. I could handle it. Another order popped up about the time the other cook came in a minute or two later. Perfect timing, really.
Nothing really happened today, though I do have one funny story. I had another instance of my personal pan curse. I saw the other cook eating a personal pan about an hour and a half into the day and it makes me want one. I look at the fridge, thinking about making one for myself. The other cook sees me glance at the fridge and tells me I should make one if I’m hungry. I reply “nah, because I know what’ll happen if I do. The instant I touch that dough, the creen will probably fill up with orders. That’s what always happens.” The guy who typically manages Mondays and Tuesdays (the days I typically have enough time to make myself a personal pan) comes by and jokes that I should do it because we need the business.
The other cook laughs and basically says “that’s non-scense. We won’t get orders just because you make a personal pan.”
I think about it and glance over at the fridge again when an order for, like, 3 or 4 pizzas comes up. I look back at the other cook, point at the screen, and tell him “Ya see? That’s just from me thinking about doing it!”
After we knock out that order, I decide, against my better judgement, that I will make a personal pan, because I was really craving my favorite pizza. I get out the dough, and an order pops up. The other cook says he’s got it, because it’s just one pizza, and tells me to go ahead and make my personal pan. I make it right quick and stick it though the oven. That’s when the first wave of the rush hit. We had orders constantly for a good hour. It took so long that I started to worry that my personal pan might have gotten thrown away because they might have thought I forgot about it.
Eventually the rush dies down and I’m able to get to my pizza. It was delicious, as always. I take the first bite when an order pops up. It was just for one pizza, so the other cook tells me I can keep eating, he’ll take care of it. I take a few more bites, get about half way through, when another order for, I think, 3 pizzas pops up. The other cook says he needs my help, so I put my pizza up for the time being, wash my hands, and go help. I didn’t get to get back to my pizza for another hour after that, because the 2nd wave of the rush hit. Today might have been our busiest day this month, though it’s still the first half of the month, so that’s not saying too much.
I think today was enough to make the other cook belive my personal pan curse, though. I think I’ll probably eat before work tomorrow, just to be safe. Don’t want two really busy days in a row.

Reflection Pt 1

I haven’t eaten anything amazing recently except for that one burger I posted on IG. I also had another pretty damn good burger two days after but it was too ugly to post on IG.

Life here has kind of come to a standstill. The excitement that swelled within me during the first few weeks has almost disappeared completely…to the point where life here is almost mundane. I’ve gotten to the phase where I don’t want to meet anyone anymore…half of it’s because it’s too late in the game too make friendships now and half of it’s because I just don’t care anymore 

Part of this apathy is probably due to me traveling alone and experiencing what it’s like not to have to care for anyone… was honestly so liberating not having to look over my shoulder to see if everyone was ok and/or not having to slow down for anyone. I could stick to my pace at all times, with no one limiting me. 

That’s not to say that I detest company, but it just seems too difficult to find someone who can keep up with my pace and do the same things I want. That person is ideal, and I urge everyone to find that type of person to accompany them when they decide to travel…anywhere. 

The routine nowadays is school, workout, and browse the internet. Most of my entertainment comes from Singaporean drama in the news with all the racism towards PRC’s and Ang Moh’s and what not. The whole deal with LKY and Amos Lee was good stuff to laugh at as well. Singapore is just another country with normal human beings. Despite how the media portrays them as a powerful and rich country, there’s definitely plenty of problems that run throughout this society. The most prominent one in my opinion is everyone’s role of being internet warriors. They can talk all that good shit about something, but when a problem arises, they decide to take pictures/film the incident rather than DOING anything about it, quite unlike what it is in America, where if you can do something, usually people confront the problem. 

I still appreciate this place for what it is though, but I swear I will never get used to this heat/humidity. Absolutely the worst. There have been multiple days the past two weeks where I felt a thin film of liquid accumulating on my skin just because it was so damn humid (temps are around 91 F but humidity boosts it up to feeling like 107-110 F).

In other good news, I’ve managed to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and have gotten more fit rather than fat during my stay here, haha. 

I plan on going to Bali next week to learn how to surf for a few days..and finals begin once I come back. Bali will be my last destination, but honestly it’s just a place for me to relax one last time before finals Don’t expect a lot of pictures, and I don’t think Bali is renowned for Indonesian food so…yeah. Hopefully I can cop a pic of me surfing though so we’ll see.

After finals I’ll be heading to Taipei for a few days to start my adventures with my sister. Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Yokohama/Tokyo will be the plan right after…and after that, the travels will end.

It’s honestly sort of crazy that I only have about 3 weeks left here. Time really did go by so damn quickly that I thought this day would never come. At the same time I feel as though I’ve done a lot since I’ve arrived and I know for sure that I’ve learned so much about…everything. Because I’ve done so much however, I know I won’t have any regrets leaving this place.

Anyways, there will be a post about stuff I learned (academically and socially) later on in the beginning of May, so yeah, that’s all for now.

Styling wigs today! Thought I had a half day, but it was only like an hour of school. Yaaaaay~
And tomorrow is going to be weird. We have another two blocks to make our prosthetic pieces, but I’m entirely done. Dunno what I’ll do all day.

pkmn-trainer-touko-tajiri asked:

how do your OC's sleep? Any insomniacs? Or one's that sleep like the dead?

Fido: He sleeps a lot. He sleeps too much. He sleeps too <i>easy</i>. Like he lays down on a pillow and BOOP he’s out and he’s not waking up for another 8 hours.

Kaita: She has to lay in her bed for an hour for her to even get a bit drowsy and then it’s another half an hour of her making sure she’s not forgetting something before she goes to sleep. And even when she does sleep shes a very light sleeper and will wake up to any slight disturbances.

Art: He has the most irregular sleep ace dulce that’s ever been. One day he sleeps for 12 hours and on another he gets an hour or two or just doesn’t sleep at all.

Rémy: Grade A insomniac. He only really goes to sleep if he’s the little spoon but Fido is always asleep early so Rémy just lays there for half an hour before gets frustrated and spends the night reading bad furry porn


Name: Sven Bjorgman
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Occupation: Hiking Guide for Tulgey Woods
Faceclaim: Matthew Lewis
Status: Open


Sven the Reindeer from Frozen

Bio Teaser

Sven has always been lucky to have a brother like Kristoff. Even as a little boy, he was thankful to have someone that looked out for him like he did. Maybe it was just a natural reaction since, growing up, they had to depend on one another for a lot of things. Though they weren’t from Mythos Pines themselves, the brothers had been adopted by a rather large family living in a cramped—but cozy—home downtown. With half-brothers and sisters galore, the two were sometimes lost in the shuffle and chaos of such a large family. But that didn’t make them any less loved or part of the Bjorgman clan. Some of their favorite memories were of when the family all piled into their car and drove out to the lake to camp out for a few days at a time. Sven and his brother would sit out under the stars, quiet for the most part, oftentimes thinking about what may have happened if they hadn’t been taken in by such a devoted family. While they have no intention of seeking out their birth parents, it didn’t stop the boys from wondering what might have been. As they grew older, Sven often looked up to his brother for guidance on how to act in certain situations, but for the most part he had to figure it out on his own. Kristoff wasn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type with anyone but Sven, so learning how to be sociable through him was fairly pointless.

Full Bio


Alternate FC Option(s)

Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Jonathan Groff

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Flea Market

A flea market bargain, a pair of shades–
the Mexicans can make authentic tacos
as my sister hums away about her lover.
Many things have come; now I’m sturdy.

In a day and half’s time I’ll be back
to where I started with another
adventure come to pass. The beauty
of it is that I can recall the journey.

It started in a beat up Honda Civic
with an engine that could blow
your ears in two, but there’s things
I left behind that need attention now.

It’s been longer than before;
before I always wanted more.