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As you can see yesterday was not very productive. On the upside I’m half way through my AS exams as of Wednesday! Another five to go after the holiday 😅

(oh man my desk is about as messy as the first entry of my bullet journal)

Day 7 - Xi'an

This morning we met up with Jean Luke, the Swiss guy we met last night and we headed outside for breakfast. We ended up getting jian bing which was awesome. I had it in Beijing early in the trip and it was alright, but the guy who makes it here made it really good. We all had one, and another girl from the hostel joined us and had some too.

After breakfast we took two buses to get to the Terracotta warriors about an hour and half outside he city.

It was pretty awesome seeing all those warriors in person. The scale of it all is just crazy. In person it might not look like there’s a lot but there’s so much that still has to be uncovered.

We spent several hours there and my friend spent much of her time conversing in French with Jean Luke to brush up on her language skills, but I didn’t mind at all. Typically I travel solo and spend all my time in silence and I like to observe and think on my own. It was kind of nice not having to talk much all day. I hope my friend isn’t annoyed with me. She’s a girl of many words and thinks out loud and analyzes everything and needs to discuss everything that’s on her mind, whereas I do all of that, but I do it silently or with very few words. So she’ll talk to me and I’ll just be like “yeah. Uh huh. I don’t know. Okay”. We just have different personalities and process traveling in different ways.

Seeing the Warriors took practically the entire day. We had dinner at a noodle place before boarding the bus, and the bus back took almost 2 hours and it was practically dark by the time we got back. We ended up just eating watermelon and chatting on the outdoor patio for a few hours.

Tomorrow is already our last full day in China! This trip was very short, yet very satisfying. We’ve seen and done a lot, so the thought of going home the day after tomorrow isn’t so bad. We’re definitely content.

#12: The one where Harry starts the internship and Valerie asks the important questions.

Harry was stupid.

No, perhaps stupid wasn’t the right word. Harry was a fool. A fidgety fool who paced in his room and chugged a cup of his mother’s special tea at seven in the morning after relishing for a whole night on the spark of confidence he had. He didn’t have to leave for another hour and a half, but any hopes of going back to sleep were thrown out the window two hours ago. The nerves were understandable given the fact that he had dreamt of this day for at least six years, but Harry wanted nothing to do with them and wished there was a permanent way of making them disappear for good.

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Newly single, not ready to mingle

So I left my partner two days ago. It was awkward because I didn’t choose to leave him because I stopped loving him; I left primarily because we’d been together for a year and a half and I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable inviting him into my Punjabi culture should we choose to legally commit ourselves to one another. I feel weird about it, but I’m certain that it was for the best. I feel lonely but the prospect of getting mixed up in any kind of romantic shenanigans makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. This is such a new and strange feeling.

Chiang Mai (long post)

After another seven hour long bus journey, we had arrived in Chiang Mai. As expected, the bus station is a good few kilometers outside of town, so we had to flag down a “taxi” (a pickup truck with seats attached to the back and a rooftop) to take us to our accommodation.

Now, as we were on a budget, I was prepared to settle for plenty of sub-standard accommodation, but this was truly budget. The bed was a mattress on the floor, the room had paper thin walls and the fan barely reached the beds. Safe to say we weren’t terribly pleased after walking an extra half hour from the taxi drop off into the old town. After dropping our bags off and freshening up, we decided to find some food, and relax before our forest trek the next day.

After beginning to make friends with what we thought was our trek group, we were quickly shuttled to another group, as the original group were all doing a two day, one night trek and we were doing a three day, two night trek.

The start of the trek was probably the best bit, as we did bamboo rafting and elephant riding (unfortunately not bare-back, so sorry elephants). What also made it more fun was that it was about to be the start of Thailand’s New Year water festival - Songkran. So as we were calmly floating down the stream, we saw families on the riverside celebrating, having some drinks and eating together which was lovely to see. But this was accompanied by swarms of little children with water guns, buckets and even kitchen pans, drenching us as we slowly went past. Obviously we tried to retaliate in the spirit of things, but these kids were pros at this. Years of practice clearly…

Elephant riding was also cool, bit scary at times as our elephant had no mahout riding with us, so was somewhat left free-reign to wander wherever he/she wanted.

This was probably the first bit of proper walking I had done since DofE, and this was exhausting. Combining steep incline hills, intense heat and somewhat dangerous drops if you missed a step, made it a pretty tiring experience. Nevertheless we eventually reached the village where we were staying for the night.

Our tour guide, Mr Poou made probably some of the best food we ate in thailand. It wasn’t anything particularly special, but it was just delicious, wholesome and full of carbs - what we needed after all the walking! To top it all off, he had made us bamboo cutlery: a pair of chopsticks, knife and fork and a cup to use for the meals - an incredibly cool souvenir.

Later on in the evening, a local school came to the village and sung songs for us - which was lovely, but little did we know that we were going to have to sing songs for them in our native language. No surprises when the Norwegians in our group instantly began singing together in tune, throwing in perfect harmonies without much planning (why so good at everything…). When it eventually came to our turn, we ran out of ideas and did a semi-lovely rendition of Wonderwall, which turned out better than expected…we think.

On the second day, we managed to get a decent lie in, and began walking to our camp for the second night. Now the second camp was a lot different, as we were the only ones here, and the shower was directly from a waterfall. Yes, a bamboo pipe leading from a waterfall was our shower, and it was probably one of the most refreshing showers I have had. However, our evening activity this time was a bit different - frog hunting. We never actually saw any frogs, but our guides had somehow collected about seven or eight, with what sounded like an air rifle. Mr Poou had also caught a rat to eat…

After barbecuing our little friends, we all had a taste. The frog tasted like seabass mixed with chicken (surprisngly tasty) and the rat was rather gamey. Not too sure if I’d eat the rat again. After being showed some ridiculous riddles by Mr Poou, we headed off to sleep as we were pretty exhausted again.

As we were preparing to head home on the third day, another group joined us for the walk, which had some other brits, which cued a conversation including Wetherspoons, ASOS and Luton… (it had been a while since we’d spoken to British people).

This walk home was probably the shortest, and most interesting, purely because we saw so many different things: peculiarly coloured spiders, yellow tree snakes and we tried fresh honey from a beehive.

We were warned on the car journey back to Chiang Mai, that we would get soaked, as Songkran was in full swing by now, in the city where it’s supposedly the craziest - and they were not wrong at all. Within five minutes we were all partially/fully drenched. As soon as we got back to the guesthouse, we wandered to the riverside to invest in some weaponry for the festival - a Super Soaker 5000 variant seemed appropriate, as it genuinely made people flinch if you hit them with it.

To make our stay in Chiang Mai more bearable, we decided to splash out a bit and stay in a nicer guesthouse through Rehana’s friend’s godfather (thanks Paul!), and it was undoubtedly the nicest we had seen since Bangkok. 

The next three days were full of walking down the streets getting soaked, and likewise getting other people soaked. Not much else to say really.


Name: Sven Bjorgman
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Occupation: Hiking Guide for Tulgey Woods
Faceclaim: Matthew Lewis
Status: Open


Sven the Reindeer from Frozen

Bio Teaser

Sven has always been lucky to have a brother like Kristoff. Even as a little boy, he was thankful to have someone that looked out for him like he did. Maybe it was just a natural reaction since, growing up, they had to depend on one another for a lot of things. Though they weren’t from Mythos Pines themselves, the brothers had been adopted by a rather large family living in a cramped—but cozy—home downtown. With half-brothers and sisters galore, the two were sometimes lost in the shuffle and chaos of such a large family. But that didn’t make them any less loved or part of the Bjorgman clan. Some of their favorite memories were of when the family all piled into their car and drove out to the lake to camp out for a few days at a time. Sven and his brother would sit out under the stars, quiet for the most part, oftentimes thinking about what may have happened if they hadn’t been taken in by such a devoted family. While they have no intention of seeking out their birth parents, it didn’t stop the boys from wondering what might have been. As they grew older, Sven often looked up to his brother for guidance on how to act in certain situations, but for the most part he had to figure it out on his own. Kristoff wasn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type with anyone but Sven, so learning how to be sociable through him was fairly pointless.

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Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Jonathan Groff

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Yesterday was a bit of a big-calorie day mostly because of a big work outing to a Memorial Day ceremony and surprisingly enough, watching over several elderly people in walkers and wheelchairs and running around making sure everyone has everything no one is cold/hungry/needs to pee takes a lot out of you.

So my intake for yesterday:

For breakfast I had two cups of unsweetened tea (red dragon chai and cranberry pomegranate), half of a bagel with some homemade tofu “egg salad” on top. (226cal)

For lunch I had another venti cup of tea with only half the sweetener. (60cal)

And for dinner I ended up drinking half of a Cannabis Lemonade which was far far too much for me so I got unbelievably stoned and ate an appetizer portion of beans and rice with a tortilla from a Mexican restaurant. (638cal)

Intake: 924cal

Work was my exercise, but there’s no way to count the calories for that.

I swear as long as I can stay away from Mexican food restaurants I can do okay but the second I step into one….

My 18th birthday is in 21 days and I’m making a big deal about it because like wow?? I’m gonna be 18???? and yet every one else is treating it like it’s just another year so I’m just gonna kinda forget about it

Right Now

I have just moved back in to my moms house after living in a flat that i shared with my basically sister for the past 6 months, i have quit my job working as a sales executive for a business magazine and i am now trying to figure out what i am going to do with my life. I have just dislocated my ankle and havent really been able to walk for the past week and a half which has kept my mom off my back about getting another job but give it two more days and i will be forced to wonder the street trying to get another job in sales or as a waitress or something mind numbingly boring that will pay me next to nothing to do something that makes me want to cry everyday but hey, thats what society likes us to call life- well done humanity.

On another note, i have a guy, his name is will and he’s a knob- but he is beautiful, clever nice and he calls me ‘little antelope’ whatever that means. 

Two and a half months until I turn 21 :(

Stressing. I don’t want anything. The only thing I *want* is seemingly unattainable. A chance at recovery.

Therefore I do not want to make it to the day of my birthday. Just another reminder that things are crap year after year after year and I’m too tired for the idea of another year.


(sorry, I really butt heads with my family)

I left some coffee FROM two days ago in the pot yesterday. My brother, who can’t even get his dishes to the sink, looks at it and goes “Oh there’s old coffee in here. I’m surprised it’s not moldy” all disgusted BUT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. Just looked at it. And I was like “Oh yeah, that’s from yesterday morning” and it was probably actually the night before because for whatever reason I end up making coffee around 11 at night and then drinking only half of what I make.

20. 05. 2015

It’s a few days later but I was really busy so I had no time to blog. Okay, on Wendnesday nothing interesting happened in school but we could leave after 4th period ‘cause our teacher isn’t at school this week, In the afternoon two of my friends came over to prepare a presentation with me. It took us quite a while and we didn’t even finish it but when we were done for this day they stayed at my place. We got us a pizza and watched the Jackass Movie. Around half past 9 we were picked up by another friend of ours and we went to someone else’s place to make the posters for a friend who turned 16 the day after this day. Around half past 11 we went to that friends house and did the flour and egg thing (I told you about that weird tradtion several times). I was home around 1am and went straight to bed.


CPR / Claws Pt. 2

This song has always resonated with me so hard. For anyone who can’t quite see the way out. 

Your help is on the way. Just sing yourself a song and wait. Nothing was promised in the first place, but we will suffer for as long as we can take. Then the suffering, one way or another, it will go away.

It’s quiet and you wake, and make the bed for two you’ve always made. Though half empty from some days before, he lay down on the kitchen floor. You struggled but you could not afford the weight. And in a senseless moment, everything you’re working towards was taken away.

So you sold everything that you didn’t want. You sold everything that you didn’t want. And you sold everything you didn’t want to save. Yeah you sold everything that you didn’t want. And you sold everything that you didn’t want. And what you couldn’t sell you gave away. Now you’ve a few years left, give or take, and I think I should say, as long as you’re waiting… as long as you’re waiting… since you have nothing to do with your hands, you might as well pray. I am no god-fearing man, but I am afraid of something that I cannot quite explain.

So you sold everything that you didn’t want. And you sold everything that you didn’t want. And you sold everything you didn’t want to save. 

This marks a vulnerable part of me; I guess it runs in my family. I guess it runs in my family. Passing the fire down to me, I only fear for my family. I’ve got it in me, got it in my genes.

Misery loves company, so careful of the friends you keep. 

I wanna live, but I don’t wanna live. I wanna live but I don’t wanna live. Oh, I wanna live but I don’t wanna live. This thing is out there, I don’t know where it is.

I wanna live, but I don’t wanna live. I wanna live but I don’t wanna live. Oh, I wanna live but I don’t wanna live. This thing is out there, I don’t know where it is.

Waving the white flag, the fire’s ceased. I don’t want any enemies. I don’t want any enemies. 

Waving the white flag, the fire’s ceased. I don’t want any enemies. I don’t want enemies. 

Waving the white flag, the fire’s ceased. I don’t want any enemies. I don’t want enemies. 

Waving the white flag, the fire’s ceased. I don’t want any enemies. I don’t want enemies. 

Why are they still digging their claws in me?

Ko Phi Phi


We planned on spending the next two or three days on an island called Ko Phi Phi. Yet again we saved some money by making our own way to the ferry by bus which meant getting up at 5.30am - another early start! We had been told that you can buy a ferry ticket on the pier for 100 Baht instead of buying a 300 Baht ticket in town. However, when we arrived we were mortified to find out that it would actually cost us 600 Baht to buy a ticket from the pier. With half an hour until the ferry was due to sail we didn’t have time to buy the cheaper ticket from town unless we settled for the afternoon ferry and waste the hideously early morning we’d imposed on ourselves. 600 Baht might only be £11.50 but that goes a long way in Thailand. It can get you three nights accomodation, six meals, or twelve hours of bus travel. In the end I haggled a price of 500 Baht each and cursed the man who gave us the wrong information!

The ferry was a fast one and rocked much more than boats we’d been on before. I ended up on the floor when I took a photo of Maya beach! This beach is where the The Beach was filmed and is a massively popular destination for a day trip. From the ferry, Ko Phi Phi looked absolutely stunning. The sea is so clear and the palm tree lined island has a very tropical feel to it. The small town consists of narrow streets with bars and restaurants as well as shops selling clothes, diving trips and boat excursions. There are no cars or mopeds, just people pushing large carts down the road shouting ‘beep beep’! Our hostel is very close to the main beach which has little sand islands you can walk across to. It was surprisingly quiet and looked like the perfect place for a swim. We came across lots of backpackers and even bumped into three people we met in phuket. In the evening the island came to life with evening entertainment - live music, fire eaters and clubs all compete for your custom. I think at one point we were at a bar with mainly Brits (watching the footie), which hasn’t been the case for the 2 months I’ve been away.

The runaway

I’m anonymous and have recently ran away from home. Im going to tell you my story anonymously. What would telling you my name do, i’m just another name with a story behind it. Recently my mom gave birth, in counting she has four children so that makes me the oldest sister out of the bunch. Even though I love my sisters it sucked babysitting all the time, especially when my mom put me in charge of two teenage girls. They’re all about that new pity drama every girl dealt with while they’re new adventure of high school. Ive been a straight A student since I could remember, I was enrolled in a California high school now being a senior. By half the school year one day, I got my acceptance letter to go to my first choice school, Columbia. All I ever did is make my mamma proud. That day changed my whole life upside down from where I wanted it to be. I saw the world in such different perspective after.
As crazy it could be a day turned my whole life around. Right after I showed my mom the acceptance letter she insisted me to go out and do something nice for myself since I was always hitting the books. I made my mom the proudest, I saw it in her eyes when she looked at me. The same day I went out and had a good time at a fancy restaurant with my friends near the beach. We all wanted to keep the night going so one of my friends suggested an idea:“Why don’t we go to a sorority party I got invited to that is going on right now in a college campus near here?” Everyone agreed and went on with it because we were trying to have a good time. While we were there we all stayed together until I had a few drinks and did my own thing. I managed to keep my drinking in a reasonable level. I was surrounded with people doing drugs, something that I kept refusing to take. I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face but something else was happening in there. The minutes felt so long and all I thought of was going home and sleeping on my comfortable bed. During my four years of high school I never interested in a relationship because no guy would ever catch my eye. Well the moment finally came, I don’t know if it was because I was drunk but I definitely had my eye on him. He sees me staring right at him and comes up to me with a cup and said “here you’re running out.” All I remember was the butterflies that kept nudging my stomach. At this point I saw double of him, that’s was never good!
Next morning, I wake up in the same sorority with the same guy that I had eyes on on the side of me naked. All I felt was his breathing beside my neck and my vision toward the wall. He took somethings so precious from me that I can never take back, it broke my heart. I was not that drunk to have done something like that. Twenty missed calls from my mom! When I came home I was so down as if you saw a different person. He changed me, it felt like he sucked my life away. My mom had a questionnaire for me when I finally reached home. “Where did you go after dinner? Did you drink? Who was with you? Are you okay?” So many questions I ignored and lied about. I didnt want to vent to my mom on what happened because even though she won’t judge me and all I didn’t want her to look me a different way. All I did was break down the instant I got to my bedroom.
Some days past, I started thinking so negative about life. I had so many thoughts, made plans for the future yet all paths ended going the same way; downhill. This negatively affected me greatly with my attitude towards people. I used to be a positive influence person and made the right choices for myself but the old me shattered completely. Everyone has a rough time in there life mine just hit me harder than anyone elses. I got into doing drugs every day and stopped worrying about school. I didn’t see my mom happy no more like I used to and it broke me inside because I would never think my life would turn out this way. She saw a different person. I saw a different person. I wasn’t willing to change because I felt like a black hole grew inside of me that when every step I would take the black hole would suck me deeper. I became a criminal; breaking into other peoples homes, doing illegal drugs, stealing in shop, you name it.
I realized what my life had came to be and enjoyed the adrenaline that I never had before the incident. Two years had past and I went to Columbia with a scholarship. My mom only saw me from occasion to occasion when I went of to the university of Columbia. I was excited because I thought i had a new chance to start over but I didnt. Turned out that the guy who raped me when to Columbia as well. Ive made alot of bad choice past the two years and a half but the biggest one was running away from home. I havent told anyone my story because I dont want anyone to look down on me.

since temporarily cutting beer out of my life I have been greatly enjoying all the liquor and spirits that I don’t usually drink. beer was always my go-to easy thing to order; now I’m fuckin with 7&7s and whiskey gingers which can be a mixed bag. one bartender might make a drink that’s nice and easy to sip, and another bartender can make a drink that puts you unable to drive a car when you aren’t half-done. like last night at my gig, two tall whiskeys in and I was talking philosophical with the drummer and we don’t usually even have conversations like that.

running a mile every day, lowering liquid carb intake, I’m trying to think of shit I can do to get back into better physical shape while being realistic about what I can do. like morning yoga I tried, but I started to just ignore the shiiiiit outta that within the first two months. my goal is to be like my friend who started working out in the morning and said that it gives him energy to go through the day without coffee, that is like some superman shit to me and I’d save at least a buck a day on it. trying to find a happy medium between fuckin up my blood pressure and muscle mass with unhealthy food and inactivity and being that fitness nut job from that one episode of “high maintenance” who sleeps like 2 hours a day.

anonymous asked:

You don't need to post this, and sorry if it comes off as rude, but there are a couple of typos in genesis's teaser, besides, on the songs part there's one who has two artists on it... It's understandable, we all make mistakes!! Have a good day :)

Well, this is embarrassing. I did proofread it, half-assedly admittedly because I was doing my Food policy homework as I wrote that, but I did completely miss the artists part because I always just copy paste the last teaser to keep the format, so thank you for pointing it out! I didn’t notice any other typos, though, so if you see another in it could you tell me? Honestly my typing right now is atrocious because I just got acrylic nails and I have never had them before and basic functions like typing and opening seltzer cans and really anything is unnecessarily hard right now so i’m probably missing a lot of things.