"This is our show. We’re the ones who are writing the script.”

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“He was still looking at me with that expression of shock and I was getting ready to get shouted at.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Oh boy, here it comes. “This is suicide Tao! We can’t just leave like that! They have weapons, an army and other robots on their side! Are you crazy?!” Me… crazy? He was the one who was screaming and waving his hands like a maniac and I’m the one that lost his mind? But he was right.

“I might be. But I can’t stay here and do nothing! Yes they are powerful but we are too Xiumin and I’m sure we can beat them. It’s not suicide because we can fight against them and win! I need to get out of here, I need to escape I need to… I need to see her again!”

“Oh please not again.” Xiumin rolled his eyes. “So you want me to die, just so you can see her one more time? I told you to forget about her Tao, you and her is something that could never happen, it is impossible!” Xiumin sat down and gave me that sad look I hated so much. He has told me that too many times before and I’m getting sick of it.

“I love her Xiumin and i will not stay here being a prisoner for the rest of my life! I need to see her one more time, please… I can’t get out of here without your help and I know you want to be free too and I know you hate them as much as I do.” I smirked “I know you want to kick some asses.”

“I really hate you right now you know that?“ I chuckled. “I love you too.” Xiumin got up and sighed.

“Well if we are going to get out of here we need a plan right?”

“I have everything prepared. Here’s what we are going to do…”

I admit I’m really crazy right now for doing this, but that’s what love does to you right? It makes you do crazy things. I didn’t mind fighting an army, because I know my reward will stay on my side forever.”

Part 1

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