↳ “I still don’t know anything about you, but even when we graduate, I want to be with you.” requested by anonymous.


Neil wonders for a minute how this is his life, then decides what the hell,okay.

They name their first two cats King Fluffkins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. Andrew stares at Neil for a solid two minutes after Neil solemnly delivers the final verdict.

- Nora on Andrew & Neil’s domestic life

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Imagine the ending to bnha, Katsuki always had a crush on Izuku but refused to act out on it because he really believes he hates Izuku, so when he confess to him it either ends in tears or tears of joy.

//wipes all mah snot

That would be so beautiful//////;;;;; Like this loser just apologizes and just keeps saying he loves him over and over XDDD He’ll just straight up just hug him and they both be silent the entire time, enjoying the moment that they never got to have before

And when it’s the other way around, where Kacchan confesses almost correctly, Deku would probably cry too because man it’s Kacchan telling him his feelings for once and it’s a rly important feeling so they both would be crying over each other when they’re honest with one another haha

Mariandy ~ Babysitter!AU

Maria didn’t know that much about Mr Bernard, she knew he lived in the big house down the road. She’d seen him at garden parties and his kids but Maria was eighteen and when she wasn’t with her dad or her friend Harvey at those things, she could be found reading in a quiet corner by herself. 

Maria’s dad had said he’d asked Maria if she’d babysit for Mr Bernard because he was off on a date. Maria had agreed, how hard could babysitting be and she’d earn at least a bit of money. 

Maria rang the bell and waited for him to open the door. “Mr Bernard.” Maria smiled at him when he eventually answered. “My dad said he told you I’d babysit.” Maria said. “So here I am.” She added a little awkwardly. 

1D Hiatus: Day 224

* Liam tweets about the boys’ sixth anniversary as a band

* Pictures of Harry out in London yesterday come out, you can see that something happened to his hand :(

* Niall is in Northern Ireland, meets fans

* Niall posts a video and a picture on Instagram

* Unseen pictures of Liam and his sister Ruth at her wedding come out

It’s Jul 24th, 2016.

Things that mess me up: when Satsuki tells Senketsu not to hold back on Junketsu!Ryuko, because…

  • This takes place at the end of the series. Senketsu, while initially almost “robotic” due to his limited life experience, has become extremely more emotional by this point. In fact, you might even say that he’s overwhelmed by his feelings, as he often melts into a crying mess over Ryuko because he cares so much about her. 
  • But when he faces Junketsu!Ryuko, he’s remarkably calm. Why? Well, the English dub actually adds a bit to it in one scene from episode 19. There, Senketsu is angry at Barazo for calling Ryuko’s healing abilities “not human,” but Aikuro tells him to calm down for Ryuko’s sake. After all, it was because Senketsu kept himself together that he was able to drag Ryuko to safety when she fell unconscious.
  • So, Senketsu keeps his emotions under control when he fights against Junketsu!Ryuko because he knows he has to if he wants to save her.
  • And Satsuki feels this! Satsuki understands that he’s holding back on Ryuko because he cares about her, and she has to tell him to stop.
  • Satsuki, who thought it impossible for a Kamui to care about anyone!

This bit just. Messes Me Up.

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//xD I was going to do the muse wearing the other’s clothes, but I think that would work better if you sent it to me. Would make that pinup we talked about make sense. :3

A yawn and a groggy Kyrie slowly sat up, giving his ear a scratch.
“Fuuu..I’m sorry, Kit. I’m just dead tired from tonight. My bad.”

The other feline laughed softly and nodded. “Get on to bed then. I’ll wrap things up here so you can, okay?”

The Dream Mixtape

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The rules are to put your music playing device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play and your favorite lyrics from ‘em, don’t go cheating to seem more cultured than you really are… 
(then you can burn the songs onto a CD and give it to an attractive person to court them, but that’s your choice no pressure)

1. Only Anally - Willam

God wants to keep my purity, your balls want to go deep, so there’s only one compromise

2. Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey

My old man is a tough man but he’s got a soul as sweet as blood red jam. And he shows me, he knows me, every inch of my tar black soul

3. A L’enseigne De La Fille Sans Cœur - Edith Piaf

Sa bouche est comme un fruit qui saign’, mais on dit que son coeur est mort

4. My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Marilyn Monroe

If I invite a boy some night to cook up some hot enchilada, though Spanish rice is all very nice, my heart belongs to Daddy

5. Beautiful Scars - Madonna

I think you’re confusing me with somebody else, I won’t apologize for being myself

6. I’m an Albatraoz - AronChupa

So fuck that little mouse 'cause I’m an albatraoz (the whole song is kinda weird so I don’t have a favorite lol)

7. Today 4 U - RENT

Back on the street where I met my sweet, where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete

8. Let’s Talk About Sex - Salt N’ Pepa

Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be how it was, and of course, how it should be

9. Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon

The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.

10. The People - Nina Nesbitt

Love likes to light but it burns like a flame in my heart, 'cause as I watch this go, we’re just ashes lying in the dark

(I feel like this made me look kinda…basic? idk)

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