I’m sorry for always disappearing when I don’t feel alright or when I’m sober. You don’t need to apologize, it’s my fault. Sometimes I wish that you were more than an online friendship, maybe in a perfect world you were closer and I didn’t have to keep posting these sad pieces to tell you that I feel miserable. I’m listening to this song and they’re saying, they feel colder than Dakota. My heart is everywhere, someone claims that they’re in love with me and I just don’t know if I’m all the way there. I’m just trying to be okay in a realm of empty. I don’t mean to be this sad. I don’t mean to disappear. I don’t mean to not check up. I don’t mean to only tell you that I love you as my apology for not maintaining our friendship. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to rely on drugs to cure a broken heart. In a better place with another me, I’d be smiling with no reasons to blame myself for where I am currently. She hugs me and tells me that if you don’t give love a chance, love will never happen. She tells me that it is possible to love someone without loving yourself and I don’t think it’s true at all. How can you love another if you don’t know who you are? I don’t want my heart to be pulled like magnets facing opposite ends. I guess I just have a hard time opening up. I guess I just have a hard time hearing when another person’s in love with me. It’s my fault for disappearing and I’m sorry. I guess lately, my apologies are all that I know.

Sophie Turner 
Another Me Edit

“I think Fay is very relatable. I personally haven’t been through most of the craziness she experiences in this film but I can still relate. She’s just a normal girl who has a lot of hardships in her life and then something happens to her which makes her go kind of crazy and paranoid but every single emotion she conjures up is totally justifiable every step of the way despite how extreme they may be. I think if any young girl went through what she goes through, they would react exactly the same. She’s a normal girl experiencing extraordinary things.”