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What are your thoughts on Alyssa Bustamante? Do you think she will get parole? Do you think she would commit another homicide?

It’s possible that she’ll get parole. I don’t think she’ll kill again. But I really hope she gets rehabilitated. She was very mentally unstable.

Book Review - Cruel and Unusual

Dr Kay Scarpetta investigates the murder of a 13 year old boy which has striking resemblances to another homicide. The snag, the killer has just been executed on death row. The story unravels as she tries to find out truth, all whilst dealing with suspicious computer activity that could potentially destroy her career. Touching on her personal life we see the challenges linked to inter-departmental relationships and what happens when they go awry. 

Bearing striking similarities to All That Remains, I found this book to be rather formulaic and there is little character development - unless you consider Scarpetta’s neice Lucy, who seems to be the only ageing character in the series so far. The time line between the third and fourth book is the main issue I have with this book and it is not just in relation to the character’s ages. For me it messes up the entire continuity of the series and creates unnecessary confusion. The main aspect being Mark’s death. We have no prior warning and it’s as if it had dropped out of nowhere. Usually I like the unexpected but since Mark was not a very big character, it felt as if Patricia Cornwell had become fed up of him and decided to throw him out with the trash. I had to go back and check that I hadn’t missed out a book but no, there was just a really big gap between the two. 

I’ve lost a bit of respect for this series because I used to like it a lot. Whether it’s because I’ve discovered other amazing crime novelists within the last few years, these books have left me wanting so much more than they have given. 

My rating - 2/5


Officially survived AP Exams


English: this does not depict my ability with the English language I’m so much better I swear IT COULD HAVE GONE BETTER and it’s BULLSHIT and oh my word the essays and the questions and WORD VOMIT and WHAT IS THIS THIS IS NO ESSAY and DO YOU EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH omg

Spanish: Probs got a 5 but there’s the existing possibility of a 4. Could have gone a tad better especially on the essay portion but eh

Spanish Lit: Seeing as we were pretty much literally on our own except for the monthly “read this story do that thing” I think it could have been worse. Third year that this version of the test has been going on so not many examples on wtf we should do plus we didn’t know about the change until a month and a half ago soooooo yeah. Somehow memorized about 38 works and their authors on the day of the exam lol human brain what are you

Book Review: Stolen, by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Book Review: Stolen, by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Stolen is a very good read with its touching all-too-real premise, well-weaved story and engaging tension. My page-turner check marks go to ✓premise ✓plot and ✓character development. 3.8 starts.

About the book

Another homicide has rocked the small town of Fallsburg, NY. In a cabin nestled deep in the woods two male victims are discovered,both gun shot victims. One is deceased the other one is…

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