I think what I love most about this scene is how utterly unimpressed Benezia is. I mean, Saren is throwing his screaming bitch fit, flinging his gun at her, and she just

“Oh my, another bout of incoherent homicidal rage. How very terrifying. And professional.”

monobrobe asked:

I'm pretty sure the P4G epilogue takes place the same year as P4U, and by extension P4 (or at least the end of P4), since Yosuke references how stuff got crazy back in May, which is when Golden Week is, right?

Yeah, but knowing what the everyday life of the IT has been like, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Golden Week ANOTHER homicidal deity showed up to make their lives hell.

It’s like Tuesday by now. 

secretagentofcaos ha risposto al tuo post “did christopher lee spend the sixties shooting films in italy or what”

Can’t think of a better place to go crazy making movies.

yeah he definitely could have done worse XDD still I was endlessly amused by how much he popped up in the first two days of the retrospective… HE WAS EVERYWHERE

monobrobe asked:

You think that might apply to the Shadow Ops too? Or rather, they keep showing up because crazy stuff keeps happening to the IT. At this rate they might as well just keep permanent tabs on Inaba in case another homicidal deity shows up like you said. But on a more serious note, Kagutsuchi was leftover remnants from the original incident in Inaba, right? Well, that's simplifying it, but you get what I mean. I would like to think that means everything has been taken care of with deities and stuff.

Honestly, I feel like Inaba just has some kind of special affinity to the unconscious worlds, maybe it’s a nexus of power lines or something like that, I don’t even know. Izanami even stated that its connection to the so-called “TV World” predated Izanami herself coming there. 

It’s probably going to continue having weird things happen there long after the IT is gone.