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                how is he? HARD TO SAY—- ‘in fact, i’m feeling rather homicidal today, thank you for asking! another ninety degree day in miami, is it? why, that’s perfect KNIFE-SHARPENING weather!

                —–better left unsaid for the simple fact that running and screaming often draws attention to the source of such commotion. and harry had taught him to avoid that sort of limelight altogether. it seemed to be working so far —- all hail HARRY and his code of wonders!

                ❛ all is well in the land of dexterclear skies, another beautiful, sunny day … with a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms in the evening, but i am an OPTIMIST.

                  happy, healthy, HOMICIDAL —- another beautiful, sunny day indeed!

                 ❛ AND how are we this morning? ❜ dare he ask …

Another suicidal/homicidal, since I assume operating a car under the influence of alcohol or just plain arrogant boy stupid is intentional and the goal is to murder or die, leaky douche canoe crashed his fucking shit car into the trees out front. Which means he managed to bypass the neighbors, their work truck, and the rockbergs buried enough to catch dumb fucks like him before they skid into the houses.

The crunch shook all the windows, and woke the finally sleeping baby. He’s fine, was pacing and on the phone by the time I got the lights and shoes on. They’ve finally hauled his pos out of the yard. Will have to check the trees in the light.

So now we’re up. -_______- And I don’t get to sleep for ????hrs yet because he needed to go 80 in a 60 with random cross traffic and just couldn’t be bothered to not be a selfish shit stain.

So pissed off right now..


My library…  Description provided by

A thrilling and startling novel from the author of the international bestseller The Genesis Secret When David Martinez, a young lawyer, receives an ancient map from his dying grandfather, the mysteries of his past begin to open up before him. The map leads David into the heart of the dangerous Basque mountains, where a genetic curse lies buried and a frightening secret about the Western world’s past is hidden. Meanwhile, London journalist Simon Quinn may have found his big break. A wealthy, elderly woman has been murdered in the most horrific fashion, and another homicide soon follows. Both victims came from villages in the Basque region, both were interred at a top-secret Nazi camp, both have been silenced for what they know about the experiments conducted on the Basques, the Jews, and a dwindling mystical tribe of pre-Caucasian locals called Cagots. From the North Sea islands to the Arizona desert, from the graveyards of the Basque countryside to the heart of colonial Africa, Martinez’s and Quinn’s quests intersect to reveal the shocking roots of racial persecution, human violence, and war. The Genesis Secret -already in its fourth hardcover printing and appearing on several bestseller lists-immediately established Tom Knox as a searing, brilliant new voice in commercial fiction. The Marks of Cain dares to raise the bar even higher and promises to be an even greater success.


HOPE another homicide don’t numb you #XMen #CartoonsAndCereal #KendrickLamar #Gunplay