Bad Dreams Roller-Coaster

Bad Dreams was one of Anna Torv’s favorite Fringe episodes, perhaps because she got to display a wide spectrum of emotions as Olivia.  It also was the first time we got to see Anna playing an alternative version of Olivia: Olivia channeling Nick Lane.

Set out below is the roller-coaster ride that was Olivia Dunham in Bad Dreams.

Olivia as Nick pondering his subway homicide.

Olivia awakening in her apartment startled from her dream and exhausted from lack of sleep.

Olivia playfully interacting with Ella.

Olivia hearing the news report on the subway suicide.

Olivia asking Broyles for permission to go to New York on her mystery mission.

Off to NYC with Peter.

In the subway for real.  “There’s gonna be a balloon floating on the ceiling. A red one.”

Back in the lab.  

WALTER: Then why did you kill her?    
OLIVIA: I don’t know.

Nick/Olivia in the New York restaurant contemplating another homicide.

Waking up in her apartment and calling Charlie in desperation.

Going to Peter’s arms for comfort.

Assaulting the restaurant owner in anger.

Contemplating sanity at the mental hospital.

PETER: Must be a terrible thing to not be able to trust your own mind.

Back at Walter’s and Peter’s, recoiling from the mad scientist and realizing she is a Cortexiphan child.

Nick/Olivia on the prowl.

Olivia back in the lab, with the best dialogue from Season 1:

ASTRID: What’s happening? Is he hurting her?
OLIVIA: ohhh.. ohhh..
WALTER: Oh, I see.

Nick/Olivia contemplating homicide again.

Olivia, armed with her superpowers, about to go to the roof.

DETECTIVE: You don’t want to go up there. We already sent a guy up, now he’s on the ledge too. We don’t know what the hell’s going on up there.
OLIVIA: Its okay, officer.
PETER: Olivia…
OLIVIA: I’m gonna be okay.

Olivia on the roof, about to shoot Nick.

Olivia with Broyles, observing Nick in a drug-induced coma.  

OLIVIA: He said sometimes what we wake up can’t can’t be put back to sleep… I wonder if he was right.
BROYLES: Are you alright Dunham?

Back in her apartment, putting Ella to bed for a dreamless sleep.

Oh my dear, what have we here
An endless drift and a silent affair
I can’t understand, what’s in my heart
All was bliss, all has gone dark
Since I killed my idols, melted down my vinyl,
Made a black hole to another world
Got homicidal, now my heart ain’t in it
I don’t like to fake it
Got a part time wonder
Please don’t ever tell my lover
Please don’t ever tell my loverrrrrr

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