another year without knowing you and you without knowing me


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Val would follow Sybok to QI’tu’ without being brainwashed purely so she can fight god.

It’s a Klingon thing.

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Okay no that isn't true, I pushed my bf away (we worked things out though) last year cause I was really focused on finishing school and also have a full time job (I didnt night school) that I literally just didn't make time for him. Not on purpose though, he eventually told me what was up and I was like yeah you're right I hadn't made time for my relationship. And it was a situation where I didn't mean to push him away I just had to get my shit done lol

SEE EXACTLY!! you can push people away without knowing and without doing it on purpose. another thing that i am constantly asking is: did he know? like did she talk to him about it? did she tell him that she wasn’t feeling like he wanted her anymore and stuff like that. because communication is HUGE in a relationship. cuz if he didn’t realize he was pushing her away and she didn’t tell him, then yeah no fucking wonder they broke up.

Merry Birthday Doug Eiffel

Heads up: Some light spoilers through the end of Season 2 below.

So it’s my favorite comms officer’s birthday today way up there, 7.5 light years away from earth….

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