another year well spent


Whose Line Is It Anyway, Secret. S10E08

Apple Adaar and her wifey Sera! A wedding portrait for a birthday <3

Happy Birthday to my best friend Riss a.k.a. @redredribbon, who has been putting up with my ass for six years, somehow?? I love you and am extremely grateful to the weirdness of life that allowed us to meet, cause I would have lost my shit ages ago without you around. You give me perspective, you give me support, and you make me laugh like nobody else. Here’s to another year well spent with my favorite person!!!! <3


It was actually yesterday but yes i know …

So here you go…

“sooooo…..Hanji, it’s your birthday. 
I’m not good with birthday wishes :(. 
But I’m just going to say i’m happy to have spent another year seeing your face…alive and well…
AND i’m wishing you another one, with lots of experiment and shit and happiness and whatever you want…
Anyway happy birthday 4 eyes…….
Love you and shit. “

(sorry for the spelling or grammar mistake, im french and i suck sometime at english …)