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She writes quickly, ‘SERIOUSLY?! I’ve been planning what I wanted to do for this party since I was a freshman. And you really thought trying to steal my thunder was A GOOD IDEA?! Have you met me?’

Klaus casts her a look that seems almost apologetic, before he bends his head to write. 'Desperate times. I just wanted you to talk to me, Caroline.’| Party For Your Life by

Darkiplier x Reader... sorta

Summary: A rather handsome man has asked you out… Why does it feel off?

Words: 848

You were beyond excited for this date. You weren’t sure why such an attractive man decided to spend his time with you, but you were not gonna complain! You sat back in your chair and smoothed down your clothes, glancing at your phone to check the time yet again. And again to double check. The time he said he’d be here was approaching fast but you were getting worried– maybe coming early was a bad idea. Your nerves were through the roof! You gnawed at your lip as you stared at your phone.

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Another Day of Work [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i had another idea….

The three of you walk into the CCPD at the same time. Sebastian spins on the heel of his shiny dress shoe, facing the two of you. “What do you think, babes? Buttoned or no?” he mutters, smirking, thumb pressed against the buttons of his dark blue suit jacket. His gold ring spins slightly when he places his palm flat to his abdomen.

Biting your lip, you unbutton his suit jacket, straightening his tie before peering at Barry. He nods, pouting approvingly. “Unbuttoned.” you confirm, smiling up at the Warbler. “But don’t be afraid to button it; assert your dominance.” you add, handing him a brown bag. “And I made you lunch.” you beam, pecking his freckled cheek, smoky gray blouse swaying against your chest.  

“Yeah…how am I supposed to ‘assert my dominance’ when you put,” Sebastian pauses, pulling out an item from the bag and showing the two of you. “Squeezable applesauce in my lunch?” he asks, lips set in a tight line, thick eyebrows raised. A little blush appears on your cheeks.

Barry shrugs, moving his head slightly. “I’ll eat it.” he mumbles, stretching his arm out, dark red flannel scrunched at his elbows. You furrow your eyebrows at him, blinking. You put five of them in his lunch! “I actually need it, Y/N. My blood sugar is low…” he explains in a hushed voice, scratching the back of his neck.

“Knock yourself out, B.” Sebastian smirks, tossing the lime green applesauce packet to the speedster. He laughs at your tiny frown, leaning down to peck your lips. “I love you, wifey.” he grumbles against your lips, rubbing his nose with yours. Sebastian stands up straighter, slumping his shoulders when he sees his husband. “Really, Barry?”

The speedster swallows the applesauce, bright green eyes darting between you and him. Uncharacteristically slow, Barry removes the small nozzle from his mouth. “What, you said I could have it! He said I could have it, right?!” he directs at you, plump lips parted. The top buttons of his flannel flop open, revealing his light gray t-shirt.

“Yes, honey.” you giggle, rolling your eyes as someone calls for Mr. Allen-Smythe. Squealing, you pat Sebastian’s chest excitedly. “That’s you!” you grin, fixing his tie, “At least, I think it’s you…” you pout, presses the band of your ring on his white dress shirt.

The college boy peeks behind shoulder, nodding to the older man. “Yeah.” he breathes, corners of his mouth twitching upwards. “I can’t wait to say, ‘no, you’re out of order!’.” he says firmly, pointing his finger in the air, eyes squinted. Barry snorts, shaking his head. “Anyway, love you, babes.” Sebastian muses, turning his cheek.

You grin, placing a kiss on the little mole on his cheekbone. Barry copies your motion, nodding towards the lawyer. “We love you too! Good luck, Bas!” the speedster calls after your husband, sighing when he enters the small room. “Hey, baby, you wanna get pizza for dinner?” he asks you, looking down as he squashes the applesauce packet, trying to get everything.

Taking a step in your black heels, you place your hands on your hips, above your dress pants, pouting. “Depends. Is it gonna be from Coast City?” you ask hopefully; he hums, nodding. “Then, yes.”


how to get out of situations lession 1


while isak is smiling in both gifs, in the first one he is startled and surprised and not really comfortable with his relationship with even yet, he doesn’t really know how he should react. in the second one he’s just smiling contently, is happy and has no fear or shame to openly state and agree that his boyfriend is handsome. it’s just shows again how much he grew and his character developed, especially in the second half of the season. 

  • Yoonbum: There's this guy I like. But I'm too shy to go up & talk to him so I've been obsessively following him on social media...also I'm a guy so I don't think he'll like me b/c all I ever see him w/ is girls.
  • Yoonbum: *breaks into house & sees someone tied up in the basement* He's crazy!...(but I've committed to this crush & dammit I'm gonna have him.)
  • Sangwoo: This fucker's crazier than I am...I like him!
  • Jess: Why did you drop out of Yale?!
  • Rory: *goes back to Yale*
  • Jess: You should write a book!
  • Rory: *starts writing immediately*
  • Me: *incoherent sobbing*