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Overwatch shipping names

Since I’m having a hard time finding out what the names of rarepairs for Overwatch are, I decided to make a master-list of all the ship names I know. These aren’t official names by any means; just the ones that seem to yield the most results when you look for the ship. I’ll be updating this with any other ships I find, as well as anything that people add to it. If y’all would like me to add a ship, just send me the ship name and I’ll get it on here.

More under the cut, since this gets long. (I do repeat ships, but I want this to be organized so anyone else can search it by one hero.)


  • McAna (with McCree)
  • Anasthetic (with Mercy)
  • Anahardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Ana76 (with Soldier 76)


  • Oristion (with Orisa)


  • Genva (with Genji)
  • D.varat/D.rat (with Junkrat)
  • Luciva/Bunnyribbit (with Lúcio)
  • McDva (with McCree)
  • Meiva (with Mei)
  • Dva76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Somva (with Sombra)
  • Widowgamer (with Widowmaker)
  • Harmonerf (with Zenyatta)


  • Genva (with D.Va)
  • Shimadacest (with Hanzo) [I was hesitant to include this one, but I want this list to be as comprehensive as possible.]
  • Gencio (with Lúcio)
  • McGenji (with McCree)
  • Gency/Emergenji (with Mercy)
  • Cybergoth/Genreaper (with Reaper)
  • Dragonhardt/Genhardt/Reinji (with Reinhardt)
  • Genji76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Symgenji/Symmenji (with Symmetra)
  • Deja ryu/Gencer (with Tracer)
  • Widowgenji (with Widowmaker)
  • Genyatta/Zenji (with Zenyatta)
  • McShimada/McHanji (with Hanzo and McCree)
  • McGency (with McCree and Mercy)
  • Phargency (with Mercy and Pharah)
  • Reapzenji (with Reaper and Zenyatta)


  • Shimadacest (with Genji) [I was hesitant to include this one, but I want this list to be as comprehensive as possible.]
  • McHanzo (with McCree)
  • Hanmei (with Mei)
  • Hanmer/Healing arrow (with Mercy)
  • Phanzo (with Pharah)
  • Reazo (with Reaper)
  • Reinzo/Hanzhardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Hanzo76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Hanmetra/Symmanzo (with Symmetra)
  • Widowhanzo/Venomous arrow (with Widowmaker)
  • Hanyatta (with Zenyatta)
  • McShimada/McHanji (with Genji and McCree)
  • McReinzo (with McCree and Reinhardt)


  • D.varat/D.rat (with D.Va)
  • Boombox (with Lúcio)
  • High boom/Mcjunk (with McCree)
  • Meihem/Junkmei (with Mei)
  • Mercyrat (with Mercy)
  • Junkreaper/Black bombshell (with Reaper)
  • Junkhardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Roadrat (with Roadhog)
  • Symmrat/Junkmetra (with Symmetra)
  • Trunkrat/Tracerat (with Tracer)
  • Widowrat (with Widowmaker)
  • Zenrat (with Zenyatta)
  • Meiham (with Mei and Roadhog)


  • Luciva/Bunnyribbit (with D.Va)
  • Gencio (with Genji)
  • Boombox (with Junkrat)
  • McLúcio/Lucree/High tune (with McCree)
  • Luciper (with Reaper)
  • Reincio (with Reinhardt)
  • Lucio76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Symmphony (with Symmetra)
  • Cold hockey (with Zarya)


  • McAna (with Ana)
  • McDva (with D.Va)
  • McGenji (with Genji)
  • McHanzo (with Hanzo)
  • High boom/Mcjunk (with Junkrat)
  • McLúcio/Lucree/High tune (with Lúcio)
  • Meicree/McFlurry (with Mei)
  • McMercy (with Mercy)
  • McPharah/High justice (with Pharah)
  • McReaper/McReyes (with Reaper)
  • McHardt/McRein (with Reinhardt)
  • McSombra (with Sombra)
  • Symmcree/McMetra (with Symmetra)
  • Mc76 (with Soldier 76)
  • McTracer/Blinking Deadeye (with Tracer)
  • McWidow (with Widowmaker)
  • McZarya (with Zarya)
  • McYatta (with Zenyatta)
  • McShimada/McHanji (with Genji and Hanzo)
  • McReinzo (with Hanzo and Reinhardt)
  • McGency (with Genji and Mercy)
  • McReaper76 (with Reaper and Soldier 76)


  • Meiva (with D.Va)
  • Hanmei (with Hanzo)
  • Meihem/Junkmei (with Junkrat)
  • Meicree/McFlurry (with McCree)
  • Reapmei (with Reaper)
  • Meihog (with Roadhog)
  • Mei76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Symmei (with Symmetra)
  • Meicer (with Tracer)
  • Widowmeiker (with Widowmaker)
  • Zaryamei/Zarymei/Zarmei/Russian Winter/Ice bears (with Zarya)
  • Meiham (with Junkrat and Roadhog)


  • Anasthetic (with Ana)
  • Gency/Emergenji (with Genji)
  • Hanmer/Healing arrow (with Hanzo)
  • Mercyrat (with Junkrat)
  • McMercy (with McCree)
  • Pharmercy/Rocket angel (with Pharah)
  • Mercykill (with Reaper)
  • Reincy (with Reinhardt)
  • Mercyhog (with Roadhog)
  • Mercy76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Symmercy (with Symmetra)
  • Speedy recovery (with Tracer)
  • Mercymaker (with Widowmaker)
  • Zarcy (with Zarya)
  • McGency (with Genji and McCree)
  • Phargency (with Genji and Pharah)
  • MercyKill76 (with Reaper and Soldier 76)


  • Oristion (with Bastion)


  • Phanzo (with Hanzo)
  • McPharah/High justice (with McCree)
  • Pharmercy/Rocket angel (with Mercy)
  • Symmarah/Pharmetra (with Symmetra)
  • Raptoramaker/Widowpharah (with Widowmaker)
  • Pharya (with Zarya)
  • Phargency (with Genji and Mercy)


  • Cybergoth/Genreaper (with Genji)
  • Reazo (with Hanzo)
  • Junkreaper/Black bombshell (with Junkrat)
  • Luciper (with Lúcio)
  • McReaper/McReyes (with McCree)
  • Reapmei (with Mei)
  • Mercykill (with Mercy)
  • Reaphardt/Reyeshardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Reaper76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Widowreaper (with Widowmaker)
  • Reapyatta (with Zenyatta)
  • Reapzenji (with Genji and Zenyatta)
  • McReaper76 (with McCree and Soldier 76)
  • MercyKill76 (with Mercy and Soldier 76)


  • Anahardt (with Ana)
  • Dragonhardt/Genhardt/Reinji (with Genji)
  • Reinzo/Hanzhardt (with Hanzo)
  • Junkhardt (with Junkrat)
  • Reincio (with Lúcio)
  • McHardt/McRein (with McCree)
  • Reincy (with Mercy)
  • Reindatta (with Mondatta)
  • Reaphardt/Reyeshardt (with Reaper)
  • Reinhog/Roadhardt (with Roadhog)
  • Reinhardt76/Overdads (with Soldier 76)
  • Torbhardt (with Torbjörn)
  • Zenhardt (with Zenyatta)
  • McReinzo (with Hanzo and McCree)


  • Roadrat (with Junkrat)
  • Meihog (with Mei)
  • Mercyhog (with Mercy)
  • Reinhog/Roadhardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Zaryahog (with Zarya)
  • Meiham (with Junkrat and Mei)

Soldier 76:

  • Ana76 (with Ana)
  • Dva76 (with D.Va)
  • Genji76 (with Genji)
  • Hanzo76 (with Hanzo)
  • Lucio76 (with Lúcio)
  • Mc76 (with McCree)
  • Mei76 (with Mei)
  • Mercy76 (with Mercy)
  • Reaper76 (with Reaper)
  • Reinhardt76/Overdads (with Reinhardt)
  • Tracer76 (with Tracer)
  • Widow76 (with Widowmaker)
  • McReaper76 (with McCree and Reaper)
  • MercyKill76 (with Mercy and Reaper)


  • Somva (with D.Va)
  • McSombra (with McCree)
  • Symbra/Sommetra (with Symmetra)
  • Sombracer (with Tracer)
  • Sombramaker/Widowsombra (with Widowmaker)
  • Sombrya (with Zarya)
  • Zen hack (with Zenyatta) [Shared by a ship in Mystic Messenger, but no other names yield results for this pairing.]


  • Symgenji/Symmenji (with Genji)
  • Hanmetra/Symmanzo (with Hanzo)
  • Symmrat/Junkmetra (with Junkrat)
  • Symmphony (with Lúcio)
  • Symmcree/McMetra (with McCree)
  • Symmei (with Mei)
  • Symmercy (with Mercy)
  • Symmarah/Pharmetra (with Pharah)
  • Symbra/Sommetra (with Sombra)
  • Trammetra/Lightspeed (with Tracer)
  • Symmaker/Widowmetra (with Widowmaker)
  • Snowprism/Zarmetra (with Zarya)


  • Torbhardt (with Reinhardt)


  • Lenily/Lemon tea (with Emily)
  • Deja ryu/Gencer (with Genji)
  • Trunkrat/Tracerat (with Junkrat)
  • McTracer/Blinking Deadeye (with McCree)
  • Meicer (with Mei)
  • Speedy recovery (with Mercy)
  • Tracer76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Sombracer (with Sombra)
  • Trammetra/Lightspeed (with Symmetra)
  • Widowtracer (with Widowmaker)
  • Winstracer (with Winston) [Thank you to @smultronbow​ for providing the ship name for this one. I knew it existed but couldn’t find any reliable ship names.]
  • Tracya (with Zarya)
  • Widowtracerly (with Emily and Widowmaker)


  • Widowgamer (with D.Va)
  • Widowgenji (with Genji)
  • Widowhanzo/Venomous arrow (with Hanzo)
  • Widowrat (with Junkrat)
  • McWidow (with McCree)
  • Widowmeiker (with Mei)
  • Mercymaker (with Mercy)
  • Raptoramaker/Widowpharah (with Pharah)
  • Widowreaper (with Reaper)
  • Widow76 (with Soldier 76)
  • Sombramaker/Widowsombra (with Sombra)
  • Symmaker/Widowmetra (with Symmetra)
  • Widowtracer (with Tracer)
  • Widowtracerly (with Emily and Tracer)


  • Winstracer (with Tracer) [Thank you to @smultronbow for providing the ship name for this one. I knew it existed but couldn’t find any reliable ship names.]


  • Cold hockey (with Lúcio)
  • McZarya (with McCree)
  • Zaryamei/Zarymei/Zarmei/Russian Winter/Ice bears (with Mei)
  • Zarcy (with Mercy)
  • Pharya (with Pharah)
  • Zaryahog (with Roadhog)
  • Sombrya (with Sombra)
  • Snowprism/Zarmetra (with Symmetra)
  • Tracya (with Tracer)
  • Zaryatta (with Zenyatta)


  • Harmonerf (with D.Va)
  • Genyatta/Zenji (with Genji)
  • Hanyatta (with Hanzo)
  • Zenrat (with Junkrat)
  • McYatta (with McCree)
  • Zendatta (with Mondatta) [Including it since it seems decently popular for an NPC ship.]
  • Reapyatta (with Reaper)
  • Zenhardt (with Reinhardt)
  • Zen hack (with Sombra) [Shared by a ship in Mystic Messenger, but no other names yield results for this pairing.]
  • Zaryatta (with Zarya)
  • Reapzenji (with Genji and Reaper)

Misc. Polyamorous Ships:

  • Widowtracerly (Emily, Tracer, and Widowmaker)
  • McShimada/McHanji (Genji, Hanzo, and McCree)
  • McGency (Genji, McCree, and Mercy)
  • Phargency (Genji, Mercy, and Pharah)
  • Reapzenji (Genji, Reaper, and Zenyatta)
  • McReinzo (Hanzo, McCree, and Reinhardt)
  • Meiham (Junkrat, Mei, and Roadhog)
  • McReaper76 (McCree, Reaper, and Soldier 76)
  • MercyKill76 (Mercy, Reaper, and Soldier 76)
Fandom basic dictionary
  • because getting into fandoms is hard, here's some basic vocabulary for you
  • fandom: a group of people who are fan of the same thing
  • ship: a couple you like and think they should date
  • shipping: liking two people as a couple
  • OTP: one true pairing, your favourite ship
  • canon: confirmed by the original writer
  • head canon: what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • AU: Alternate Universe, what could be if characters were place in different time/space/jobs/etc
  • OC: original character
  • OOC: Out Of Character, not their usual behaviour
  • oneshot: fanfiction with only one chapter
  • smut/lemon: fanfiction involving sex/explicit scenes
  • Mpreg: male pregnancy
  • PWP: 'plot, what plot?' or 'Porn without plot', smut without a strong or clear storyline
  • RP: roleplay, playing to be a certain character
  • slash: gay couple/ pairing
  • yaoi: gay pairing, usually involves smut
  • yuri: lesbian pairing, usually involves smut
  • het: hetero/straight pairing
  • TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read/ summarising
  • fluff: happy fanfictions with a happy plot, very little bad stuff happens
  • !: used to assign a category in fanfiction (example: Dark!Harry (unusual))
  • cosplay: costume play, dressing up an acting as a certain character
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • crossover: mixing two fandoms (mainly in fanfiction)
  • A/N: author's note
  • beta: (/beta reading) a person proofreads a fanfic before posting
  • drabble: really short fanfic, usually around 100 words at most
  • OP: original poster
  • POV: point of view
  • plot: storyline
  • prompt: story idea given by one person and written by another
  • R&R: read and review
  • TBC: to be continued
  • WIP: work in progress

sorry for another video so soon, but I’m like 90% finished with the painting now but it looks good enough to give the whole thing a new try!

I’m sooo happy with the result, thisis turning out way better than I could ever expect!

(Sewing the bodysuit is also something I have left to do in case anyone wonders about that part )

anonymous asked:

I hear you deal in rare pairs... so if you're taking requests can I beg for some Kingsley/Remus angst??


Pairing: Kingsley Shacklebolt x Remus Lupin
Rating: M
Summary: Captured during the battle of the Department of Mysteries, Sirius Black poses a huge threat to the future of the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore’s machinations will need to change if Bellatrix manages to turn him over to Lord Voldemort. Understanding what is at stake, Remus and Kingsley are sent to find him before it’s too late. || archive of our own

Kingsley Shacklebolt twisted the ring around his middle finger as he listened to Dumbledore speak throughout the meeting. The smell of hexes still clung to the robes of those in the room who’d been at the Department of Mysteries, tension still singing through their muscles. Everyone’s wand was still out and ready.

He wanted to pace; twisting the ring would do for now.

This safehouse was used during the first war, designed for the first Order of the Phoenix, and wasn’t as heavily warded as Grimmauld. The location unsettled several of the current members who were part of that first Order but no one wanted to go back to Number 12 just yet in case the Death Eaters managed to secure any information from Sirius. Kingsley hated Dumbledore’s decision to keep the man locked up for so long but saw some of the logic in it. But now…now there was a core Order member imprisoned, or likely worse, all because of misleading information and a spectacle of a battle at the Ministry.

Keep reading


Something watercolored I did for Makoto Shinkai who was at the preview shooting of Your Name in Paris this week !

We talked for a while, it was so exciting and interesting ! As I told him his movie has broke my heart in too many ways, he said my voice was pretty and truly fitting Mitsuha and he said this about three or four times AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ??

Seriously, I’m so thankful to this man for the experience I had on this wonderful movie.

Click on the pictures for captions concerning the WiP !

We have a problem as a society. Our goal is efficiency, but the result of efficiency by definition is that it takes less work to get things done. And less work to get things done means there is less work to do. If there is less work, there are less jobs. Progress destroys jobs.

Another result of efficiency is an explosion in population. The easier things get, the less of us die. More and more of us, less and less jobs.


Humanity’s drive toward betterment has resulted in two things: more people and less jobs. None of our choices were wrong, exactly. Each was made with good intentions, hell maybe every choice was correct. The problem wasn’t the choices but the values. Survival is no longer a value, because survival has become easy. It used to be old people were revered, because they had outrun death longer than anyone else. Now old people are just the ones who waited around too long. Anyone can become an old person with a little luck. It’s not a collapse of morals that has diminished our respect for the elderly. It’s an inevitable response to the changing meaning of age.  


Since we no longer value survival and age, we need some other way to rank people. Because we need that, we need some people to be worth more than others. We have many ways to do that, but here’s one: we value wealth. The ones who own more are better. Not for any reason, just because. And since theoretically but rarely actually in practice, the way toward owning more is work, work has become a measure of someone’s value, second only to money. A lazy rich person is better than a poor person with a good job, but a poor person with a job is better than a poor person without a job. Ranked first by wealth, then by worth. And so, that is the situation: There are more of us, there are less jobs, and we value people by whether they have a job or not.

What happens when you have a world where it is impossible for people to create value for themselves in the eyes of society? What happens when we judge people for the inevitable outcome of our collective actions?

I don’t know. But together we’re finding out.

—  Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 2 Episode 2: Mouth of the Water
BillDip Fanfic MasterList

This is comprised of the fanfics I don’t see on other masterlists but love to death. Constantly updating.

Legacy of a Broken Heart
• Bill needs to fall in love. This will break you. Its sequel will break you even more.

• Reincarnation AU. Dipper died during Weirdmageddon and Bill seems regretful.

When They Knew
• Reincarnation AU except it’s all the times before Dipper Pines. Flips between tooth-rotting sweet to depressing and I just want to hug Bill. The sequel deals with the present day.

Of Blades, Shields, and Unwanted Destinies
• A really interesting take on the Guardian Demon AU. The back stories are probably my favorites to think about.

• This is sick and disturbing and if you’re into that this is the perfect read. Canon-compliant, Bill is the victim, Dipper is absolutely psychotic.

When Abnormal Becomes the Norm
• Another cute story! The progression of their relationship is sweet, and then…

Madly in Love
• Joker and Harley Quinn AU sorta, except they actually love each other and it’s not abusive.

Life is a Fairytale
• I haven’t read the first book in awhile, but the sequel… Oh dear me….

Masks and Capes
•Superhero AU. Both of them are superheroes (to some extent). Dipper and Mabel run a flower shop. Dipper falls for one identity and not the other but ya know how it goes, same goes for Bill. They run around each other.

Another work in progress this is a female taino indian I’ve been wanting to do a painting like this for awhile but the references are so limited so I’m mostly winging it as I go. I have so many stuff to work on this month 😥 Wish me luck! I wish you all a lovely day!
#taino #taina #puertorico #islabella #isladelencanto #mipatria #wip #tainoindian #hibiscus #tropicalplants


A much more successful evening! Though I stayed up way later than I should have…..
Sewing was my reward for surviving work! Three outta four crow friends ready to go, and I’ve started in on a new bird type for sewing - any guesses yet?
This one will def take a little time, there’ll be two coats of fabric paint on the wings and they take up to 48hrs each to dry!
The blue wasn’t exactly what a wanted, but it felt much more appropriate than a navy or grey-blue, so neon it is!
My challenge this week is to see if I can start to finish four crows in that time limit, wish me luck!
-flexes claw hands-