another weird crossover

skeletongem  asked:

For that meme ask meme: bee movie and rickrolling :p

BEE MOVIE: What’s your weirdest ship?

i have a lot of rly weird crossover ships, one of my favourites is Armin from SNK and Mello from Death Note which started as a crack ship and now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Speaking of weird Mello ships L and Mello has been my hardcore Death Note otp for like 7 years, even tho it could never have happened in canon bc Mello was way too young when L died but STILL IF THEY SURVIVED IT COULD HAVE BEEN BEAUTIFUL don’t touch me. I’ve like never seen fanart of it in all the years I’ve shipped it and then @mizzmello drew some a little while ago and I thought I died and went to heaven)

Another of my weird crossovers is Totsuka Tatara from K with Ikezawa Hanako from the VN Katawa Shoujou he would take good care of her 

RICKROLLING: Do you enjoy playing pranks?

I very rarely play pranks and they’re usually rly lame pfft but I like innocent pranks I think they’re funny so long as they aren’t that youtuber [GONE SEXUAL] harassing people in public nonsense

Ice Cream and A Movie

For fedoracat because her birthday was a while ago and I finally finished her present.

Characters: Danny Fenton and Randy Cunningham


WordCount: 1,911

Summary: While hanging out with Danny, Randy realizes there maybe more to their friendship than he thought.

Danny looked over at Randy and smirked. “You sure you’re gonna finish that?”

Randy turned in his seat slightly, putting his body between Danny and his ice cream. “Yes I’m sure.” He grumbled and took a couple more licks.

Danny laughed, “Dude, I’m not gonna eat your ice cream. I was just wondering because isn’t that your second cone?”

“Maybe.” He kept shifting his eyes between his ice cream and Danny between licks. He had to be wary with his food. If he wasn’t carful, Howard almost always managed to make off and consume it.

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