another wasted dollar

What do you mean this isn’t how this scene went? 

(I wonder if anyone guessed that it was this particular ship I was talking about drawing~) 

not sure if i want kids, for the sole reason that caring for another person (especially a young one) is expensive and I’m reluctant to spend money on even my own needs and wants most of the time

idc if it’s selfish, i just hate spending money on anything

God DAMN idk what this is but. here it is


author: me duh
word count: like 2.6k I got carried away
rating: well………there’s sex
ship: destiel what else would it be


The weeks following Castiel’s fall from grace were some of the worst of his life. But the weeks after he was finally reunited with Dean, those were some of the best.

The first night after he’d lost his grace, that one had to be the worst. He woke up covered in blood. Some of it was his own, but most of it wasn’t. He’d stumbled into a gas station like that, which he later found out was not a good idea, considering all the blood. He’d asked for change for a five in quarters, stuffing them in his pocket. He used a dollar to call Dean, who didn’t pick up. He couldn’t waste another dollar, not when he had to make it halfway across the country on sixteen quarters. He’d slept under an overpass on the side of the road.

The next few nights went about how they could’ve been expected to go. He slept anywhere he could, tried to make a bottle of water last for two whole days, since he was down to his last four quarters. Thankfully, it was fall, so he wasn’t drenched in sweat, at least.

He walked for days and days until he finally reached the bunker. He was filthy. His beard had grown a substantial amount, and he was weak. Very, very weak. He walked straight in since he knew how to get through the security system, finding Sam and Dean doing research in the library. The first thing he said was, “Can I use your shower?”

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