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Most original Dramione stories you've ever read. I'm talking the ones with a unique premise or twist you didn't see coming. Something that isn't usual in this fandom. Can be dark, fluffy, romantic. Whatever. I just want to read something that is like, WOW THAT'S DIFFERENT!

Well, here are some I can think of off the top of my head. I’m only posting the stories that are completed, not the WIPs (there are SO MANY good WIPs out there!):

A Killing Grace by Savage Midnight - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In the midst of war, two enemies fight on common ground to bring the blood bath to an end. Hate and prejudice are flung aside, boundaries are broken, and the inevitable sacrifices are made.

A Kind and Generous Man by AnneM.Oliver - Rated: M - 30 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Regency era Dramione. Though he appeared as a highwayman, she thought he was a kind & generous man. Once the mask was removed, could she love him as he really was, or was he to hide behind his ‘mask’ forever. A story of manners, deception & love. 

Black Rose by Dawn-Of-Indescribable-Colors - Rated: M - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco is falling in love with Hermione, his Ministry co-worker, who hates his guts. However, he is also engaged in a passionate sexual relationship with Black Rose, a beautiful dancer in a sinful wizarding nightclub, but the gorgeous witch always keeps her carnival mask on when they are together…

Cake and Other Curses by AkashaTheKitty - Rated: MA - 10 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  Hermione is far too fond of cake and all but attached to Harry at the hip. Generally, it’s working out for her, but lately Draco has been annoying her to death by mocking her weight and her relationship with Harry. One day she spots some logic in his claims that she and Harry ought to be more than friends. Uncertain how to proceed, she agrees when Draco volunteers to help. This turns out to get very confusing very fast, as Hermione finds herself becoming attracted to the wrong person…

Decomposition Of The Soul by hiddenhibernian - Rated: T - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Not all prisoners serve out their sentence in Azkaban. Some are sent to the Department of Mysteries, and their fate is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the wizarding world. Unfortunately, Draco is about to find out just how far Hermione Granger is willing to go for the greater good.

Doll by Captainraychill - Rated: MA (NC-17) - 2 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  “I’d adored my doll at first sight because, though she appeared to be pure, she was really a creature of sex. Her lips were plump and painted to appear wet. Her eyes were corrupt beneath her lush lashes. Her steady, sober gaze told me that she knew her only purpose was to be used by me and that she had accepted this.”

Eyes Open by Day Met the Night - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - “He’s let the envelope fall into his palm. If she’s surprised, she doesn’t show it. ‘You know the rules, don’t you’ 'Only for when I’m at my lowest point,’ he says. 'And after I open it, I go straight to you.’” Ten years later, and he’s falling in love with her.

Forever Kind of Valentine by Avari20 - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco’s plans for ignoring the most hated holiday of the year are put on hold by the God of Love himself. It’s either win or kiss dating goodbye. What’s a cynic to do?

Fortuna Major by olivieblake - Rated: M - 6 Chapters (COMPLETE) - She’s with Ron, he’s with Astoria, and nothing a cheap psychic on the Venice Boardwalk says is going to change that. Or will it?

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

In Their Garden by Lady Cailan - Rated: K+ - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - A flowerpot sits on her windowsill and each night a new flower grows. Hermione uses her memories to cope with life after Draco is affected by a curse gone bad.

Lady of the Lake by Colubrina - Rated: M - 50 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione and Draco team up after the war to overthrow the Order and take over wizarding Britain. “I don’t even especially mind belonging to you most of the time,” he closes his eyes and just breathes for a bit, savoring not being in pain. Finally he adds, “Just… try to take better care of your toys.”

Life After Grief by Mel88 - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Collier’s Virus is highly contagious, magically virulent, and always fatal. Junior Healers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are called in to help find a cure before the virus claims another life. If they can.

Only a Pretense by WickedlyAwesomeMe - Rated: T - 42 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In order to save her parents, Hermione Granger had to give up everything, even her identity… and femininity.

Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie - Rated: M - 38 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Bellatrix’s torture of Hermione uncovers a long-kept secret. The young witch learns her true origins in a story that shows the beginning and end of the Wizarding wars as Hermione learns about her biological father and the blood magic he dabbled in that will control her future.

Questions of Science by: Countess of Abe - Rated: M - 18 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione is living a content life working at St. Mungo’s when an unexpected assignment from the chief of medicine sends her to the home of Draco Malfoy. What will happen to the pragmatic brunette as she explores what science cannot answer?

Randy Man’s Playbook by BittyBlueEyes - Rated: M - 25 Chapters (COMPLETE) - A very unique book finds its way to the hands of Draco Malfoy - A book that, if utilized well, could help him fulfill his fantasies. 

Redemption by anondracomalfoy - Rated: M - 23 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione works at St. Mungos, and the fourth floor has recently made a discovery and inadvertently retrieved her biggest regret-her lost and seemingly Obliviated husband, Draco Malfoy. Draco is forced to return to her, and strange things begin to occur.

Static by galfoy - Rated: M - 21 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Order rescued Draco and Lucius Malfoy after Lord Voldemort turned on them. All the safe houses are full, and Hermione Granger is the only one who can take them in. Will she agree after having suffered a drastic nervous breakdown?

The Nietzsche Classes by Beringae - Rated: M - 15 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in the wizarding society and asks Hermione for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger. I’m not about to let pride get in my way when an Azkaban sentence is on the line.” 

The Queen’s Knight by cleotheo - Rated: M - 29 Chapters (COMPLETE) - There’s a new craze in the wizarding world: Immersion Books. When Harry and Ron buy one for Hermione’s birthday she finds herself immersed in a medieval world where a certain blond Slytherin has been cast as her lover.

Troy by Twilight to Midnight - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco loved this woman. Draco worshipped this woman. Draco would do nothing short of destroying the legendary city of Troy to have her, to hold her, to possess her as his own, forever and a day. AU. Warning: Dark Draco and questionable consent.

Unspoken Rules Should Be Broken by CelticSass - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Blaise, Hermione, and Draco shared a relationship, now Blaise is dead, and Hermione and Draco are confused as to where they stand with one another.

Utterly Despicable by camnz - Rated: M - 24 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted. One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

When He Was Wicked by LadyStiff - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - When Hermione mistakenly makes a wish for Draco Malfoy to love her, she never in a million years believed it would actually come true. But when the wish doesn’t turn out as expected, will she lose Draco forever?

When The Butterflies Fly Home by AuroraAustralice - Rated: M - 45 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Commander Draconis Malfoy of Caesars Roman Army has set out to conquer the northern part of Briton. Hermione Granger has been brought up with respect and always been given an equal status as the men in her village. Unknown to her, her father stirs up the rebellion against the Roman e had never experienced harshness and cruelty before but now as a slave that is all she sees.

I’ve got so many more, but have to start getting ready for my day, so must go. Maybe others can add to the list?



Edit: If I may, I thought this was very unique, IT MAY SCAR YOU FOR LIFE but it is good:

Fragments by Jane - M, 50 Chapters - “Last night, she told me about you. I know how you met, how you hated, how you loved.”

- Lisa

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19 with Paperhat please?

“I’ve missed this.”

Blackhat glanced up from his newspaper to look at Dr.Flug, who was standing by the kitchen stove, stirring a pot of pasta.

“You’ve missed cooking?” Blackhat asked. Flug snorted and shook his head.

“No! I’ve missed it being just you and me having dinner and getting a chance to talk, sir” Flug said while giggling. “I’ve missed us spending time together.”

“We spend time together everyday, why is this different?”

“‘Cause it’s just us, Blackhat! No Dementia and no 5.0.5 since she decided to take him along on her date with her new girlfriend.” Flug took the pot off the burner and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. As Flug laid everything out on the table Blackhat set the paper down and really looked at his scientist.

“So you’re saying that you’re glad to have me all to yourself?” The mischievous grin inching it’s way across the eldritch’s face made Flug snicker.

“Yes, that exactly what I’m trying to say,” the doctor stated jovially as he pulled out the chair opposite of his boss. “‘Cause that mean I can do this.” And with that, Blackhat’s breath hitched as Flug removed his bag and goggles. Deep green eyes pinned him down from across the table, and a sharp toothed smile flashed.

Without a sound, Blackhat stood up and moved around the table to kneel by Flug’s side. No matter how many time he’d seen the man without his bag, he was still awe-struck by his beauty every single time.

Blackhat reached up to run his thumb along the burn scars covering the left half of Flug’s face; then through soft and curly, chestnut colored hair. The doctor covered Blackhat’s grey hand with his own when it returned to his cheek.

“Do you see why I miss this?” Flug whispered.

“Definitely,” Blackhat mumbled. Then suddenly, the eldritch was snapped out of his reverie and he stood quickly, pulling his hand away as if it had been burned. His cheeks began to darken as Flug beamed up at him with a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

“Let’s just eat,” Blackhat grumbled, and then stormed back this his side of the table and sat down with a huff.

The two ate in relative silence, pausing only to glance up at each other from across the table. Flug seemed to always be smiling, his eyes crinkled into half moons, whenever Blackhat looked at him, and Black hat always seemed to turn a darker shade of grey everytime Flug looked at him.

Once they finished, Flug cleared the dishes away and went to wash them. Blackhat volunteered to help dry, but Flug said he could handle it. When he was done, the doctor returned to the table and leaned on it.

“Do you want put a movie in?” Flug asked. Blackhat looked like he wanted to say no for a second, but then he sighed and rolled his eye.

“Why not, at least we can pick something decent without Dementia around,” he said. Flug grinned evilly. “WE ARE NOT WATCHING THE IRON GIANT AGAIN!”

In the mansions large living room, under a maroon blanket, Flug burst into quiet tears as the iron giant bent down and said,

“You stay, I go. No following.” Then Hogarth’s quiet ‘i love you,’ made the doctor’s heart clench. He turned to Blackhat, who was obviously trying to hide his own emotional conflict, and threw his arms around him to press his face into the eldritch’s chest. Blackhat stiffened, but then quietly put his arm around Flug, and patted his back gently.

As the movie credits rolled, Flug cuddled into Blackhat’s side and said,

“You know that since we’re dating, Blackhat, there’s really no reason to hide your emotions when no one else is around.”

“Flug…” Blackhat said warily..

“No really, sir. You don’t need to act cold around me when we’re not on camera, and nobody’s around.” Flug shifted to stare Blackhat down.

“Flug…You know I’m not good at expressing human emotion, right?” Blackhat slumped in his seat, and pulled back his arm that was around Flug so he could cross both of them in front of his chest. “You remember when I first started liking you, I thought I’d become sick with some virus or another because the feeling was foreign to me?” Dr. Flug nodded. “Well, I’m still learning how to express my emotions, and I get flustered or overwhelmed by them sometimes. You humans… you’re used to wide ranges of emotions, but I’m still trying to figure out why sorrow can be expressed in 50 different ways! All that said I also… well…” Blackhat grimaced, sighed, rubbed at his arm, and then looked Flug in the eye.

“I don’t want to express the wrong emotion at a time when we are under public eye, and then for someone to realize how much you mean to me and use that to their advantage. I don’t want you to end up hurt because a fellow villain decides to use you to get to me.” Blackhat gazed at the now dark T.V. screen. “And so I need to learn to control my emotions before I learn to express them, or I might end up doing something stupid.”

The feeling of chapped lips against his cheek startled Blackhat out of his brooding thoughts. He turned to find Flug smiling fondly at him, his eyes filled with love.

“When you put it that way, it make a lot more sense,” he said softly. Flug reached out to cradle Blackhat’s cheek. “We’ll work on it together then, okay? If you need help, I’m right here.” Something in Blackhat’s chest squeezed.

“I’d appreciate that, Flug.”

“And that’s all I could ask for.” As they sat, curled up on the couch in the dark, 4 words escaped into the night before they both fell asleep.

“I’ve missed this, too.”

Here come that good fluff cause apparently that what I feel like writing! I hope this is to your liking anon, and this was good for me to write! Thank you for the request!


I got messaged by a blog just now called “tradebin2bi” so I’m making a signal boost here DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM IT’S JUST ANOTHER VIRUS SPREADING

I did reply to it cause I wasn’t sure what it was since there was no info on it anywhere but now you don’t have to. It’s best to just ignore it and report it for spam.


(Mandy can suck it)

Feel Something

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Characters: Sam x Siren!Reader, Dean, OFC

Word Count: 2002

Warnings: Spn-like death/murder/violence, Angst, Some Fluff

Request: This idea may seem weird but what if reader is a mermaid. Now stay with me I know you already thinking this idea is crazy but let me elaborate. Reader is a mermaid who feeds off of people’s thoughts. And she believes that she isn’t harming anyone but when people started dying from like brain deca that’s when the duo goes to investigate. Idk this idea came to me after I watched Just My Imagination and this is really long but can you make this happen. Pairing whoever you want(please pick Sam)

A/N: @diesintheshower, I’m so sorry this took forever.  My life kind of spiraled out of control there for a while.  But I really did love your request!  I hope you like this/ I did didn’t muck it up.

You stirred your latte, drawing patters in the foam.

You feigned attention to your book, to your coffee, pretending you were paying attention to anything but the man across from you.  

Still, you found yourself staring at him more than you should be.

Another man would have thought you were flirting with him.  But he was a writer and had eyes only for his work.  What was more, he was in love with one of his characters.  You could feel it, see it in his mind.  

You delved deep into his thoughts, into his work, drinking in the new ideas and the new stories he’d brought with him to the coffee shop today.

He came here daily, to write uninterrupted.  

And you came here daily to feel his stories, to feed off that creative drive.  

You drew your spoon from your coffee, wiping the foam off on a napkin before taking in your reflection in its convex surface. 

Your reflection, a siren’s reflection.

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Moooore books!

This day keeps getting better. Really though, I am so inlove with the Barnes and Noble leatherbound classics! They are making me have another collecting virus. I’m about ¾ into Grimm now but I can’t wait to read these too. Aesop’s Illustrated Fables is in full colour on the inside and it’s amazing.

And all the gilding. So much gilding! ❤️

Such a happy saturday, loves!

cracked screens and broken hard drives

“It’s broken,” was all Will could say.

The other boy didn’t laugh. He didn’t even smile. But his stony expression - always blank, a bit angry - that twitched just the slightest. One point for Solace. 

The other boy didn’t move to examine the pathetic piece of tech, only giving Will a long, judgmental look. “Again?” He only asked, in that dry voice of his.

Will swallowed, “I…I don’t know what to say.” He winced. “Sorry?”

The other boy finally leaned forward to collect the laptop, clicking his tongue. “Could you please describe your problem, sir?”

He said sir like some people would use a vulgar curse word - like a whip, slashing through the air.

He begins messing with a few of the buttons of the side, his nametag - Nico - flashed against the light, the peeled smiley sticker just as bright and misleading as ever.

Nico glanced up at him, and Will had to throw himself back into the moment. Nico was talking to him.

Will cleared his throat. “Oh you know, um, I think another virus? It keeps flicking on and off, and it won’t let me use chrome.”

Nico frowned at him, “Another virus? Did you install that software I recommended?”

Will scratched the back of his head. “I, uh, didn’t get around to it.”

Nico gave him a stern look. Will, helplessly, looked back.

He had to know.

It was so….obviously. So embarrassingly obvious.


Because this wasn’t Will first visit to his local tech repair shop.

It wasn’t his second either.

Hell, it wasn’t even his third.

This was Will’s sixth visit to the shop.

In the past two months.

Nico was frowning down at the laptop like he could tell Will had done everything in his goddamn power to install heaps and heaps of digital trash onto the hard drive. “If you just take care of your tech you wouldn’t have to be here nearly as much.”

That’s the point, you oblivious nerd.

“I’ll have Leo look at it.” Nico finally seemed to decide. “He’ll have to take it apart, I think, if the problem’s with the screen as well. You’ll have to come back in a few days.”

Will was already nodding enthusiastically. “I - I can do that. Come back. Here.”

Nico gave him a strange look. “Good.” He finally said, “Cause you’re gonna need to pick up your laptop so.”

“I’ll be here.” Will vowed, his voice probably too serious.

Nico nodded, writing out a slip and carefully - with more care then what Will performed on his own tech nowadays - set his laptop aside.

“Wednesday.” He slid the paper across the counter, like he always did. “Noon. Be here.”

“On the dot.” Gods. Will was breathless. He was so pathetic.

I needed to get out of my writing funk and I wrote this for warm-up and yeah I’m totally headcanoning this ending by Will just throwing his phone against a wall, begging Nico to fix his ‘accident’ and Nico just fixing the screen and adding his number to Will’s contact list with a plea to please stop harming your poor tech, Will. 

Dead or alive, you still need to smile. Dead or alive, you still need to feel. Dead or alive, it’s okay to get high. Life doesn’t have guidelines, so break all of the rules and cross out the fine print. Fuck you on the dotted line, give me some bad poetry and sappy sad songs. Give me all of you, it’s all that I ask for. Dead or alive, midnight is when I miss you most. Dead or alive, daylight is when I regret you most. Dead or alive, I should be over you, but I’m not. Dead or alive, still fucking up my skin, my fucking tattoo. Sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I just don’t give a fuck, but it’s always about you. Confusion or frustration, I find more reasons to not hate you. Loving you versus hating you, it always leads back to you. For every step forward, I take ten steps back, I fall into love with my heart open and my brain overloaded. Emotionally over stimulated, you’re my living simulation. Stuck in the matrix? I’ve been advertising you to my blood cells as another virus, but they love you, right? They say that we are no longer the same some day, all of our cells will shed, we are bound to nothing in this world, but superglue my heart back together and I promise I’ll leave you alone. Dead or alive, when it’s too late to sleep and I’m too tired to fight the feelings, you know that feeling you get when you’re way too tired that you’re awake? I’d rather be dead or alive than loving you each fucking night like that. It’s this pain that we feel, it compels us to write like this. You’re not poetry, I just mask it as such. You’re not love because if you were, you’d be here and I’d be alright. You are never ever. That’s what you are. That ending from a book that all of the fans hate, you’re something like that. And the funny thing is I’ll always be a little in love with that. Even if it hurts. Even if I’m dead or alive.
—  dead or alive

You’re not punk until you’ve contracted the punk virus from another. Like vampirism, punk is spread by venom that the punk secretes from fangs he can retract.

Beauty and the Beast/Annoucement


(Here is the latest chapter!)

Also announcement:

The Supersons slow burn you hear me talk about during the summer? Well, I have decided to do the entire thing over again as an AU to something I have been working on the side for the entire summer.

So Supersons slow burn fic will not be part of the current canon.

What is the project I’m talking about? I will announce that tmrw!.


If you get a submission of a youtube link (which is a song by Crosa Rosa) from someone with an e-mail, not a tumblr username like here


Thank God, I didn’t press the e-mail link, i just copied the youtube link and opened it in a new tab and got to know it was just a song. But then I searched “Crosa Rosa” on tumblr (bc I really liked the song and wanted to know more abt them) and saw several posts claiming that this was another tumblr virus. Idk whether my computer got infected because of me opening the youtube link, but i kinda doubt it. Anyway, I’m now checking my laptop with an antivirus software. Haven’t found anything malicious yet, and hopefully, there’s nothing to find.


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Hi everyone!! I just wanted to spread awareness around letting people know about another virus or hacker! If you have a google doc account, do not open a google doc that has a bunch of "h's" or other letters. Don't open it, even if it's from someone you know or don't know. It's been going around my school and I just want to make sure everyone is safe from harm!! ~Angel💕

Oh tysm sweetheart! Thanks for making us aware 💕
Rip Your Heart Out (So All May See) - SaltedSaltine (EliPot) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Keith/Lance/Shiro, Hunk & Lance & Pidge | Katie Holt
Characters: Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Pidge | Katie Holt, Hunk (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Emetophobia, Graphic Depictions of Illness, Panic Attacks, Seizures, graphic depictions of mental illness, inappropriate use of disney memes, Altean Lance (Voltron), Heavy Angst, several characters are going to cry, more platonic pairings will come up as the story progresses

Finding out you’re part alien is one thing. Finding out you’re part alien due to not being vaccinated to a supposedly extinct alien virus is another. Having to confront every part of yourself that you don’t like due to said virus is a completely different ball game; one Lance would rather not have to deal with, like, ever.So I wrote a thing ny’all

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Tell me a story! <3

(In which @socpuppet told me that this ficlet really needed a companion piece and I agreed.)

Jason seems to have stolen someone else’s life.

Not that he minds. It’s just kind of weird.

And it’s not that he meant to steal it, either. He went into that coffee shop expecting to change his life, expecting a James Bond movie every week, and he has the skills for it. But the only person who looked free for an interview when he walked into the coffee shop only two minutes early hadn’t asked him the passphrase. Instead, he’d shaken Brad’s hand, said that online and phone qualifications were more than enough to make the job interview a formality, and said that he’s welcome on the IT team at Bellwether Labs.

And Jason really means to say that he’s got the wrong guy, that some IT nerd somewhere is running late. He’s supposed to have the exciting movie life that he’s been applying for, not spend ten years working his way up to middle management and getting rid of viruses when people click the wrong links on work e-mails.

But honestly? Suddenly the movie life sounds really exhausting.


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to be human is to love, even when it gets too much (im not ready to give up)

They are sitting on a high stone wall, made of uneven brick stacked together. Dan can almost feel the urgency inside the mortar and stone, the desperation that was felt as it was made. It’d been there before him, and it would probably be there far after him. He doesn’t like the feeling of resignation that goes through him.

He presses closer to Phil, a line of warmth against his side. Phil’s looking to the west, holding a pistol with an easy grip that both reassures Dan and makes him wonder what the hell’s happened. He glances up at the sound of an engine, feels Phil tense. But it’s only a large pickup truck filled with people, wrapped in rags. Among them are crates of food and supplies. Dan grins, sagging with relief. The truck had left on their only boat over a week ago.

The Isle of Man was an unexpected safe haven. In the early days it was ideal for the remaining European governments to build their labs. Now it’s an unexpected safe haven, surrounded by water, a high wall protecting their tiny city. Phil squeezes his fingers, a comforting gesture that’s been needed more in the last few months than ever before. He thinks back to Before, when they’d been about to sign a mortgage and get that Shibe, or corgi, or whatever the fuck they were thinking of.

“‘Least we won’t be eating the hedgehogs,” Phil jokes, turning around on the wall to reach the ladder.

“You’d starve before eating an innocent hedgehog,” Dan says, wondering if Phil actually would. He turns around, waiting until Phil is a few feet below before climbing down after him.

They reach the bottom as the gate swings open, letting in the truck. People swarm it, leaving the makeshift garden and animal pens that surround the main structure; a huge concrete thing that houses nearly four-hundred people. Kids, babies, old people who teach the youngers how to farm and raise pigs or sew.

Dan and Phil don’t have many friends, yet. They’re as antisocial in the zombie apocalypse as they were before it. They keep to the edges, watching the tearful greetings, the unloading of desperately needed food and supplies. And they are overjoyed to see Martyn climb down from the truck, a green bundle in his arms. He walks to them quickly, a strange smile on his face.

“This group is from Switzerland, believe it or not,” he says, excitement filling his voice. “They met some people there, who’ve created another virus.”

Dan’s heart jumps. He turns to Phil, eyes wide. What could it be now? He swallows roughly, waiting, gripping Phil tightly.

“They gave us some, too. It’s being spread quickly,” Martyn laughs at their terrified expressions, “you idiots. It kills them! It kills them! And look at this!” He pushes the green bundle into Dan’s arms. Dan fumbles, nearly dropping it. A cure. He can’t believe it. But if Martin said they had some-maybe. Maybe.

The bundle makes a gurgling sound. Dan carefully pulls a corner away, revealing the eyes of a tiny baby, eyelids still pink and a few tufts of hair growing on it’s tiny, tiny head. A little hand reaches out, gripping his finger. He barely registers Phil’s cooing, focused on what Martyn says next, “we found her in a parking lot. The parents must’ve abandoned her. She needs someone.”

Dan smiles wetly. “Why the fuck not.”

“Dan!” Phil says indignantly, “we have a baby now!”

“Yeah, we do.”

Hii! This is my first fanfic ever. I’m very nervous but I’ve wanted to write deppy for a long time now. If you have any construction criticism please give it! Or a prompt maybe? But I have about two followers. I’m not expecting much lol. Also I have an idea for another fic in this world if you want it? Watch this get 0 notes…

EDIT: there’s a prequel type thingy!

digiandromeda  asked:

I has request!! Post game 2Bx9S fluff! To be more specific, 9S coming to terms with the fact that 2B is still alive and constantly reminding himself she's still by his side. (And if you'd take a 2nd one. 9S finally buying 2B that t-shirt) (No smut please) :D thank you for reading this request!


He had planned to save her, or at the very least, he wanted to be the one to force a blade into her chest. He had been by her side for the duration of the entire ride to hell and all the disjointed nonsensical pandemic that had preceded it. He was her partner. If anyone had to kill her, if anyone had to end her misery…

It had to be him…no matter how much it hurt or how much he would want to die at her side or how much it tore him apart and made his very mind twist and insides churn with grief and sickness. No matter how many centuries he would have to spend trapped in his own emotional hell, wallowing in torment…if it would end her pain, he would throw himself to the wolves and be devoured.

Seeing her pierced through the heart, A2 standing above her and clutching the sword that belonged to her victim, 2B’s face at peace…

It had broken something in him. Something that believed that the world was truly fair and that maybe they weren’t trapped in some hellish death spiral all meant to keep their morale up until the Bunkers inevitably sent them to their dooms. That maybe, maybe with her he could survive without YoRHa or Command and maybe put the pieces of his existence into place.

It all had been twisted and stripped away from him in one swift strike into 2B’s Black Box, killing her near instantaneously.

He had dwelled on it for so long, losing the concept of time in his mindless quest for vengeance and purpose, dwelling in the feeling of being truly alone, no Operator or Server or Bunker to support him or fill his head with the countless thoughts of others should he decide to plug into the chatter.

None of that. It had been himself and the same thought: “she’s gone. She’s really gone. She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s really gone. SHE’S GONE, SHE’S GONE SHE’S GONE SHE’S REALLY GONE SHE’S GONE SHESGONESHESGONESHESGONESHESGONESHESGONESHESGONE.” and no one to reprimand him for his deteriorating mental state or just take the memories away.

When he had restarted on the rubble of what remained, it had taken so long to adjust to who stared back at him, eyes gazing into his with sorrow and relief, her hand gentle.

Was this…was this his 2B?

“Nines…” she whispered, shattering his heart into dust.

He felt tears blurring his vision, falling from his eyes and onto the ground below.

He had wanted to kill her, to finally lay to rest his demons. He had needed to see her die before his eyes, to replace A2 — someone who knew nothing of her — with himself and her blade with his own. Killing those other models had just cemented it in: she was gone and nothing he could do now would make it stop. They had her face and features and everything else, but they weren’t her. They had none of her personality or character or snide humor.

They were just…androids with no meaning attached to them.

And that feeling of nothingness when he killed them was exactly why he despised that it had been A2. Killing 2B held none of the weight that it should have; she just saw her as another YoRHa to kill.

Yet here she was. The only 2B that mattered.



He was pathetic. He could see it now.

Those other androids were different. How could he even think he would be able to kill the one person who mattered to him the most? It would be similar to cutting off his own arm: bloody, painful, agonizing and even more traumatizing than watching her die. But it had been so easy to rationalize it that way. To blame it all on A2, on the machines, on YoRHA, on humanity.

What was not nearly as easy, was to realize that she was only trying to protect him. That she had died for him and that it was all his fault.

“I’m sorry,” he wailed, holding her hand closely to his chest.

“Hey, what’s up with the duo in black?”

“Hm? Oh, the YoRHa units. I forgot; you weren’t around when all that happened.”

“Yeeeahhhh, the whole “shit blew up and then there was a tower but now there’s not” happening. No one can shut up about it.”

“Haha, yeah, it was terrifying, no lie.”

“I imagine. But um, why does the guy keep staring at her?”

“I dunno. After everything that’s happened, it’s only natural to want to make sure this is all real and not some sick dream.”

“That’s nice. But.”

“But what?”



“He’s staring at her ass.”



“Well, it’s a nice one, not gonna lie.”

“…you’re useless.”

“I can tell you’re staring, 9S.”

“Ngh?! Wait, it’s not like that!”

She held back a chuckle, wanting to tease him a bit more.

“I…I uh…I’m glad you’re here, 2B.”

“So you can ogle your partner?”

“No…because it’s easier.”

2B stopped in her tracks, turning to face him. He refused to meet her gaze and instead looked to her shoes as if they held all the answers.

“What do you—”

“It was hard.” His voice cracked as past trauma was dredged up from that ugly place within him, muck and blood and tears clinging to it. “And it still is. Some part of me thinks that this is just another stage of the virus and you’ll just be another clone, not you. The real you. The one that matters.”


“I know, it sounds stupid, but…it’s a possibility for me. I’ve seen you die once before.”

“…it won’t happen like that again.”

“Yeah…” He trailed off, his hands clenched into fists. “But you’re going to die one day, right?” When he finally met her eyes, his were resigned and bitter. “And…it’ll be the same thing over again.”

2B reached down, unfurling his tight fingers and clenching them in hers. He looked surprised, so maybe she had done the gesture bit too roughly. She closed the distance between them, her nose against his and eyes forcibly meeting.

“That won’t happen for a long time, Nines,” she reassured, attempting a softer tone than usual.

He looked down at their entwined fingers, flexing his digits as if to test her grip on him and his grip on his reality.

“But it’s going to happen.”


“That’s not…reassuring.”

"It’s the truth…I don’t like it any more than you do. But until then, I’m here. We’re here. Despite everything, can you believe that we’re real?”

Fingers linked with hers, he took a moment to cling to her a little longer before his quiet reply.

"…yeah…” His eyes morphed into liquid pools of deep blue suffering and relief, so many emotions so clear below the surface.

It was difficult to gauge when she would crack the surface and when he would find the mental fortitude to speak to her about the time between her death and reawakening, and perhaps that time would never come.

But she would stay with him, protect him, fight with him, love him, as part of the message their entwined fingers made clear.

I’m alive. I’m alive and I’m here for you. No matter what happens, I won’t let you suffer alone again.

(Authors notes) So, this is part request and part wish fulfillment, all shameless romancey trash that keeps me going on those cold, Canadian nights.

So, I have this little headcannon that 9S has some form of PTSD after the events of ending E. Yes, he’s over the moon that 2B is back, but at the same time, he can’t just forget everything that happened to him and his Waifu. If android show all these ranges of emotions, it’s only natural that they could be mentally scarred. And 9S clearly had a breakdown, so this only adds onto it. He’s still the same spunky boiboi who I love so very much, but he’s now so very aware of death and dying and losing what matters to him.

I think when I have time, I’ll post this fully formatted onto Ao3 when I update Cadence and do this other prompt.