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Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Event Report

The High☆Speed Free! Starting Days event was held at the Ryogoku Kokukigan Sumo Wrestling arena, the exact same location where the Free! Eternal Summer event two years ago was held. The biggest announcements of the event were the three planned Free! continuation movies:

1) Free! Timeless Medley ~絆 Bonds~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Makoto, Haruka, Rei, and Nagisa

2) Free! Timeless Medley ~約束 Promises~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Sousuke and Rin’s promise to him

3) Free! Take Your Marks
This will be a completely new full-length feature film following Haruka after he graduates from High School

For those interested in what happened during the Afternoon event, here’s a detailed report, so enjoy~

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Yesterday I saw an anti ironpanther post on my dash and surprise, surprise, spite is a very good motivator for me to start writing again. So have some courting, and arc reactor issues and getting together, since that is what @ir0nshield asked for. Watch out for the cut since this is almost 3k words long.

Dealing with T’Challa after the whole mess with the Accords was easier than Tony would have thought.

Sure, T’Challa, and T’Chaka before him, had been for the Accords in the first place, but T’Challa was also housing the rogue Avengers and Tony wasn’t sure what to expect from him.

But T’Challa was nothing if not polite, and Tony tried to be the same in return. After all, T’Challa was a big force behind the Accords and Tony could need him in his corner if Ross suddenly decided that Tony belonged into the raft as well.

Tony was rubbing at the skin around the arc reactor, the cold always made it hurt, when T’Challa entered the conference room.

“Mr. Stark,” he greeted Tony and Tony almost flinched.

“Let’s stick to Tony, Mr. Stark was my father, King T’Challa,” he said and T’Challa thoughtfully tilted his head.

“Only if you can forget the king,” he gave back and Tony huffed.

“Nothing easier as that, Mufasa.” Tony wasn’t sure if the Lion King was a thing over in Wakanda, but going by the tilt to T’Challa’s mouth it definitely was.

“I think I am more Simba than Mufasa, wouldn’t you agree,” T’Challa said and proved Tony right.

“If you say so, Simba,” Tony replied with a smile and then stilled when T’Challa’s gaze fell onto his chest.

“Is it still hurting from the injury?” he asked and Tony forced himself to lower his hand.

He never liked it when the attention was on the arc reactor.

“Maybe. It just hurts sometimes,” he gave back, not willing to tell T’Challa that it was the injury and the cold and the reactor in general. He didn’t need to know that.

T’Challa obviously noticed Tony’s hesitation in talking about the reactor and thankfully dropped the matter.

They were talking about Rhodey and his recovery when the other members of the Accords came in and from then on it was only business with them.


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anonymous asked:

could you rec some wlw ya books? thanksss

this will be so long I hope you’re ready

  • The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow: literally one of my fave books of all time, amazingly complex villain, super strong main character dates her adorable gf (neither of them say the word bi because it’s in the future but I’m pretty sure they both are), you will be genuinely confused which side is good and which side is bad, the three main characters are So Good, tw for an unhappy ending to this one, but a sequel is coming out and I’m confident the ending will be semi-happy. 
  • Love Letters To The Dead: the wlw “side-romance” is honestly given just as much screentime as (if not more than) the main romance. literally one of my all-time favorite romances in anything ever, I read this book in my questioning phase and it changed my life
  • This Is Where It Ends: lesbians at a school shooting, primarily non-white characters, you will cry (spoilers: they both live and stay together)
  • The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie: lesbian pirate x lesbian sea monster trainer in the future. Literally. There’s a sequel coming soon, and I have faith that it will end happily. The author draws fanart of Swift and Cas kissing and posts it to her tumblr (again, not kidding, there’s some on my blog). Main character is asian. otp: equal footing
  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: f/f romance, one lesbian one bi girl and one trans girl. Hilarious social commentary, very feminist, lots of woc. Libba Bray also has another hist fiction series that I’ve heard is gay (the first book is called A Great And Terrible Beauty) but I don’t know much about it. 
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me: Basically: Girl #1 finds out her dead girlfriend was cheating on her with Girl #2. Girl #1 and Girl #2 fall in love. This book is so adorable. The author has several thousand other wlw books so knock yourselves out. 
  • Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan: a cheesefest with racial diversity. I love this book so much (it’s so good and PURE) even though it’s not hugely deep. 
  • You Know Me Well by David Levithan + Nina Lacour: The authors alone should be enough to make you want to read this. I still am lowkey bitter the two boys didn’t end up together, but they stay friends and all so it’s fine. Found family!
  • Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo: occur in the same world, although you don’t have to read both. Ash is lesbian cinderella. Huntress focuses more on character development and is my personal favorite, but tw for a bittersweet ending. Malinda Lo also wrote the Adaptation series, featuring a bisexual protag and her alien gf, but that one wasn’t my favorite. I know a lot of people who love it though!
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley: 1960s civil rights era lesbians, ends happily. It emphasizes all of the problematic tropes often used in “overcoming racism” stories and why they’re not okay. This was recced to me by a black person so I trust that assessment. I also really love her other books, which have a lot of wlw as well. 
  • Otherbound: f/f romance, bi girl as main character. There’s literally not a single white character. It’s about body swapping and fantasy! talks frankly about the issues in the main relationship, suspenseful. Sense8 in a way.  
  • Fat Angie by E. Charlton-Trujillo: A girl sees Angie for who she truly is and they fall in love. Probably the least fatphobic book with a fat main character I’ve ever read. Pure!
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld: Storyline between two authors in New York, ends happily and is paralleled to main romance storyline. the protagonist was confirmed acearo spec on Twitter (it’s pretty obvious if you read the book) which makes my ace wlw ass happy!
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour: moviemaker wlw! cheesy as all hell, but adorable and really deep. very much recommended if you’re into moviemaking or acting
  • The Dark Wife by Sara Diemer: Persephone / Hades, literally fan fiction. My gay classics student ass unabashedly loved this. I think you can get it free on the author'a blog? Attempted rape tw (not between the main couple, their relationship was entirely consensual)
  • 10 Things I Can See From Here: Main character has anxiety and falls in love with girl who isn’t afraid of anything. This was cute and good for people with anxiety, although not quite as deep as it tried to be. 

Some That Aren’t Love Stories Quite As Much: 

  • Far From You by Tess Sharpe: crime thriller with bi / recovering drug addict main character and major f/f romance. Not a happy ending for the couple bc the romance is in the past, but happy ending for the protagonist. This is one of my all time faves. 
  • Exit Pursued By A Bear by EK Johnston: About the main character’s rape and her subsequent abortion. Main character does not have a romance plot, but her best friend (the second most important character) is a lesbian and falls in love with another friend. This one doesn’t belong quite as much, but it’s one of my all time favorite books ever and it’s all about female friendship / love. (ALSO READ HER OTHER BOOK A THOUSAND NIGHTS)
  • Cherry: About female friendships and relationships with sex, really feminist. There are four girls, one realizes she’s gay, and her friends are just so pure and supportive about it???? there’s a bit of romance but I still feel like it’s more about the friendships between the girls. 
  • Tricks and sequel Traffick by Ellen Hopkins: about kids forced into prositution, so all the tws. among main characters, there’s a gay guy and a bi girl who leans towards women (actual quote from her!). Ignore the back that says “four straight one gay” because it’s a lie. (I had so much fun with that the first time I read these.) Two separate f/f romances and a m/m romance. The bi girl is such an amazing character and I love her with all my heart. Don’t remember ending for couples but the girl is definitely happy. 
  • Kissing The Witch: Sometimes-gay versions of fairytales, really really interesting. 
  • If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan: realistic fiction about what wlw in Iran have to go through. tw for a not-great end for the couple, but there’s no death and the main character is happy. It’s more about the self-acceptance of the main character than about the romance. Also deals with trans issues. 
  • Ask The Passengers by A.S. King: a very different sort of book? it’s hard to explain. more about coming out than about romance. Happy ending. 
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth: again, more about coming out, but wow this book is amazing. Happy ending. 

Fucked-Up Female Friendships Aesthetic

  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by: This book is so freaky and messed up and I’m still not exactly sure how it ended, but it still blew me away. The Mr and Mrs Smith wlw au you never knew you wanted, although I’m not going to spoil how. Fucked up ending but still happyish? 
  • Dare Me by Megan Abbot: This book is creepy as fuck and revolves around the relationship between two girls which is… really gay, like canonically gay. I liked this a lot, but be warned that it’s not a romance. Happy ending mostly?
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas: This one had a lot of wasted potential in the form of a well-built story about the craziness of rich kids partying, but it is a very good murder mystery focused around two girls. 

I’ve read all of these, so ask me if you have any questions about them! If you’re looking for more masterposts, try @wlwbooksource

What Ardyn did wrong... and why everything was wrong with Noctis’ fate

Ardyn is the most interesting character in FFXV, indeed. Mysterious man of no consequences. Despite his horrible actions, a lot of people being sympathetic to him, because Trash Jesus is very charismatic person with aura of tragic, misunderstood hero, who was punished by terrible Gods for nothing.

But people simply ignore a big elephant in the room.

Ardyn didn’t cure Starscourge. 

He didn’t fullfill God’s task, he absorbed Starscourge within himself, but didn’t destroy the plague properly. 

But why? Why didn’t he sacrifice himself like Noctis? Why did once selfless and kind man choose the path of Accursed?

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This is all because of a conversation with @daryshkart about Peter and Star Wars. :D

Peter was old enough when Yondu abducted him (picked him up) to know that Star Wars was made up. Still, he’d always thought space pirates and aliens were all made up too. And now he was plunged onto an actual, real spaceship full of actual, real space pirates, very much like a dirtier, rougher, infinitely bigger Millennium Falcon, and it was terrifying and amazing and by far the scariest/awesomest/worst/best thing that had ever happened to him.

He was severely disappointed in the lack of lightsabers, though.


“You want me to build a what?”

“A sword,” Peter said. “Made of light. It’s, uh, it’s a thing we had on Earth.”

Rocket gave him a narrow-eyed glare. They hadn’t known each other very long yet, but Peter could sense the skepticism pouring off him. “Is this another made-up thing from your stupid Earth stories?”

“No,” Peter said promptly. “Well … yes … but –”

“I knew it!”

“Look, the galaxy has got jump travel, laser guns, artificial gravity, and stuff that looks pretty much like magic to me. Why the heck can’t it have light swords too?”

“Because light doesn’t work that way, you frikkin’ overgrown ignoramoose.”

“It’s ‘ignoramus’,” Peter said, wondering absently as he said it exactly what word he was correcting via the translator, “and fine, a simple 'no’ would have been enough.”

And he forgot about it after that, because it wasn’t like he didn’t have enough to keep himself busy, and anyway, Rocket kinda probably had a point. Peter didn’t know a whole lot about physics (dropping out of school in the third grade had its downside) but he knew what he needed to know in order to keep his ship running, and trying to combine the functions of “laser” and “sword” was probably, well, not a thing for a reason.


It was a week or so after everything that happened with Ego, and with Yondu, and with the Eclector – a week of making repairs to the Quadrant, limping slowly back from the outer edge of the galaxy – when Peter walked into his (Yondu’s) quarters, flopped down on the rank fur covering the bed, and bounced up again with a yelp of pain.

“Groot!” he yelled to the room in general, because the only people who ever came in here regularly were Groot and Gamora, and Gamora was the only person on this ship who wasn’t likely to leave junk laying in the middle of the bed. He picked it up without caring much, intending to toss it into the mess on the floor, and then stopped, holding it in his hand.

He’d never seen this before – which wasn’t exactly a new experience (Groot had probably found it in one of Yondu’s drawers; they were going to have to have a talk about going through people’s stuff again) but he couldn’t figure out what it was, either. It looked like the hilt of a sword without the blade. In fact, it really looked a lot like –

Peter gripped it without really thinking about it, in the handle-like way it seemed meant to be held, and two feet of glowing blue light stabbed out to illuminate the dimness of Yondu’s quarters.

Peter yelled and dropped it. The glowing blade vanished as soon as it left his hand. It plunked into the fur on the bed.

“That reaction was all I was hoping for and more,” came a sardonic voice from the doorway. “I just wish I had been recording it.”

Peter jumped and spun around. “Rocket.” He looked back at the thing on the bed. Picked it up. Squeezed it carefully. This time he didn’t drop it when the light burst out of the end. It even hummed – not quite the right kind of hum, but … damn. He tried an experimental slice through the air. “You … made me a lightsaber. An actual, real lightsaber.”

Rocket looked away and picked his teeth with a claw. “It doesn’t work real well. Actually it’s pretty lame-ass for cutting things. Laser torch works way better – which is pretty much what it’s based off of, just a glammed-up version. An’ the handle heats up if you leave it on too long.”

“You made me a lightsaber.” Peter tried a fancy side-swing he’d seen Gamora do, and lopped off the top of a lamp. Oops.

(Yondu’s gonna kill me was his first thought, for just an instant before the memory of why Yondu wasn’t going to do that slammed into him.)

And he glanced at Rocket in the doorway, at the feigned posture of unconcern, and he couldn’t help thinking that he wasn’t the only one who must have needed something to take his mind off things right now.

Losers, he’d called them once. People who have lost stuff. And they had; they’d all lost too much, and a glowing light stick didn’t bring any of that back – it was really just a toy –

A toy Peter had mentioned once, and given Rocket a quick sketch he’d drawn. And Rocket had remembered. And made it for him.

He was holding an honest-to-God functional lightsaber in his hands.

“I am not joking here, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Rocket. Thank you.” He tried some more swings, this time trying not to aim for any furnishings. “I’m gonna have to get Gamora to show me some actual sword moves.”

“If you take that thing into combat,” Rocket remarked, “you’re probably gonna die. Most likely after accidentally killing at least one of the rest of us, the way you’re swingin’ it around.”

“I don’t care. It’ll be worth it.” Peter looked up, grinning; he was feeling – happy, he was feeling happy, for the first time in a week. “Can you make another one?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“So we can duel. Obviously.” He tried reversing the blade samurai-style and almost cut his hand off. Oops. Probably didn’t want to emulate Luke quite that closely. “Can you make the other one red?”

“Humies,” Rocket sighed, but there was a slight smile tugging at the corner of his muzzle.

British Puns and Greasy Hair:Part 1




Cole and (Y/n) has reportedly broken up amid rumours Cole had been cheating on (Y/n) with co-star Lili Reinhart. Both Cole and (Y/n) play major roles in the hit CW series Riverdale. Sources have confirmed that neither Cole nor (Y/n), or even Lili for that matter, will be leaving the show despite the brutal tension, especially for (Y/n). The Riverdale cast will soon be shooting the third edition of the hit series with a new actor joining them this season- Tom Holland.


A/N : Hi everyone :) I hope you’re all doing well. Please do let me know what make of this Love Triangle I’m trying to create! I love hearing from you guys <3


It has been 2 months.Two months since you caught your two best friends making out in the Men changing room. You still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Since it was the last day of shooting, you and Cole had planned a small celebratory dinner. Everybody had already packed up and left. You had been waiting for Cole for over half an hour so you decided to look for him in the Changing room. What you saw next turned your world outside down. To say you had your heart crushed and broken would be an understatement. After all, what do you do when you find out that the first person to ever look into your eyes and tell you he loved you, never really did?

 You’ve kept a very low profile ever since then. There’s no denying you still miss your first love but you don’t, not even for a second, want him back. He ruined you.

The first two months were brutal. You felt out of your body. You were sad for a very long time. You missed him. Of course, you did. You missed the beautiful boy with the greasy blonde hair who’d never let anyone touch his hair, with the exception of you. You missed him everytime you woke up at 3am and realized you couldn’t call him to tell him about your bad dreams anymore. You missed him everytime you came across pictures of you photographed by the paparazzi alone because you’re so used to being photographed, and being protected, by Cole. But you missed him most when you roll over to the other side of bed and find an extra pillow instead of Cole’s warm body and his scent which you were so familiar with.

But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, your heart began to heal. Camila and KJ were your backbone. Camila dressed you up and took you out for meals while KJ took you girls shopping a lot of times. They made sure you were okay and that you weren’t alone. Soon you started to feel happy again, without Cole. There was no trace of Cole. Camila had blocked Cole from all your social media accounts and even from your phone because he called every single night for 1 month. “Never go back to what broke you,” Camila always reminded you. There was nothing you wanted more than to be with Cole again but the way he broke your heart was brutal and you knew you didn’t deserve any of it.

It has been 2 months. Today is your first day back at work since that dreadful incident. You haven’t seen Cole for two months straight. It would be weird to see him again, as someone who isn’t your boyfriend. To see him and Lili would be pretty sickening but hey, mama raised a strong bitch! You have no idea what’s going on between Cole and Lili. For all you know, they could be dating, you don’t know, no news emerged ever since. You’ve already forgiven the two of them though. Because hating them is just another way of holding on to them and they certainly do not belong in your life anymore. You don’t feel anything towards either of them. No bitterness, no happiness.

“Oh no, I have to be in set in 20 minutes,” you rush to get changed.

So after a 20 minutes ride to set, here’s what you’ve deliberated:

-       That you will be strong.

-       That you will remain professional towards both Cole and Lili.

-       That you will not let your emotions get to you.

-       That you will smile and continue to be the best version of yourself.

Okay, (Y/n), let’s do this.


Not surprisingly, you arrive 10 minutes late to the set. Ugh, LA traffic.

Around 3-4 paparazzi were quick enough to hurdle towards you as you parked your car.

Ok, the thing with paparazzi- you loathe them. You know they’re just doing their job but they can be pretty scary sometimes. Cole was  always the one to protect you from them but with him gone, you’re on your own.

Maybe that’s a good thing, you reassure yourself.

You quickly get out of the car as they proceed to take multiple shots of you.

“(Y/N), how are you feeling today?”

“Are we going to see any catfights today?”

“Are you still heart-broken?”

You roll your eyes at their questions as you make your way towards the set.

“Hey, leave her alone!” you hear an unfamiliar voice call out in a strong british accent.

You, in sync with the paparazzi, turn around to find a new face upfront.

The word Handsome would be an understatement.

There stood a guy you’re not sure you’ve seen before. He had dark brown hair and he looked pretty fit!

He makes his way towards you. The paparazzi quickly click him as well, yelling out “Ayee Spidy, what are you doing here?”


The Spidy guy gives you a warm smile as he approach towards you, “(Y/n), right?”

How does he know my name?

“Can we please get in first?” you squeak with a scared look. Gosh, you sure do hate the paparazzi.

So you and the Spidy guy make your way towards the set. Soon, the paparazzi  are out of sight.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I have a crippling phobia of photographers,” you blurt awkwardly, “Thank you for saving me though!”

He chuckles,”That’s my job, saving people”

You didn’t quite understand what he was trying to imply.

“It’s my first day here,” he exclaims

“You don’t say! Anyone who knows Mark knows not to be late,”

“Well then, I hope Mark doesn’t have a crippling fear of spiders if he wants to mess with me”

Okay, you have no idea where this guy gets his sense of humour from. You have no idea what he’s trying to imply.

British puns?

“Have we met before?” you question him. He does look familiar.

Lost in the conversation, you hadn’t realized that you’ve already reached the set.

You walk in to find everyone in a full circle. Camila, KJ, Lili, Casey, Madeline, Cole..

“Ah, (Y/n), you’re finally here!” Mark loudly exclaims.

Everybody turns around to find you and the Spidy guy walking in together. You try your very best not to look at Cole, or be affected by him. Onlookers could easily tell how his face changed when he saw you.

“I see you’ve already met your new co-star, Tom.” Mark exclaims,

Wait what.

“Tom Holland, everyone!”

You gawk at TOM HOLLAND happily waving at everybody as the crew and the cast cheers him on.

How could you have been so stupid? The handsome smile, the fit body, the british accent, SPIDY, the stupid spiderman puns! How could you have missed it?

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I couldn’t’-“ you shyly try to explain yourself.

“That’s alright love, it was fun while it lasted” he winks and disappears in the crowd of producers and crew members.

“(Y/n), make up room!” you hear one of the make-up artist call you.

“Be there!” you reply as you make your way towards the Hair&makeup room.

“(Y/n),” you’re paused by the sound of a familiar voice.

You turn around to find the last person you wanted to see on your first day back at work.

Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

Seeing him after so long feels so weird, espically because you were so used to seeing him every single day. This is your very first encounter with him ever since that incident and you have no idea what to feel. A part of you wants to run up to him and hug him tight like you always do while the other half wants to run as far as you can from him.

 Cole carried a melancholy expression.

“Hey,” you reply, avoiding his eyes.

“(Y/n),” he tries to walk closer towards you but you take a step back.

He pauses, “(Y/n), can we please talk?“

“Aye shy girl! I was wondering if you could show me around?” you hear Tom intervene from a distance. Poor guy looks so lost with his scripts! 

“Sure,” you reply back at Tom, making Cole widen his eyes.

“Later, Cole.” You quietly murmur and leave.

Cole quickly grabs your hand, “(Y/n), please”

You abruptly let yourself free from his grip as you reply, “There is nothing to talk about.”

 You hold your heart together as you walk away from ‘what broke you’. You don’t want to hear what he has to say. You don’t to hear any explanations. He knew what he was doing when he kissed Lili. He did what he did at the cost of your feelings. You’ve forgiven but you’ve definitely not forgotten.

 “Everything alright, love?” Ugh, Tom and his English ways. Any girl could easily be a sucker for this lad!

You nod at the innocent-lost british lad as Cole continues to look on. “Let’s start with the Hair&make up”.

It hasn’t even been 10 minutes since you’ve walked into set but you’re barely holding your heart together after having a short 30 second conversation with Cole. And to think you haven’t even talked to Lili yet!

For all you know, the third season of Riverdale is going to be one hell of a ride, considering you still have feelings for the guy who crushed your heart in two. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get past Cole and Lili in the long run but for now, you’re glad you have this cheeky british lad with terrible puns to pay heed to.


A/N : yay or nah?


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Lazy Mornings

Summary: Dean and you were still new to the whole relationship things. The more you enjoyed the little experiments, such as lazy morning sex. 
Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 885

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, NSFW gifs, PWP it basically starts right away

A/N: Written for Smut Appreciation Day!


You were still sleeping peacefully after your last night with your boyfriend Dean. You two haven’t been together for that long yet and kind of experimented around a little, ending in the two of you having a hot make-out session late at night.

So now here you were, sleeping naked next to Dean as you felt some hands on you. For a moment you weren’t sure if it was a very realistic dream or if someone actually touched you. The latter turned out to be the right version of interpretation as you slowly woke up and felt Dean’s finger rubbing your clit gently at the same time as he rubbed his slightly hard cock between your folds and kissed your neck.

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Class 1-A prank war

Its 2am so sorry if this is shitty (I wrote the others around this time so its should honestly be the same)

• Believe it or not Uraraka started it.

• She woke up super early and made Midoriya and Iida float and left them at the top of the common room ceiling.

• Mina wanted to get in on the fun too so she melted the hinges on all the doors in the dorm.

•Sero and kaminari got back at her by taping her desk to the wall with her still in it (she fell asleep during class and she sleeps pretty dead)

• At this point no one is sure who’s gonna pull another trick so everyone is weary of each other.

• Turns out its todoroki he covers everything in the dorm with a layer of ice. Even inside their rooms. Many fell that morning.

• From there it was an all out w a r.

• Sero makes a cross network of tape outside of people’s doors so they walk right into it and get stuck.

• Kaminari messes with the electricity making the appliances go haywire (Jirou was using the blender when he made a huge power surge and her milkshake went everywhere)

• Kouda doesn’t do anything hardcore but he switches the hair dye kirishima uses with green. No one suspects him.

• He also makes pigeons sh*t on mineta everytime he goes outside. Again no one suspects him.

• Satou does the old replace the sugar with salt trick. Bakugou poured all of it into his cereal. He was not amused.

• He also messes with the food in the opposite way so instead of salt the person ends up using sugar or when they aren’t looking he pours as much sugar as he can into the pot.

• There have been alliances. Such as Hagakure and Ojiro. They manage to steal everyone’s phone? And then leave them in the most random places just to repeat the procedure.

• Momo simply sticks Mineta onto the outside wall of the dorm with his own quirk. He stays there for two days.

• Todoroki uses his powers alternately to make the temperature of the room rise or drop severely. One minute its too hot for clothes and the next everyone is shivering.

• Aoyama uses his laser in the middle of the night to wake everyone up and now they’re fully awake and can’t fall back asleep because he’s so bright

• It annoys Tokoyami the most

• Jirou plays the worst music she can find at the weirdest times. She once went the entire day just playing the nightcore version of cotton eye Joe on repeat. No one was safe.

• People also want to form alliances with her because she can ease drop on others and make counter measures for their attacks.

• Momo creates the most useless and bizarre things and just. Leaves them everywhere. Like Todoroki woke up to his room full of porcelain dolls.

•That was the only time anyone has heard him scream and they’ll never forget it.

• People go to Midoriya for advice on a lot on stuff like other people’s quirks and how you might beat them. He loves giving them info that’s is just slightly off so they make a fool of themselves. Like he tells kaminari that you can use minetas balls and it won’t stick the first time you touch it. He ends up stuck to the kitchen counter.

• Iida and Uraraka replace all of Midoriya’s All Might merch with Sesame Street merch.

• Sero replaces all of Iida’s textbooks with copies of the crappiest fanfic he can find.

• Bakugou’s idea of pranks is just to run up behind people and combust at random times and everyone is like “bakugou no that doesn’t count as a prank”

• Mina strikes again when she melts all the boys school shirts and jackets and they have to go to classes with just their pants on.

• Then hagakure steals all their notebooks.

• Afterwards asui gives them all wet willies but because she uses camouflage they don’t suspect her until they hear a ribbit.

• This entire pranking thing just goes on until there’s an unofficial truce.

• After that (it was like a month) everyone was so careful not to set anything off.

• So. Fucking. Careful.


Summary: The morning after Tom drunkenly reveals his feelings to you.


Pairing: Tom x Reader

Disclaimer: Vague, and has mild conjunctional misatakes

Tom woke that morning to a cold and empty bed. Nothing out of the ordinary, if any person was to look at it, but Tom knew that this wasn’t the case. Last night was beyond what he could’ve imagined. Last night was the best night of his entire life. The sun poured through the hotel room’s window, brightening every inch of the place.

Tom pushed himself forward, before resting on his elbows. Around the room, there was absolutely no trace of another person, other than him and Harrison. It was confirmed; his girl—you. The very girl that fell asleep on top of him in this very bed was gone. To say that it was only a dream seemed quite crazy, and to make sure that wasn’t the case Tom rested all his weight and strength on one of his arms before using the other to reach up to his neck.

His fingers brushed across the sore and sensitive spot in his neck dreamily, as he took in the memory that came with it. It was real, all of it; the talking, the feathery kisses, and the lust, the passion, all of it was real. The hickey on his neck proved that to be. A chuckle escaped his lips, from just remembering how he felt last night and he had come to the conclusion that he wanted more of it.

The two of you had been friends for years, and it was inevitable. Falling in love with each other. The only thing was that it took Tom this long to sort out his feelings. Meanwhile, you’ve been struggling with your own for almost a year and a half now. Maybe last night was a breakthrough, a breakthrough for the either of you. To finally find that special one.

The ping his phone made whenever someone texted him caught his attention, and a weird giddy feeling swarmed his chest. It’s her, he thought to himself, but he couldn’t have been more disappointed. It was only Harrison saying good morning and asking if it was safe to return back to the hotel. Tom replied with a good morning and told his mate it was safe to come back.

While he was on his phone, it didn’t take him long to notice the Instagram notifications. To his surprise, Tom found his account to be quite lively with photos of him and you. The two of you fairly tipsy, maybe even drunk. They were innocent, the casual kiss on the cheek photos, the casual waist hug photo. What he was really nervous about was the video.

The minute long video that showed nothing more but a black screen before it was set to play. Tom could only hope he didn’t just embarrass himself and bruise his career or even worse lose you. The video starts with him just looking at the camera and smiling from ear to ear.

“Bit of an issue, me and Harrison got separated in this party,—” the camera flips and shows the medium sized crowd enjoying themselves and partying.

The camera flips around again, and Tom is greeted by his face once again, “—but it’s alright because I’ve got this lovely girl with me…”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Tom watched the video version of him, point the camera towards you the girl whom he had wished to wake up next to this morning and probably every morning. Before he knew, Tom sees himself throwing his arm over you before pulling you closer into his chest.

“Isn’t she pretty—I think she’s beautiful, and fun, and absolutely amazing.” Watching what came next made Tom’s skin crawling with goosebumps. Laughing, you shook your head saying what looks like a no, but Tom watched as he frowns. “What do you mean no? You are amazing, darling. How long has it been? I’ve known this girl for so long, she never failed to surprise me, I love her. I legitimately love her.”

As the video begins to end, Tom sees you look up at him in shock before he sees himself bring his face to yours. Giving you a sloppy kiss. The video ends a few seconds after that and Tom could start to feel his heart beginning to beat heavily. He didn’t want to believe it, but how could he possibly deny the evidence in front of him. What’s worse was that he displayed his feelings to you and to the world, in the most horrible way ever.

Immediately he left Instagram and called your phone. Already thinking of multiple ways to apologize, but the only thing was. There wasn’t any regret in him, he enjoyed kissing you and he only wished to do it many more times.  The phone rung three times before the line went dead. Meaning she declined his call. Tom fell back against the bed and closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. Thinking he had ruined everything between the two of you.

“Is there a reason you’re calling me when I’m right in the other room?”

Standing at the doorway, there you were in nothing but his t-shirt and your underwear. Surprised, Tom looked at you confused.

“I thought you left,” he said, his voice sounding small.

You looked at him confused and walked over to the bed, “Why on earth would I do that?”

Tom smiled hearing those words slip past your lips. Within seconds he reached over to you and pulled you onto the bed, under him. “I don’t ever want you to leave, not now, not ever.”

“But McDonald’s is giving away free fries,” you raised your eyebrows looking past his face and towards the ceiling, “I might have to leave for at least-”

You couldn’t finish—he wouldn’t let you finish actually. Tom had cut you off, with only his lips. They were pressed firmly against yours, and a wave of excitement flushed through your limbs. The giddy feeling from last night returning to both of you. Everything last night was firmly embedded into your mind and you enjoyed every second of it. Reaching up to get ahold of his cheek, you felt him turn his head leaning into your touch and further into his kiss.

“Fine, I won’t leave,” you mumbled against his lips that were still firmly entangled with your own.

Tom didn’t care about McDonald’s or the greasy potato sticks. All he cared about was you. Holding you. Kissing you. Just being with you. As his kiss moved from your lips to your neck, you giggled feeling squeamish. Just to mess with you further, Tom’s finger dug into your sides moving specifically were the most ticklish places on your body.

You laughed hysterically and tried to get away from him but it was no use. Hearing the hotel door open, the two of you grew quiet.

“Oi, I bought quacksons you twats,” Harrison called out.

You burst out into a fit of laughter, only to have a Tom groan.

“I do not say quackson!”

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Amber I need to suffer, could you tell me what are the songs in which H and L harmonise the most together? I just can think of better than words just because of a post that's going around atm, but I joined the fandom pretty late so I 've never followed their music before MITAM? Sorry for the rant and thank you

get ready for your DEATH

  • Use Somebody (not on the album but you’ve got to see this) 
  • Over Again (their verses are after another and it kills me)
  • Little Things (again, they follow each other up and then do the chorus together)
  • Rock Me (Louis: “I used to think that I was better alone” Harry: “Better alone” Louis: “why did I ever want to let you go?” Harry: “Let you go”)
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go (at the end) 
  • No Control (all of it is beautiful)
  • Better Than Words, yes
  • Temporary Fix (Louis: “and if you’re feeling the weakness…” Harry: “WELL I TOLD YOU BABY THAT YOU COULD CALL ME” plus he’s screaming it up in the back of Louis’ entire verse hahah)
  • A.M. 
  • If I Could Fly (as if this song isn’t a cryfest as it is, have Harry: “I hope that you don’t run from me”, Louis: “for your eyes only….” )
  • Home (Louis: “I’ll make this feel like home”, Harry screeching “BAAAABY WE COULD BE ENOUGH” KILL ME WITH THIS SYMBOLISM)
  • 18 (Louis’ verse, then H&L sing it together, and then Harry launches into the rest of the chorus, and live it’s even worse)
  • Love You Goodbye (Louis’ high note and then Harry interrupting lowly…….. MURDER MY ASS)
  • One Thing (click the link, it’s the acoustic version and it’s beautiful, HL’s voices are really prominent together in the chorus)
  • WMYB (same thing, not really together but acoustic, they sit next to each other and please just watch it and cry)
  • Live While We’re Young (again, acoustic, i’m a fan, go to 0:33 IT KILLS ME)
  • You & I (Louis’ verse, Harry harmonises in the background)
  • Happily (in the chorus both H&L are really prominently there)
  • Last First Kiss (Harry at 2:28, Louis follows up the chorus)
  • She’s Not Afraid (they follow each other up)
  • Loved You First (same thing)
  • More Than This (… you know what I’m saying yet) 
  • Moments (really prominent together in the first chorus, follow each other up) 
  • Little Black Dress (again, Harry’s verse)
  • Strong (for the sake of it, Harry sings the chorus right after Louis’ verse)
  • Why Don’t We Go There

Some of them aren’t harmonies in the strict sense of the word but they’re still dream-teaming it up so it’s close enough, hahaha.  I probably missed a few, anyone’s welcome to add, but I had to stop before I collapsed. this should be enough to tide you over at least 


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31 supercat sounds hilarious (or angsty?)

Kara was drunk again. She was slumped down in her seat, and her head lolled on her shoulders, bobbing from one side to the next and then down between. Her chin bounced against her chest, and she sucked in a gasp, jerking her head back up and blinking her eyes.

“I’m fine,” she said, the words slurring on her tongue. “Completely fine.”

“Completely drunk is more like it.” Alex sighed and slid out of her side of the booth and into Kara’s. She wrapped an arm around her shoulders and leaned her cheek against the side of Kara’s head. It was the fourth night in a row that Kara had ended her night at the alien bar, completely trashed, and every night, Alex had come along to keep an eye on her and to clean up the mess. Wipe away Kara’s tears. Listen to her frustrations. Pry her lips off of random aliens who saw nothing wrong with taking advantage of an intoxicated Kryptonian. Indulge her ridiculous desires to play guessing games like I-Spy or shuffle off to the nearby auto graveyard and bench press compact cars for fun. Whatever Kara needed. But it was starting to get a little out of hand, and Alex was beginning to worry that Kara wasn’t going to break out of her funk any time soon. “We should get you home.”

“No,” Kara whined, and Alex rolled her eyes.

“Remember when you were a happy drunk?”

“R’member when I was happy?” Kara hiccuped through the words. A sob became trapped in her chest, and her eyes began to water. “And ’blivious.”

“Oblivious,” Alex said, impressed. “Well, at least this alien alcohol doesn’t affect your vocabulary, just your speech.” She smiled as she teased her. “That and your tear ducts. Overstimulation seems to be a real problem lately. Maybe I should do a work-up.”

Kara snorted out a laugh that quickly turned into sob. This one managed to free itself, and Alex let out another low sigh. 

“Oh, Kara,” she said, rubbing her hand up and down Kara’s arm. “Everything’s going to be all right.”

“No, it’s not.” Kara shook her head, a few strands of her hair smacking across Alex’s face and chest. Alex patted them down and then smoothed them behind Kara’s ear, and waited for her to continue. “I can’t sleep. Can’t eat think.”

“Eat think?” Alex poked Kara’s side. “Is that a thing now?”

“You know what I mean.”

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songs to base your plots off of:

                             selena quintanilla version  ;

el chico del apartamento 512. // the guy from apartment 512.

( y camino a mi cuarto muy lentamente, con la esperanza de verlo. y cuando sale a caminar me saluda con una sonrisa, que de veras me conquista ) MUSE A and MUSE B live in the same apartment complex. MUSE A usually attracts the attention of every other guy in the complex but her eyes are always on MUSE B— the hot guy who lives in apartment 512. MUSE A usually writes about how MUSE B smiles or interacts with her in a diary. one day MUSE A musters up the courage to talk to MUSE B only to have another female answer the door. this leads MUSE A to believe MUSE B is in a relationship until MUSE A finds out that the female that opened MUSE B’s door is MUSE B’s sister. and so things continue until MUSE A finally declares their crush to MUSE B.

 si una vez. // if i once.

( si una vez dije que te amaba no lo vuelvo a hacer— ese error es cosa de ayer ) MUSE A and MUSE B were in a toxic relationship, one where MUSE A was head over heels in love with MUSE B but MUSE B never actually felt the same. MUSE B would just show enough interest and affection towards MUSE A to keep them happy. until one day MUSE A realized how better of they were without MUSE B, leading to a messy break up.  if i once told you that i love you, i now regret it.

la carcacha. // the jalopy.

( aunque sea pobre y tenga un carro viejo, me saca como reina — un hombre de verdad ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been dating for a while, they’re the embodiment of relationship goals. however, MUSE B is not rich at all and MUSE A is. their financial statuses have never been a problem for them but it does have everyone else talking. MUSE A doesn’t care that MUSE B has an old, raggedy car because MUSE B treats MUSE A right. this leads to MUSE B going to a lot of fancy events and not knowing what to do and MUSE A whispering words of encouragement to them the entire time.

no debes jugar. // you shouldn’t play.

( se te hace fácil con mi amor siempre jugar pero muy pronto, yo te pongo en tu lugar ) MUSE A has had enough of MUSE B treating them like they’re just someone to mess around with so MUSE A begins to do the same. they flirt with others and do things that they know MUSE B doesn’t like. ultimately, MUSE A is giving MUSE B a taste of their own medicine.

la llamada. // the call.

no me vuelves a llamar, no te voy a perdonar, otra oportunidad — no te la doy no vales la pena ) MUSE A catches MUSE B cheating, which leads to them breaking up. however, MUSE B won’t stop calling MUSE A and it turns into constant arguing and MUSE A cussing MUSE B out every time the phone rings.

amor prohibido. // forbidden love.

( amor prohibido nos dice todo el mundo, el dinero no importa en ti y en mí, ni en el corazón oh, oh baby ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been dating in secrecy for a while, neither of their families or friends approving of their relationship for x reason. but the couple is so happy together that they hardly ever let the rumors and gossip about them get to them. but when things do get intense, MUSE A and MUSE B do get into some pretty nasty arguments.

como la flor. // like the flower.

( si en mi no encontraste felicidad, tal vez alguien más te la dará ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been in an on again and off again relationship for a long time. their relationship has never been stable because of the lack of affection that they both don’t share. after their last breakup, MUSE B moved on and began dating MUSE C ( npc ) which sparked MUSE A’s jealousy and feelings towards MUSE B. now, MUSE A is trying to get back with MUSE B, even though MUSE B is in a relationship with MUSE A.

no me queda mas. // i have no more.

( no me queda más que perderme en un abismo de tristeza y lágrimas ) much like the como la flor plot, MUSE A falls into immense sadness after their breakup with MUSE B— not realizing how much they loved MUSE B until they see that MUSE B has moved on to MUSE C. however, MUSE B sees how much pain MUSE A is in and the feelings come rushing back but MUSE B in a tough spot because they’re in a committed relationship with MUSE C.

bidi bidi bom bom.

( cada vez, cada vez que lo veo pasar… mi corazón se enloquece y me empieza a palpitar ) MUSE A is madly in love with MUSE B but MUSE B is completely clueless. even when MUSE A fling themselves at MUSE B, they’re still so oblivious to it all. this means so it’s up to MUSE A to do as much as they can to catch MUSE B’s interest.

i could fall in love.

( so i should keep this to myself and never let you know i could fall in love with you ) unrequited love between MUSE A and MUSE B. MUSE A is a dreamer, head always in the clouds as they have always wanted things they could not have. MUSE B on the other hand is a realist, accepting a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly. after meeting MUSE B, MUSE A falls in love at first sight— intrigued by the way MUSE B handles themselves. but MUSE A is too shy to ever act on her feelings, so they write a book about being in love with MUSE B. bonus points if MUSE B reads the book and finds out it’s about them.

is it the beat?

( i believe, that love doesn’t come when you plan. here i am—  caught up in these feelings i don’t understand ) MUSE A and MUSE B know each other through mutual friends. every time there’s some sort of get together or party, you can always catch the two there. over time, they start to develop feelings for one another but the gag is that they’ve never told each other their names or any type of personal information because they don’t want to get into a serious relationship. the only time MUSE A and MUSE B see each other is at social events but never outside of the party scene.

dreaming of you.

( and there’s nowhere in the world i’d rather be than here in my room dreaming about you and me ) a cute, fluffy plot about MUSE A and MUSE B being so madly in love with each other that they’re always doing intimate couple things. cuddling, napping, passionate kisses and what not. 

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winteriron neighbours au bucky is 28 or 29 and tony is 24 or 25, where bucky and tony live next to each other and tony is scared of him. bucky is always grumpy, angry, glaring at everyone. tony thinks bucky is a serial killer. one day he just blurts it out and bucky is very offended. that's how they start talking. later when they start dating steve still can't get over the fact that tony had thought that bucky was an assassin. he still laughs at them because of that. happy ending.

Resting Bitch Face/Bucky will always be one of my top pairings lmao. (Man I had plans for this and then I threw in angst lol I’m a failure.) Look out for under the cut!

You can also find this on Ao3 here.

Tony was pretty sure his neighbor was a serial killer.

Like, he’d done the proper thing his mother had said to do, introduce himself to his new neighbors (he had a standing offer to have coffee with Bruce anytime), but when he’d knocked on the door of 4D, a man had answered looking ready to commit murder. There had been bags under his eyes and his eyes were red and his hair was a mess. He’d grunted out a terse ‘the fuck do you want’ and Tony had been able to do nothing but squeak. And then the door had been slammed shut in his face.

Which, you know, might have been a little rude; no one looked good first thing in the morning and Tony had clearly blind-sided him. But the guy hadn’t had to slam the door in his face. He had planned on just nicknaming him ‘Rudy McTrudy’ and moving on with his life.

Except sometimes Rudy McTrudy came home late at night clutching his left hand with a towel that was stained with blood.

Tony nicknamed him ‘Murder Guy’ instead.

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Sorry if this is a serious burden, but I was wondering if you had some completed fic suggestions?

Of course it’s not, nonnie! Ok, let’s do this (I may cheat and put a few in that are aaaalmost complete I hope that’s ok):

Lost and Found and Red Sunrise by @lusterrdust because everybody knows that everything this woman writes is like little tiny pieces of stardust.

Fall in Light, Break Free and Run, and Born Losers by @sylwrites because once again, this lady’s talents are out of this damn world.

Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash whose fics just make me laugh and weep all at the same time.

Friends with Benefits by @juggieheadcoopers and The Reunion by @peacelovebughead which are both super sweet, mixing a little drama with fluff in just the right way.

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder which was one of the first multis I ever read and let me tell you did it set the bar high, it’s phenomenal and the styling is immaculate and the plot is just *applauds*

Girls on Film @malmo722 which is something short and very, very sweet. And a lil spicy. 

Pieces of My Heart by @lazydaizies and like I don’t know how this woman does it but her writing is incredible, her update speeds are even more insane and like this is a huge fic just full of everything you could ever want from angst all the way up to domesticity.

Tales of An Endless Heart series by @lessoleilscouchants which still has another part to come I think, but like this fic series. This. Fic. Series. It was one of those ones were I came to it late so thankfully got to read it all in one go but like it stayed with me. The characters and the emotions were all I could think about for hours and I felt them in my chest and I just wanted better for them, I wanted things to be how they wished they were and while oh my god does it hurt in places it’s literally one of the best fics I’ve ever read. I love it so much.

We Used To Be Closer Than This (Is It Something You Miss?) by @sopaloma because this three parter (and one coda so far) is just so good. Like so good. It was hooked instantly and I was so glad it got posted so fast. A little look into a rocky Bughead future and man, you just need to read this asap.

Movie Nights by @gellbellshead and I know it’s not finished but it’s just so cute and I know this lovely lady will get around to as soon as she feels better (I hope you do, my love!) and it’s just so cute and grumpy cinephile Juggie is my life.

The Winged Beast by @onceuponamirror which, again, is only almost finished but holy hell do you need to read it. If I was gonna have an alternative to the actual series, this would be it. Because everything about it is immaculate. The characterisation is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it’s so spot on and I’m just in awe honestly. 

Ever Since New York by @allskynostars only has two chapters left to go, and it’s been a wild ride! Sad and angsty and hot and emotional, this fic has it all.

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk is one from the early days and it’s so close to being over. I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m no longer getting updates from these wonderful versions of the characters! Although I’ll be so happy I don’t have to deal with clingy Jason anymore jeez!!

To B.C. I Still Love You by @camelotskingz I fell hook, line and sinker for this fic and the ending was just posted recently and I’m a mess.

Falling in Love With You

Dean wasn’t okay.  If you asked him, he’d never reply as such, but he wasn’t and he hadn’t been for a long time.  Maybe not since he was four years old.

By and large, his emotional state was stable.  He went through periods of happiness and contentment, when he played cards and laughed with his brother and angel, with Charlie and Kevin, when he texted his mom and she replied quickly, when he lay on his memory foam mattress and remembered how grateful he was to have it.

But the depression would always come back, the painful hollowness deep in his gut, beneath his ribcage, a void that could never be filled.  

For a while, he thought it might go away when Mary came back, but it didn’t.  Mary’s absence was an old wound, possibly his oldest, but it was also a wound that had long since healed.  Messy, scarred over, and painful, but it had healed. He’d groan accustomed to her absence, grown comfortable with the borderline mythological figure he’d made her into.

He was glad to have her back, of course, and he wouldn’t let her go again for anything in the world.

But with her presence came the uncomfortable realization that she’d never be able to reach the pedestal he’d put her on.  She’d never be his Virgin Mary, existing only to nurture him, to warm him with the golden sunshine of her endless, effortless, and uncomplicated love.  

No, this Mary was human.  She was messy, she was emotionally inept, and by and large, she was a lot like him.  Dean was still learning to cope with this fact.  

With it had come another uncomfortable realization entirely:  what Dean had wanted back, what he’d needed back, most in the world wasn’t Mary.  Not the idealized version of her he’d created, anyway.  

What Dean really wanted back was his childhood.  He wanted the chance to be someone’s baby, a chance he’d missed and was never getting back.  It had been taken from him before he was even old enough to realize it was missing.  It had been taken from him when he’d been forced to become a parent at four years old.

Dean hated this kind of realization. Just as he hated the realization that most of the time, what he was after when he went out to find someone to sleep with, nine times out of ten he wasn’t searching for sex at all, but intimacy.  Love.  The kind a person like him couldn’t find anywhere else.

It was why his favorite type of girl was the kind who’d stroke his hair and call him endearments afterwards, baby and sweetheart and darlin’, why his favorite type of guy was the kind who’d whisper to him about how beautiful he was while they were going at it.

Dean didn’t want to know this.  Sex was supposed to be his relief, his means of getting away from the world. Now even that was tainted with how hopelessly messed up he was.  

So today, he didn’t bother going out. No one else was home:  Sam was out helping Mom out with a hunt, and Charlie had dragged Kevin to a Doctor Who convention in Washington. Cas was checking out a demon sighting in Texas.

It was just him, Skinemax, and a bottle of whiskey.  The goal tonight was to turn off his brain, to stop thinking, and it wasn’t working.  

God, Dean didn’t know if he’d ever actually been in love before.  He thought he’d been in love with Lisa, but now he wasn’t sure;  he’d loved her, definitely, but that didn’t necessarily mean he’d been in love.  He’d never even thought of her as anything other than a fun, bendy chick who liked to have a good time until he found out she was a mom.  

Could his entire relationship with Lisa have been based on some fucked up desire for a mother?  

The concept was not a welcome one, and Dean took another swig of his whiskey, turning up the volume on his porn.  Jesus Christ.  Freud would have a picnic with him.

If being in love constituted as how strongly he felt towards someone, he’d probably have picked Cas. Maybe even Benny, to a slightly lesser extent.  But Dean knew that wasn’t a possibility:  he wasn’t gay.  Sure, he had sex with guys occasionally, but that just made him flexible.  He knew plenty of straight men who liked to experiment.  Hell, he’d even slept with a few of them

That was Dean’s reasoning, anyway.

So that settled it, then:  Dean had never truly been in love.  The thought had him tipping the bottle up once more, taking five chugs of the bitter liquid before slamming it back down on the table again.

God, he just wanted love.  He wanted to give it, and he wanted to receive it.  He wanted to be the center of someone’s world, he wanted to be taken care of, he wanted to be loved and to love in return, romantically or otherwise.  

Sammy didn’t count, Dean thought, because it wasn’t like he had anywhere better to go at this point. He’d had a life to look forward to once, a better life.  That had been taken away from him.  Now, all he had left was Dean.  

Charlie was fond of him, maybe Kevin too.  But did they love him?  By Dean’s reasoning, probably not.  Why would they, when he’d dragged them into this Godforsaken life to begin with, nearly gotten them killed on multiple occasions?  

His mom probably loved him.  Probably. The alcohol was exacerbating the doubt he felt on a daily basis about that.  Right now, he felt that mostly what she loved was the little kid she’d known, who he’d once been and would never be again.  Or maybe the idea she had for him, the normal, respectable life he could have led.  But not him.  Not this pathetic, broken drunk he’d become, barely on the outermost fringes of society.  Just one step shy of being an animal.  

Dean swigged his whiskey again.

Then there was Cas.  Beautiful, loyal, clueless Cas, who stood by Dean because he didn’t know any better. The angel he had ruined, whose wings he’d broken, who came back to him again and again and again.  Not even Heaven or Hell or death itself could keep the stupid bastard away.

And Dean…Dean didn’t know what to make of that.  He didn’t have much time to reflect on it, either, because he’d just downed half a bottle of whiskey in less than fifteen minutes.  It was making his head swim, so much so that he had to set it down on the table just to get it to stop.  His eyelids felt heavy, the moans of the guy getting plowed growing dim in the background.  Before Dean knew it, he was asleep.

Dean was jogged a few minutes to a few hours later by a hand gently shaking his shoulder.

“Dean,”  a familiar voice grumbled. “Dean, wake up.  It’s time for you to go to bed.”

“…I know,” Dean mumbled, into the table.  “S'why I’m sleepin’. Dumbass.”

Cas sighed, heavily.  Dean could just picture him rolling his eyes.  “Dean.”  

“Fuck off, Cas.  M'tryin’ to sleep.”

“Then you can do so in bed.”

Dean only grunted dismissively in reply, but Cas wasn’t taking no for an answer.  Next thing he knew, he was being unexpectedly hoisted up, bridal style, by some unnaturally strong angelic arms.

“Mmmf.  Where’re you takin’ me,” Dean slurred, still too out of it to properly protest the situation.

“I told you, Dean,” Cas said simply, voice mildly exasperated.  “To bed.  It is after midnight.”

Jeez.  He’d been passed out longer than he’d thought.  He thought his tolerance for alcohol would have been higher by this point.

Sure enough, the next thing Dean knew, he’d been plopped on his memory foam mattress.  He looked down, world still fuzzy as Cas tugged off his combat boots. 

“Nonono,”  he protested.  “I sleep with m'shoes on.  Dad always says, I gotta be ready for, for an emergency.”  

“You haven’t slept in your shoes in years, Dean,” Cas corrected him gently, kindly neglecting to remind him that his father was long dead.

Cas neatly lined the shoes up at the foot of Dean’s bed.  He wanted to take off Dean’s clothes as well (only because it would be more comfortable for him to sleep that way, thank you very much) but he knew enough about human social customs to register that that would be inappropriate.

So he just got to his feet, turned around, and made ready to leave.

“Cas,” Dean’s voice slurred, halting him.  Cas turned to look at him, expectantly.  “Cas, do you think…”  Dean swallowed hard, eyes pink-rimmed and dewy.  “Do you think anyone actually loves me?”

Cas turned to face him fully, brow rumpled in concern.  “Dean, what are you talking about?  Of course people love you.”

Dean scoffed.  “Yeah?  Like, like who?”  he slurred out, voice suddenly snide and doubtful.  

“Sam, for one.  Your mother. Charlie, Kevin,” Cas replied, calmly.  “Bobby is in Heaven, but I’m sure he constitutes.  Jody, Claire.  All of us care deeply for you Dean,” he assured him.

Dean swallowed, looking at Cas through narrow, tired eyes.  “You, too?” he murmured, voice barely audible now.

Cas wet his lips.  “Yes, Dean,” he assured him.  “Me too.”

Dean’s brow crumpled briefly, painfully, eyes squeezing shut.  A single tear rolled down the side of his nose.  

“Will you stay with me, Cas?”  

Cas blinked, taking a moment to process the request.  

Dean held his arms out in front of him, like a child asking to be held.  “Please,” he whispered.  He felt pathetic, even in his drunken state, but he wanted this so badly.  He needed it, deep in his soul.  Maybe he always had.  

He was so, so tired of being strong.

Cas wet his lips.  “Of course, Dean,” he said finally.  “I’ll stay with you.”

Dean was almost crying with relief as Cas climbed awkwardly into bed, on top of the blankets beside him. He wasn’t used to being in bed, hadn’t been for a while, and it showed.  But at the moment, it was all Dean could have ever wanted, all Dean could ever need.  

Having Cas here with him made his world complete.

He looked into Castiel’s eyes then, and in that moment, he saw all the love he’d ever wanted, all the love he’d ever craved.  As endless and unfathomable as the seven seas.

“Cas,” he whispered, voice a drunken rasp.  Those eyes never blink as he runs his hand, gently, down the side of his face, feeling the delicate prickle of his stubble.  “You’ve been here all along, haven’t you?  You’ve always been waitin’ for me, all this time.”

Cas didn’t flinch at Dean’s odd wording.  “Yes, Dean,” he answered, softly.  “Always.”  

They don’t have sex, obviously.  Cas just holds him, kissing his forehead gently, over and over, his beautiful voice murmuring to him all the things he’s ever needed to hear.

It’s alright.”

You’re perfect.”

I love you.”

I love you.”

I love you.”

Dean, only semi-coherent, barely registers the warm tears running down his cheeks and nose, dampening his eyelashes.  Tears of relief more than of sorrow.

He barely registers that the last thing he mumbles before he slips into unconsciousness is, “I love you, too.”

He barely registers that for the first time, he really means it.

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 10

My clothes are beautiful, expertly crafted, befitting of me, Lotor claims with such enchanting, love sick eyes.

Though, along with my wardrobe being ready, my Galra approved education had also begun which I don’t exactly oppose school. My experiences with school socializing were borderline traumatic and the stress of heavy school work even more so. However, this education last only about two hours a day and I have a personal teacher who answers every question I ask without a hint of amusement. I requested that I don’t have to sit in that patronizing school chair, and without any questions, I was catered to. I’m living… like royalty, really.

And the Galra Empire is fairly interesting. Of course, Lotor’s doing what he can to restore the will his father had so ruthlessly stolen from his people, changing the way things operate. Lotor, before we go to sleep, will let me play with his hair and tell me tales from thousands of years ago, engrained into the foundation in which this empire was built. Tales of betrayal, manipulation, death, tragedy, the slow maddening that obsession can ensue when taken a few steps too far. I will sink into a soothing rest with his charming voice as a lullaby, a rope of pure, unbelievably soft hair clutched in my tired hand.

Though, the stress is slowly leaving my body, I still sleep so often. I’m eating more than I ever have, I think. There’s always more to try, sample, consume. Lotor says to me I should eat when I can, that I should be pampered, spoiled. Somewhat, I believe him. Or maybe I don’t care about anything he’s said to me and I am just hungry.

From this, however, I’m thickening a little. I can see why Hunk loved food so much. I don’t care about the effects as long as I can keep feeling full, loved, and not so starved metaphorically and literally, as I had on that forsaken ship. I think of them, the Paladin’s of Voltron, then Lotor gives me another gift, and they are pushed far from my mind as the reflection in my eyes is golden, glossy, rich. And I never refuse this. How could a greedy man reject this dream?

When I’m not eating or sleeping, I cling tight to Lotor’s side, even when he shows obvious discomfort at my presence. He claims it’s because a jewel such as myself is welcomed to stand by him always, but I should not burden myself with the same responsibilities he is. Slowly, I’m starting to believe he thinks I’m incompetent as well. Though, instead of sinking into that same abyss of self loathe and pity I had, I use this to my advantage.

“Don’t be dumb, Princey. I just don’t wanna sit around all day. I’ll go freaking crazy by myself all quintent.”

He smiles like a child, with joy lighting up his eyes. They look exquisite, enchanting. In the darkest part of my mind that is growing so quickly, I wonder if he would pull them out and give them to me. Would that be morbid or beautiful? A bit of both? Why is this so hard to figure out? “Of course! Humans are social creatures. I apologize, my love, for leaving you alone so often. The duties of a prince are so taxing.”

“It’s okay. You’re cute, so I’ll let you off with a warning.”

His pointed ears flutter. Is that endearment? He flushes a lovely shade of darker purple. “You are the light of the life, my Blue Prince. The most precious thing in the world, to me.”

And he only ever adds fuel to the fire. “Awesome, Princey. I’m glad I make you feel that way.”

Does this love like obsession make even the most powerful of soldiers susceptible to manipulation? It seems… like it.

I study him, mostly. Around his generals, he is stern, snake like, twisting words around and sending them into losing battles. I seem to be the only one he has a soft spot for. His eyes narrow if anyone so much as glances at me. Jealously boils hot in him when I respond as I would in any other normal circumstances.

Somewhere, along the way, I find out that peace was not exactly Lotor’s intention. At least, not with Voltron. Among the enslaved planets, he does want their loyalty, not their fear (as condescending as he is in those battles, I’m not surprised he can feign those intentions to make others become apart of the new and improved Galra Empire where mercy is a common practice of course for later psychological warfare), but he was never going to let Voltron go free. I ask him why he chose to take me into his home, spoil me rotten, treat me with such undying kindness, when I was the Blue Paladin.

He simply responds, “Because I love you. And love is even more powerful than an old vendetta. I knew I had to have you, before thinking of destroying Voltron. With this new order, the universe needs no protection. We are one, in this way. A one Voltron cannot be apart of because of their biases and my own distaste for them.”

That’s right. They were all so biased. Against the Galra. Once upon a time, I was as well. But, I have learned that the Galra are a people torn to shreds by their own leader. With a new one, one who is not a tyrant, it will rise again, a healthier version of its former. This is ensured, Lotor explains, by the death of his parents.

“Right,” I nod my head with a gentle smile, “They couldn’t like actually keep living? They’d just try to steal the throne and be jerks again! That throne is all yours, Princey. You did,” I kiss his neck and sigh, “what you had to.”

“No guilt, nor remorse.” He says back quietly. “However, I do feel as though I’ve betrayed them. Without their cruelty, I could never have become the Galra I am now.”

“Pfft,” I shove him and snort, “that’s a total load of bull! It’s not like they shaped you well. You’re messed the heckie up!”

His face falls and I grab his cheeks with my (chubbier than I remember) hands. “Messed the heckie up?” He asks, speech impaired from the corners of his mouth meeting.

“Total whack-a-doodle, dude.” I confirm with a nod, letting go on his face to kiss the purple flesh with faint hand prints on them. “You manipulate people for kicks. You’ve got an unhealthy obsession with yours truly. You’re obviously suffering major trust issues. You’re also somewhat trapped as a child? I’ll assume that’s from some sort of gross sexual molestation or something. And you just killed your parents, Princey. I’d call that,” I give a chaste kiss to his worried lips, “messed the heckie up.”

“I… suppose, I am.” He slumps forward, forehead on my shoulder. “I apologize for being ‘messed the heckie up’, my love. You deserve much better than I.”

These are the vulnerable sides he will only ever show to me and I’m suffering from a rush that’s making my head spin. “Hm,” I hum, tugging the clip holding the top part of his long hair up loose, “I don’t know. I think I can accept you. Who knows, maybe you’ll let me become your… second in command?”

He blanches. “Second in command? But, you should be protected a - and kept safe and sound within my ship, I don’t know if I could ever - ”

I frown and give him a cold look. “Of course, if you don’t think I’m good enough, I could always just go back to being a Paladin. I can be insulted there, too. I just… thought you might’ve actually cared about me.” I’ve always been good at having a poker face. I’d done it for so long at the Garrison and again in the castle. “I guess I was wrong? Do you want me to leave as soon as I can, Princey?”

The hesitation and skepticism leave his eyes as fast as the color leaves his flesh. “Of course not, my darling!” His face breaks out in a nervous smile as he pats my head in reassurance. I offer him a smile. “V… Very well then. If a position as my second in command is what you desire, then that is what you will get.” He swallows. His throat looks yummy. “I… would give the universe to you. Just for you to stay by me.”

I grin, slow and sly and climb into his lap, where his ears go flat against the sides of his head. I wrap my arms around his neck, press my mouth against his pulse and feel the life of another living creature, right beneath my teeth. He is all mine, mine, mine, pined beneath me like willing prey and I’ve never felt less like dying in my entire life. “Perfect!” The vibrations of my words against his flesh make him shudder and I chuckle, a sound that’s surprising dark, even to me. “Now, let’s engage in something… naughty, Prince Lotor.”

His head nods as if he is possessed.

Yeah, this is perfect.

As his second in command, I’m required to go on missions with him, and give him advice on what to do. I believe he’s smart enough to figure it out on his own. I only tell him when he’s been too lost in conversation with his generals to watch out for asteroids. Look at maps and try and find good routes to get where we’re heading when I’m bored. Eventually, there’s a particularly heated battle, where I see Voltron for the first time.

With one rebellious, out of control, blue lion.

I can’t help but laugh until my stomach cramps because what a bunch of morons. They were all so invested in Slav’s predications, only for it to be untrue! Blue can’t be piloted by Matt, nor Allura, because she is loyal to me, even as I’ve abandoned Voltron. They need me. However, I don’t need them.

In a moment of peace, Keith speaks out, voice amplified and his lion’s jaws wide. “We need… Lance! We need him back! We know he’s with you and we need to tell him - ”

“We’re sorry!” Hunk intercepts passionately. Oh, unexpected. Then again, we’ve been best friends for years, our task was to stay by each other and help each other through our rough patches and Matt could never replace me there. He’s probably fairing awfully without me. Jeez, I’m spending so much time with Lotor, my internal dialogue is starting to sound like his English Professor vocab. “It’s his choice whether he forgives us or not, but tell him we’re so sorry!”

“I’m sorry for treating you unfairly!” Shiro shouts next and his voice is thick, strained. “It doesn’t matter why, there aren’t any excuses for being a bad leader when your teammate is suffering!”

“I’m sorry for never listening to you, even when you were just trying to help!” Pidge says. Their voice sounds teary. “I treated you like shit and it’s been hell without you!”

“I was a terrible friend!” Hunk’s voice is sobbing. “I a - abandoned you even when I’m always supposed to b - be there for you! Ever since G- Garrison!”

“I’m sorry too!” Allura’s voice projects through Blue’s maw. “I ignored you when you just needed an ear to listen! I pushed you away, we all did, but I have no excuses for what I did!”

“I took everyone’s attention!” Matt’s voice also speaks up through the Blue Lion and I cock my head curiously. Neither of them can even get her to stop flying like a psychopath? Pathetic. “And I didn’t pay any to you! I treated you like a nuisance that was just in the… in the way.” His voice cracks near the end.

“And I’m sorry for using you.” Keith is crying, sobbing, loudly. “I used you and I didn’t - didn’t know how to say that I love you and I said awful things to you instead and y - you didn’t deserve any of that. Please.” He’s begging. Begging, now. “Please, just come back to us. Can you t- tell him all that?” He sniffles.

Lotor looks at me with rounded, watery eyes, mouth agape. I slide over from my seat, kiss the tip of his nose and gesture him away from his own chair. He unclips his seatbelt obediently as I take a seat, press the communication button and lean my mouth to the microphone.

“This is Lance, your local Tailor, speaking.” I say cooly, smoothing back my hair impulsively. “You know, they call me the Tailor because of how I thread the needle.”

Lotor giggles like a school girl. “You’re the most precious thing!” He coos.

“Thanks, babe.” I wink at him before turning back to the task at hand. “And I’d like to say, I recognize each of your heartfelt apologizes.” Images of me sobbing my heart out in the shower every night, just begging silently for some help. “I understand that you need me back so desperately now, with the entire Galra Empire trying to wipe you out.” I remember so suddenly every time I’d been interrupted and yelled at, cast out, ignored, overlooked. “That you are desperate, begging for my assistance in this grim, horrible war.”

This is all you’re useful for.

“You guys… really need me.” I smile, thinking about how I cried so hard in the shower I puked and the chunks clogged the drain. “I’m… wanted in Voltron. You guys are like my family. And I really missed you when I first left.”

I think about how hot the tears felt on my cheeks as Keith fucked me, then the feeling of his foot in my ribs, the knuckles upon my face. “But, I don’t need you anymore!” I exclaim gleefully. I start laughing, hard, hysterically. “Oh, boohoo, you need me!” Lotor starts to chuckle behind from my side. “You want me to come back so I can feel like shit all over again? When I’m living like royalty? Fat fucking chance! You can cry some more though, that’s hilarious!” I wipe a cheerful tear off of my cheek. “All I can say to you Voltron morons is fuck you and long live the Galra Empire!”

I missed them. But, as the darkness in my mind expands to reaches its never seen before, those parts of me are being consumed. To prosper is to consume, my Prince has taught me.

In the end, Voltron retreats tactfully, sustaining major injuries. Though, they can’t form Voltron anymore, right? They’re just a band of powerless rebels now, unable to wield the most powerful weapon in the universe because I’m no longer at there beck and call.

Once upon a time, I would sob myself ugly because those fools did not need nor want me.

Now, the opposite is true.

I hope they now have a taste of what I felt every. Fucking. Day.

I hope they eat the whole thing up.

Chapter 11:

Little Monster part 2


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words?

Word count: 1.773

Summary: First class, first time meeting with professor Rogers. An old friend returns and raises some questions.

A/N: Some of you asked for more insight on how Steve looks at things… Well lucky you!

Part 1

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BTS Reaction #27 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

*You can find the Got7 Version >>Here<<*

Seokjin: You were at a small fan meet and the boys of BTS were playing a game. They were split into teams and the MC told each team to find certain items, and the fans would give the items to the members if they had them. Jin had given you various glances throughout this game, always asking you first if you had the item the MC was asking for.

“An angel plushie or keychain!” the mc called next.

Seokjin shot straight to you once again but instead of asking you for an angel plushie, he grabbed your arm and helped you up.

At your confused look he smiled, held the mic up to his mouth and said, “I didn’t find an angel plushie, but a real life angel! I believe I’ve won this round MC!”


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Yoongi: You were walking back to your allotted office space where you were writing lyrics for your groups debut when Yoongi caught your eye from across the hall. He was looking at you with slightly widened eyes when he realized you were looking at him too. He instantly gave you a shy smile (like in the gif) and you started walking towards him without realizing it.

You: “Hey, you’re…You’re sort of a mad genius with lyrics do you know that??”

/why did that come out of your mouth first thing??/

He let out a puff of air and laughed, “Yeah I kind of am aren’t I? Are you in a new group here or something? I’ve never seen you here before.”

Still embarrassed from blurting out the first thing that came to your mind when you saw him you said, “Yeah actually… I was just on my way to write some songs for our debut…”

“Ah, well,” he smiled at you even wider then before, “I look forward to the next lyrical genius emerging from the rookie groups. And… If you ever need some pointers just seek me out. I’m here all the time I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

You did see him again. And you did ask for pointers, but only so you guys got to spend more than a few minutes at a time together.

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Due to each reaction being a mini-story (I’m sorry for getting carried away again) the rest of their reactions will be under the cut

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