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The great tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is he never got a chance to be free.

Think about it. He’s born into slavery. He lives 9 years as a true slave. Even if Watto was the “best” owner ever that is still a horrific circumstance to spend your FORMATIVE YEARS. Even if Watto was a saint, there is so much trauma in having no freedom or control over your own body, in knowing the PRICE of your life. Not to mention secondary trauma, which is NO LESS TRAUMATIC, btw.

Then, he’s “freed” by a Jedi. But the Jedi frees him with the implied condition that Anakin be taken in and trained by the Jedi order. As soon as he leaves Tattooine, all choice is stripped from him. The counsel evaluates him and finds him wanting. His entire future is thrown into jeopardy because the man who bought him is dead and the new owners may want to return him. When they finally do induct him into the Jedi Order, it is with suspicion and a lot of conditions (cough, being the Chosen One, cough)

Once again he’s in a situation where he must call the people in charge MASTER.

(But it’s Different, someone might say. Yeah, well, when you’re 9 a cucumber looks like a zucchini, and patterns of thoughts, how the world works, worldview, that doesn’t change just because someone tells you some pretty words)

In the Jedi Order, Anakin loses the autonomy of his choices. He loses the option of getting married and having children (which, btw, is one of the rights traditionally stolen in slave cultures). He loses the right to chose where he goes and what he does EVEN AFTER HE REACHES ADULTHOOD. And, he loses the right to his own emotions.

Even as a slave, emotions are the one thing they can’t truly take from you. They can try to break you, they can punish you, but as long as you can think you can feel, you can hide what you’re feeling. You can be angry, sad, happy, in love even if they don’t want you to. But in the Jedi order, not only are these emotions bad, but it is an entire organization of psychics who vocally criticize and police you out when you’re struggling to “let go” of anger and hate, even or especially hate that is justified!

Then, this Order begins using SENTIENT HUMAN SOLDIERS who have been BRED AND RAISED AND SOLD TO BE AN ARMY. Soldiers who’se MINDS have been stripped to make them more obedient. And the Jedi don’t even hesitate to put them to use. The Jedi Order legitimized slavery. How do you suppose THAT felt for the former slave boy?

So, in the movie, you see a progression as Anakin struggles for power. Because, if he’s the master then HE WON’T BE THE SLAVE.

Lastly, after THREE YEARS OF TRAUMA AND WAR AND SLOWLY SLIPPING TO THE DARK SIDE (don’t tell me it was just Padme’s death that caused him to fall), Anakin fall’s and turns to the only Authority Figure who has treated him with full respect and told him that he is powerful, he is in control – Darth Sidious. Who then ENSLAVES HIM UNTIL THE DAY HE DIES.

Anakin only got 30 minutes of true freedom and he was dying.

And that just kind of kills me.

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omg i see you're writing grisha fic now, and if it isn't too much trouble could you maybe write something for darklina, surrounding the 'wanting' quote?? or anything really (for my poor heart)

This time she seeks him out.

She’s surprised at how effortless it is: to divine the substantial from the inconsequential, a firm touch from a litany of grazes—to part the dark from the light.

His presence is, and is not. The figure kneeling at the foot of her chair bears acknowledging. The pale hand encircling her own is warm. But everything else—the hardened quartz eyes boring into her—is cold.

“Your agreement,” she begins. His fingers tense on her hand, but she does not reciprocate. A flickering, dimming stub of a candle on the table—ridden with half-written letters and the beginnings of thoughts unspoken—draws her eye, and keeps it. “Does it still hold?”

An eternity seems to divide two halves of her question, but he has known all along what she will ask, from the very first twist of the connection between them. She’s at the end of her tether, and at the end of it, it’s him.

His head is bent. She cannot know what he thinks, but the smile—knowing, shot through with dark amusement—against the back of her hand tells her enough.

“My answer will always be the same, Alina.”

A touch, familiar yet lonesome, grazes her cheek and he’s gone—the candles snuffed out with a hiss of wind.

“Then I will come to you,” she whispers at last, to no one at all.


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the people curse my name and pray for you, but you’re the one who was ready to abandon them. i’m the one who will give them power over their enemies. i’m the one who will free them from the tyranny of the king.”
“and give them your tyranny in return.”
“someone has to lead, alina. someone has to end this. believe me, i wish there was another way.”


“You didn’t give me much choice.”
“Of course you had a choice. And you chose to turn your back on your country, on everything that you are.”
“That isn’t fair.”
“Fairness!” he laughed. “Still she talks of fairness. What does fairness have to do with any of this? The people curse my name and pray for you, but you’re the one who was ready to abandon them. I’m the one who will give them power over their enemies. I’m the one who will free them from the tyranny of the King.”
“And give them your tyranny in return.”
“Someone has to lead, Alina. Someone has to end this. Believe me, I wish there were another way.”

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Seriously, it's a trilogy? Why? Just because it's the current trendy format for young adult dystopian book series? You're just following in the footsteps of Hunger Games and Divergent and all that crap. If you've truly created such an interesting world and such relatable characters then why not six books, or nine, or twelve? Why did you have to make it yet another goddamn trilogy?

Do you really think the number of books denotes in any way the creativity of the content?

Trilogies are a whole lot older than any modern YA fads. They go back to ancient Greek plays, to Wagner’s Ring Cycle (arguably as it has a prelude work) to Star Wars. The ancient and powerful concept of life, death and rebirth can be showcased by the format, even paintings are sometimes made in triptychs to use this format. The idea of trilogies being a modern fad is ludicrous.

Valhalla is a trilogy because the story fits neatly into three parts. If it fit into seven like Harry Potter or four like Inheritance I’d have made it that many books. Furthermore, it was planned as a trilogy when it was first developed in the 1990s, long before any modern fad.

I have no interest in playing into what’s trendy. I also have no interest in altering my work so as to avoid what’s trendy. That would be just as bad.

imo if u wanna rank the pixar films:

  1. the incredibles (a structurally perfect movie IMO)
  2. the toy story trilogy (no way to differentiate IMO)
  3. monsters, inc. (another basically perfect movie)
  4. wall*e (excellent but dated)
  5. ratatouille (underrated gem of gems) 
  6. finding nemo (another very close to perfect movie, might be this low because I’ve seen it too many times)
  7. brave (suffers from its clearly rehashed plot but actually a very beautiful movie IMO) 
  8. up (perfect opener weighed by a meandering ending, yes I’m putting up under brave, fight my ass) 
  9. a bug’s life (impactful when I first saw it, kind of suffers from the endless other bug movies that came after it)
  10. inside out (would have been amazing if it wasn’t for the ugly character design, tragic celeb voice acting choices, and underdeveloped sentimentality) 
  11. cars, because…cars