another thing that might not really make sense to others

The Questionable origin of Kou.

Time to play my favorite game: Make a meta I wrote at 4am that I should have re-written almost a week ago make sense.

Okay so explaining everything strange suspicious behind “Kou” in Chapter 127.

First very early on in the chapter we are brought in to see the Oggai targeting a ghoul bar owner and we are given this interesting piece of information. Oggai’s squad leader is gone.

This brings up two interesting questions: 1. Why is Ishida bothering telling us this in a story and if it matters where are they? And 2. Who was the squad leader?

Question 2 is easy to answer. The person who is always in front of the round eyed mask wearing oggai was this person… 

You’ll notice something very interesting about’s the Oggai’s missing leader’s hair style apparent age and face… it’s very similar to the newly arrived Kou…

Now lets get to the appearance of Kou. Kou was being chased by at least 3 ghoul investigators at the time Naki found him. It seems like a little much for one kid who’s not fighting back… But when Naki attacked the investigator said something that confused me.

“Stick to the plan.” or in another translation “remember the plan.” What plan? Surely they don’t mean stick to chasing this random kid while the white suits attack? There has to be more to it than that… Like maybe the investigator was trying to steel his comrades to make things look realistic even though they might die…

There’s also Kou’s general seeming lack of knowledge. While we know the heightened senses of ghoul vary somewhat. (more so in quinx who might only have one or two senses heightened) it seems odd that Kou is unable to really verify that the people around them are ghouls…

There are of course other things that could make Kou being an Oggai questionable such as the fact Kou has double Kakugan. 

But it’s not that strange if you remember quinx can have double kakugan under certain circumstances. Also if the Oggai were originally garden kids Arima even said different ghoul/human hybrids showed different traits.  Also Oggai always wear masks that obscure how their eyes look in battle, so we have no idea what they look like beneath.   Mix those three facts together and the line of two kakugan = full ghoul gets hazy. 

All and all I have 3 ideas…

  1.    Kou is the missing Oggai leader and a mole for Furuta to find the black goat’s base. It seems just like Fruit man to let investigators die in order to sneak a spy into black goat’s midst by appealing to their sympathy for a child. Ironic he pushes the stereotype ghouls are evil to reach his goals. (Plus we all know what Akira said, “Kindness will be the end of you.”)
  2.    Kou is the missing Oggai leader and they ran away for some reason. If they weren’t trying to set something up it would explain why it was so important that the ghoul investigators caught them.
  3.    It’s actually a random new ghoul kid, (Though that seems strange so late in the story.)
Chapter 91 Thoughts.


The moment I clicked the new chapter was the moment I had the very same thoughts. I even double checked the titles. Then the penny dropped to my mind.

So Isayama decided to make another time-skip and also a change of character views as well.

It has been almost 80 years after this:

Almost 40 years after this:

Almost 30 years after this:

Almost 20 years after this:

9 years after this:

4 years after this and other events from the first chapter of manga:

And 3 years after this:

And we are at the year 854 now.


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Does comfort with language and speaking help determine who ends up autistic and who ends up a cousin?

I recently had a chance to interact with a mix of neurodivergent autistic and non-autistic people in person, and it was fascinating. The non-autistic people had an interesting mix of ADHD, mental illnesses, and miscellaneous other unspecified brain things.

There were some interesting similarities. First, everyone was highly aware of the need to make everyone else comfortable. They asked about pronouns, they explicitly asked for feedback on their own communication (”am I talking too much?”), and gave explicit positive feedback to other people. I never see groups of neurotypicals showing such concern for others, awareness that different people communicate differently, or willingness to talk explicitly about the interaction. Everyone had some sort of processing issue, so bringing them up was a non-issue. (All of these things made me feel much more comfortable!)

The differences were even more interesting. Not the ones a neurotypical clinician would expect, like the non-autistic people making a little more eye contact and smiling a little more often. There was a huge, obvious difference between the autistic and non-autistic people in the room in how much and how quickly they talked.

The non-autistic people talked a lot, whether or not they were anxious. When they talked, they spoke fairly quickly and confidently. The process of turning their thoughts into words and speaking didn’t seem difficult for them. The autistic people in the group were very quiet. They rarely spoke, and when they did, they said fewer words, talked more slowly, and sometimes said they were having difficulty speaking.

I’ve noticed before that the autistic bloggers I follow are much more likely than the other neurodivergent folks to talk about having difficulty speaking. Listening seems to be a more universal issue–I have auditory processing difficulties and so do other non-autistic neurodivergent people I’ve interacted with. (In fact, one of the things that probably confuses and annoys people most about me is that under stress, I can still talk in a way that makes sense, but I can’t really understand what anyone is saying accurately–although I might think I still can).

But it’s one thing comparing how people talk about their experiences, and another to actually see how they interact in person. The difference in difficulty speaking was even more striking when I saw it in person.

I’ve noticed a lot of commonalities between my brain and that of my autistic friends and family.  What they say about sensory processing, feeling other people’s emotions, getting “too excited” about special interests, liking explicit communication, clumsiness, viewing certain social rituals as pointless, and feeling like an outsider describes me, too. But I ended up developing in a different direction–with nonverbal learning disability, and interaction as one of my least weak nonverbal skills. And I’ve wondered what caused that difference for a long time.

This meeting confirms my hypothesis that I developed differently socially because language and speaking have come naturally to me from an early age. It’s easier to cover over awkwardness or pretend to be neurotypical if you can talk fluently. Being able to speak and write fluently helps you figure out your brain and explain it to others, and also helps you ask other people about their experiences so you can compare. 

There are other things that help me socially too–like a special interest in people’s minds, a habit of mentally projecting myself into real people or characters’ situation and imagining how I’d think/feel/act, and demographic variables (gender, race, appearance, etc.). But I’m aware of autistic people who have the same traits.  So I think ease of thinking in words and speaking was the main reason why my autistic friends/family and I come off as awkward in such different ways.

(I also think there’s a grain of truth to the stereotype that people with ADHD are outgoing and talk a lot, while autistic people are quiet and introverted. What’s your experience been with that?).

Hmmm I wonder if we should pay more attention to the previous series Voltron DOTU???

I haven’t watch DOTU but I have read a bit on wiki about Lotor the prince ofthe Galra empire and how he is half Galra half Altain. From what princess Allura has told us Altains can alter their appearance to look like another species.

With season 2 coming about and how the VLD (Voltron legendary defenders) is its own thing it still keeps the core of what Voltron is ( well thats what i think but I think DOTU fans would have a better perspective and say than I do lol). 

I personally think that they might ( key word might) combine Keith and Lotor’s character, it would make sense why Keith is an orphan and how he could have fit among humans. This would be due to his Altain Dna matching up to what a human would be like, and with living on earth for so long he wouldn’t really know how to be another species other than human. Plus add to the episode where his hand gets burned and the episode where he loses his anger at  Haggar and we hear the comment “you fight like a Galra soldier” (it was something along these lines.)

So all in all my theory is that Keith is combined with the character  Prince Lotor and might be the son of Haggar and he is both Altain and Galra. 

Though this is just a theory but I personally think us Voltron LD fans should watch DOTU or at least read more about it, there are sectrets in the old show that will either be twisted and made new, old and true or not true at all and wont appear.

anyways hope you like my theory! reblogg and add on to it or if you have any input on this or any other VLD theories.

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Hey! So I don't know if you've noticed this but in IMDB they changed the name of that guy Silas to Enoch. I did a quick search on the marvel characters with that name and there is a inventor called Enoch Mason who created the Dimension Smasher which allow people to jump between dimensions so that goes well with your theory that whoever is in space might be in another dimension :)

Hi Anon!

Yes I did, notice.  It was one of those things I was sitting on until I could make a bit more sense of it.  Because its really odd to see a characters name change like that in IMDB.  We sometimes see a last names added.  

So Enoch Mason from the comics is a very interesting option. 

  •  Enoch Mason, a widowed inventor who created the “Dimension Smasher”, a device that could create an opening from one dimension to the other. He believed that supernatural beings that were seen as ghosts were really beings from an immaterial dimension next to ours. In order to get the money needed to build his device, Mason would get loans from criminal “Brains” Borelli.

While Brains Borelli also jumps out at me so they could do like they did with Radcliffe and combine a couple of characters in the AOS version.

  • As a young boy “Brains” Borelli was constantly picked on for his lack of intelligence. He would consequently grow to have a deep rooted hostility for those of exceptional intelligence, specifically scientists. As an adult he would amass enough criminal power to become a leading crime boss in the city, gloating over how he had everyone in his pocket. He would take personal joy in loaning money to scientists whom could not pay him back so that he could send his men to destroy their inventions. 

But the “Dimension Smasher” does fit in that particular theory of mine as well “The window is closing,” and the fact that he had a piece of tech that could freeze everyone.  And someone who dislikes ‘exceptional intelligence” doesn’t bode well for Fitzsimmons.  

Another IMDB note Lt. Evans, the soldier who was with Talbot when he was shot will be back in 5 as well.  So this could be her on the news, talking about how Daisy and Shield attacked him and increasing their fugitive  status.  Or she has a more significant role.  I also am nursing a low key possibility that the Talbot we saw show was and LMD, part of the ruse in taking down Shield.  The Superior and AIDA did succeed in destroying Shield as we knew it.  The team if they have managed to get away are going could be on the run again.

Back to Enoch.  He’s back in 1 and 5 so far.  We know he was the one who took the team in the diner.   So not sure where he’s been in 2, 3, and 4.  IE some of team got away from him and he’s tracking them down.  He shows back up to do some explaining/monologing so we finally get an idea of what is going on.

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I thought his k-antis calmed down a bit and stopped writing nasty stuff but ytd I saw new twi accs which were registered on June/August and they all have about 50-70 followers which means there is still a group of people who hate him, idk whether they are new fans or not but... I just realized these bitches won't leave him alone any time soon. I just simply don't get it if those antis started to stan another group, why would they do this? It makes more sense if they are other members' stans. (1)

Our fandom is full of akgaes. But how knows - some k-fans are unpredictable. I feel really depressed thinking about it, knowing that Haechan might see it and I feel like he is still not over it but he needs to pretend that everything is fine. His naver tag still has that damn thing and it seems like Haechan got more haters than fans who care about his life. (2)

Okay w o w what the fuck? (are they the same akgaes with the old ones? do they sound the same? I kinda wanna know the accs to report…) but yeah, haters never going to fade, worst case scenario we gonna have to wait a year for all to be normal. Let’s anticipate 2018 =))

Why…? because… human, dude, they only have all the energy to hate on something. 

YOU ARE RIGHT! NCTzens can be considered as a group of akgaes. Same bruh same, and p l e a s e I’m all ears to your concerns. His s e c o n d Nver tag to be exact, yes? :) Fuck them. I pity them, they should get a life or smth…

That’s the thing about souls – they don’t choose, they just know. I’m not sure they’d know how to choose even if it were up to them. If what’s said about people and souls is true, then it is really a matter of the soul finding its match in another, the other half of the whole, the sense of home, of completion. All might be wrong in the world, but once our souls connect, that’s all that will matter. And what of a soul that’s missed its mark? I’m not sure. Maybe our souls aren’t either. Maybe we have to make a round around the block and come back to make sure we were right after all the first time.
—  Azra Elle Phoenix
the signs’ level of cleanliness (in my experience)

aries: it’s literally all or nothing.  either they’re obsessively clean or pretty messy (although they always clean up when they have guests).  there is no consistency.  they do have a tendency to own a lot of items, though, which can make the place pretty cluttered.  5/10

taurus: very neat, gotta keep the place aesthetically pleasing.  a place for everything and everything in a place.  the floors will be shining and the bookshelves will be stocked.  8/10

gemini: hella neat because they clean when they’re anxious.  having clean surroundings helps them concentrate on all their intellectual pursuits, and decluttering is therapeutic for them.  9/10

cancer: organized chaos.  they binge-clean every once in awhile (i.e. when they have visitors) but, for the most part, the place is neat in a way that makes sense to only them.  6/10

leo: very neat and organized, and judge other people for being less so.  9/10

virgo: THE NEATEST, THE CLEANEST, THE MOST ORGANIZED.  they also clean themselves very regularly.  just overall 10/10

libra: although they like to keep things organized and nice-looking, they also tend to accumulate a lot of clothes and other objects which can create a great deal of clutter. 7/10

scorpio: neater than most, cleaner than most, but nowhere near virgo caliber.  they’ll have things really neat for visitors but things will slowly start to creep back into disarray over time.  7/10

sagittarius: about average cleanliness and neatness.  nothing remarkable, really; if they live with someone who’s messier than they are, they’re not going to clean up after them, so that can put a damper on things.  5/10

capricorn: super organized, not necessarily the neatest or the cleanest though.  if they live with an aquarius, though, the two of them will team up to keep the place nice.  7/10

aquarius: they have an organizational system that makes sense to them and nobody else, really.  they might keep some things organized (the CDs will be alphabetized, for instance) but calling them neat/clean in general would be a lie. 5/10

pisces: the one pisces I know was really good about making the most out of small spaces and generally kept her room clean.  then again, she also lived with another pisces who let the house get so bad they ended up with mold.  I guess it’s kind of like aries, really - one extreme or the other.  6/10

Re: NDN Usage

I don’t know of the Kickapoo people, but I am a Native person and I can give you my perspectives and experiences on the subject. 

I live on a reservation sort of in Northern Canada. Here we have something called a band, and there are bands in other parts of Canada as well that are made up of a chief and counsel (though we’re aren’t sovereign as the government still controls a lot of what bands are allowed to do according to the Indian Act). Which brings up my point. The official name of the bill “the Indian Act” has not changed since it was created, and also, the name of our band is “Lac La Ronge Indian Band”. While the more politically correct terms are “First Nations” and “Aboriginal”, we haven’t changed the name of our band yet and I’m not sure if we will or not, but there are other bands that have changed their name using the more politically correct terms. 

I can’t speak for all Native people everywhere, but in my area, the use of the word “Indian” is not considered offensive unless it is used in a derogatory manner. In my opinion, it might also be considered offensive it is used by someone who isn’t Native. A lot of Native people simply use it as an alternative for “First Nations” and “Aboriginal” since these terms only recently came into use within the past decade or so and a lot of Native people have been using the term “Indian” for most of their lives. 

Native people (in my area anyway) also make fun of themselves a lot using the word “Indian”. Not in a demeaning manner, but in a humorous way. For example, if someone is running late, someone might say “Running on Indian time?” Which was actually a really racist thing used against Native people a long time ago, but now we make jokes of it because it is just a part of our sense of humour. Although if a non-Native person ever said that it might be considered extremely offensive. 

I think the word “Indian” is comparable to the N word used by black people. Black people use it casually with one another, but if a non-black person ever used that word it would be considered very offensive. 

I’m not sure how using “Indian” differs in other areas, so I can only speak for myself. As for “NDN”, I’m not sure about the use of it. I’ve seen that word before but I haven’t seen it used a lot. I see it as an alternative to “Indian”, but it could mean something different in another area.
Anyway, I hope this wasn’t too confusing to follow. If you have any questions you can ask me.

Yeah, this sounds closer to my experience than the US experience (I’m Canadian, too, but Southern Canadian). The use of “Indian” in the US and Canada is drastically different so when you’re dealing with terminology, it ends up being a case of “where are you from”?

And I agree some terms are alright to use inside the community, but not outside. Also, again, different countries. My answer would’ve been different had the Kickapoo been in Canada instead of the US (I’ve really primarily seen NDN used States-side).

I personally don’t like “Indian” because it’s confusing to have two completely different ethnic groups from different parts of the world called by the same thing, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because of the history. But depending on how the tribe’s been impacted by the word, they respond to it differently.

If anybody else wants to give feedback, please feel free!

~Mod Lesya




shit. shiiiiiit it’s been like a month, what the hell happened last time I did this???

…Something involving the Felt and profanity, if these strewn about post-its are anything to go by?

Alright, something about a demon, and Sollux’s virus, and Karkat being an idiot, and, oh, okay.

I remember now.

Back to crying, I guess.

Sounds like your lusus is agitated about something up there. You already gave him his serving of honey today. If he thinks he can get more, well that’s just greedy.

You wonder what could be bothering him?

Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but, following the current trend, probably a severe case of Headexploditis

That, or the imminent death of millions of people via the first batch of meteors

Or both

Quite possibly even the loss of your Lusus CAUSED by wayward civilisation-destroying meteor

So many fun options hahahaah (థ - థ)

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Science has proven that hearing half a conversation, as you’re forced to do when close to a cell phone user, is inherently more distracting to the human brain. In one experiment, people were asked to try to concentrate on a task in total silence, and then while overhearing two people conversing with each other. They performed equally well both times. But when half a conversation was played, performances dropped dramatically. Another study showed that people on public transport recalled more details of a one-sided conversation than a two-sided one, even if they’d been trying to ignore both.

The human brain likes things to be predictable, and it can’t really relax and “tune out” something that doesn’t make sense. You might notice yourself trying to fill in the other half of the phone conversations you overhear. It’s the same mechanism that makes it so hard to walk away after you’ve seen the first 15 minutes of an episode of CSI or Law & Order: The brain naturally hates leaving questions unanswered. Suddenly, you’re trying to solve a puzzle instead of concentrating on how little you give a shit about the exact drunken position he passed out in last night.

6 Things That Annoy You Every Day (Explained by Science)

My Life as an ENTP

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

Oh jeez. This is definitely my most used function. Bouncing around from idea to idea is definitely my forte, and definitely the reason why I can’t pick a career or college (Writer, or psychologist, or actor, journalist or virologist or or or or). There are so many possibilities and I want to discover them all!

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