another thing i found

whats been happening while i was gone

  • my aunt gave me a new charm for my bracelet..she said it was an angel but it looked more like a fairy..but if she says its an angel then it is :/
  • i found a vhs video camera + tapes to record on it (theyre like TINIE versions of normal vhs tapes n its cute)
  • i also found my old camera which is not able to take pics bc the lens + shutter are jammed but i can still get my old pics off of it.. pics from 2011-2013
  • i found ANOTHER thing. a cassette-corder + cassettes for it to record on
  • i went to my childhood best friend’s sweet 16 ;_;
  • i went to the amusement park (again) yesterday but this time the fair at the pne was open too so there was way more attractions 
  • partial eclipse made everything outside look like it was an edited video with a colour scheme
  • i miss essie :(
  • lots of paranoia at night and its not good

kingdom hearts…


Kingdom Hearts… Rapping.



KINGDOM HEARTS RAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re supposed to assume that Jimin has a crush on the girl he and Hobi are with right?

NOW, call me crazy but  I think he doesn’t and it’s all jealousy. I think he is actually in love with Hobi.

He is the only one alone and doesn’t have a girl. Meaning he needs to love someone already taken. As we know, BigHit loves pairing JM and HK (like in RUN, LIE, MAMA, etc.) and they make each other happy (the pillow fight scene and all that stuff).

So it’s shown that Jimin is mostly likely self-harming. And you probably think that it’s cause of the girl right? Well, no…

Let’s look at this scene:

It’s shown that when they crash/collide it causes him more pain. Now, if he loved the girl, that wouldn’t happen because he would be crossing paths with her and was actually making a “move” (even if accidental).

But if he likes Hobi, it’s a completely different story…

Their(the girl and jimin’s) feelings for him(hobi) are colliding and they can’t both have feelings for the same guy with out if causing problems (represented here by them crashing and both falling).

This scene is basically the universe asking Hobi:

Him or Her?

And as is shown, Hobi ends up picking her and carrying the girl through the rain:

Leaving Jimin alone (represented by him dancing alone in the dark)

While they(hobi and the girl) were always dancing together and not alone:

Keep in mind that both the girl and Jimin are hurt and need medical attention. And Hobi ends up picking the girl and carrying her through the rain, basically choosing her over Jimin. As everything goes to shit, we’re treated to this scene:

Since in none of the other places it was raining (and JM and HK are always together) we can come to the conclusion that both Jimin and Hobi are in the same place at this time.

I believe that this is Jimin looking and seeing Hobi picking the girl over him. He’s watching as the boy he loves holds another person on his back and carries her soaking wet, through the rain (when he needed the exact same thing).

This is Jimin’s lie. The Lie that he’s fine and not hurting (something he tells his friend represented by him turning the camera to the painting, something that hobi sees as good)

When really he’s just in pain and drowning in his lie.

Deceiving Hobi, much like his mother did.

Both lies represented in the painting.

Another thing I found was the scene in Lie where it’s “raining”:

Something that reminds him that the boy he loves choose someone else and that he’s caught in a lie (much like he was caught in the rain).

They all lost the person they loved, and while most members lost their girls.

Jimin lost the boy of his dreams to one of them.


Anonymous requested: “Can I request a gifset of the pregnancy reveal to Doc because someone said one of the reasons he left was probably because he was starting to cry and I need confirmation as to whether or not he was crying and also I just need gifs of the beautiful performance that was that scene even though there were only like two sentences said”

There are visible tears in gifs 5, 6, and 10.

Max sitting with the Milking Mothers and they teach him how to knit.  He starts knitting for relaxation and makes random things.  

Furiosa finds a brightly colored cozy on the stick shift of her new war rig.  It’s so weird but so precious she can’t remove it.  

War pups with misshapen knit hats on.  

Big, tough, War Boys with little black knitted baggies tied to their belts.  

Max makes new fingerless gloves for Dag, in a really garish bright green yarn since she works with the plants.  She doesn’t really like them but wears them anyways because a gift carries the giver’s warm spirit in it.

Max leaves a light yellow pouch for Toast…she is confused but oddly delighted.  No one has ever given her a gift before.  

Capable requests a shawl and Max tries to make something somewhat “pretty”, so he asks his knitting mentor how to make something different, but he ends up making something that looks like an old fish net.  Capable still loves it because it’s unique.

The next try he nails it, perfect shawl, in Cheedo’s favorite colors.

He makes a few more for the Vuvalini and some of the younger girls at the Citadel.

He makes one more, out of dark blue and aqua-marine colored yarn with flecks of light green and tan.  He’d been saving this yarn for a while.  It reminds him of the ocean where his home used to be, but it also reminds him of his new home, where he is now.  He puts it away and insists he just made it to keep his hands busy, but everyone else knows why he made it.  Capable snatches it when he’s not around and leaves it for Furiosa, with a note that simply says, “from Max”. 

My thoughts on Helpless

Wow I have so thoughts and the majority won’t be super coherent so bear with me.

So upon listening to it again, I have a whole new appreciation for it. Eliza really has the most upbeat and ‘pop’ song of the musical. It’s easy to feel her energy and excitement when she is head over heels in love with Alexander at first sight.

Yet despite the peppy tune, the lyrics are darkly foreshadowing. She was 'helplessly’ in love in more than one way. Yes, she helplessly fell in love at once without any control of her heart.

And she was 'helplessly’ in love with him in another way. She was brought to a state of helplessness by him throughout the musical because of her love for him. Even the simple and repeated hook “I’m helpless” it’s a warning of things to come later that’s masked by the bubbling melody.

Another thing I found interesting when I looked at the lyrics is this:

-Hamilton: And long as I’m alive, Eliza, swear to God
You’ll never feel so…-

Alexander never finished his sentence. For some reason that really stood out to me. Whatever it may mean or if it was intentional, I don’t know. But it was definitely impressionable and his trailing off fits the narrative well. His promise to keep her from feeling helpless was never capable of being kept.

So my sum up of Helpless: a beautiful song filled with hope and new beginnings that is a foreshadowing look into the Hamilton’s lives. Underneath the lyrics, you discover more than one meaning to what she really means by the repeated refrain 'helpless’.


wlw literature: Under the lights

her fingers tangle in my hair as she pulls me back and it’s not just me, it’s her, and it’s us, and obviously, neither of us is ready to say goodbye just yet.

  • Keith: *jerks awake* WhAt!
  • Lance: consider this. What if we took all the Polar Bears and then just MOVED them to the South Pole.
  • Keith: *rubbing eye* what about the penguins?
  • Lance: ........and then we take all the penguins and MOVE them to the North Pole.
  • Keith: I'm going back to bed

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