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can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

Had a lot of fun with this one. I was initially going to add another scene but it ultimately became superfluous to the story. I’ve left it kind of open at the end, a bittersweet sort of meeting, but if someone would consider suggesting where it goes afterwards, I’d be okay with doing another part. In the meantime, thank you to @legrandfoyer for the request. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]: can I request? :D a tony x reader where the reader applies for a spot at banner’s lab, but by mistake ends up getting an interview with tony for the job of (tony’s) personal assistant?

‘An Interview with Tony Stark’

Despite having your hands on your thigh, somehow your foot was still finding a way to tap on the floor. The court shoes that you were wearing didn’t help to conceal the sound either. You fiddled with the end of your blouse’s sleeve and looked at the clock for the umpteenth time. Who knew that the clock hand would shift by one minute after 60 seconds had passed? It felt like much more time had passed.

Given the job you were applying for, part of you had expected to be interviewed in some sort of lab. Yet here you sat – dressed in a pantsuit and heels – in a surprisingly mundane office room. Sure it was modern, but there was only one monitor on the computer. How could they possibly be productive with only one monitor?

You looked at the clock once more. Your interviewer was late. How long did they expect you to sit there waiting? Perhaps it was a test. Just as you were beginning to ponder where the hidden cameras were, the lock on the door clicked and a brunette was using his back to push it open, stepping slowly so as not to spill the two cups of coffee he was holding.

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