another terrible inception comic

Tonight, a set of (unfinshed) panels featuring Ariadne and Cobb.  Cobb does not look entirely Cobb-like yet (probably because he’s not scowling), but we’re still working on that.

Putting a decent amount of effort into the art, when it’s basically a cheap gag punchline story.  But I’m sure it’ll help in the long run.  Actually, I wish I had started it sooner in the week, and maybe I wouldn’t have felt so unfocused for those few days, ah well.  It’s also showing me that even with just a punchline story, I need to make sure I script things out juuuust a little more.  But hey, practice is good, and I like what I’ve managed to do so far with this.  Today I felt like I was at the point where I could feel a bit of a change in my style for the better.

But enough of that for now, time to head to bed.  Vacation’s over, time to set my alarm for way too early and see how big of a mess I have to return to at work.

Wip panel of Eames, sprawled out on the ground.  Isn’t that a requirement for any Inception story? May or may not be related to last night’s panel preview.  Again, not even pretending.  No one’s fooled here.  Just let me have my fun getting there.

Kinda GPOY for how I felt today, not one of my better days.

Keeping this brief because not only is it hard to draw with a cat lounging in one arm, but suprisingly, it’s also hard to type with a cat lounging in one arm.  So if this is looking a tad more ragged than  usual, well… 

Later (after being released from the cat):  This is two complete months of daily doodles, as of today.  I’ve never pulled this off before, two whole months.  I’m buying myself something really nice tomorrow.