another stupid comic


A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 


A comic based on this translation (x) by @bobaaddict who translates a lot of skits from the Osomatsu san mobile game Tabimatsu. I really enjoy reading them. This one is the very first one they translated it always stuck in the back of my mind because of how cute Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu are in the middle and I’ve always wanted to do a comic about it.


Young monsterfalls has been on my brain lately. I might draw another stupid comic with these little dorks.

anonymous asked:

Best boy Rick plz

okay r.i.p this request because i’m a hooligan who apparently just couldn’t draw a nice, good pic of rick, but instead came up with another stupid garbage comic that’s very similar to the one about kyouju’s eyes, i’m sorry for my life choices

it’s very small posted this way but honestly. this quality doesnt need any better


“Привет. Zis is Keptin Chekov of the USS Enterprise.”

So, being an ensign on the Command track, I’m pretty sure it’s important for Chekov to get some experience being in command of a starship, even if he’s just taking over for the captain while he’s away. So sometimes, instead of Sulu or Scotty taking the chair, Kirk will give it to Chekov.

This was all totally Sulu’s idea.