another story 2

I am 7 years late to this fandom

a conversation from my comic store job
  • me, talking comics with a coworker: yeah i just can't ship Batman and the Joker, he killed batman's son after all
  • bearded coworker: *confused look*
  • bearded coworker: the Joker didn't kill Damian
  • me: no, Jason
  • bearded coworker: Jason wasn't Batman's son, he was just another Robin
  • me: *in disbelief* I'm too far into this
Sasuke SD: Hallowe'en

I usually totally foget about Halloween (we don’t celebrate it here as much as in other countries), but rather conveniently there’s a Halloween-themed section in ch.9, so enjoy! I tried googling it and found nothing, so maybe it’s new for ya

Ah Suigetsu is so cute, he thinks he’s a villain….

Happy Halloween folks!

In which Marvel-brand Synergy © works to good effect

1. Thor: Ragnarok

“Yes hello I am here for space booze, space concubining, and pulling dramatic heroics at the last possible second (while in space)”

2. Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars

“I’m still a canonical sneaky bastard, but I strolled up to the Avengers, decided I was part of the club and was willing to die to help fix the Battleworld mess we’re all stuck in, we’ll see where it goes, but at the moment I am very definitely an Avenger because I’m helping Iron Man work on a solution and also Because I Say So c:”

3. Marvel 616 Mainstream Comic Universe, aka, the Source of the Chaotic Good/Neutral/Gneutral Trend

“I’m so proud of you kids”