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Valentines Love Bug

Valentine LoveBug

Warnings: fluff

Prompt: Reader and kurt have plans to go out on Valentines day but wouldnt you know, reader gets sick

 requested by: @katarinadreams92 . Sorry its late

The (y/h/c) hair teen sneezes for the 5th time this morning. She was sick and she could feel it in her body, with the hot and cold flashes the constant sneezes and her head was constantly hurting whenever she sat up. This was her own fault she knew she shouldn’t have sat in the rain yesterday, but it was just too good of an opportunity to give up, the rain always had a calming effect on her, maybe it was the way it fell against her face and slowly slipped down to her chin or maybe it was it’s cool nature,but whatever the reason she just couldn’t get enough of it.

“(y/n) vit’s time to go vice skating.” The blue male says as he bamfs into her room, only to see his girlfriend sneezing and shivering with a blanket wrapped around her.

“Voh my (y/n) vyour freezing. Vyou must be sick.” Kurt states the obvious as he rushes to her side to hug her and give her warmth. He bamfs her to the other side of the mansion and lays her on the living room couch. If they were not going out they could at least watch a movie.

“Vyour not going on. Ve can go vice skating another day.” His thick accent coming out as he flips through the stations.

(y/n) felts guilty for ruining their day out on valentine’s day no less it was like fate was playing a cruel joke on her.

“(y/n), you know I love your and I’m sorry you got sick today… Achoo.” Before kurt could say anything more a loud sneeze comes from him. (y/n) giggles then coughs, “I think I might have given you the love bug.” She says before kissing him.

Prayers to Ceiling Cat pls?

Today I find out prognosis for knee recovery and whether I need surgery.

Long story short from Friday (/coping with scripting):

“Seizures on Ice!” / “Boom, crash, the sound of my bod, slammin’ the boards and a soda-can-crush fall”

(ER Friday night until Saturday sunrise. Today would be another skating day 😿 😿 😿 but instead of 🐾🐾  I have 🐾. + immobilizer and crutches.)

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For the prompt can I get yurio being lowkey best buds with yuri but won't admit it and is actually unaware of their friendship

I have no idea what prompt you’re referring to, pretty sure you got into the wrong askbox but I will do my best to deliver wwwww This fic was strongly inspired by apple5kies’s beautiful headcanons [1][2] I love this idea so much omg please go read their comics ;;3;;

I know I’m not the one you wanted this from but I hope you’ll like it anyway~

Yuri = Yuri (Yurio) Plisetsky
Yuuri = Katsuki Yuri 

It was a little pass 7am when Yuri entered the locker room to change into his skates. Another day at practice. He walked to the second aisle where his favorite locker was. As he sat down and took off his shoes, he stared at his lightly bandaged feet. Training for the senior program was no easy task. He never expected it to be so deadly. He slowly gained more respect to those older than him for being able to skate the way they do. 

Subconsciously, he thought about Victor and Yuuri. They were probably skating in that ice rink they all once shared. Yuuko would be watching. Maybe the triplets were there too with their dad, cheering them on.

As Yuri tied the knot to his skates, a smile crept on his face. How nostalgic. Suddenly, his thoughts were disturbed by the door opening and in came two young ice skaters, probably from the junior division, a year or two younger than Yuri. They lingered in the first aisle, opening their respective lockers.

“-haha! Yeah I heard. Washout loser of Japan got Victor as his coach. Did you see how bad he was last year?”

Yuri paused all movements to listen. He knew exactly who they were talking about. 

“What kind of weird voodoo do you think he used?”

“I don’t know but its enough to sway our Victor.”

“Lucky bastard. Maybe he seduced Victo-”

Yuri had had enough, “OI.” he slammed a fist against one of the lockers.

The boys yelped as they watched Yuri emerge from the second aisle, head tilted slightly, eyes glaring menacingly, “If you fuckers got the time to be bitching about someone you don’t even know about-”

He couldn’t even finish as the boys cowardly apologized, “WE’RE TRULY SORRY” and ran out of the locker room. 

“Tch” Yuri bitterly walked back to his stuff and kept them in his locker. 

Once out of the locker room, he took out his phone. He didn’t really think about what he was doing but next thing he knew, he was video calling Yuuri’s caller ID.

After realizing what he did, instead of ending the call, he let it ring. At least he was calling before his practice. He reminisced what happened the previous time he called AFTER his practice. He shuddered and mumbled,  “They better not be in bed agai-”

“YURIO~!!!” Victor’s voice cut in with his carefree face appearing on the screen.


“Eh? Is that Yurio-kun?”

“Mm! Yuuko-chan wants to say hi?”

Yuuko came into view this time, squeezing in with Victor, “Yurio-kun! How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“How come you don’t mind her calling you Yurio?”

“Does she have a choice?” Yuri deadpanned, “Besides, whose phone is this? Where’s the owner?”

Yuuko smiled, “Aha, well he’s…” but she disappeared from the screen, leaving Victor looking at something else with a distant look in his eyes. 

“Oi Victor! Don’t ignore me!”

“This is it.” Victor whispered. There was this knowing look in his eyes that Yuri had seen before, once or twice. 

“Eh? Really? It’s only his second try by himself.“

“Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?”

Victor smiled at Yuri, “You called just in time, Yurio.”

“Damn it Victor, that’s not my-” the scene changed as Victor turned Yuuri’s phone so that the camera was facing the ice rink. 

Yuuri was skating in the middle of the rink, gaining speed as he reached the other side. And then. He jumped. 

It was a perfect quadruple salchow with a complimentary smooth landing. An overwhelming emotion started spreading inside the young Russian skater. Somehow it annoyed Yuri how happy he himself was for Yuuri to be able to land a jump he had mastered years ago. 

Instinctively, Yuri started shouting, “OI FATTY! YOUR TAKE-OFF WAS LAGGY AND YOUR LANDING WAS SLOPPY!”

Yuuri slipped and fell on the ice after hearing the shocking criticisms, “E-Eh? Yurio? From where?”


He heard Victor laugh, “Don’t worry Yuuri! That’s how he compliments others!”

“No it’s not!” 

“Video call?” Yuuri confusedly got up.

“That’s right! Come say hi Yuuri-kun!”

Unfortunately, Yuri had already reached the entrance to the skating rink where the others were waiting for him. Reluctantly, he called after Victor, “Oi. I’m hanging up.”

Victor turned the camera back, “So soon?” Then he smiled fondly, “Ah, morning practice.” 

“Is he still there?” Yuuri’s voice was finally heard clearly. He had hurriedly skated towards them once he knew Yuri was on the phone. 

“It’s a shame, he’s hanging up already.”

“Oh.” Yuuri sounded disappointed. Victor lifted Yuuri’s phone to have the camera facing all three of them. Yuuri was leaning over the barricade, visible sweat dripping down his face from harsh practice. 

Yuuri smiled brightly as he saw Yuri on the other side, “Dasnivadya, Yurio!”

“It’s ‘Dasvidania’” Victor corrected with a laugh in his voice.

“Yuuri-kun, your russian is horrible.”

“I’M SO SORRY” Yuuri panicked. 

As before, a smile tugged helplessly on Yuri’s face. The three people on his screen all smiled and waved at him as they synced, “Bye-bye Yurio-kun~!”

Yuri hung up and kept his phone in his jacket pocket. That day, he brought the pleasant feeling in his chest onto the ice. A similar feeling to his ‘agape’. 

A/N: I always had the feeling that Yurio didn’t lose when he came to Japan. Yeah sure he lost the onsen on ice competition but he sure as hell gained a new family~ (Also take note that Japan is more or less 6 hours ahead of Russia)

j_butt: Beyond excited to be working with Daisuke this week.