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hey, I really like the chibi!deku&dad might comic you did, but could you explain the premise, if you have one formed? because I'm really curious about how they met and how old deku is since all might didn't get injured too long ago from the start of the series

The premise is something like this:

Toshinori has been released from the hospital.

Recovery girl had been the one to handle most of his procedure, patching up his battered body as best she could while keeping an eye on his vitals. Apparently, his most recent battle has left him with a permanent handicap on his strength and a life cut short.

He has been released from the hospital and escaped the clutches of death, but at a dire price.

“Thankfully,” she had said, frowning down at her clipboard, “there are only a few people who were alerted of this setback, and they can be trusted to keep the secret. As far as the general public goes, All Might simply encountered another villain in his daily life and dealt with the situation accordingly.”

He knows that he is fortunate. He knows that he has saved the world from a horrifying villain and come out of it alive.

But still, something a little like inadequacy and disappointment settles in his stomach. Pride at finally having resolved the conflict between the holders of One for All and that man settles within him - him, he had been the one to finally do it; his predecessor can rest easy and Gran Torino is proud - but at the same time that is precisely the problem.

It is done. Resolved. Accomplished. And he has been left with a debilitating handicap as a result.

And all the while, All Might is a pillar of strength and resolve still needed in this world of heroes.

(He doesn’t quite mind, that. It has always been his dream to be a hero, to do as much as he can to help the populace and protect the people, even to his last breath. But the battle with his arch-nemesis has come with a price, and it’s more than a bit difficult to accept the fact that his time as One for All’s sole bearer wears thin and his “final breath” may end up being sooner than he thought.)

So, it is with this mindset - looking battered and broken with gaunt cheeks and shadowed eyes that hold a weariness of carrying the world on his shoulders - that he encounters a young boy crying in the park.

Toshinori has always been the type to do as much as he can to try and see everyone smile. His whole reason for becoming a hero was because he had wanted to aid the cause and help change the world for the better.

Without really thinking, he walks over to the bawling child - noting the bruises and scratches with some quiet remorse - kneels down, and places a firm hand on the boy’s shoulder to get his attention.

“Boy,” Toshinori says, smiling, because All Might always has to smile. “Are you alright?”

He jumps back and just about dies when the boy takes one look at him and screams.


Once the boy finally calms down, Toshinori finds out that his name is Midoriya Izuku. And he is bullied for not having a quirk.

(It took a while to calm the boy down. One look at his face and Midoriya had screamed bloody murder, apparently downright terrified of the sight. Toshinori had only then taken true note of what he looked like after his encounter with the holder of All for One through the reflective metal of a beam and, yeah, he doesn’t exactly look like a pretty sight while smiling.)

Overall, Toshinori is, admittedly, a little shaken.

Because this boy is quirkless. Sure, Toshinori knows that it is still an occurrence these days, but it is a rare occurrence, and for him to encounter Midoriya Izuku the day he is released from the hospital after a battle that has left him as he is…

It’s a silly thought, though. A coincidence. Toshinori wants to try his best to cheer Midoriya up but this encounter doesn’t really mean anything, he is simply doing his duty as a hero that wants to help the people -

But then, Midoriya walks over to the bushes. He emerges with a toy, broken and cracked in his hands, cradling it carefully as his eyes begin to water anew.

“What do you have there, Midoriya boy?” Toshinori asks, quietly.

Midoriya sniffs, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he walks closer. “It’s… It’s my treasure.”

Toshinori says nothing in reply, staring dumbly at the familiar color scheme of red, white, and blue, the toy replica’s arm detached and bent awkwardly.

“Kacchan… Kacchan didn’t do it this time,” he says, clutching the toy in his hands. “But… some older people came around when I was playing, and - and I wanna be a hero but they looked at me like I was stupid and dumb because I don’t have a power and they, they -”

A hiccup, and Midoriya rubs a hand roughly over his eyes.

“I… I wanna be like All Might,” he murmurs quietly. “I wanna help people, I wanna be All Might’s sidekick, I, I…”

He looks up, wide eyes watering and voice nasally. Despite this, his next words are spoken with a steely determination.

“I wanna be a hero.”

This is the moment that the lives of two different people take an abrupt turn. Two, both who were born quirkless, one with the ability to pass on a powerful quirk and legacy and one whose dreams have withstood the grim reminder of the fates of quirkless.

Toshinori searches for the familiar strength that he holds, grasping it despite having been told not to just yet. But this is important, and he watches as Midoriya eyes fill with surprise, awe, and wonderment.

“Midoriya Izuku,” he says, and the boy seems to vibrate with contained excitement.

“You will be a hero.”

This is cheesy, I am a writer of cheese but LOOK… That is a PART OF THIS DUO, it just doesn’t feel right without Detroit Smash 100% levels of DORK.

Just in case, for clarification: Izuku is 9, almost 10, since All Might’s first encounter with Izuku was when he was 14 (and he got his injury five years before he met Izuku).

People are throwing away their WOW tickets…(an event that supports women of the world and their feminist visions and ideals) all because Gillian Anderson isn’t dating who they want to and instead dating a man who is being honored (amongst his other awards and accomplishments) at BFI dinner for his achievements and success in screenplay writing…?

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Another silly little thing I remember about you:

You made a post on Facebook that said “I might be fat but at least my boobs stick out farther than my stomach”, and I’m not sure whether it was anger or pity or both, but I was overwhelmed with it. The fact that you had to put down another just to bring yourself up was heartbreaking. Pathetic.

When I was younger, one of my insecurities about my body was that my breasts did not stick out farther than my stomach. I looked around and knew what beauty was expected, and I was so afraid that I did not live up to it.

Then suddenly years later, I was staring my insecurity in the face, and it came from the mouth of my girlfriend.

It wouldn’t be another few months before we broke up, but I think that was the moment I knew it wouldn’t last.

Superhero AU

Because I’m feeling a little self indulgent, have a shamelessly generic AU!

In Lothal City, and in the wider world, The Specters fight crime wherever they can - these people with extraordinary abilities try to make the world a better place, despite government conspiracies and often frequent mistrust….

With their abilities beyond that of the average mortal, they try to fight the many people with great powers who use them for evil! 

Sabine Wren — The Artist

  • With skill in martial arts, a knack for clever graffiti, and the strange power to make her paintings become whatever they represent for a short time, Sabine is potentially the most powerful of The Specters…
  • Her family is one of the wealthiest in the city
    • They live in Krownest Manor
  • Ursa Wren is her Mum - a somewhat cold and stern woman, but one who does genuinely care for her daughter, even if she rarely shows it.
    • She worries about if her daughter can get a good career in art, but supports her ambitions.
      • She might not if she knew about the graffiti.  Or the vigilante justice.
    • She got Sabine to take martial arts classes, because she never wants her daughter to be helpless
  • Sabine very much has a secret identity.  She’s very attached to keeping her lives separate.

Garazeb Orrelious — The Warrior

  • An alien refugee of a war somewhere beyond our solar system, Zeb fights for his newfound adopted family of The Specters, and what friends he’s managed to make.
  • Thanks to the lighter gravity of Earth, and his own physiology, he’s considerably faster and stronger than almost any human, and also can cling and climb almost any surface rather easily.
    • He’s also by far the most skilled at combat
  • For obvious reasons of fur and the like, he has no secret identity

Kanan Jarrus — The Tactician

  • Both he and his mentor were long hounded by the government for their unique and powerful abilities of precognition.
    • There’s no destiny, probably, but the closer an event is to now, the more accurate they will be.  Usually.  It’s not often perfect.
    • However young Caleb and his mentor (Depa) had a pretty good danger sense.  This wasn’t enough to save them.
  • Renaming himself and slipping under the radar, Kanan spent his life trying to forget, until Hera Syndulla ended up getting him into an adventure of a lifetime…..
  • More battles and quests followed, and slowly Kanan (mostly) overcame his alcohol habits and began to use his brain again - using his supernatural talent with his natural aptitude for planning to come up with ever-shifting plans.
    • These plans often work, somehow!

Hera Syndulla — The Bird of Prey

  • She’s a revolutionary at heart - loyal to her family,but even more loyal to her ideals
  • She can fly, pretty fast
    • Without any aid, but she does also know how to fly helicopters and planes
  • She’s compassionate, but can be utterly terrifying when she wants to be
  • She’s the leader of the team.  The general public doesn’t know this at first.
  • Fighting is often surprisingly easy when you can get the drop on your enemies.  Literally.

Ezra Bridger — The Thief

  • His supernatural talent for creating empathy in others served him well on the streets, when his parents were abducted by unknown people in the night.
    • No one could be persuaded enough to adopt him, but they could be convinced to leave food or clothes.
  • Eventually The Specters find him, and Kanan vows to both nurture Ezra’s power, and try and give him something of a normal childhood.
  • His skills quite quickly improve - gaining the ability to bond with animals to assist him.
  • His talent for stealth is also enhanced - by somehow projecting the idea he’s unimportant to passersby.
  • He’ll never have a normal life
    • But he has gained a family.
      • He’d die for them
      • He’d kill for them

Some random stuff with Talcott and Cor I guess

  • Meeting Cor is like one of the best days of Talcott’s life (besides Noctis) because it is THE MARSHAL standing right in front of him and whoa, his dream finally comes true
    • The kid met him once when he was super young but he doesn’t remember
    • “Look! It’s him! It’s actually him!” Talcott jumping up and down with excitement as Monica and Jared welcome Cor into the house.
  • Cor stands there almost confused because it’s not often does a kid come up to him with such pure delight except all those years ago with young Noctis
    • Jared explaining to him how his grandson used to draw pictures of the prince and all the people he wanted to meet when he was younger. Cor being part of the pic too.
  • Talcott bombarding Cor with all the questions as the two sit on the couch and asking if he can hold Cor’s sword because it’s pretty damn cool
  • Eventually, Cor notices the little collection of cactuar figures on the table, and during his travels, he spots one at a small shop and buys one for Talcott
    • He comes back from time to time to check on everyone
    • Talcott shows him his almost completed cactuar collection and nice enough to give Cor one to keep because he has an extra from Noctis. Cor thinks of it as some good luck charm
  • One day, Cor and Talcott go on top of the lighthouse. Talcott asking Cor if he ever sailed the seas and Cor talks about his first trip to Altissia with King Regis and co. 
    • “Wow.” Talcott looks hopeful. “When Prince Noctis comes back, do you think we can all go together?”
    • “Certainly.”

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How about Tony/Brock with "What are you doing?!"

Tony stared in utter disbelief at the sad remains of what used to be a beautiful penthouse. His beautiful penthouse.

Slowly, very slowly he lifted his hand and aimed the gauntlet he always carried at the person who stood in the middle of the disaster.

“I don’t know how the fuck you made it past security but you better reveal yourself before I blast you all over the city.”

Brock Rumlow blinked back at him dubiously, then gestured down at his half-naked body. “Exactly how much more revealing am I supposed to get?”

“Very funny, impostor,” Tony snapped back.


“Obviously. I don’t know how the fuck you found out about Brock, and believe me, I’m gonna get an answer before I let you go, but I assure you he would have known better than to blow up my floor with all my personal possessions! He knows me too well!” The smirk that graced Tony’s lips by the end of his tirade was downright terrifying.

“Oh, impostor, right.” Impostor-Brock laughed nervously. “Of course I’m an–I mean, damn you for seeing right through my evil plan! I shall have to find another way to lull you into a false sense of security!”

And with an (in Tony’s opinion overdramatic) laugh, he threw himself out of the closest window, much to Tony’s disappointment.

It was a good thing Tony was distracted going through the ruins and trying to salvage some thing at least when he told Brock the story later or there would have been no chance for him to miss the way his lover paled.

So I’ve been thinking about it, and I find it incredible that LoT had essentially given us as close to a canon AU as possible (if that makes sense haha, oxymoron for the win) when they had Ray comment on Len’s engineering skills and when they showed what Ray would’ve become if he didn’t pursue the field of technological science.

So like. AU where Len is a skilled electrical engineer and Ray is a renowned heart surgeon, and they somehow cross paths anyway.

Maybe love doesn’t exist,
Maybe it’s another one of those silly things we’ve created for an illusion of feeling less alone
But I swear that every time your hand is in mine or I see you smile or
Whenever you wrap your arms around my waist as I play with your hair I know
That even if this is not love and love does not exist,
You are something real and I think you are the closest thing to love I can experience,
The only form of bliss I’ve ever really needed.
—  for you, my love :: 12 February 2017