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People are throwing away their WOW tickets…(an event that supports women of the world and their feminist visions and ideals) all because Gillian Anderson isn’t dating who they want to and instead dating a man who is being honored (amongst his other awards and accomplishments) at BFI dinner for his achievements and success in screenplay writing…?

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Maybe love doesn’t exist,
Maybe it’s another one of those silly things we’ve created for an illusion of feeling less alone
But I swear that every time your hand is in mine or I see you smile or
Whenever you wrap your arms around my waist as I play with your hair I know
That even if this is not love and love does not exist,
You are something real and I think you are the closest thing to love I can experience,
The only form of bliss I’ve ever really needed.
—  for you, my love :: 12 February 2017

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What I mean by Sakura being suppressed is that she doesn't act like her usual self when with sasuke. Look at her when she's with Ino or her friends, she's very lively as opposed when she's with Sasuke. She's meek as opposed to when she's with Naruto or with Lee, she's her usual self, and nowhere did I say she's a doormat. Yes I appreciate her opposing Sasuke's actions but that's nowhere enough. She has so much potential though and kishi failed to give her character Justice

You stated that she was being “submissive”, “barely equal” and that her character was being “suppressed”. That’s being a doormat Anon, there’s no two ways about it. And even here, you describe her as being “meek”, which in addition to the above, also indicates being compliant, weak and spineless. So no, you consider her to be a doormat, which quite frankly, is very silly.

And another thing Anon, what you’re implying here is that Sakura’s character is one dimensional; that she can only act one certain way and that is how she’s supposed to act. But there’s more to her character than simply being lively all the time. And again, you fail to realise that Sakura has always acted gentle around Sasuke. Not “meek” as you put it because that connotes a submissive, obedient and spiritless doormat, which is exactly what you’re implying that she is like around Sasuke.

You’re essentially making negative comments towards Sakura’s character for no reason now, because she’s not acting any differently around Sasuke. you shouldn’t have been a Sakura fan before if this now suddenly upsets you.

Do I really need to bring up Shikaku’s quote once again:

Or maybe I need to demonstrate just how caring Sakura has also been to the people that you mentioned? You think you’re asking Sakura to be “herself”, but you’re not. What you’re doing is asking for Sakura to be someone’s she’s not. Sakura has always displayed her softer side around Sasuke, it’s one of the themes that Shikaku made explicit in chapter 172, and it applies to Temari, Karui and Tsunade as well, not just Sakura. Around the person she loves, Sakura acts more tender; that’s part of her character, it’s who she is.

Sakura isn’t being out of character when around Sasuke; she simply displays more of a certain aspect of her character - her caring side - than she does with other people. She’s displayed her caring side to Naruto, to Lee, to Ino and to many other characters as well. The fact that she displays this side of herself more towards Sasuke isn’t a sign of her being “submissive” or of her character being “suppressed” when around him, it’s a sign that she loves him.

And this…



The case…

Nothing has changed Anon, so sorry but I’m not buying it. For the way in which Sakura’s character was presented during Gaiden to have suddenly started to upset you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Sam x Reader

Word Count: 749

Warnings: pure fluff, implied smut?

**Another silly late night writing thing. So… here you go.

The clock above your motel room TV read 3:35am. Great. Another night without sleep. It’s not like you could just run off the last night’s sleep either, mainly because you only got about two hours total. You flipped through your phone, hoping to find something interesting. A breaking news story, a game, something.

But nothing caught your attention. Everything on TV was a lost cause too, unless you wanted to watch a one-hour infomercial about frying pans. No thanks.

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Stark kids + fly

He is beautiful

It’s just that I told myself I would never write another one of these silly things about just another boy who I’ve made up to be some amazing piece of artwork in my head. Cause truthfully he’s just a boy that I met, that one day might not even remember my name but i see so much more than that when I’m with him. He’s honestly beautiful, and I know that might not be what other people say but I am because I don’t know how else to describe him. He’s just beautiful.


The Phantomhive Ring | Theories

Do you think Sebastian ever watches Hawke and their sibling teasing each other, laughing together, supporting one another, even silly things like shoving the other around when the other’s being an ass or recalling something embarrassing from childhood. Do you think he observes at a respectable distance and smiles, wishing he had that with his brothers? Because I do.


Hooo and here we go, yet another silly Tales skit thing involving Pokemon fancharacters, not just from me, but from some buddies! This skit always cracked me up, and man do I feel bad for making Takeshi the butt of the joke, but hey, I can see this happening to him xD;

apologies to Bunnish for not animating Oswald’s mouth, I lost the files with the mouths opening and closing on the poses D;

Teepo belongs to Ben

Zackary belongs to Dray

Oswald belongs to Bunnish

Janet belongs to Firelara

Sai belongs to TheBlueAvenger

Gracie belongs to Naito

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

Tales series belongs to Namco Bandai

Now ‘scuse me as I rub my wrists…

Guess what guys

I have a boyfriend now ;D

Murdering Mr. Darcy (4/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 3  AO3

Ryan settled back on his couch at home, pulling his laptop up in front of him. Peter had made several trips during the day in his car that Ryan now had tracked, along with a number of hours of sound recorded on the bug.

He put his headphones in and set to listening. There was a steady spike of loud soundwaves early on in Peter’s first trip and Ryan perked up, thinking he might have picked someone up, only to deflate when he realised the man had just turned on his iPod. He pulled a face immediately.

Ryan might have approved of Gavin’s boyfriend’s taste in vehicles, but his musical preferences could only be described as Eurotrash.

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