another shit sign


I’ve seen some really cute ask games and have to physically stop myself from reblogging b/c my ass is on semi-hiatus!!!! In fact!! I shouldn’t even be making this post!! but here we are. hi hello i have a tumblr addiction agdkslajfkls

The signs as puzzle types
  • Aries: Logic puzzle
  • Taurus: Trick question
  • Gemini: Math puzzle
  • Cancer: Truth/Lie puzzle
  • Leo: Over the river puzzles
  • Virgo: matchstick puzzle
  • Libra: Solitaire ball puzzle
  • Scorpio: Chess puzzle
  • Sagittarius: Sliding puzzle
  • Capricorn: Find the way-puzzle
  • Aquarius: Clock puzzles
  • Pisces: Combination puzzle

i think dan is the human manifestation of a unicorn

Another UNDERTALE sign SHIT thing YO
  • aries: UNDYNE, METTATON(not ex)
  • taurus: PAPYRUS, TORIEL
  • gemini: SANS, FRISK, temmie
  • leo: monster kid, PAPYRUS, METTATON ex
  • virgo: METTATON ex, MUFFET
  • libra: TORIEL, ASGORE
  • scorpio: MUFFET, FLOWEY~the~assflower~
  • saggitarius: FLOWEY~the~assflower~, UNDYNE
  • capricornicle: SANS, METTATON(not ex), ALPHYS
  • aquarius: ALPHYS, PAPYRUS, dance mushroom
  • ophiuchus: jerry

germany: leo, scorpio, taurus, sagittarius, aries
austria: gemini, virgo, libra, aquarius, capricorn
mothers cup: cancer, pisces