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Imagine: Meeting Brendon at a party (Part One)

Your friend had dragged you off to a little summer party down at her parent’s beach house and you weren’t too thrilled. Sure they were fun but you had just gotten over the heartbreak of your previous relationship and being surrounded by couples dancing and making out and having fun wasn’t your ideal medicine. You tried to tell her no but she wouldn’t take it, packing your bag for you and shoving it into the back of her car before shoving you into the passenger seat.

Before you knew it you were sitting awkwardly on a bench at the end of the dock that overlooked the lake, little fairy lights and lamps surrounding you and giving a fantasy like glow to the water. You had a half empty beer bottle in your hand and didn’t feel like drinking the rest.

The party was in full swing behind you; everyone was enjoying themselves and drinking their worries away in the light of a high bonfire. Your best friend was off somewhere soothing her guests and quenching their need for alcohol.

“Mind if I join you?” a voice asked from behind you and you turned to see a handsome guy in a button up. He had a small smile on his face and seemed nice enough so you nodded and patted the space next to you after you had scooted over.

“Sure, dude, I’m not much fun though,” you admitted, more to yourself than to him.

“I’m sure that’s not true. I hear your the best friend of the party host so you must be fun. Where is she, by the way? I haven’t seen her since I got here and she shoved a drink at me.” He let out a little laugh and looked over at you.

“She’s off keeping on top of drink orders. She’s good at that. Being on top of things, I mean.”

“What do you mean?”

You sighed and pressed the cold glass of your bottle again your forehead. “She had a habit of getting on top of other people’s boyfriends, ya know? She was on mine the night he was supposed to be at my graduation.”

“Ouch,” the guy hummed and shook his head. “That must’ve been horrible. Why’re you still friends with her?”

“Technically,” you breathed, bracing yourself for the look that everyone gave you, “it wasn’t her fault. He’s a lady killer, really. He’s good a luring anyone in.”

The guy stared at you, the look not appearing on his face. He gave a distant look to the water and stood, tucking his glasses into the pocket of his shirt as he gently set his bottle on the deck. “Wanna dance with me?”

You gave him a confused look. “What?”

“You know, dance. Like this.” He gave a bit of a wiggle and grinned. “You have to know what dancing is.”

“Do you know how cliche you sound right now? It’s like a bad high school drama right here and I’ve already been through that.” You finished off your beer, not breaking eye contact.

“C’mon, one little boogie. A sway of the hips.” He offered you his hand and did another weird wiggle.

“Sure, I’ve got nothing else to do.” You set your own bottle down and took his hand, letting him put his hand on the upper part of your hip. You followed his lead mostly, not wanting to look like an ass and seem stupid, but eventually when he started doing some weird jig you decided you were safe.

After making a complete fool of yourself by slipping and plunging yourself into the icy water of the lake you found yourself wrapped in his shirt. He was left in just his black tank top but didn’t complain.

“Thanks for your shirt,” you mumbled.

“Anytime. I’m a sucker for people with horrible boyfriends,” he joked but gave you a genuinely kind smile.

It was late when you decided the party was clear enough for you to head back to the beach. You handed back his shirt and tugged at a strand of still wet hair. “Hey, um, I’m gonna turn in ‘cause I’m staying here for the night. Do you maybe wanna come play video games or something with me?” You didn’t know what you were doing really and the words just seemed to spill out of your mouth without a thought.

Expecting him to scoff and say no because he just talked to you because he was bored, you shuffled away. He gave a brief glance at the moon and nodded. “Sure, video games sound awesome.”


Lipstick Prince - Cha Hakyeon 💄