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Reaction Time: STARMYU episode 7 (1/2)

Oh my God…

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I was pretty much giggly every few minutes and had to stop to breathe properly. I really loved the fact that Hoshitani’s reactions are perfectly accurate for his character… and that I would have to describe it as a awkward first love of a high schooler with a pure heart. 





Otori just had to walk in just in time

My poor baby so embarrassed at the sight of his senpai

BONUS: Pure-hearted Maiden!Hoshitani and Oblivious!Otori

@raburine suggested I draw Fukawa! I just finished Ultra Despair girls too, so the timing was pretty funny.

I think it’d be cute for her and komaru to do a uniform swap! Fukawa probably wouldn’t know what to do with such a short skirt ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


There’s this guy I like that follows me on tumblr, but he’s never gonna see this because he doesn’t pay attention to my feed and it’s late 11:40 to be exact. I like him but he likes someone else and he constantly talks about how he’s lonely (like me) and how he wished someone wanted to date him. Now as someone with experience with people crushing on them (Jesus that sound self conceited, [did I use that right?]) it’s the knowing you don’t like them back that sucks the most, it’s the knowing that you won’t feel the same way and having to admit that is soul crushing. I really like this guy and I have for a while, but I would never EVER wish that feeling on anyone, because it sucks. I’m just gonna wait until I start pining over some other poor chap and wallow in my misery for another year or two. Notice me senpai.

Ohh you can skip to this if you want another life confession, I’m angry at one of my close friends for meddling in my life again, when I told them not to, I don’t know how to handle it and I don’t know when I’m gonna forgive them again so I’m just pretending that everything’s fine and dandy, basically I’m being my father. I’m gonna let the straws stack until it breaks my back. (Don’t care whether you got that reference or not.) I’m starting to become so bitter that I’m starting to think about not hanging out with them anymore, because I’m starting to notice patterns. Her and another one of my friends drag me everywhere I don’t have a choice to what we are doing and they are very loud and distracting. It’s fine but I don’t think I like that anymore, it’s already so loud in my head I don’t want for my surroundings to be as well. I dunno.

Ask or don’t I don’t give a shit for more of these