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Roman Bürki and Felix Passlack helping Matze Knop in spring cleaning

  • Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?
  • Roman: I've got a male here, early 30s, rapid breathing, thready pulse, clammy skin, eyes glassy and dilated.
  • Dispatcher: Sounds like shock. Make sure he's laying down and kept warm. An ambulance is on its way.
  • Dispatcher: Do you know what may have caused this?
  • Roman: I told him I love him.
  • Seth, grin & rasping: He loves me!
  • Dispatcher: *click*
Pieces Of Us~ Part 3 Of Ain’t No One Like You

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Part 2

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Smut Ahead

Seth was always around to make sure you stayed happy. All the small things he did brought a smile to your face. From bringing you you’re favorite flower to showering you with kisses to holding your hand to playing video games with you to making you laugh. 

Finn stood on the side lines, glaring at you two. He saw how happy you were wishing he had done something to prevent from Seth taking his place. He was a fool to look and want another. 

His fist unclenched and clenched as he continue hearing you’re laughter. Sitting at another table with Seth, Roman, Bayley, Sami and a few others, he couldn’t help himself but be drawn to you’re laughter. 

The only one stopping him was Seth. 

“ Are you going to keep glaring at the table or are you going to eat that?” Karl, one of his good friends asked sitting besides him asked. Finn pushed the plate towards Karl’s direction.

Not a word was said from Finn. 

“ Are you thinking about her again?” This time it wasn’t Karl who asked, it was Gallows. Finn rose his head, looking at Luke then looked away. These two him like the back of their hands. 

Finn made a mistake of letting you go. He wanted to make you happy, now Seth took his place. 

You avoided Finn wherever he was around, he noticed it growing sadder and sadder. He wished he could hear you’re voice.Well the way his name rolled off your tongue.  He wanted you’re attention only on him. 

He wanted you back. He slammed his fist on the table, getting up as he left. You heard the bang from the other table, looking up just in time seeing Finn leaving the catering area. 

“ Don’t mind him Y/N, he’s pissed off like usual” Sami said bringing you’re attention back to the group of friends. The look on Seth’s face at the mention of Finn grew in disgust. 

“ He doesn’t even talk to any of us anymore. He shut us out” Bayley shrugged as she said. Looking back to where Finn left, you bite you’re bottom lip thinking if you should go after him and talk to him. 

Seth glanced over to you seeing your head turned glancing at the direction Finn just left from. He sees you getting up, his jaw clenches, nose twitching seeing you walking the way Finn left. Seth turns to get up but a hand stops him, he looks down at Roman who stops him.

“ If she wants to talk to him, let her. It’s her choice” Seth growled ripping his arm away from Roman’s grip. He had hoped that you weren’t thinking of going back to him. 

“ Finn! Finn!” you called out to him, watching him walk away. He heard you calling his name but kept walking ignoring you like you weren’t even there.

“ Finn Balor stop!” He sighed rolling his eyes stopping in his tracks waiting for you to catch up to him. What could you possibly want? 

“ Finn” you grabbed onto his arm turning him around. He didn’t glance at you, his lips were in a straight line and his eyes where looking elsewhere but you. 

“ Look at me” he didn’t look down. He didn’t think you’d ever talk to him ever again. Cupping his face with you’re hand making him look down. His eyes bore into yours, blinking, his face in your hands. 

“ Look I know we didn’t end up on the best terms Balor. But you don’t have to be an asshole walking around treating you’re friends like shit. They’ve done nothing to deserve this from you.” 

He rolled his eyes pulling his face away from your hand, he didn’t need you to yell at him or pester him about anything. If he wanted to be an asshole, he’d be one. He was hurting.

“ Just talk to me Finn. No one has heard you speak in awhile except when you’re in the ring” 

“ I ‘ave nothi’ to talk to ya about” 

“ Bullshit” He chuckled, rubbing his hand down his face. “ Yer so hard to talk to. Dere are a lot of dings I want ta say ta ya but I can’t” 

“ Why not?” His eyes met yours as the next words shocked you. 

“ I made a mistake Y/N. I let ya go, ya came into me life, making me happy. To let ya go, I found out I love ya” 

“ The hell you don’t! You are not saying anything else to her!” Another voice said behind you. Turning you’re head slightly seeing Seth walking his way towards you and Finn.

Once he stood in front of you, pointing his finger into Finn’s chest he said, “ You don’t get to tell her you love her after what you put her through. I was there for her from the beginning. I love her. You’re love for her is a joke” 

“ Ya don’t know how I feel Rollins! Back off!” The two were ready to get into each others throats when you tugged on Seth’s arm.

“ He’s not worth it Seth, let’s go” Seth shot one more glare at Finn before he wrapped his arms around you’re neck placing a kiss on top of your head while glaring daggers at Finn with his eyes. 

You were Seth’s. 

The two of you walked away leaving an angry Finn Balor behind, who threw something against the wall as you heard a bang. Jumping from the sound, Seth pulled you closer. 

“ He doesn’t deserve to even look at you. Princess you are mine, remember or you need a reminding?” 

“ Maybe I do” he growled walking faster to the parking lot with you tugging on your hand.

The drive to the hotel was quite, Seth’s grip on the wheel was tight. His knuckles turning white, his nose flaring. As he parked the car, he ripped his seatbelt off of him rushing out of the car. You slowly slipped out of the car, giggling seeing the frustrated look on his face. 

“ You were jealous” He only growled as he pulled you into the hotel and into the elevator. When you got to your room, he locked the door before turning to you. 

Making his way over to you, not letting you even say anything else, he gripped the back of your neck pushing your lips to his. Kissing you passionately, he was jealous. He just wanted to show you that you are his. That Finn wasn’t even suppose to be near you. 

Smiling into the kiss, you kissed him back pressing your body flushed against his. 

“ You are mine,” he mumbled against your lips, grabbing you by the waist tugging to you the bed. “ You think talking to Balor is allowed? He’s no good for you. I’m good for you. I’m yours. You don’t need him. Me is all you need” 

“ Show me” you said, your hands traveling up to his hair tugging his hair out of the bun he had on letting his hair loose. He leaned down capturing you’re lips with his, licking your bottom lip begging for entrance. Seth’s hands were roaming all over, making you moan into his mouth.

Pulling him closer, his hands gliding down your legs. His touch sending tingles up your skin.

“ I love the way you touch me” he sat up throwing his shirt off of him before reaching over to unbutton yours.Only in you’re bra, he moaned at the sight of your chest. Licking his lips, he watched you slide off you’re bra. He went to undo your jeans along with your undies and socks. 

The cool air hit your core making you shiver in delight. You’re hand went down past your stomach to your clit. He growled taking a hold of your wrist, “ No.” 

But you didn’t listen slipping your hand to your clit, fingers brushing over it. He groaned, watching. 

“Seth,” you moaned as your fingers pressed, teasing yourself while looking up at him through your eyelashes. 

“ Y/N,stop,” he took your fingers placing them in his mouth, letting his tongue swipe over them before pulling them out before leaning down kissing you, letting you taste yourself on his lips before his hands took a hold of your hips. Seth’s lips went to your neck.

“ Who do you belong to?” He whispered against your neck, his hands pressing you onto the mattress. You’re legs parted so he could lay between them.

“ Seth-” 

“ Nope” he took a hold of your hands that were trying to work on his skinny jeans, unbuttoning him, his boxers peeking out. He smirked seeing you licking your lips at the sight. Grabbing your hip with one hand,he began grinding against your core. A moan escaped your lips, he lips attached to your neck once more, sucking and licking, pressing soft kiss on one spot, blowing on it. You squirmed under his grasp, before you even had time to progress anything he thrusted himself in you, filling in you. All of him. You let out a scream, making him chuckle darkly. His lips covered yours muffling your screams into his mouth.

Seth was showing you, who you belonged to. Each thrust, was more deeper and rougher. Pleasure filled in your stomach, his hands roaming your skin. He wanted to leave his territory on you. To make sure no one else could have you or touch you. 

Screaming his name louder as he thrusted into you one more, you came with him. Panting, he slipped himself out of you before placing a kiss on your lips laying down besides you.

Seth pulled the covers over you and him, cuddling against you.

“ I didn’t hurt you, did I?” you shook your head, turning your head to him. 

“ No, you should be rougher more often. Maybe I should make you more jealous” He chuckled before asking, “ Think you’ll talk to Balor now?” 

“ Who knows? If you’re going to get this j jealous and have rough sex with me, I’m going to do it more often” 

He sighed, “ I’m serious Y/N, he’s no good for you.” 

“ I won’t. The only man I need is you” 

Idk about you guys but I’d say it’s time another Roman Reigns appreciation week…? We love this big nerd for a reason let’s show him why

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29 October 2016 // 10:31pm

Typed out my notes for another online Roman Law lecture today. The examples may seem random but I literally transcribed what my lecturer was saying in the online lecture. I also added pictures to the examples he gave so I even have a photo of a loaf of bread in my notes somewhere - whoops. I have three online assignments due for tomorrow, yay. Time to hustle. Happy studying guys (: xx

The quality of a title isn’t defined by how long you hold it, it’s how much you give a shit about it.

The hot potatoing of the Women’s title just showed how even Charlotte & Sasha were, with Charlotte marginally coming out ahead. Hopefully, Charlotte & Sasha don’t see each other for a long time.

The real devaluing of a title is having a title as an accessory and competing for another title like Roman Reigns.

and having from that time to this present day, a period of twenty-two years, lived at Rome, learned the language of the Romans and acquainted myself with their writings, I have devoted myself during all that time to matters bearing upon my subject.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 

“You guys, I learned Latin for this, I r srs historian" 

Vince and WWE been “You Mad, Bruh?”-ing the Royal Rumble all decade so far.

2011: “Del Rio Wins Before People Really Get Into Him! LOL!”

2012: “Sheamus Wins Instead of Jericho! LOL!”

2013: “Cena Wins; Hope Y’all Ready For Rock/Cena II! LOL!”

2014: “Daniel Bryan Who? Batista Wins! LOL!”

2015: “Roman Reigns Wins! LOL!”

2016: “Triple H Wins and Gets Another Title! LOL!”

2017: “Roman Eliminates Undertaker! LOL!”