another roman

  • Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?
  • Roman: I've got a male here, early 30s, rapid breathing, thready pulse, clammy skin, eyes glassy and dilated.
  • Dispatcher: Sounds like shock. Make sure he's laying down and kept warm. An ambulance is on its way.
  • Dispatcher: Do you know what may have caused this?
  • Roman: I told him I love him.
  • Seth, grin & rasping: He loves me!
  • Dispatcher: *click*

Idk about you guys but I’d say it’s time another Roman Reigns appreciation week…? We love this big nerd for a reason let’s show him why

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29 October 2016 // 10:31pm

Typed out my notes for another online Roman Law lecture today. The examples may seem random but I literally transcribed what my lecturer was saying in the online lecture. I also added pictures to the examples he gave so I even have a photo of a loaf of bread in my notes somewhere - whoops. I have three online assignments due for tomorrow, yay. Time to hustle. Happy studying guys (: xx

The quality of a title isn’t defined by how long you hold it, it’s how much you give a shit about it.

The hot potatoing of the Women’s title just showed how even Charlotte & Sasha were, with Charlotte marginally coming out ahead. Hopefully, Charlotte & Sasha don’t see each other for a long time.

The real devaluing of a title is having a title as an accessory and competing for another title like Roman Reigns.

“So this whole thing with Roman/Brock for the belt for next year’s WM is a bunch of bullshit. Because Goldberg’s contract expires right after WM, does this mean that Brock is keeping the belt for a fucking year? Plus, another fucking year where Roman is in the fucking spotlight?? The whole “build Brock up as an unstoppable beast so he would lose to Roman” thing is a bunch of bullshit too. The fans have already voiced their displeasure with Roman being anywhere near the belt, just stop.” 

Vince and WWE been “You Mad, Bruh?”-ing the Royal Rumble all decade so far.

2011: “Del Rio Wins Before People Really Get Into Him! LOL!”

2012: “Sheamus Wins Instead of Jericho! LOL!”

2013: “Cena Wins; Hope Y’all Ready For Rock/Cena II! LOL!”

2014: “Daniel Bryan Who? Batista Wins! LOL!”

2015: “Roman Reigns Wins! LOL!”

2016: “Triple H Wins and Gets Another Title! LOL!”

2017: “Roman Eliminates Undertaker! LOL!”


Legend has it that if you stay real quiet, you can hear Papa H screaming in the distance. 

Hehee, just kidding, but have some Rolleigns fluff~

Happy holidays everybody! ^-^ I hope you all have a wonderful time filled with love, family and hot gay wrestslers cocoa.