another recolor

I’m back with another recolor ! This time I recolored @missparaply‘s luna top in my neutrals v1 palette

Hope everyone enjoys !

I recolored the “more solid” and “textured” tops so it’s technically 30 swatches. Feel free to let me know you come across any issues with the top.  



Standard TOU (don’t be a butthead)

7/6/17 - UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK (custom thumbnail added)


Another recolor because I needed this in more plain colors than just white!


  • Requires mesh
  • Will not show up under the original mesh’s swatches (ie. has it’s own thumbnail)
  • File size is 4.75 GB

Download: Simfileshare


Mesh by @waekey

Palette by @smubuh

Spoiled Princess Cordelia - Toddler bed

Up for your toddlers is the Spoiled Princess Cordelia Toddler bed. It is perfect for every little prince or princess and comes in 57 colors!

Included colors/styles:

The original 10 EA colors
12 solid soft colors with white wood
15 swirl patterned recolors
20 Gothic print recolors

I will most likely do another recolor option later on with different patterns and colors. 

Download link:

This creation was made with Sims 4 Studio!


Another Recolor Dump pt. 2

Buenos días :3 Heres another recolor dump of some of my fav hairs atm :D

Download - Simfileshare


my second piece of cc! another recolor of course. I didn’t know what to call it so I just called it patterned shorts lmao.

  • 15 recolors
  • EA mesh - all credit goes to EA
  • base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail - i think? it’s been being weird lol

hope you enjoy! again, pleeeease if you end up using my crappy stuff tag me in your screenshots! I wanna see it in your wonderful games!

download: simfileshare


Hi Guys!

Here is another recolor of @sympxls awesome Comforter Mesh. I choose - again - Boho/Retro Style, because I like it very much.

You get 14 Swatches.

Please note, that sympxls fixed the Mesh! There is a new Download-Link for the fixed version - get here ( you need the Mesh! ) You can download all seperatly. For my recolors you just need the SOLID part!

In the 2. picture are 2 of the same patterns. Thats my issue!


I hope yo like them!

EA Base Game Eye Shadow, Waterliner Removed!

I always thought it was a shame that this EA eye shadow had crazy colored waterliner attached, so I removed it!

I’ve attached two different versions of this shadow - one with all of the original EA swatches and another with recolored swatches, using a few of @wildlyminiaturesandwich‘s natural & neutral sandwich colors.

I think that these look best with @pickypikachu‘s lower waterliners (not pictured above), which you can grab here if you don’t already have them.

Download Original EA Colors || Download WMS Recolors

fire emblem tryna tell me Camilla rides a dragon in bikini bottoms and high heels ?? ?

Serendipity (Music Box Ver.)
Serendipity (Music Box Ver.)

hey kids,, i found this thing while messing around on the different pitched percussions on musescore called the crotales and it sOUNDS rather like a music box so therefore we are going to pretend that this is a music box

yoo another recolor!! there will be more recolors and such when i finish school next monday. anyways, these are pyxiidis’ miami eyes in wms unnaturals. this is a standalone recolor of the facepaint version only and includes both the white and black scleras! that’s a total of 70 swatches if you’re counting ;)

grab the mesh here!


credits to pyxiidis for the eyes and wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions!


Here I am with another recolor ^^ This time its @crazycupcakefr‘s Venus hair. Like usual its recolored in the Modified Saccharine plus my unnaturals, with an add on of @pastry-box‘s “8 Bitto Cafe”. 

  • Includes a custom thumbnail with all 39 swatches.
  • 8 Bitto Cafe is a swatch add on of my recolors, and my recolors are required for it to work 
  • Please respect my TOU
  • Please tag me in any photos with my content, I’d love to see!

You need to download the mesh here.

(if you have problems downloading please right click and open in a new tab)