another reason why we need the real thing

You guys, confession time: I’m not actually okay right now…

My step dad left with no warning to any of our family about 4 weeks ago, with no letter, no explanation, nothing and because of the joy of getting to go to the SS not two weeks later, I think It’s just hit me.

Someone I truly loved as a third parent has not only destroyed my mother and her trust and left her crying for weeks on end, but also completely iniolated my trust in people, men in particular, and my belief that romance or sincerity is even fucking real (when I hardly needed yet another reason).💔 He looked me in the face just a few days before he fucked off and told me that I was exactly what he’d always wanted if he could have had another daughter, only to secretly pack up all his belongings and leave the next week when we were all away in London.

How can someone do that? How can they say one thing and then do a complete other knowing they will therefore be inflicting maximum harm? Why do people always leave me when I finally let them in? I already have issues with trust in men because of the treatment I’ve had with boys pretending to like me as ‘The Weird Disabled girl’ only for it to come out they were laughing at me. People wonder why I’m the worlds biggest cynic and expect the worst to always happen. 😞

Honestly I’m so sad because my poor mum has been left with a massive legal battle to fight now so we can protect ourselves from his anger issues and keep our home (that he pays the mortgage on) and be on the other end of his threats and anger issues when she hasn’t done anything at all. She’s dealing with a broken heart while also having to deal with maybe us losing our home where me, my siblings, her and my grandma all live and love and I am in awe of that. I mean honestly, it’s not said enough: women forced to protect their families are fucking. badarse. and hardcore. and so underappreciated.

Anyways, it’s all ongoing so I can’t promise I’ll be rosey much even with the SS wonder that happened to me just after I got this news. I didn’t get to tell Taylor any of it because of the rush and I’ve only just had it hit me now and I’ve only just started to cry 😢 . I know you all won’t be able to do or even say much but I thought I’d say what’s happening at least as much as I can so you know what new anxieties I’m dealing with.

In short: On top of wondering if romance is The Movies’ Greatest Fiction™, I now am wondering how the fuck you can ever believe anyone and how the hell I can help my mum when I’m a graduate with no job and no money. Basically - I have a new layer to my existing ‘issues’ but I hope y’all will love me in spite of them anyway…. and hopefully tell me if I’m getting too cynical so I don’t turn into some kind of Ice Queen.

I love you all

xxxx India xxxxx 😞🖤😘💔

Another reason why medicine needs feminism

Because full grown male residents don’t bother to ask a woman if she’s menopausal and make the connection that this is what threw off her otherwise controlled diabetes into DKA. Because estrogen aids in glucose control and protects against rising insulin resistance. 

 And I, as the only female on the team today, asked her, researched this, and defended this theory. With papers. For which I got laughed at repeatedly and told “that’s not a real thing.” Physiology and endocrinology are real things, assholes. We get tested on them. 

 And guess what. The attending, a man with twenty plus years of experience and a great breadth and depth of knowledge of medicine and respect for women, said I was 100% correct. And he straight up told the male residents “duh. It was so obvious. Why did none of you ask her these simple questions? Use your brains!" 

 Moral of the story: Defend your female patients. Don’t discredit them. Educate the ignorant, fight for your patient’s health. Even if it’s with your colleagues. Protect and listen to female patients.

Wayfaring has no answers.

Wayfaring: Good morning! How are you feeling today?

Patient, grumbling: I wish someone would explain to me why my oxygen level dropped to 70 after my procedure yesterday. That has never happened before and no one is giving me answers. 

Wayfaring: Ok, well there are several reasons it could have happened, and they probably all combined to make a perfect storm. You have severe sleep apnea, which causes your oxygen level to drop when you’re asleep or lying flat, even awake. 

Patient: Well I’ve had sleep apnea for 8 years and it’s never dropped that low. 

Wayfaring: Ok, well you also had a procedure yesterday and were sedated. Anytime you’re sedated you run the risk of not breathing as deeply, and your oxygen level can drop, especially when you already have apnea problems. 

Patient: Well that’s never happened before. Why can’t you tell me why this happened? Didn’t you go to medical school? Aren’t you supposed to learn this stuff? I’m telling you I had sleep apnea for years and it doesn’t drop like that at home! 

Wayfaring: Oh, do you have a home oxygen sat monitor? I didn’t realize. What does it usually run at home when you’re off of oxygen?

Patient: No I don’t have one of those. But I know my levels don’t drop that low! So tell me what did it!

Wayfaring: Well these things can happen very briefly at home and you may not feel any different. But so far, we’ve got 2 big reasons: your sleep apnea and your sedation. But another explanation is that you also have heart failure and fluid on your lungs. This also makes it harder for oxygen to get in.

Patient: Well give me some damn lasix! You people aren’t doing a damn thing!

Wayfaring: We gave you 2 doses of lasix yesterday sir. You actually lost 4 pounds of fluid from yesterday to today and I don’t hear any fluid on your lungs today. Another reason why your oxygen level could have dropped is that you have COPD, which is a chronic lung disease. As it progresses, you get scarring in your lungs, which makes it harder to get oxygen in as well. 

Patient: You need to get a real damn doctor in here who can tell me why my oxygen level dropped. I’ve had all of those things for years and my oxygen level has never dropped. Why did it happen? Why?! WHY? You’re supposed to know all this stuff! 

Wayfaring: …ok, well the pulmonologist and the cardiologist will be seeing you again today. Maybe they can offer some answers that I don’t have. I am a doctor, sir, but none of us know everything, so we get more doctors on the team who might think differently than we do. 


Pulmonology Note: Patient’s O2 sat drop likely multifactorial from severe COPD, sleep apnea, and sedation. 

Cardiology Note: Patient concerned about shortness of breath and desat episode. Likely from combination of CHF/COPD exacerbation and severe apnea/pickwickian body habitus.

Delena-Related Updates ... Post 7x22

Hello there Delena family

We’ve been through a hard year, and if you haven’t been on Twitter for the past two days you probably think we’re still in the woods

So here are the updates of two good nights for Delena shippers, Twitter was on fire and the fandom was alive again

I seriously hope Tumblr would be the same because Twitter sucks .. anyways I’m giving the Tumblr residents a full update on what’s going on and why this is good times.  

A lovely Candian fan was kind enough to live-Tweet the episode Thursday night (because it airs in Canada one night earlier) .. and we had two high lights there

1- Stefan telling Damon that the real reason he desiccated himself was because his fear of screwing up and losing Elena was bigger than his love for Stefan or Bonnie or anyone else, another speech but still point made

2- THE DELENA MONTAGE … It was beautiful .. this evil thing in the Armory vault needed to lure Damon in with something he can’t resist .. Even though he was on the phone with Bonnie and Enzo and they kept trying to talk sense into him he just followed Elena’s voice

His face was in absolute awe and fear, I really appreciate Ian’s performance there .. Elena’s voice kept calling for help “Damon, Please help me I’m so alone .. I need you” and Damon was so scared and excited he had his hand placed on his heart and a shaky smile when he asked “Where are you?” all the while having flashbacks of all his significant moments with Elena (The first touch from 1x03, their first time, their goodbye in 6x22, 3x19 kiss) 

Of course it was the evil thing not Elena .. and Damon got possessed (Enzo also got possessed because he went in there to get Damon)

As if Damon getting emotional and scared, Elena’s voice and the

 Flashbacks of awesome moments weren’t enough, to top it all we got another Delena/Steroline song that is absolutely amazing and beautiful and fits perfectly .. it’s called (Silhouette by Aquilo

The episode ended with a couple years time jump .. Damon and Enzo sadistic killing machines, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie are camping to look for them while updating Elena on everything in their journals, Caroline told her that Damon did the right thing, the selfless thing .. and Stefan promised her to get him back and told her that whentever happens until they find him and help him is not Damon’s fault

On side note, Steroline are cute and back together

That scene represented absolute devotion from Damon, to walk into danger at the sound of her voice even if logically she can’t be in there

We had plans to trend “Delena Is Forever” on Twitter Friday while the episode is airing

And we did, Delena Is Forever trended WW for over 10 hourse and reached 5th place .. it also trended in USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, UK and few more countries I can’t remember them all

After that there were the usual interviews the writers and producers do after every finale..and here are the highlights of those interviews

- Nina Doberve personally went back to TVD set to record the audio used for the scene, they had a choice to actually edit it from old episodes (It was just “Damon help me” anyways) but Julie called Nina and Nina agreed without hesitation

- Julie Plec officially confirmed that She and Nina have it clear that Nina will be back as Elena for the series finale, she said Nina is even willing to do more than one episode but so far they only confirmed the series finale (we are SO getting that Delena reunion)

- Julie flat out said that Enzo was Bonnie’s one true love, and Damon is her platonic best friend

- Both Julie Plec and Brian Young basically said that deep down in Damon’s heart, His love and relationship with Elena is the most important thing to him

-Julie Plec was possessed by the Delena fandom at the end of the night and tweeted Nina to thank her for the audio record, also Tweeted Brian Young (because he’s leaving TVD) finishing her tweet with the words hashtagdelena aka #Delena

And that’s all the happy news people, your OTP is alive, Nina will be back for the Delena reunion, there’s nothing called romantic B@mon. basically the endgames are Delena, Steroline and Bonenzo