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Imagine Texting Justin At One AM

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You tried to muffle your giggle as you sent your boyfriend another meme. He hated when you did this so you make sure to send him stupid ones to annoy him.

Jus Jus: haha good one, can you sense the sarcasm? 

You laughed out loud when he sent you a picture of him with a straight face. It was like one of those ‘when you take a picture on the front facing camera’ pictures but he still looked adorable.

You look adorkable. ; )

You chewed on your lip as you watched the texting bubble icon pop up. It was nights like these that you enjoyed the most. With Justin, your walls were instantly broken down. You didn’t have to be someone else for him, you could just be yourself.

Jus Jus: don’t I always? And you should go to sleep. seriously, do you see the time?

Your eyes traveled up to the top of your screen. It was 1:09 AM but you could've sworn it was 11:56 just five minutes ago. Did you guys really talk that long?

Aww, am I no fun?

Jus Jus: oh no, trust me, you’re fun babe, but it’s a school night

You scoffed as your thumbs made quick work on the keyboard.

You should be the last one telling me anything about a ‘school night’ Justin.

Almost instantly, a picture of him rolling his eyes sent through and you had to hold in your laugh as to not wake up your parents. Text bubbles appeared one after the other as Justin told you that ‘you need to get 8 hours of sleep to properly function in the morning’ and all that crap. 

Justin was a dork and all even though he would never admit it. You sighed in defeat when a yawn escaped your lips. Normally, you would’ve put up a fight but after a day of hanging out with the idiot you called your boyfriend, you were pretty tired

Alright, dad.

Jus Jus: don’t you mean daddy ; )

A few seconds passed before your phone dinged with another message.

Jus Jus:: I love you, don’t let the bedbugs bite

You raised your thumb up to reply but your eyelids were already half-way closed and sleep was taking over. All you had managed to do was mumble out an incoherent “I love you, too” as you fell into a deep slumber with a small smile on your face.

Justin Foley is such a dork.

I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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**TL;DR at bottom.
also this contains no spoilers, dw**

what i love so much about taz is the sort of “how far we’ve come” thing. i love that it starts off with a lot of ‘haha jokes’ and 'cant wait to have harmless fun:)’ *fart noise* but as Griffin’s INCREDIBLE storytelling comes to life before their eyes not only are you captivated by the arc, so are the Elboys.

You see how they start to become more like their characters, grow attached to them, and even at some parts get emotional. You notice how it becomes less about cheesy goblin fights and more about morals and ethics, and situations that you can’t always fight your way out of. There are no explicit “bad guy vs good guys” scenarios; the way things unfold actually give you reason behind everyone’s actions, and sometimes you get unexpected endings.

There are loveable and quirky NPCs, beautifully painted pictures (with words) of every place they go to, insanely deep storylines, and fuck, even open world points at some parts. There are priceless interactions with one another and these NPCs, whether they be good or bad. its like you’re actually living in the story with these four dorks, and i couldn’t be happier.

Tl;dr: It feels less like a game, and more of a captivating experience with every passing episode, and thats why i love the McElroys.

Chocobros with their s/o in a photo booth

Ever since I saw this print I’ve wanted to write a little drabble of the bros with their s/o in those purikura/photo booths! ^^ I haven’t been able to write this much cuz of summer classes, but since today was my last day I class I had time to write this! 

To be honest you kinda have to drag Noct into the photo booth yourself. Not that he doesn’t want to though, the occasional photo by Prompto is fine, but especially taking photos with you he gets super nervous and shy (this poor baby). He’s not he most photogenic, and he head is running a mile a minute with thoughts like “where do I put my hands!?” “ugh why is she so cute posing??” and “aaahhh what do I dooo?!” You guys might actually get a lot of pictures of him looking like a dork or just staring at you in awe and adoration, which you love, but he gets so embarrassed over. Part of the reason why he was skeptical on taking photos with you, but you love and cherish them anyway. If the bros ever found or see the photos they would tease him to no end, but seeing you so happy he just might even want to do another one as a re-do.

Prompto, of course is gonna be ecstatic. He especially likes the part where you can decorate the photos with sparkles, and cute stickers! He loves putting chocobo stickers and moogles all over them. He might go a little overboard with them, but he always makes them work out in the end. He’ll do any cute, funny or cool pose with you, and you guys would have a blast! You guys get a lot of photos of you two laughing cuz you were so busy laughing at the poses you were doing to concentrate on the next photo. Once you guys get the photos Prompto is gonna want to make a million copies, so he can have the photos everywhere he goes. He’ll have one in his wallet, on the fridge, in his room, you name it, this boy loves you and wants to see your smiling face everyday.

Ignis doesn’t mind taking photos with you, but he always keeps the decorations to a minimum cuz he says it takes away from your natural beauty. He’ll love to do romantic poses with you like kisses, hugs, and nuzzles. He totally goes in to lovey-dovey mode when he sees how much you love taking photos with him. He gets embarrassed if the bros ever see your photos together, cuz they get so shocked at the loving look in his eyes. Later on he’ll start to like taking pictures with you in the photo booth, and he’ll even start a scrap book of all the photos you guys take. It’s your guys favorite thing to do when your bored; looking at all the photos you’ve taken together and wanting to take more!

Gladio same with Iggy he doesn’t mind taking photos with you if you really want to. He just wants you to be happy and he thinks you’re so cute when you’re excited. In one of the poses he might try to surprise you by carrying you! Most of the poses involve him doing something surprising, like a surprise kiss, tickling, and carrying you like a princess, so all your photos have your genuine reaction and smile to his antics. He’ll leave most of the decorating of the pictures to you, but he’ll watch if you try to make him look cute. He doesn’t want any of the bros seeing him with a pink bow on his head, but if you beg him enough he’ll give in. Even though he’ll let you keep the photo, he always smiles when he sees it in your room, and maybe asks for a copy so he can keep one for himself too!

Short Thing: Getting Older

Hi! Just a short weird little thing I wanted to talk about and maybe see what other people thought. I’ve seen a lot of fan art or fics, that are about korra and asami getting older. Usually they’re old and happy together and I love the idea of them being rad older ladies, who are still total dorks and totally in love. But when I see them, I get kinda sad. And this goes into the other kinds of pieces i’ve seen, that have shown one of them, remembering the other after they’ve passed.

And that, destroys me. And in a weird way too. Cause obviously, I’ve seen or read or played thousands of things where characters i’m invested in or care about die. And I’ll be sad sure, but at even the thought, or the slightest hint of the death of one of these two? Emotionally i just go to the dumps. Like the idea of it horrifies me lol. That probably just means i’m way too into this. Like it is for this reason, I’m actually in the camp of I don’t want another avatar series. Cause that by default means Korra will have passed, and I can’t deal with that lol. Like when they announced Korra, obviously that meant aang would be dead. And i didn’t think anything of it. But suggest Korra will die, and my brain just cries NOOOO! I already suffered enough just seeing one of them in pain while the other was their to support them! That hurt enough!

Now I think this is probably for two reasons. The easiest is that I think it’s clear I love these dorks more than I usually get into characters. And my friends… THAT is saying something lol, just trust me I get way into characters. And I think reason number two is that they’re two parts of a whole. If one goes, the other has to deal with that loss. I love their relationship and I think of one of them having to go on without the other and that just hurts. A lot. Not to say I don’t think they could handle the loss. I think they would handle it with grace and dignity similar to how Katara lives on. It’s just interesting to me, that the concept of either dying causes more emotional distress in me than literally anything else has for me in fiction.

Just a rambling thought. And I’d be curious to know what anyone else thinks! Personally, I would like to imagine after they’re time they got to run around, still head over heels in love in the spirit world like Iroh. I don’t know how that would work given the whole avatar cycle thing but don’t talk to me about that. Happy in the spirit world! Happy and together!!! I think i might be in too deep here lol.

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DUDE!!! So after I binge read your PJO Voltron AU, it is time for me to ask questions. But first I gotta say I love it. It's soooo friggin awesome and dear daddy Hades my heart. My poor delicate heart. Anyhow, since Keith is a child of Hades and you've given him most of Nico's abilities as well, e.g. shadow travel, summoning skeletons... I was wondering if he could also commune with the dead? Specifically did he offer McDonald's to talk to his Mommy?

[Voltron PJO AU] When Keith found out he could summon skeletons, he thought it might not be a stretch if he could commune with the dead. He wanted to see his mother again if possible and he was too chicken to ask his Dad—Hades—if he could talk to her but he was too busy being a god and Keith didn’t want to disturb him. He was the Prince of the Underworld for crying out loud. Surely, this was a piece of cake. The first time he did it, he cried because he could talk to her but he could never touch her. As much as possible, he talked to her thrice a year.

It was almost bed time and Shiro was getting worried that Keith hadn’t gotten back yet from whatever it was he needed to do. He didn’t want his boyfriend to be eaten by harpies (he honestly doubt they would, but no one was out late to know the truth) so he set out to look for him.

He was passing by the forest where Capture the Flag was usually held when he saw some sort of weird light coming from one of the trees. Curiosity got the better of him, so he decided to check it out.

Once he was near, he heard a voice.

“No, don’t say that,” someone chuckled from behind the tree who appeared to be sitting on one of the big roots.


“He’s…,” Keith sighed and then his voice grew fond. “Shiro is just amazing.”

The mere mention of his name made his eyes widen in surprise. He hid from one of the bigger trees and as much as he was against eavesdropping on his boyfriend, he was rather curious about what they were talking.

“A few weeks ago we ran into a couple of monsters and he just slashed right into them. It was like watching someone dance in a totally badass way.” Keith continued, his hands in front of him in defense.

“You really like him,” came some weird voice that sounded literally from another world and it made Shiro turn to see that—holy shit—Keith was talking to someone transparent, floating in front of him, looking very much not alive. She looked somewhat Asian—Japanese—and it dawned into Shiro that this was probably Keith’s mother.

Keith shrugged and added in a small voice, “Yeah, well, we kissed like… twice.”

Shiro blushed. Keith was counting and Shiro needed to step up his game and increase that number. Soon.

“Twice?” Keith’s probably-mortal-dead-mother asked with a chuckle.

Keith fumbled with his words, most likely embarrassed at what he just said. “It’s not like… all we do is kiss, yknow! We train and… and… stuff!”

She laughed again, “Oh, Keith. I was just teasing. Go at your own pace.”

A few moments passed until Keith spoke up again. “Shiro’s been very patient, so that’s nice. Especially when I told him about… myself being… yknow, ace and all. He understands me and I love that a lot about him. He doesn’t push me to do stuff I’m not ready for.”

“Good. I have no one to haunt at night then,” she giggled lightly, her light starting to fade to which Keith also seemed to notice. “I’m afraid my time is almost up, Keith. I’m happy you and I got to talk again and that you’re doing well.” She paused to see that she’s almost disappearing. “Let’s talk soon, okay? I love you, sweetheart.”

“Love you, too, Mommy,” Keith whispered softly and then the light completely vanished, making the whole surrounding dark.

Shiro didn’t move from his place and neither did Keith. However, the younger boy sighed out loud and… was he wiping his eyes? The soft sniffles that came after confirmed it for Shiro. Then he heard some noise and he saw that Keith was starting to get up while grabbing a tin can—box?

Oh shit. He was coming his way and he needed to act like he wasn’t there listening for the past minutes or so! So Shiro instantly separated himself from the tree and started heading Keith’s way.

“Keith! I was just looking for you!” Shiro said in (read: totally fake) surprise.

“Shiro?” Keith blinked at him repeatedly.

“What’s that?” The son of Zeus pointed at the tin box Keith was holding.

“Ummm,” Keith looked down at his hands. “Cookies. Japanese butter ones. My, uh, my Mom used to bake them for me when I was a kid.” He paused to clear his throat. “It has always been our favorite. For some reason, store bought ones just don’t taste right. Weird, isn’t it?”

“Definitely weird,” Shiro smiled thoughtfully.

“C’mon, big guy. I’m sleepy, we should head to bed.” Keith grabbed his hand and interlaced them as he dragged Shiro with him towards the cabins area.

“Keith?” Shiro stopped walking which made Keith look back at him. Keith looked exhausted and Shiro realized this might be a talk for another time. So instead, he squeezed Keith’s hand and softly said, “Love you.”

Keith just rolled his eyes fondly at him, squeezing his hand back. “Dork.”

Keith might not be ready to tell him about what just happened, but hopefully one day he would over homemade Japanese butter cookies he was already planning on asking Hunk about.

Got7: falling for their best friend

Jaebum:  this would really catch him off guard, and not in a good way. He’s used to having (almost lmao) everything under control, so the fact that he’s now in love with his best friend really wasn’t planned. He’d realize that he needed to tell you eventually, bc he can’t live knowing that someone else might come and take you away from him when he’s the only who deserves you. Totally would go overboard with the confession, spending so much on flowers and gifts, when the only thing he needed was padding bc you tackled him to the ground with kisses.

Mark:  would be so chill about it, you’d never even notice the change in his behavior. He might ask Jackson for some advice, but it’s only bc he’s really stuck and he doesn’t know whether you’d feel the same or not, and doesn’t want to ruin your perfect friendship. Gradually and slowly is the way to go, so often times you’d find his hand resting on your lower back and stroking your hair while you lay next to him on the couch. When he feels the moment is right, he’d take your hand and ask you not to laugh at him, and confess to you then.

Jackson:  everything has just become 100× more dramatic and extra to him. Can’t even put on clothes without tearing up and thinking about you and how he plans on telling you- IF he plans on telling you. Would legit ask anyone who’d listen, and gather as much confidence as he can before going in with the big guns (pun intended). He’d be so sweet to you, more than ever before, and ask if you’d ever thought about becoming more than friends. If you shut him down, he’d instantly apologize and never speak of it again, even though his heart is broken. But if you felt the same, this boy will cherish you and love you until the day he dies.

Jinyoung:  he’d be calm and collected, no one ever hearing a word from him while he’s planning on seducing you. He’d make it nearly impossible for you to resist him, and making it totally obvious that he likes you. Like Jackson, he’d understand if you weren’t ready for a relationship; but unlike him, he’d be bitter and salty until you finally admit you like him as well. Would be dead serious while telling you how he feels, despite himself, and remind you why you two were best friends in the first place. Then he’d move on to tell you that he always felt that you were something more than a friend, and he’d like a chance to try.

Youngjae:  freaks out whenever you’re around, and you’d remain confused until someone (Jackson) finally tells you what’s happening. Honestly I don’t see him ever confessing to someone face to face, so he’d settle on writing you a simple note or a long letter describing the way you make him feel, and why he’s so scared to confront you. He’s a hopeless romantic though, and will totally sweep you off your feet when the time is right, esp when you’re standing in the doorway and telling him that you felt exactly the same.

Bambam:  he’s confused at first bc he’s like…is this just another level for our friendship or am I really falling in love with this dork? It’s not until the members make a few comments about you two that he feels inclined to confront you, and see what exactly it is that you’re feeling. He feels silly actually saying the words and spilling his guts out, but for some reason it feels right and that he should’ve told you way before.

Yugyeom:  another hopeless romantic, but he’d actually act on it rather than wait. He tends to pick up on your emotions and expressions a lot, so he’d be able to tell pretty quickly if you liked him or not. He wouldn’t make it obvious too early on, in fear of making you uncomfortable or weirded out. He’d take his time and get even closer to you, showing you the emotional side he’s never really shown anyone before. Then eventually he’d confess, after making sure that you felt the same and that you aren’t going anywhere.

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Dadster/Babybones Headcanons

I’m bored, so I’m just gonna compile all my headcanons here. Some are dumb, some I think could actually be true if the dadster theory is true, some are just random. Also, some of these I talked about with my friend @zucchinimuffin and we came up with some pretty funny/cute scenarios with the skelefam, so I’ll include those too. Oh, and these are just my personal thoughts on this particular Undertale theory, they are in no way canon, so no hate please. However, I do encourage leaving your own headcanons in the comments or reblogs!

Also, so this post isn’t too long, I’ll put everything under the cut.

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Friends | Jimin

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,604

A/N: For @uracuteangle because she’s a cute angle.

You and Jimin have been friends for as long as you can remember, and there was no denying that there was always something there between the both of you. As much as your friends are convinced that you and Jimin are pretty much a couple, you still shake your head and smile modestly. No way, that’s never going to happen you tell them. It’s too weird, or things are already good as they are, and you really don’t want to risk anything that would ruin your friendship. You try not to think about it, even though you’d like to admit that the thought crosses your mind once in a while. Most of all, you’re not even sure how Jimin feels about you. It would be embarrassing if it was just a one-sided thing. You’re just friends. We’re just friends, you say.

You tell yourself that it’s normal for friends to stay up all night talking to each other on the phone until the other one passes out; to be the shoulder to cry on when the other is in pain. It’s normal for friends to hold hands when they go out, and hug each other tight when it’s cold (and when Jungkook asks you why it always happens to be Jimin, you say it’s because he gives the warmest hugs – to which Jimin smiles and holds out his arms to take you into his embrace, and you happily oblige).

It’s normal for friends to stay in on Friday nights, cuddled up underneath the blankets while watching movies and occasionally waking up with tangled limbs, only to realize that the both of you had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. It’s happened way too many times that neither of you say anything about it, and you end up going back to sleep with his fingers combed through your hair and your face nuzzled into his chest.

It’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach when he kisses you in the closet at Namjoon’s party during a game of spin-the-bottle. He didn’t have to do it, you told him when the both of you had settled in the dimly lit space. He could have lied to the others about it, but instead, he smiles – cheeks dusted with rose – and tells you that he trusts you. You silently nod, not fully comprehending what he means or what he was going to do next, and before you know it his hands find purchase on the sides of your cheeks and his lips are pressed against yours. He kisses you softly and slowly, as if the both of you have all the time in the world, as if he had been wanting to do that for the longest time, and even you can’t help yourself. It feels like molten lava, the way time seems to stop and you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. His hands settle at the bottom of your shirt, fingers grazing at the skin just underneath it. Your own fingers gently tug at his roots and you pull him closer to you, careful not to break contact and ruin the moment. At this moment, you’re not exactly sure what this means for your friendship with Jimin, and you can’t really focus on anything else besides kissing him.

It only stops when you hear Namjoon shout, “Time’s up!” And then it’s over. Lips swollen and heart pounding, you pull away from Jimin (who is just as shaken up as you are), and the both of you quietly stumble out of the closet and back to your group of friends without a word. It takes you quite some time to register what had just happened a few moments ago, yet his words from earlier are still incoherent to you. You watch Jimin shuffle back to his seat, pushing his hair back to hide the disheveled mess that you had made and joining his drunken friends once again in their friendly banter. He glances your way and catches you staring at him with your head tilted in a curious manner. The corners of his lips curve upward and his eyes round into crescents, until he’s practically beaming at you. On the other hand, you find yourself grinning back at him too, and you end up being the first one to break eye contact because you just kissed your best friend – and you may or may not have liked it. But did he like it? You remind yourself to ask him later on.

And you do ask him.

When the night comes to an end, you say your farewells to Namjoon and the other boys as they take off into the night and leave you and Jimin to walk home together. It’s quiet, all but the sounds of singing and laughter fill the empty street, and you have to smack Jimin’s arm in a bout of giggles to make him stop.

“Well, did you like it?” You ask him again, poking his side after he avoids your question the first time. Jimin only laughs, and after much deliberation, he finally nods. Thank god, you weren’t the only one feeling this way; but you wonder why it even matters so much if you two are just friends. You ask him if he thinks that it’s normal for you to feel this way— no, if it is even normal for the both of you to even feel this way. He doesn’t reply immediately, and it worries you that maybe it was a mistake to ask him. There is a brief silence that overcomes the street, and you suddenly really regret asking him that stupid question. But then he speaks up.

“I don’t know, Y/N. It might be the alcohol,” Jimin explains when he walks you home that night. His fingers are intertwined with yours, and your arms are swinging back and forth with every step you take. Ah, alcohol, right. You forgot about that and you were probably, most likely just overthinking again. You laugh out loud, trying to hide your mild disappointment. Everything that you had thought was true; Jimin is only your friend, and you had just made a fool out of yourself.

Then suddenly, Jimin comes to a halt and rounds on his heel so that he’s facing you, his expression changing from his usual cheerful demeanor to one that is more serious and significantly underestimated (you’ve only seen this side on several occasions, and seeing him like this makes you nervous). Even though it is too dark to see anything, underneath the streetlight, you can see the glint in his eyes, the slight point of his nose, and his beautiful plush lips, those same lips you had kissed in Namjoon’s coat closet. He’s standing so close that you can smell the liquor he had drunk earlier and the lingering scent of his cologne on the collar of his shirt. He smells nice; he looks nice, you muse. Maybe it really is the alcohol that’s making your head spin and your cheeks flush, but what he tells you next makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter and your heart hammer in your chest.

Jimin swallows the lump in his throat and then he speaks again, “It might be the alcohol that’s making me fucking courageous right now, but fuck it,” he says, “Y/N, I think I love you, and to be honest, I think I always have.”

“Do you love me?”

There is a silence that fills the space between the both of you again. You’re still trying to wrap your head around what Jimin just said, and when you don’t answer after a while, he groans and runs his hands through his hair. "You know what? Forget that I said that. I’m sorry, I’m drunk and I’m not thinking strai-”

You cut him off with a finger to his lips.

“No, stop.” You laugh, relieved at the turn of the events. You don’t give Jimin much time to mentally prepare himself, because you move swiftly, grasping the sides of his face. Then you’re pulling him closer to connect your lips with his. The kiss is short and sweet, and when you part from him, you can’t help but press a kiss to his rosy cheeks and another to his lips once more, as if to seal the deal and let him know that you’ve been feeling the same way for the longest time.

“I love you, too, dork.”

Jimin grins, putting his arm around your shoulder to bring you closer to his side, and plants a kiss on the top of your head. “Come on, it’s getting late. We should get you home.”

“Twist my rubber arm, boyfriend.”

It all feels very natural, like you two were already together despite your previous denials. You can give a million reasons why Jimin is just a friend, but the truth remains that it was bound to happen – that Jimin is not just any ordinary boy in your life. He was always there for you, through thick and thin, and he was always the one you could depend on to lift your spirits. That moment in the closet when he said he trusted you, he meant it. He trusted that even after that kiss, nothing would change because things would still be the same as they were before. He trusts that you’ll still be the best friends that you are; Jimin would be Jimin, and you would be you. Jimin trusts that he’ll never break your heart, and you will never break his because he loves you, and most certainly, you love him too.

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Am I a bad person that I'm relieved that there isn't a meet and greet for the tour? I feel really bad, I know so many people would do anything to meet them but I just, I can't. I get really bad anxiety talking to people and I cannot imagine what would happen if I did, like I love them so much and they honestly saved my life so I just feel like I don't deserve to be there and I dunno I just feel like crap right now and I needed to vent, sorry if I'm bothering you.

you’re certainly not a bad person, don’t you worry. i mean, that’s why they go to pax, so they can do those meet and greets and all that stuff. being on tour means that they’re gonna be jammed pack for time trying to get from one place to another, so them having doing meet and greets would take up a lot of time. i think it’s really nice just how it is, them just being silly dorks up on a stage this time instead of on a computer screen.

you absolutely deserve to be there, don’t tell yourself that you don’t. you love these dorks and you want to go out and have a fun time watching people that you really care about, so why not just go for it? it is called the you’re welcome tour for a reason, i like to think it’s them trying to give back to us for being there for them, y’know? 

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Since their performance @ the mamas I really want to get into monsta x~What are their personalities like? I've seen some shows but do you have any fav interviews? Blogs to rec? Sorry if this is kinda long!!

It’s not a problem at all! I’m happy to answer anything you have to ask about them, and I’m really glad more people are starting to get into them ^^ Hope this helps you somewhat~

The members (in order of oldest > youngest):

Shownu (Full name: Son Hyunwoo) - Leader of the group, the best dancer (you can check out some of his performances on Hit The Stage here, here, and here); also a great vocalist (his solo performance from No Mercy). The members call him the “dad” of the group, and he has a very relaxed demeanor most of the time. Laid back and doesn’t get scared easily (he once jumped off a 63-floor high tower because he wanted to). He’s also kind of awkward and shy sometimes, but very sweet once you get to know him. Very reliable as a leader, and cares for his members a lot ;u; Actually really really cute. Nicknamed ‘robot’; often compared to a teddy bear. Also, his eye smile is super adorable :’3

Wonho (Full name: Shin Hoseok) - Vocalist, charismatic stage persona; has a ‘sexy’ image as an idol, but in reality, is the fluffiest sweetest person ever ;-; Is extremely caring and sensitive; expresses his love for his members, fans, and family a lot (he personally helped his mom open a cafe after debuting ;;). Always makes sure to thank every single person, including every staff member ;; Very hardworking (also produces his own songs). The ultimate cheesiest dork (once took a cookie monster doll on a date). His one true love is ramen. His smile could make flowers grow :’)

Minhyuk (Full name: Lee Minhyuk) - Vocalist, bright and cheerful personality, a literal sunshine angel, the group’s “moodmaker”. Likes skinship with others and is very affectionate :’) Often compared to a puppy (nicknamed ‘Minmungie’). Loves Monbebes so much ;; (spent days perfecting calligraphy to show to fans to accompany a solo stage, worked on an entire exhibit for fans with Kihyun); admitted to often searching up things about Monsta X on SNS :’) Very caring and supportive of the other members; so full of love for everyone <3 “Jack of all trades”; once scored 3 consecutive tens in archery at ISAC (wow).

Kihyun (Full name: Yoo Kihyun) - Main vocalist, “hamster”, honestly has one of the nicest voices (OTL), named one of Starship’s top vocalists by many of his company seniors. Small and savage (remember when he threw confetti at Yoongi?), but also really caring at heart ;-; Often very cheesy when it comes to Monbebes (X,X,X). Sometimes tries to act cute (he’s naturally cute okay ;u;) or romantic, but gets super embarrassed afterwards. Also often called the “king of bluffing”. Loves kids, Gudetama, and fried chicken :3 Is called the ‘mom’ of the group because he cooks/cleans and wakes everyone up in the morning (nags at the members, especially Hyungwon, lmao). He sang for a few drama OSTs (X,X). Some performances you should check out: Hyeya (iconic performance from No Mercy T_T), Moon of Seoul (sings this song every chance he gets haha) on Masked Singer, Runaway Baby, etc.

Hyungwon (Full name - Chae Hyungwon) - Vocalist, talented dancer (choreographed this and danced it w/ Wonho and Shownu), model, “poet”, good at acting (he has a role in an upcoming webdrama!). The members once said that he looks like he walked out of a manga. Is known for being very handsome, but is also the biggest meme (a Brazilian political party even once used a vine of him as a meme). Might seem cool and laid back at first, but he’s actually extremely dorky <3 Known for his praying mantis dance and sleeping a lot. The other member of MX’s sass duo (along with Kihyun). The actual sweetest towards fans ;;;

Jooheon (Full name: Lee Jooheon) - Rapper, extremely talented (was the highest ranking for the majority of No Mercy, collaborated with professionals even before debut), charismatic stage persona - but also known for his cuteness ^-^ Seriously, he is the king of aegyo and all things cute ;u; Famous for his “kkukkukkakka” aegyo. The most easily scared member. Also a very talented composer; very passionate about music and the things he writes about in his lyrics (this song he wrote for his grandmother speaks out beyond the scope of words;;). Some other performances: Yessir (solo from No Mercy), duet with #Gun, SMTM (X,X), Get Low w/ MadClown, etc.

I.M (Full name: Lim Changkyun) - Maknae (that “doesn’t seem like the maknae”), rapper, known for his distinctive deep voice (and his iconic line “I am what I am”). Seems serious and quiet at first, but in actuality is the biggest dork. Multilingual. A total meme, but also super adorable and puppy-like (nicknamed “Kkukkungie”). Very very sweet and thoughtful ;; Had to deal with a lot of difficulties to get where he is now, but he persevered and worked so hard to overcome those  ;~;

In summary, they’re all such kind and hardworking people, who love their fans so much (to go so far as to dress up as doctors at fanmeetings and listen to fans’ problems), who never tire of expressing their love for their supporters, are always respectful and humble, and continue to work to do their best at everything, despite whatever obstacles they encounter ;~;

**As for shows (idk what you’ve already seen), these are the essentials:

  • Right Now (aka one of the greatest things ever bestowed upon the fandom)
  • No Mercy (their predebut survival show - I’d recommend watching something light and funny after this ;~;)

Other Shows/Interviews:

V App/Official Channel Videos:

Some of my favorite performances:

Some other things you should check out:

Please stan these lovely dorks ♡ You won’t regret it :’)


Billy Joe Cobra is an animal lover and I bet he donated to every animal shelter that he could! He even has a favorite animal: the unicorpoise, a creature that is half unicorn and half porpoise, but this may or may not just be a narwhal. :P

And if “Billy Joe’s Last Fan” is anything to go by, he also adores tiger cubs! As if I didn’t need another reason to love this presh dork! ;v;  I’m also fairly certain Billy’s spirit animal is why he chose Cobra as part of his stage name.

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Primis Richtofen, do you still have your horse that made a guest appearance on the last blog a few times? Or did you eat him out of poverty?...

Mod: I was hoping for a question about his horse! Yes, he still has her. Primis would sooner eat another human being than his precious horsie, Aethelweard. Like the other incarnations of Richtofen, he isn’t much for animals, but for some reason horses are like his thing. They calm him down, so Aethelweard is like the only thing in the world he loves. She’s like the child he never had…uh, horse child.

For example, here we have disturbed the ritual of Primis putting flowers in her mane. He babies her. What a dork.

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How would you want "Change of Heart" to end and who would you ship him with? Also, I heard you're not that fond of Clyde so are you're hoping this ep can give him some proper character development?

My opinion on him has changed with time.

For the most part of the first season, he was a bad character. He was Lincoln’s best friend, but he lacked initiative, he was just Lincoln’s shadow and the only aspect that gave him some kind of personality was the fact that he had a crush on Lori.

As the season ended and the new season began, Clyde started to have a bit of a more defined personality, and his crush on Lori is now not as important to define him as it was before. So I kinda like him more.

But it still really annoys me that he has a crush on one of Lincoln’s sister. Because it happens, I can assure you it happens, if your friend has beautiful sisters (and in my headcanon, they’re all beautiful, even if some stand out more like Lori or Leni, while Lynn and Luan have that type of “hidden beauty” that you don’t see at first glance) it’s possible for you to have a crush on one of them.

But there’s a thing called the bro-code, and while it’s not as severe as “You will not fall in love with your friend’s sister”, it does mean that you won’t be constantly bothering your friend saying how much you love his sister. You can see that Lincoln is disgusted by it, he’s always making gross faces, but Clyde doesn’t care.

If the episode ends with Clyde getting over his crush on Lori, then I’m gonna absolutely love him, because that also shows character development and signs of maturity. I can really get behind that. If his crush is passed onto another sister, then I will forever hate him as a character, because it would almost seem like he hates Lincoln, lol.

I mean, I can understand it. He seems like a dork who probably doesn’t talk with girls, so when one of them shows affection to him (like Lincoln’s sisters) he misunderstands that affection as love. I can understand that, but it hasn’t been justified that way, and it would feel cheap if he just decides to love Leni instead. I say Leni because that’s what it seems it’s going to happen, but age-wise it could probably be Lynn.

And that would be even MORE stupid since even though there’s a good contrast to play with the dynamic between the two of them (rough vs nerd, brave vs coward, athletic vs dork), they have zero chemistry. Like, zero. The only reason the dynamic between Lynn and Lincoln works is because they are related and they grew up together, having to learn to stand one another and probably sharing a lot of time (since they’re close in age and Lynn’s games would require a boy like Lincoln, at least in her child mind).

Much needed TL;DR: Clyde as Lincoln’s best friend has started to grow on me. If he gets over his ridiculous crush on Lori, he’ll become a great character, with development, something the rest of the cast lacks.

Bon Amiversaire!

(my tags were out of order on the post so I thought I would just write a drabble)

Based off this post!!

Ladybug was early to patrol.

SItting on the rooftop with the night’s breeze ruffling her pigtails, her only thought was if Alya could see me now, actually early for something.

It wasn’t often that Chat Noir was late to patrol. He, like herself, relished the time they spent bantering and racing on the Parisian rooftops with bright smiles and happiness blooming like a hearth in their chests.

“Ah- hey there- my- Lady,” Chat’s voice rang out, words choked past panting.

Ladybug turned to greet him but instead of meeting glowing green eyes, she turned to a face full of white frosted dotted with sprinkles. “Wh-what’s this for?”

“It’s a cake!” he bounced on his toes.

The… ‘cake’ he held was lopsided. The grin that lit up his face was lopsided to match.

Ladybug got to her feet, taking the cake gently from his eager hands. “Err, yeah, what’s the occasion?”

Chat’s eyes lit up with playfulness as his cheeks flushed a color that sent a feeling she couldn’t name down her spine. “Oh, my Lady, how could you forget?”

“Hmmm,” she tapped her lip. “Is it my birthday? I think I would remember my birthday… is it your birthday? Is it someone’s birthday?”

He stepped forward, quietly chuckling as he took the cake from her and set it down. His fingertips were light on her cheeks as he said, “Buginette, I’m offended! How could you forget our… amiversaire.”

Ladybug couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled into her throat even if she tried. “I don’t- know if I want- to kick your off this roof- or hug you,” she choked out between her giggles.

Pressing his forehead to hers, he laughed in the space between their lips. “I’ll take either. It would be my honor to get kicked off a roof by you.”

“You’re a dork.” she shoved him gently. “I’m assuming you made the cake yourself?”

“It’s the most beautiful cake you’ve ever seen, isn’t it?” there was laughter in his voice. “Took a few pointers from a friend.”

“Hmm, I’d say the cakes at ‘Tom & Sabine’s Boulangerie and Patisserie’ are just a little prettier. Besides, the girl who decorates them is pretty cute.” Ladybug grinned.

Chat’s smile was lit with pride. “Marinette.”

“Wh-What?” Ladybug nearly jumped out of her suit.

“Marinette decorates them. She is very talented. She was the one who gave me tips.” Chat grinned.

Wait wait wait. I’m Marinette. And Marinette gave Chat tips on how to bake a cake? But I didn’t do that. The only person I talked to about baking was… “Adrien?” the last part of her thoughts apparently couldn’t be kept from slipping past her lips.

Chat looked startled. Very much like a frightened cat. “How did you… how did you figure it out?”

“Figure what out?”

Chat pursed his lips. “HA, nothing! You didn’t figure anything out- I mean, it’s not that you aren’t smart it’s that you didn’t figure out the thing that I thought you figured out!” his nervous laugh gave him away.

As realization struck her, Ladybug reacted the only way she could possibly think to react.

She screamed.

“Ladybug! My lady, are you okay?! Are you hurt, what’s happening!” his voice gave away his worry as he took his wrists into his hands.

“You’re Adrien Agreste!” she managed to hiss.

“A-Adrien Agreste? Wh-who’s Adrien I don’t know an Adrien do you know an Adrien?” his eyes were wide.

“You asked Marinette for baking tips except you didn’t ask as Chat Noir! You asked as Adrien! And I only know that because I’m Mari-” she slapped a hand over her mouth, eyes wide.

Chat- no, Adrien’s eyes were tender, but shocked. “M-Marinette?”


Getting Ladybug- no, Marinette- to calm down was a task that shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. Chat couldn’t understand why it freaked her out that much. He was ecstatic. One of his first friends was his lady! How much more perfect could it get?

They were currently seated on a roof, eating cake with their fingertips because Chat was an idiot who forgot plates and spoons in his excitement.

Really, it was downright unfair that Ladybug could make licking frosting from her fingertips so… enjoyable. “Chat?”

“Err, yes, my Lady?” he could feel his face heating up.

“I’m sorry I forgot… our amiversaire.” she giggled at the word. “I was kinda getting ready for a different amiversaire. One that’s… tomorrow actually.” her blue eyes went wide. “NOT THAT I DIDN’T MAKE YOU A GIFT I HONESTLY HAD IT IN MIND I JUST FORGOT BECAUSE- because myamiversaire with Adrien is tomorrow.” his lady’s voice was quiet. The shade of red on her cheeks very quickly became his favorite color.

Chat grinned. “Does this mean I get two presents?”

“Does this mean I get two cakes?” she shot back.

“Absolutely. But I don’t know if you’d want this mess of a cake again.” he blushed.

Ladybug’s lips against his cheek sent his heart stampeding around in his chest. “I’ll help you make another one. I do live above a bakery, after all.”

“Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me, my Lady. All those delicious macarons I’ll get now…” he let out a dreamy sigh, stomach rumbling at the thought.

She giggled. “You’re a dork. I can’t believe I ever thought Adrien Agreste was cool.”

“Glad you realized that before it was too late.”


Marinette was late again.

But she had a reason! She had to make sure Adrien’s two gifts were absolutely perfect!

“Your teacher won’t understand that, Marinette,” Tikki giggled from Marinette’s bag.

“It’s not the first ti-” her words stopped abruptly as she crashed into a mass of soft fabric over hard muscle.

“Better watch where you’re going, Bugaboo,” Adrien’s happy laughter brought red to her cheeks.

“Adrien!” she gasped, stepping away from his steadying hands. Marinette shoved the two boxes into his hands. “B-Bon amiversaire.”

His green eyes danced with happiness that she had only seen on the rooftops of Paris. “Bon amiversaire, my Lady.” he pressed the small cake they had made together in her parents’ bakery into her hands.

As his arms came around her, her heart jumped to her throat. “Bon amiversaire, mon chaton.”

“Since when do people get two presents for friendship anniversaries? I only got one.” Alya humphed.

Marinette pulled her face from the depths of Adrien’s shirt to stick her tongue out at Alya.

“Wow, have fun with your new best friend, then, Mari.” Alya rolled her eyes playfully.

“You know I love you, Alya.”

Boyfriend!Wonwoo {Req}
  • just gonna point out the obvious here first and say: BOOKWORM. BOYFRIEND. WONWOO!!
  • would definitely be the type to go on book store or library dates with you
  • book swap with wonwoo and loving his taste in literature
  • like cmon, handsome boys who like good books? yES PLS
  • going to the mall to shop for clothes but actually staying in barnes & noble for 2+ hours lmao oOPS
  • reading in the living room at home together, occasionally stealing kisses from one another ;-; aslslddndk
  • finishing a really good part in the book and ranting about it to wonwoo who finds it endearing
  • cafè dates too~
  • tickle fights!!
  • teasing each other about the height difference between you both
  • would definitely be a dork for you
  • him singing loud and off-key on purpose in the car
  • going all out dance machine when a girl group song comes on the radio
  • cute puns that are really bad but wonwoo thinks theyre gr8
  • but the only reason why acts silly is just because he wants to make you smile and laugh bc he’s in love with your smile ok
  • you wearing wonwoos sweaters would be his weakness tbh bc you look cute asf
  • jealous wonwoo coldly staring at the guy trying to hit on you and that alone + his height can intimidate
  • playful nicknames ^^ you always call him your giant dork and he’ll always call you his tiny loser~
  • but when y'all are being serious or cuddling, he’d call you sweet things like “baby” or “beautiful”
  • omf shirtless wonwoo while cuddling… revoir, im ded ;;
  • but fr, just imagine cuddling at night and his deep voice softly speaking in your ear ;;
  • also getting to hear him say “good morning babe” in his deeper-than-the-ocean morning voice
  • or if he’s too tired, he’ll just pull you close and whine for you to stay
  • neck kisses,,,,,
  • i feel like he’d be a passionate kisser though…? ahhh ok let’s not go there
  • anYWAY
  • you always listening to wonwoo and making sure he knows he’s worth it bc sometimes he feels like nobody listen to him /:
  • wonwoo feeling grateful as heck to have you
  • is a little awkward when saying his feelings out loud but when he writes you letters they’re so long and meaningful bc words are his forte and it’s gonna make you cry
  • but tbh he would say i love you a lot~
  • in short? wonwoo would be the cutest bf in the world pls treat him well
  • and excuse me while i go cry ;; byeee

Sanvers HC: Both Alex and Maggie thrive on physical contact with one another, finding it a constant comfort even with the smallest of touches. Alex is most reliant on it during her ‘monthly’ when Maggie (and most of the super friends) swear she becomes a human cat wanting constant attention and heaven forbid Maggie leave for any reason when Alex is cuddled up to her. Maggie is most reliant on the comfort when facing a dark hidden fear, thunder. Maggie hates thunder storms more than she’ll let on so much so that Alex has seen her completely break down crying and the only thing that calmed her was being held tight in Alex’s arms under the covers.

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I'm new to this fandom so I don't know which ship to ship yet, but I'm leaning toward Lashton. Do you have anything to convince me to ship Lashton?

I was made for this moment. Okay so you’re going to want to look at this post here (my blog looks weird but there are many links on that post I know it’s hard to tell), but before you dive into that, I guess I’ll give you my reason as to why I ship them?

But i mean tbh, the ship chose ME, I didn’t choose it. I had just gotten into 5sos when I came across it, and I was already in love with Ashton so when I saw how cute he looked with that blonde dude, I was like HELL YEAH! And I guess the reason that I continue to ship them is because, for me, their dynamics will always be my favorite. 

I like how supportive Ashton is of Luke, who has a history with being a bit insecure (he’s gotten a lot more confident this past year but):

I think that Ashton, who is the oldest out of his siblings and the oldest in the band, feels a sort of protection over Luke, especially in the earlier days when Luke was tiny and shy. I mean, it really says something when their very first meeting happened because Ashton stood up for Luke when he was being bullied for his appearance. (videos in that link above)

I love how Luke is so obviously attracted to Ashton:

(I don’t have the gif saved, but once on stage, Luke said that he was “mad” because Ashton is so much more muscular than he is. And then Ashton did this smug little grin because Luke is checking him out on stage AND admitting it. That’s dedication right there)

Also, Luke confessing his love on more than one occasion:

And some of my other fave moments can be found in this masterpost here. So yeah, they are my precious boys :( I will admit that things have been pretty dry lately, but I just can’t ship any other pairing because nothing appeals to me the way that this ship does (aside from malum, aka the counterpart to my lashton, but that’s another story for another time). 

The reason that I still ship them is because their relationship has always been so pure, healthy, and full of support for one another. I love the height difference, the subtle age difference, the difference in their body types, personalities, and more; but they’re also a lot like each other in some ways. They’re both huge meme loving dorks, they’re both very family oriented, they’re both able to play multiple instruments, and they’re both cancers which I think is super cute for some reason lol

Anyway I hope they appeal to you in the same way that they appeal to me. I’ll leave you with just one of my favorite gifs of these two cuties. (They had sex on stage :D)