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Another Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon

Robbie Rotten only uses affectionate names for Sportacus for two reasons
1.  When he is being privately affectionate.
2.  When he is absolutely 100% done with Sportacus.

For example:
*Sportacus is in the middle of making food and is being 200% more extra™ about it than he really ought to be*
Robbie: “Sportacus?”
Sportacus: “Yes Robbie?”
Robbie: “Light of my life?  Bringer of my joy?  Apple Strudel of my Eye?”
Sportacus: “Yes…?”
Robbie: “- the reason I get up in the morning and what beckons me to bed every eve…”
Sportacus: “… Um… Robbie?  You only say things like that when you are either really happy or very frustrated…”
Robbie: “Take a wild guess.”
Sportacus: “… Oh.  Sorry Robbie! :}D”

Why I love BTS Maknae Line

so in response to this ask:

I have to talk about why I love some of my various OT3s, Here is one about Maknae Line, you can also check out ones about YoonMinseok and Sunshine Line if you like.

So why do I love Maknae line? there are so many reasons, but the simplest answer is I love Maknae line because they love eachother.  I don’t care whether its platonic or romantic or whatever, these three are clearly so very fond of one another and aren’t afraid to show it.  Even Kookie who is more reserved about showing his feelings has really come out of his shell in terms of giving affection to the others.

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But apart from their snuggly cuteness, another thing I love is how playful they are together, they’re such massive dorks and they always bring out the silliness in eaqchother which is so endearing.  Like when they were acting cool dancing to music:

But then 5 seconds later….


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They also love playfully making fun of one another, like when Tae tweeted and shortly after JiKook copied him and trolled:

And look at makeup artist Kookie drawing on Tae and Jimin:

And don’t even get me started on the goldmine that was their Hide & Seek Bangtan Bombs, cracky fun, beating eachother up and general classic maknaeline shenanigans:

But although they may troll eachother, ultimately they always have eachothers back and cheer eachother on.  Just look at them when Kookie was wrestling:

And they’re so adorable together:

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And did I mention that these gorgeous lil assholes realise exactly how hot they are and use it to their advantage they’re lethal OTL

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So everyone pls lovel maknae line they are perfection <3

If you would like me to make a similar post about any OT3/4/etc involving Jimin then please drop me an ask because I love them all

Color splash doodle of Sanada Yukimura from SLBP!

I’m currently laughing into oblivion in his route bc he’s a precious cinnamon roll LOL Also I really love the color of his eyes * A * 

Another reason why I picked his route was because of Prince of Tennis LMFAO  but that’s another story

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your so weak!!! Everyone is saying, " Poor her." Can't you handle things on your own?? What a baby

In case you haven’t noticed anon, my life has gone to complete and utter shit. Not only am I doubting my writing skills and if my blog really is great, but I’m also trying to wrestle social anxiety and make friends and have to come home every day to my mom being disappointed that I can’t socialize with people. I have to hear my friend who’s a whole ocean away from me tell me that everything that I loved about my friends is falling apart as they start to get mad at each other for no reason. I have a DAD that’s stuck in another COUNTRY that’s on a whole other timezone than where I am and I have to go through having everyone in my family stressed out about this and I have no way to help my mom and all I want is a hug from my dad and just be an overall dork with him. I can’t play the violin for him and see his easy smile and I can’t see him tease me endlessly as I tease him back. I’m trying to figure out who I am and wondering if maybe I’m bisexual and starting to worry what would happen if some of the people close to my heart would do if they found out. 

Fine, maybe I’m sensitive to things, but when you think about it, I have every right to be. Nobody should be going through everything I have to, and you don’t have the right to call me out on it. I’d like to see you put in my situation and see how you react.

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How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi drabble if someone was annoying their s/o( for whatever reason) or offended someone they loved and suddenly she started to go all ballistic, cursing at them ( maybe in another language, that would be hilarious, im even imagining the faces those basketball dorks make when they hear it x’D)

HAHAHAHA I DO THIS A LOT TBH ;D and i’ll change the languages for each

AKASHI: Seeing you yell at the guy in a crowded street, cursing in French was adorable to watch. He just stood back and watched you make the guy’s eyes widen in shock with an amused smile playing on his lips. When he saw that the guy was about to cry, he took you in his arms and whispered, “I think it’s alright, ___-chan. He probably doesn’t understand French.” You huffed but followed his lead and left the guy alone, leaving him in confusion and shock.

AOMINE: For a second, he was wondering why you were screaming in Mandarin at some random guy in the middle of the street before your date. After a while though, seeing you stomp angrily, cursing in a language that the other guy didn’t even understand, he burst out laughing, catching your attention. “Sorry, sorry.” He grinned and pecked you on the cheek before looking up at the other guy with a sympathetic look. “You really don’t want to pull the Mandarin curses out of her.”

KAGAMI: The Spanish words that flew out of your mouth even made him turn red. He quickly tried to interject as you tried to claw at the other guy’s shirt. “Okay, baby, okay. How about we go get that ice cream?” He offered up a comforting smile. Before the two of you walked away, Kagami had to glare one last time at the guy. “Hey, you better watch it. You really don’t want to piss her off.”

KASAMATSU: He pondered all the possibilities as to why you would be screaming in the middle of the hallway at a girl who was yelling at you too. He knew you didn’t want him to cut in when you were pissed so he stood back for a while. However, when he saw a teacher approaching while you were cussing the girl out with “fuck”, he swept you away. You glared at him but he glared at you back. “I don’t want you getting detention.” You just slumped back against him and sighed.

KISE: Kise was taken aback by the sudden string of German insults leaving your mouth. He didn’t know what it meant, nor did he even know you could speak German, but he quickly jumped in. “Don’t touch my ____-chi!” He glared at the guy. “Come on, ____-chi. He’s not worth it.” He glared at the guy and moved you away from the guy. Afterwards, when the two of you were eating lunch together, he asked with an innocent grin, “Ne, can you teach me how to swear in German?”

KIYOSHI: He had no idea what you were talking about but he was scared of your tone. Although he wanted to let you have the last word, he was also worried that this would blow out of proportions. “I think we can handle this more calmly, yes?” He turned to glare at the other person but smiled at you softly. “Now, how did this happen?”

KUROKO: In all honesty, he found it absolutely amusing when Indonesian insults left your lips. He knew that you spoke the language but you had told him that you liked to curse in it whenever you were pissed. And boy were you pissed. For a second or two, he watched you but when he knew that it was going to go out of hand, he quickly interjected and attempted to calm you down.

MIDORIMA: The first thing he would do was actually interrupt the whole argument because the other party seemed confused with the Japanese insults escaping your mouth. He led you away which made you pissed at him and so you started throwing insults his way instead. “Baka, baka, baka!” You yelled, hitting his chest and he would just sigh and accept it, waiting for you to calm down.

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara geared up to fight as well when he realized that you had started swearing in Swedish. He stood next to you and glared down at the puny person in front of you. “Hey, don’t make my ____-chin mad or I’ll crush you.” Said person would then proceed to run away and you high fived your awesome boyfriend.

TAKAO: Was that… Russian? Takao couldn’t help but laugh at the fearful look on the other person’s face as you swung around your hands while cursing them out. He had the time of his life watching you but when he knew you weren’t going to calm down anytime soon, he instantly was by your side, kissing your cheek. “Okay, baby, let’s put the Russian away and talk seriously now.”


Need more reason to love these talented, adorable dorks?
Here. Another awesome cover of an already great song by a phenomenal group.

PS. The line distribution…three thumbs up. :)

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How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if someone was annoying their s/o( for whatever reason) or offended someone they loved and suddenly she started to go all ballistic, cursing at them ( maybe in another language, that would be hilarious, im even imagining the faces those basketball dorks make when they hear it x’D)

Kuroko: “Where did _____ learn those words?” He’d think. 

Kise: “_____cchi, calm down!” 

Midorima: He’d secretly be proud that you took no shit, but he wouldn’t show it. 

Aomine: Doesn’t understand anything you’re saying, but he’s cheering you on. “Fuck yeah, get ‘em, baby!”

Murasakibara: Barely bats an eyelid, because “_____-chin is her own person.” He will interfere if it gets messy though. 

Akashi: Pulls you away and tells you there is no need for such petty conflict. 

Kagami: Also really pumped, like Aomine. If he hears an English curse or two thrown in he might be amazed. 

Takao: Finds your spitfire attitude really cute and he will definitely find this a huge turn on. 

Kasamatsu: He’d get mad that someone even decided to annoy you, but the second you turned around and went ballistic on them, he was shocked. 

Kiyoshi: Pulls you away like Akashi did, because he sees no point in conflict. 

I was feeling really down these past few days (still kinda down) but I decided to try and lift my spirits last night by just watching these dumb dorks play some of my favorite games. its like i got hit with a wave of “love” so i drew them all giving me a hug(weird i now, just need some form of a hug)

I know I’m probably just another fan who just desperately want to tell you how much you mean to me and that you saved my life. I could be dead right now, but you guys -sighs- I… I don’t want to say that “you’re my reason for living” because I feel like it sounds like I’ll kill myself if they stop making videos. You guys just so happened to give me a reason to keep living. I wanna make people happy by doing what I love, just like you guys. I love drawing, video games and singing. The thing is, I know I’m not that popular so I know that YouTube wouldn’t be the best option, but I’m still thinking about it. That will always be on my mind. Maybe it’d be a good… start I guess. To put myself out there, to try and bring in some money doing what I love. Just to help my parents out with bills and stuff. I know I’m only 16, but I need to do this for them. I need to help them, to give them something to be proud of from me for doing something they think I can excel at. I’m glad that I typed this all out because I’m on the verge of tears. -sighs deeply- This years been pretty tough, but I just know that this coming year will get better. I just know it will.

Anyway, back on topic! Sorry for my little rant there. I really wish that they could read this and say something, but I guess this is just for the few people that actually see my art to read, unless somehow, you fellow fans can get this to those lovable dorks (I’d like to tag them but I feel like I’ve written a lot) then I just need to say THANK YOU SO MUCH MARK, SEAN, DAN, PHIL, FELIX, AND CRY. JUST… THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I think the reason I ship MakoHaru so much is because they are everything I would want in a relationship. They has so much faith and trust in each other. You can tell just how much they love and care for one another. It’s just so beautiful and pure. I love those two dorks so much.

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Hi! I’m Mitsou and this is my selfie for snowflakefaces-day x) <3 (As if I would need another reason to post nerdy selfies)

My favourite is, without question, Baz. I have several reasons. He is a sap, a drama queen, bamf, hot af and so so so pining all the time it makes me cry.

My favourite quote.. sigh…

“It’s all right, love.”


Happy 24th birthday to my sunshine, Joseph Michael Graceffa Jr. He’s the reason why I wake up in the morning. He’s the reason why I still smile. He’s the reason why I still try. He’s the reason why I still care. My love for this little dork is so amazingly big; words cannot describe. Over the years, we watched him and his channel(s) grow right before our eyes. It amazes me how a 24 year old man can do so many amazing things at such a young age. And while doing these amazing things, he’s taught us so many things.

Thank you so much, Joey for being YOU. You’ve taught me so much over the years and made me so much happier. I seriously cannot thank you enough.

Here’s to another year of happiness. And as you told me on my birthday: Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

For some reason or another 5,000 of you like the stuff I write/post/draw and I honestly can’t thank you enough for everyone’s continuous support!!! Remember that I love each and every single one of you but can’t tag all 300 people I follow!!! I probably forgot a lot of people and I’m so so sorry…

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Also for some reason I CONSTANTLY am having dreams where I own SO MANY reptiles

like, last night it was snake sentric, the other night it was geckos, and then before that it was more bearded dragons.

my subconscious is tapping into my future desire of having MANY reptile children.

specifically, I’d love to own these reptiles in the same house

Bearded dragon ( Cutie, the one I own currently, and then another one!)

^ (i love cutie//// what a dork)

And then a Skink

And a Leachie Gecko

And finally some sort of snake! Probably a corn snake

I just////// LOVE REPTILES so much <3

another quick thing i did just now to celebrate me being done with lessons for this school year (though I have activities week next week but we’ll ignore that). my friend suggested the prompt of “septiplier” and so i took that as these two being the adorable dorks they are

~30 minutes