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I agree with Mon-El

The reason why I agree with Mon-El isn’t because I love him and Kara together. The reason I believe him it’s because from what I’ve learned from every book, TV show, and fanfiction out there is anyone that comes back after being with the enemy most times they end up working for the enemy. For example the 100 when the Grounders returned Murphy they returned him so that he could kill off the 100. Another example is when district 13 got Peeta back so easily and it turned out he was hijacked, oh another example Terra from Teen Titans so people should listen to him.

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HKSKDLD one of the reasons that article gave was 'possibility for a love triangle' bich........ if i see another love triangle on a tv show im gonna strangle myself also i hope they sue the idiot that wrote it

enough w love triangles on supergorl season 1 was enough

me watching another performance of Million Reasons while thinking about I Want Your Love and all of the teasers about LG5 being a dark disco album before clicking on ticketmaster and buying a $100 floor ticket to the Joanne Rodeo and thinking about all of the gays that are going to show up in crop tops and pink hats and try to drop it low to Sinner’s Prayer and wanting to die all while knowing that artists grow and change and are allowed to go through different musical identities so I can’t and won’t unstan and will support Gaga’s artistic decisions even though I only like half of Joanne

so this is like my desktop now and theres some stuff i’ve noticed on it in the backgrounds

so we have team magma over here all serious  and lined up like an army, totally no-nonsense 

and then we have team aqua… 

starting off with this dude who is in love with shelly 

but then theres the girl next to him who is very pissed off at him for looking at shelly 

and theres another grunt creeping around who seems to be looking at his team leader’s butts 

then theres the dude just showing off his guns for absolutely no reason 

then theres this guy in the back who either wants to start a fight with team magma 

 or he just punched and knocked over this guy, who is having a really bad time 

in conclusion i love these nerds 

So I really loved the “Bellamy negotiates with Echo” scene for a thousand reasons but one part in particular that stood out was the face Bob makes right before he says, “I wasn’t done talking.”

Like, his expression shows he’s bracing for a hit. He knows he’s in for it once he grabs Echo, he knows he’s just put his life in danger. And I love this not because, as usual, he’s putting his life on the line or throwing himself in front of the metaphorical bullet for his people, but because this moment - this whole SCENE - makes it clear that Bellamy’s ~bravado is an ACT.

It always has been. That bravado is something he puts on as soon as he says “I’ve got this” to Kane and you can SEE the mask fall into place. Because this is an act, yes- this isn’t who Bellamy really is - but it’s an act that’s so familiar to him, so second nature that it forms a core part of who he is. The Bravado act defined who he was on the ark, and when he first came down to the ground, and now he draws on it when he needs to buy time with Echo.

So basically, this scene is a masterclass by Bob, but also, I don’t think we appreciate enough how far Bellamy has come emotionally. The fact that it felt like a change for Bellamy to flip this switch is a testament to how much more open and honest Bellamy has allowed himself to become since s1. Growth that, I think, is spurred in part by his love for his friends but also, in large part, due to his relationship with Clarke.

the thing about being a young woman is that they will take everything from you. and i mean everything. and they will make it about them. your makeup, your clothes, how much you eat. your attitude, your hairstyle, your gym routine. they will take your driving and your train stations and your video games. your sexuality as sexy, your gender identity as a fetish, your cooking. your tv shows and your high heels and every harmless thing. 

if they cannot eat it, if it does not satisfy them, it will be an immediate shame. they cannot control how much you put food into your body, so it is seen as disgusting. your love of starbucks is your vapid need, your comfortable boots are symbols of your inherent stupidity. your fake nails, your body’s natural cycles, the hair on you. bath bombs, pink, the low singing of women talking about depression. your crazy, your hyper, your laughter, your loud, your excited, your passions. the things which are yours, that do not belong to them, that cannot be taken and devoured like flower petals, cannot be sucked dry until the wilt forms in you. 

do not satisfy them. let them starve. let them shy from the sin of you, the unfettered sinfulness of loving taking up space.

Romance Manga

Here are some fabulous shojo romance choices to keep you warm and cuddly! Enjoy! (No particular order)

Haru No Ride

Reason to read: The struggles the characters face are real. Futaba struggles with her identity, and Kou with his family and self-worth. We get to see these two characters fall in love and get many satisfying romantic moments! 

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Reason to read: At first, I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I am glad I gave it a second chance because this manga is freaking fantastic. The dynamic between the two has a rocky start but romance and reciprocated feelings soon ensure. Another great thing is that this manga actually mentions (and may in the future show) sex, unlike many shojo that tend to pretend that it does not exist. 

Ouran High School Host Club 

Reason to read: If you haven’t seen the fabulous anime, then go watch it and come back and read it. Your welcome. If you have seen it, then we all know what that final scene was missing. Do not fret! For this manga continues the antics and the romance! Everything from the characters to the plot are perfect in this manga and I can say with complete confidence that this manga has the most satisfying, heart-warming ending of any manga I have ever read. 

Nodame Cantabile 

Reason to read: I do not play an instrument and have never listened to classical music, but this manga gave me a profound appreciation for that world. Nodame is by far the most unique and interesting heroine I have come across in manga, and her relationship with Chiaki is great because the love takes a while to blossom, but that makes it a lot sweeter. There is a 3 season long anime series that I watched and enjoyed and I actually do believe that watching it might be a better option because this show does involve music, but the manga has a lot of spicy details that are fun to come back to after watching! 

Hibi Chouchou 

Reason to read: This manga is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like it LOVE it! The reason this manga polarizes people is because both protagonists are extremely quiet and shy, so we get a lot of glimpses into their thoughts and wishes, but not a lot of actual dialogue. The reason everyone should give it a try is because it really is an accurate depiction of the struggles of shy love and is really well drawn and cute.  

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Reason to read: Nanami proves that a cute face and dainty demeanor does not define her level of strength. Tomoe and her relationship grow so naturally and the special circumstances they are in makes the reader really want to root for them. 


Reason to read: Hori and Miyamura show each other sides of themselves that no one knows and they become essential parts of each others lives. They are so freaking cute together!

Your Lie in April 

Reason to read: First of all, I REALLY recommend watching the anime first. Our protagonists are musicians so if you actually want to hear their music, the anime is the best option. I would recommend reading the manga after watching the anime if you want to relive the pain good feelings. The strange thing about this show/manga is that technically, it is categorized as a “shonen” which automatically makes me think of lots of boobs and butts, but this show is an innocent and lovely choice for any reader! WARNING: sadness inside. 

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! 

Reason to read: Misaki is one of the most kick-ass girl characters. She juggles being the student council president with great grades and a job at a maid cafe all while her home life crumbles. Usui and Misaki are one of my favorite manga couples because they truly deserve each other! 

Akagami no Shirayukihime 

Reason to read: Shirayuki may look like a weakling, but she is actually mentally strong and incredibly brave. I have not read too much of this manga yet, but so far I like what I see, and since I always spoil stuff for myself, I know for a fact that love is around the river bend! 

Cherry Boy, That Girl 

Reason to Read: First of all, this is a Korean manhwa, not a manga, so you read it left to right. This freaking work of art…I love this manhwa. It has it all, twists, turns, love, deceit, tricks, and treats galore, all wrapped up in fully colored chapters!

Last Game

Reason to read: OMGGGGG. It all started when Kujou knocked Yanagi off of his high-horse by beating him in almost everything: school, sports, and the like. Yanagai was one of those boys who has talent, but mostly gets what he wants because he is rich. Then Kujou comes out of nowhere and with her ordinary, plain-jane looks steals his pride without really trying at all. From that moment, Yanagi has followed Kujou to high school and now college to try to win the Last Game. Yanagi is the true gem of this manga because unlike in many shojo romances, it is actually told from the boy’s perspective and the boy falls in love first. 

Special A

Reason to read: This is literally the epitome of the classic “competition –> love” scenario…and I love it. The charm of this manga is all of the different love stories that blossom between all of the other characters. There is a good anime for this show, but the manga is a tad better.    

‘’Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. … “When the snows fall and the white winds blow” - When winter comes; “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives

Quick messy sketch of our lovely Stark sisters and some random thoughts.

EDIT: some of the comments I received proved exactly what I was saying. Nice job :D. The bias is strong in some people. Had you even bothered to read any of my other posts you would have seen that I never trashed Arya…on the contrary I had shown my appreciation for the character and accepted her with the bad and the good. Do you think I would spend my time on a character I hate? I am referring to art. Do you think I would create FREE art of a character I dislike and try to portray her as good as I can (I am speaking of a solo Arya piece I previously posted). Someone said Sansa wished Arya died…well Arya wasn’t some angel either, and Sansa kind of bullied Arya (the whole horseface wasn’t very nice) who also seems a bit frustrated that Sansa got the ‘good stuff’ from their mother (hair, cheekbones, eyes etc). Do you have siblings? Kids growing up sometimes argue/fight and say mean things to each other. That doesn’t mean they mean it. How exactly do you see Arya? ‘Badass’ assassin fighter yay goddess of winter bae of doom? Well, she’s more than that just as Sansa is not beauty without brains. The people who jumped and ‘attacked’ (lol you little wolves you) seem to be the kind that worship a character and ignore its faults and instead will point every little fault of other characters. That’s what you proved in the comments. I never said I blame Arya for Lady or Micah. I was using your own logic of blaming Sansa for Ned’s execution. If one is to blame, than why the other is not? Are these situations not similar? Did any of them did what they did  to kill others on purpose? No. None of them did it to kill Ned/Micah/Lady. ‘Buuuut Sansa said/did that’/ ‘omg how dare you say a bad thing about our perfect goddess Arya’ etc. I never said anything bad, just the things that I noticed, and if you don’t like it…well I don’t fucking care. Most of the fandom is extremely biased when it comes to the Stark sisters. If pointing out the obvious means attacking a character then you have some problems. You are free to create your own art, spread the hate towards any characters  you want….because that’s how you feel. At the same time I maintain my opinion and I would like to invite you to read the books again if you think Arya and Sansa are enemies. They’re part of the same team. They learned a lot and they miss each other, Winterfell . Sansa thinks of her future children and one looks like Arya, the memory of the snowball fight scene when they play in the snow etc. It wasn’t all bad between them. Childish fights mean nothing. If I had a dollar each time someone told their sibling or parent ‘I hate you’/ ‘I wish you were dead’…I’d be rich.

Ned said it best. In winter the wolves must stick together. Another thing he noted is that Arya, like Lyanna and Brandon, has a touch of the wild wolf in her. This wilderness, according to Ned, was what put both Lyanna and Brandon into their early graves. 

 I’ve seen so much Sansa hate coming from show-only watchers (most of the time) and betting that Sansa will die this season  because  Arya is heading North and well there is not much to do for Sansa as she basically sucks according to some people. I love both Stark sisters for different reasons and IRL I share similar stuff with Arya which actually makes it easier to identify with her character. I have close to 0% in common with Sansa …and yet I still like her as a character.

 Funny enough Sansa is still blamed for a mistake she did in season 1/ book 1 while if I were to use the same logic Arya is to blame for Micah and Lady’s deaths because her actions led to that in a similar way Sansa spilling the beans to Cersei ultimately killed Ned (though that was NOT the plan, he was supposed to be sent to the Wall, but Jeoffrey did not listen to anyone and just sentenced him to death). 

Another thing is that Arya killing is constantly glamorized and  praised, while Sansa doing it makes her a monster. Saw some things being said that she could be pregnant with Ramsay’s child and that she would be a horrible person if she aborted it. There is moon tea, darlings! Sansa could have taken it constantly while being with Ramsay. There is also that wonderful fall that could have killed it…or the freezing cold and river…

Been talking to some friends and all of them said that Arya is the kind of girl they admire and her qualities make her more appealing/ attractive…which is a bit hypocritical considering that 100% of the people I’ve talked to were in relationships or married to ‘traditional women’ and not tomboys.

So lots of people think Sansa should be killed off because she is too weak and because there is place for only one Stark sister in the North XD.

But who is more inclined to hit the bucket? Someone who has learnt to keep their mouth shut and think ahead or someone who acts on impulse? Show only watchers are quick to dismiss everything that is book related, yet rely on ‘Arya’s GRRM’s wife fav character he won’t kill her’. Well…that doesn’t hold any water when the show is concerned ;) (plenty of proof in what the show did with Dorne, Jaimie’s redemption, Sansa’s rape, killing off characters that are still alive, introducing useless romances etc). If the show wants shock they would kill someone who is generally loved, not a character plenty of people deem weak. Last year I told everyone Margaery was going to die and people called me crazy XD. 

I personally think we lost too many Starks so far and those 3 that are left (Arya, Sansa, Bran) and Jon should form their pack and fight off winter. Each of them has their special skill sets. 

I was thinking of people that could actually die soon (SOME POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD):

Missandei- from my point of view she becomes a ‘spare’ the moment she reaches Westeros. Daenerys has the best of the best in her council: Tyrion. She teamed with Asha and Theon, Dorne and  Olenna. She is going to meet up with Jon who has his own advisers. Missandei’s skill set becomes pretty much useless. She is a good translator and knows many languages, but in Westeros Dany doesn’t need a translator and Missandei’s knowledge of Westeros could be very limited(I don’t know for sure how much she knows…she could know nothing as Westeros is so different from the places she lived in).

Meera- according to some spoilers she heads back home after Bran reaches Castle Black. Does this mean her mission is done? Possible. I wouldn’t put it past GOT to kill her off (not after what they did last season with so many characters being killed off). She goes home to her father (you know…that guy named Howland Reed who was with Ned at the Tower of Joy). Bran already knows that stuff that Howland knows. And according to some other spoilers Gilly and Sam will find even more evidence about Jon’s parentage. Do we really need Howland/ Meera? Does it even matter anymore that Jon’s parents are who they are? He as a bastard was named KITN. Spoilers point to a romance with Dany. Last season Dany said that she would have to marry and who in the 7 kingdoms matches her own title? Who is left besides Jon? A marriage with her would make him king consort. If she dies (and I think she will die in the last season/book…but that’s another post), he ends up as king of the 7 kingdoms. No matter what…he is in a place of power. Even if he renounces his KITN title in exchange to Dany’s help against the WW (which doesn’t make sense because if she wants to rule the kingdom she must first clean it u…but this is what the spoilers state).

That one Yoi scene

Ever since the scene ended and the show continued I wanted to write my opinion about it. I’m talking about this.

When Victor said this with as much seriousness as he could have without making it seem like a lie, I’m sure Yuuri felt fear, anxiety (very well portrayed, that’s another reason of why people liked this scene and the representation of it). A black hole in his chest, etc. Victor did shatter his heart, a reckless decision to motivate Yuuri nonetheless a failed attempt to do so, clearly.

I think everyone agrees that Yuuri didn’t keep nothing to himself, he openly and loudly showed his weaknesses and fears, but, his whole reaction is what I wanted to write on. It’s a different point of view and the reason why I personally liked this scene.

Again, yes, he did act and speak fearfully and anxiously, shaken, interrumpted and forced out of whatever thoughts he was having. But he then demonstrated he is not that strong, yet he isn’t weak either. (Victor himself tells him in a previous episode that nobody thinks he is, maybe because he thinks Yuuri can have as much feelings as a rock -none- and can’t be more hurt than inspired when he is concentrated in something so important as the championship, Victor said what he said, maybe he was as nervous and scared as Yuuri, that is another subject.) Either way Yuuri reacted like this:.

People, we can see an unstable and anxious Yuuri but we can see the strongest Yuuri has ever been in the whole series, too. Why? How?

Because Yuuri stands up for himself, for his feelings, for what he thinks.

He doesn’t walk away with his tail between his legs, being hurt, looking fakefully motivated, because he might not want to confront Victor. He would only have done bad at the championship, distracted and not in a right mind, doing it not for the right causes. Instead, he doesn’t want to believe him.

If everything had gone according to the previous paragraph, Yuuri would have failed and Victor, grieving, would leave an already heart broken Yuuri to his luck blamig himself and regretful, but acting to his word. A strong Yuuri stopped this from happening. In the past when he was barely beginning to be instructed by Victor, or even when he wasn’t, when he even scaped from the situation of shamefully taking a commemorative photo with him when he lost, then you could say he was weak and no one would oppose. But not now.

He doesn’t accept and obey Victor, even if he has another opinion or thinks that’s not right.

He is also not genuinely deceived by what Victor says and takes actual courage from it thinking he’ll do well in a wish of not wanting to lose him. Which would have not only been worse but unhealthy. Yuuri is not having it.

He doesn’t get excessively angry either as much as to have told Victor he doesn’t want him as a coach either. Instead, he tells him:

Then it feels more like Yuuri coaches Victor, shows him what he has to do for him to be just fine. Victor gets his mind together thanks to Yuuri, the tables turn. Yuuri voices what he wants from him and indirectly tells him that he will deal with himself, because, later, even he says:

Yuuri knows himself, he knows how sensible he is, he struggles and sees it as something normal -rationally since he got so far already- Even if he doesn’t have all the confidence in the world. He knows and is grateful that Victor has done more than enough and is still there with him so all Victor has to do is not leave. Not even joke about it. Victor doesn’t have to do other exceptional things nor left-speechless motivational discourses because him by Yuuri’s side is all he needs, everything else Yuuri can deal with. That is pretty rough and strong-mind like, for me.

Conclusion is. Ladies in gentlemen in the Yoi fandom Yuuri isn’t only not totally weak, he will only get stronger. We, as Victor:

not to be weird but i love so much that magnus has acne?? i literally can’t think of a single other person ive seen on a tv show with acne? ive had it so bad for the past 6 years and im so used to watching american shows where they cast stunning 20 something year olds as teenagers so its so refreshing to see someone the same age as me who looks the same age as me on tv!!!!!!

How to make pillows in blender, the easy way.

Yet another video I made for my lovely friend @13pumpkin31, I hope you guys find it useful as well. I will be sharing more of these in the future to show you guys how to make simple objects, this is how I started learning so I hope someone out there can learn a little bit from me as well. I am always happy to share the wealth, and my little bit of knowledge of mesh making. Enjoy <3

Sorry had to get rid of the previous video, for some reason it wasn’t playing on Youtube properly :/

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Yeesss!! People, we are in season 7. I think by now the audience fully understands the bond that Daryl and Carol have. TPTB did NOT have to show their bond AGAIN just to show they care about one another. Valuable screen-time could have been given to Maggie. Remember her, Gimple? Don't get me started on that, lol. But for some reason, Gimple wanted to add another layer to the caryl story. And we all know what that reason will be. Well, at least most of us do, lol.

Exactly this. If tptb didn’t want so many people shipping Caryl, if they wanted us to give up and see that their bond was nothing more than familial and they’d never grow beyond their platonic relationship - then those Caryl scenes in episode 10 simply would not have existed. Or, they would have looked a lot different. 

To portray a strictly familial bond, all the writers would have needed to do was have Daryl happen upon Carol while he was out. They absolutely would not have needed to go to the extra lengths that they went to, like: having Daryl bring Carol up to Morgan and gush about how she would have saved all their asses and led them to war (showing that she’s on his mind and that he is missing her); creating the whole conflict between Daryl and Richard (it would have been way easier to just not include that whole showdown because it delivered absolutely nothing to the big plot); having Morgan confront Daryl in a way that has been used since forever as a romantic trope - showing a character’s feelings for another character, then having an “outside” character point it out.

Tpbt could have still provided a Caryl scene or two in episode 10 if they just wanted to troll or tell us that the connection is platonic and staying that way. But if that was their goal, there’s no way they would have included all this other stuff that was used for the sole purpose of conveying Daryl’s feelings for Carol, over and over again. 

They also wouldn’t have made those scenes as emotional as they were. If they wanted us to believe that Daryl saw Carol as a family member, then they wouldn’t have shown that he took her leaving very personally, and it broke his heart. They would have shown Daryl to be upset, not so extremely hurt as he was, because what they did show was Daryl being the guy who is heartbroken over the love of his life leaving him. When a character is that hurt over another character leaving, it’s not meant to be seen as “oh he’s upset over his mom/sister/real estate agent leaving him”. You don’t do that

There were so many things packed into that episode that are undeniably romantic tropes:

  • talking about her out of the blue to other people.
  • beating up and threatening someone who wants to harm her.
  • heartbroken that she left.
  • he’s the one exception - the only person she lets in.
  • firelight dinner and emotional talk.
  • telling a huge lie to protect her and her feelings. (also the trope where one character can’t bear to see the other in pain or crying.)
  • walking away and then turning back and hugging her.
  • clinging to each other - in which smelling each other, nuzzling, and Daryl kissing her shoulder a little through her shirt were all involved.)
  • almost calling him back.
  • being called out on your feelings by the very person you were previously talking to when you brought her up out of the blue. 

Everyone knows that these are romantic tropes. That’s just common knowledge, especially for writers. These tropes have been used for years to convey a bond that has romantic potential and underlying romantic feelings - to convey that they are on the road to canon, or taking their relationship to that next level. 

So there’s no way Gimple would have gone through all this trouble, dedicated all that screen time to emphasizing and highlighting the fact that Daryl loves Carol and will put her before everything else, and used all those romantic tropes to do that - just because he wanted to troll. 

Because now it is canon in Daryl’s character that Carol is the most important thing to him in the world, and it was portrayed not in the way that you portray one’s platonic/familial feelings for another character - but in the way that is traditionally used to show romantic, loving, deeper-than-friendship feelings. 

And you don’t do that if you don’t have plans to develop the relationship into something romantic. 


results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD

So after watching this episode I realized another reason why I love B99 so much is because on other “team-is-a-family” shows you get the sense that the squad is a family but you don’t really have them acknowledging it much outside of fanfictions or Special Moments - it’s more of a fandom thing that you find in fics or in headcanons or something. 

But then with B99 you have Jake calling Holt “dad” after 18 episodes, saying that the nine nine is a family with “two black dads, two latina daughters, two white sons”, having Holt call Jake son, constantly bring up the family comparisons, and even now have Amy call Kevin and Holt “their” dads (because obviously they’re not just her dads, but hers and the squad’s dads) - and Amy says this even though she also has her own father, because she still sees Holt and Kevin as two more fathers in her life. And - it’s just so sweet because on other shows you’d have to twist and pull and rely purely on fandom to have even a simple family comparison sometimes and then on B99 they’re just casually throwing out these father/child statements and it’s just so very nice to see characters explicitly acknowledging how they see each other as family. 

Love Live! Sunshine!! things that kill me

• Riko literally stripping in front of Chika in the very first scene they have together??

• the quiet “zura” right before Ruby starts freaking out in the first episode

• “oh no she’s brain damaged”

• smol Zuramaru and the motion detector lights

• it’s joke

• Riko literally breaking down a wall and proceeding to jump from the balcony of one two story building to another

• tiny Yohane hitting a tree with a stick for no apparent reason and falling down

• You having a hat that says “YOU” on it

• Hanamaru showing up to the beach at 4:00 AM

• Riko actually literally saying “I love you” while holding Chika’s hands during the sunrise


it’s joke

• the fucking Tokyo outfits (the original ones especially)

• “I’ll do my Rubesty”

• You Watanabe + glasses??

• Mari comically tripping face-first into concrete during the most dramatic scene in the series

• Riko screaming like the lipstick les she is when her fanfic falls out of her locker

• all that damn Kanamari angst

• all that damn Kanamari flirting

it’s joke

I’m pretty hit-or-miss with novelizations.  Sometimes they’re just a retread and add nothing new, there’s no point to them.  Other times, they can add a ton of characterization and motivation, they can get inside a character’s head the way a visual medium can’t.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Rogue One novelization, but I was hopeful that it would shine some light on Jyn especially, because I didn’t really get her or her reasons in the movie.


Honestly, I can’t go more than three page turns on my Kindle before I’m highlighting another passage to add to the selection “holy fuck, Jyn Erso is traumatized as all hell” file, to show that her emotional and mental damage is absolutely relentless in this book.

Her character makes a ton more sense to me (AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH, give me ALL THE EMOTIONALLY MESSY FEMALE CHARACTERS, the ones who are jaded and cynical and not very nice, who are so angry they burn with it, who carry around emotional scars and chips on their shoulder, who want to lash back at those who hurt them, who aren’t perfect, but will do the right thing, who care.  That is what the novelization of Jyn Erso is to me.


SOMEWHERE INSIDE JYN’S BRAIN THERE was a cave sealed shut by a heavy metal hatch. The cave wasn’t for her protection. Instead it was where she locked away the things she was done with but couldn’t altogether forget: The Rebellion. Saw Gerrera. People and places buried in the dark for so long that she barely recognized their names as more than cruel, hurtful impulses.

No one survived Wobani for long. Jyn was supposed to serve twenty years, but anything more than five was a death sentence. All she could do was try to pick the most interesting end possible.

She fantasized about tripping Melshi on the wet stone, smashing his face into the rock, grabbing his weapon, dragging him bodily back to the hangar entrance, and using him as a human shield. The rebels wouldn’t let her offworld, but she could escape to the jungle where she would—what? Poison herself trying to live off the local flora?

“Jyn Erso? That’s your given name, is it not?“ She flinched.She felt as much as saw the general’s smile at his petty victory. Nothing about his words surprised her—the rebels wouldn’t kidnap [her false identity]—but hearing Jyn Erso aloud for the first time in years felt like a violation. The general had taken a cutting torch to the hatch in her brain, crudely attempting to burn through the barrier.

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Cuddling Their Cold BF in the Winter Time (BTS)

Requested by the lovely @lukaskunsthings <3 

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Sherlock

NAMJOON 남준:  He’d probably get excited knowing he had another reason to show his love for you, though this would also come with him wanting you to put on more layers so that there was no way you would even get cold.

YOONGI 윤기: I think he’d be really grateful that he finally had an excuse to be affectionate towards you, he’d probably more reserved and conscious at the start of your relationship, and it would slowly become more affectionate towards you and be more willing to cuddle.

HOSEOK 호석:  He wouldn’t hesitate to hold you if you wanted him to, though he’d already have found a way to warm you up with all of the affection he’d be giving you. If you were lucky to score Hoseok as your boyfriend, you’d never live to see another cold winter season.

SEOKJIN 석진:  I think that Seokjin and Hoseok would be similar in the way that they would be always affectionate towards their boyfriend, and there would be absolutely no way for you to get cold, but if you somehow were, he’d snuggle up to you, no matter where you were.

JIMIN 지민:  Jimin would be shy when it came to being affectionate, like Yoongi, but he’d give in and hug you as soon as he saw how cold you were. It’d take him a while to naturally hug you and prevent you from getting cold, but when he did realize he’d try his best to be affectionate.

TAEHYUNG 태형: His flat smile would make an appearance and he’d hug you so that you wouldn’t be cold anymore, probably squishing you so much that you’d have a tough time breathing, but you wouldn’t be cold anymore.

JUNGKOOK 정국: Jungkook would also be pretty shy and secretive about his affection, but he would always make sure you were warm, even if he had to resort to the cliche in which he’d give you one of his gloves and have each other hold each other’s hand.