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i do this. this is final pam. you remember how your backyard barbeque go, the smiths. pretty good it doesn’t seem. ha ha. i tell little joke. next time, you invite pam.

So the more Bobby is in progress, and I have two or three more pics to post today. More Belle, I posted another gifset, but I am putting together an aesthetic series just for Belle French. They’re all six images each and all have a theme. Some are a coordinated color theme like blue, pink, yellow/gold, some are hairstyles, fashion, books, etc. (There’s also one that’s just naughty…) I’ll probably get the 12 that I have edited up and start posting next month.

Just so y’all know, I currently have 20 outstanding gif projects separate from my Rumple and Belle series, and from any post-ep gifs. They’re all ones that are inspired by another set, a quote, etc. 9 Rumbelle, 2 Belle, 6 that will be part of an OUAT Ladies tribute, 1 OUAT Villains tribute, 1 Regina, 1 Rumple. :)

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

she wasn’t sure she belonged
to these melancholy skies;

a sunset, not a supernova,
she found peace in the burning,

but no relief in the fall.
—  poeticallyordinary