another quick scribble

i-effed-it-all-up: cophine au where cosima is a normal person diagnosed with cancer and delphine is the therapist the hospital gives her to deal with it

plot twist: it has a happy ending

It’s a Tuesday the first time she sees her. The weather is indecisive but sunny by and large, and the spring melt has begun. Even the birds have started to come back. It’s a Tuesday, and she looks good. Good enough, in fact, that Delphine can’t immediately pinpoint why this girl is sitting on her couch twenty minutes after her 3 o'clock should have begun.

“Sorry,” she says, flashing a fanged grin. She places her bag beside herself and shrugs out of her red coat. “I’m kind of always late, so I’m kind of always sorry.” Her hands articulate better than her words, and they are enthusiastically animate, one moment held out apologetically and then sweeping away the next.

Anxiety, maybe. Certainly not depression, not by itself. Her shoulders are squared, her smile comes easily and lingers.

Delphine opens the dossier, thin, only the preliminary paperwork she–Cosima, her name is–has filled out. She glances up at her, then looks back down.

“You have written you are here for–”

“Counseling, yeah. About this old thing.”

Her hand flashes again, and this time it contains a tissue spattered with blood. This takes Delphine off guard and she blinks, sitting up a bit straighter. Cosima’s expression remains more or less the same: bright, unperturbed, apparently, even by the blood she’s coughing up. 

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