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“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”


I loved this sequence so much. I love characters who are honest with their feelings instead of worrying about their pride. When I first watched this all I could think about was how embarrassing it must’ve been for her to go back smiling so wide after she got mad at him, but then it just hit me. He was standing there waiting for her to come back home!!! This sequence is just so sweet with Oh Hae Young biking back to the house with such a big smile and Park Do Kyung waiting outside to make sure that she returns home. 

Check out this new mv called “Life” by Rubbersoul, an all rapper girl group. It has a really chill catchy beat with a feel-good vibe AND the concept is the 90s. Seriously, go listen to it now.

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im curious who ur best friends you've made online are :0 i lov hearin people talk abt their friends!! u dont hav to if u dont want to but its always nice to think about imo ^^

ah!!! most of the people im close to r from peach ! we mostly communicate on other social medias tho same goes for the friends ive made on here;;  ive met some of them too aka @theseoks whom ive hung out with a few times already (hey NERD) and a couple more @honeynams  @paojimin and another qt when they came to visit here~~ and ofc @tencafe whom ive been friends with ever since this blog was born but we r oceans apart T_______________T ♡♡♡♡♡