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I’m hungry and ready to shame every single one of you delicious morsels. Think you can handle a casual conversation with every little thing you’ve ever done wrong?

Give this post a like and I’ll be around, sweetheart, don’t you worry. Reply if you have a specific person I can talk to. Reblog to shame your friends.

Fun for the whole family!

castortheseries  asked:

Would you like to have a lot of fluff again?

@leafeon-daily asked: Pharos! Do you ever miss having fluffy, snuggly wool?

Pharos: If you’re asking if I miss being a Mareep, then the answer is no. Being one was easily the most troubled stage in my life, and I wouldn’t want to go back to that. If I were to turn into a Mareep now, where I am now, away from the farm… I still wouldn’t like it. I was too vulnerable and weak… I’m ok now. Plus, if I want to be fluffy again, I can just mega evolve~

@chocolateflavoredmagicphatmouse asked: Have you ever mega evolved? What does it feel like?

Pharos: Well, mega evolution can be painful, but… I’ve overcome it, so to speak? My trainer always made me feel safe when mega evolving, and I’ve done so so many times for contests that… I no longer feel afraid of it. I won’t say it’s not weird, but it’s a weirdness I’m accustomed to.

20 questions [12/20]
M!A [3/5]

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any other blogs that do pop culture spells?

It depends on the variety of pop culture spells you want.

@hylianshrinemaiden does Legend of Zelda stuff. 

@paganmovedex focuses on spells based off Pokemon moves. 

@armsofarceus seems to be another Pokemon based blog. 

@kakarikowitch seems to do both Legend of Zelda and Pokemon magic. 

I have seen @thatemeraldkid posting some Howl’s Moving Castle spells. 

I know @orriculum does a lot of spells based off songs and other pop culture. 

@themanicnami also has a collection of pop culture based spells. 

@thecoffeecoyote posts Skyrim spells based off the Thu’ums. I believe they also do some Pokemon paganism stuff? 

@insertcheesywitchypunhere does some pop culture spells too I think. 

@memeomancy does spells based off memes and it fuels my entire life. 

@handy-sigil-pop-spells​ reblogs a lot of pop culture spells in general. 

@popculturemagick​ seems to be another blog that compiles different pop culture resources. 

I also have my own [pop culture magic] tag on this blog full of different kinds of spells and magics. 

Seriously, just search “pop culture magic” on Tumblr and you get a lot of results for spells and the like. 

If anyone wants to chime in with any pop culture magic they post, feel free to! 


“Stuck again?” A voice mused from between the trees, Emerik froze when he heard it. He struggled to get his antlers free.

“O-of course not! I wanted this to happen!” He grinned at the Ninetails.

The Ninetails smirked, flicking Emerik with the tip of one of his many tails. “Yeah, yeah, that’s what you said the last three times this happened.”

Emerik averted his eyes, shaking his head as much as the branches would allow. “…Could you help me again?” He mumbled.

The shiny smirked,  softly brushing against Emerik’s side. “Of course.”

A mysterious Ninetails has joined! Why don’t you ask for his name?

i had to take a break from commissions bECAUSE MY FAVE BBY GOT A NEW FORM  ❄ ❤ ❄


Would it be okay if I… like.. change the whole blog?

I always have trouble keeping a blog alive if a character just stops being interesting in my eyes and I.. I dont know, I thought alot about just doing another daily blog of another Pokemon but didnt do it yet because I always wanted to come back to this one but I just can’t bring myself to do it and… I thought that I should maybe delete this one and start a new one after that but..

If it’s okay I could just change this blog to another Pokemon daily blog?

One I have less trouble drawing, I guess? Like Zorua or something..

I just wanted to hear what other people think about it, really-