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I’m 98% positive nobody cares, but I really amused myself analyzing whose phone was (probably) whose in the ending of YoI episode 10.  It’s not important, but fun.

The first shown phone was definitely Victor’s.  We can tell because the background is of Makkachin, and he has an album dedicated to the dog.  It’s interesting to note that here his settings are in English (while they seem to have been changed to Japanese at the beginning of the episode).

The second must be Chris’s, since the background has him in it.  His settings are also in English.  The interesting thing about his album is that it also has pictures of Chris himself, so either someone took his phone while he was dancing, or sent him pics later.

The third shown phone would be Yurio’s.  The background is of piroshki, and the settings are in Russian.  This is another case of having pictures of himself on his phone, so again, either someone snapped the photos while he was dancing, or sent them from their own phone later on.

Pretty neat, and I love little details like what we see here.



I couldn’t decide between the two filters so here have both, here is my first ever finished  digital painting, I tried my best in this one, I do mostly traditional art instead of digital and I can say that for me doing hair is like a nightmare XD but in this one it wasn’t too hard thanks god  but it was very fun doing it and I still can’t believe I drew this tbh haha 

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