another part of me

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for the art personality test thing-- intelligent, detail-oriented, reserved, deep thinker, slightly melancholy (internally, not necessarily how you present yourself to the world), someone who appreciates wintry days and finds beauty and mystery in the less pleasant aspects of the world that most people overlook or don't want to acknowledge

A part of me wants to agree to everything, another part of me is pretty sure this is closer to an idea of myself that I like than actual me.
Thank you so much for adding to this! (This goes to you anon and everybody else who wrote me today. You’ve all been very thoughtful and lovely! Thank you for taking the time to reply!)
I will now spent the next few weeks pondering over my current self image, my teen self image, my ideal self, how I now other people generally perceive me and how it all relates to the person my art leads you to believe I am. Thank you all for helping me fuel my apparent self obsession! Btw I want to use my tumblr more for communicating and such. That’s not my forte, so thank you all for replying and always feel free to ask away if you feel like it :)

Good night, peoplefolks!